Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Reviews

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-30

The best ski tracking experience on iPhone and Apple Watch - whether you're deep
in the Alps or at a local hill. Say hello to your new favorite app! New for the
2020/2021 Season - Resort Maps & Conditions! • MAPS: Trail maps and other
resort information, plus average statistics for Slop...

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Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Reviews

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    This app is god!

    Just took this for a full day of sending with some friends and I really like this app. The speed tracker is wicked and I was super hyped when i broke 50mph. The mapping is also amazing, you can see each of the runs you did and the lifts you used. I was also amazing at just how far and high we skied. You would think that the gps recording and speed tracking takes a toll on your battery. It turns out it didn’t really at all! The app uses the gps and speed stats from the Apple health trackers and it’s relatively energy efficient. I started at 89% and on low power mode, with a bit of snap chatting and phone calling my phone dropped to only 56%. All in all I highly recommend this app. It’s made by one rad guy who wants to improve our days, which he definitely has. Also, everything I talked about is completely freeeee! So download this app and enjoy your adventure on the mountain.

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    Just excellent

    I have had this application for several years now and have reviewed it several times, all at five stars but the developer keeps dropping new versions so it’s only fair to give it another review. It has proven to be even more useful to me since I updated my old series one Apple Watch to a current one, it’s now it’s so easy to turn on and off running app from the watch. I do like the feature just introduced oh and also resume since I generally forget to turn on again after pausing. Another very valuable recent feature is the ability to compare two seasons. I ski several days a week so this is very handy. besides all the amazing features perhaps a key reason to get slope is if you’re a skier is that the developer will quickly respond to any questions or issues that you have. Try that with some big company

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    Great ski tracker

    It’s hard to find fault with this app. I do have one request, which I’ll lead with. Some of us hike to certain runs or off piste spots. Here at aspen Highlands, the Bowl is a daily ritual. Slopes tracks the hike perfectly, but seems to think it is a lift for calorie tracking purposes. I can assure you it is not. Since Slopes knows where all the lifts are, it would seem a simple matter to track this uphill high altitude trail. I love how accurate Slopes is. It captures every run perfectly, even the intermittent rest stops. The distances and speeds are great. The map of my ski day is fun. It helps me remember how many days I do what in a year, which I love. The real test will be in Japan later in the season, where on and off piste skiing is on tap. It would be nice if it tracked hiking (and skinning) separately for what it is, rather than lumping it into the lazy uphill category. Great app!

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    Stop looking another tracking app and get Slopes

    TL;DR get Slopes if you are interested in any sort of ski/snowboard tracking This is the only ski/snowboard tracking app you will need. Once you download and try it you will be hooked. We used to only be able to know who got to the bottom of the run fastest, and just try our hardest to remember how many runs we did, did we ride Montezuma 3 or 4 times before lunch, I lost count. Not any more! Every stat you can think of is tracked, lift time and line time, actual riding time, speed, distance, altitude, runs, heart rate (with Apple Watch), gps map of your runs, 3D map of your runs, and some many others. Now you can see exactly how many runs you did and who is getting to a higher speed during the run! I was able to pinpoint exactly how fast I was riding when I crashed and dislocated my shoulder (39mph), but don’t tell my wife. On top of the already awesome app, it keeps getting regular updates! I thought to myself, it would be great if the Apple Watch app tracked heart rate, not a month later it was added. Then I though it would be cool if you could see a graph of this, again a month later that feature was added. I don’t have any more ideas but I’m sure something else I love is coming.

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    Best ski tracker, no comparison

    Works flawlessly. So easy to use, if you go to a new mountain it knows where you are immediately. The data feels very accurate. It’s always within a few hundred feet of epic mix and while I have no way of verifying this I believe slopes to be more accurate. Running slopes all day in addition to music does not significantly affect my battery life. The 3D replay is awesome. It’s cool to see where you were in the trees or off piste when it’s not always obvious. I don’t think the calories burned is accurate as I’ve gotten similar numbers if I’m on bumps vs groomers but this should be fixed with the new update if you use it with Apple Watch and hr. My only wish at this point would be for some sort of leaderboard. Either way this is the best ski tracker app there is.

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    No longer works on my iPhone 6

    At the start of the ski season, I tried to use Slopes, but iOS had offloaded it since I hadn’t used it during the off-season. I couldn’t get it to download again and after several tries, finally discovered that it now only works on iOS 13 and up. The developer claims you can keep using the old version, but if you have to reinstall, you can’t get the old one back. Now switching to a competitor that still supports iOS 12. As a developer myself, it’s generally a good idea to support at least the previous iOS version. Update: After the developer contacted me, I was able to reinstall an older version of the app. Apple did not make this easy to find. I added two more stars due to the developer’s prompt response. However, I would still like to see support for at least one iOS version back for new updates. Most apps I checked still support back to iOS 10.

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    Best ski tracking app!

    I’ve used another ski tracker (Ski Tracks)for a long time, 7-8 years now. It was very good, but Slopes is even better. It does an excellent job of tracking runs even if you don’t have a paid subscription. But, the price of admission is totally worth it for what you get. The detailed run stats and 3D maps make for reviewing the days activities very easy and fun. The mapping is even better than what I am used to from Ski Tracks. The Apple Watch integration is amazing - just start your tracking from the Watch at the beginning of your day and you’ve always got detailed info on your wrist throughout the of all it saves HR data so you can view that at the end of the day with your other stats. What sold me on Slopes was the built-in integration with Strava. This is the only area that I would currently like to see some upgrades. After communicating with the developer, sounds like that is on Strava’s end. Currently some of the speed data doesn’t get linked properly, but the real important stuff like distance & vertical flow over nicely. All in all this is a very solid tracker, worth the paid price. Pick it up before your next day out on the slopes!

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    Fantastic Ski Tracking App

    I used this at Mt. Sunapee resort for the first time yesterday. The app is very polished and does exactly what it's supposed to. The Apple Watch version is also very good. I can tell the developer put a lot of thought and care into this project. The app tracks the amount of time you spent going downhill, riding the lift uphill, and resting. It will even estimate calories burned and add it to the Health app. The optional in app purchase model for advanced stats works well. You can use the app without purchasing a pass, but the price for a day is very reasonable and allows you to track more information about your day while supporting the developer for making this great app. I've used other ski tracking apps and this is the best I've used so far by a long shot.

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    Great app, even better developer

    I've been using this app for a while and I've really enjoyed it. My kids actually look forward to the chair lift so we can look at the stats on our most recent run: how far, how high, and of course, how fast. If you love skiing, you'll love this app. Even better was the most recent update note about removing the Facebook hooks. It seems that every day there's yet another announcement about FB abusing or leaking our personal data, so I'm really happy to see that this developer is taking steps to distance the app (and all of its users) from "that creepy company". I wish more programmers took privacy that seriously. To the developer(s) - you've made us fans for life. No kidding.

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    Decent but not great

    Rode morning and afternoon and recorded separately, gave me an option to “Merge” the two and it deleted the whole afternoon which was the whole day but 3 runs. Maybe I need to brush up on my understanding of the English language but when I see merge I think combine. What happened to me seems a lot more like replacing or overwriting, which is in no way what I wanted. Besides that it is pretty much what it says it is. The app for the watch is cool, seeing my speed every run is nice. Would be much better if it told you how long your last run was at least on the watch, like a summary of the last run of some sort. Didn’t really get to see the little map thing it generates of your runs since it deleted most of my day. Decent but really could use some improvement. “Merge “is NOT synonymous with “overwrite with”. Very irritating.

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    The only app you need to go riding.

    Coming from a Garmin Fenix device, I missed the Ski/Snowboard activity app built into the watch, I wanted something very similar. I've tried several apps in the last few month and then I cam across Slopes! If you have a cellular Apple Watch this is the only thing you'll need, It doesn't need a phone in order to work. This provides you with all the stats you'd need while riding. It even has the "Lock" feature built into the UI, so there's no accidental touches or pauses while riding. Compairing this app to my old Garmin Fenix the GPS signal and speed match up. I've used mine from 8am to 10pm riding on a single charge. This is the last app you'll ever want to use while riding hands down.

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    small developer = BIG DELIVERY/EPIC APP

    There is not enough praise in the world to adequately justify how epic this app is. We all use multiple apps daily for every aspect of our lives. We know how difficult it can be to suggest improvements to these big app developers and get around the bugs and useless features. Not Slopes. This app just works. This is honestly the only app on my entire phone that I get excited to open and use. The amount of detail that goes into this app is astonishing. It is super user friendly and I show it off to all my friends. This makes skiing that much more enjoyable off the slopes. I open the app and start recording at the beginning of the day and close it after my last run. Then, when I get home, I get to relive the time on the mountains with the statistics/data and the interactive map. This app gives me hope for new developers and specifically the small ones. You don’t need to be a multi million dollar corporation to build a beautiful app. Just a hard working, passionate person. Thank you Slopes for being the most epic app I have ever used. Can’t wait to ski again.

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    Love it!

    The premium pass adds another level of enjoyment to my snowboarding life. Objective and accurate information about my time spent on the hill along with the ability to look back in time to compare and remind oneself of past adventures make this app my favorite. While I don’t “share” info at this point I can see the value that this feature adds. I especially like the abilty to delete runs/lifts for those days that I forget to turn off the app until I am home and only then realize that my drive back the cabin was included in my recording. Simple fix now to remove that from my stats. Thanks for a great product and customer service!

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    It’s simple!

    Giving this 4 stars only because I don’t have premium and I can’t rate the other features. I’ve only used this for one day on the mountain and it was awesome! The app is super simple to understand, super easy to use and I don’t have to worry about pausing the app for lifts and remembering to resume. If anyone is considering this app I highly recommend it, it’s pretty cool to not check it until the end of the day to see your stats. Bragging to your friends about your top speed or comparing how fast you can do a run is all super fun. The map that shows your runs is super cool because you can see side trials you took and save it for later. Honestly there’s just so much to love about the app and I can’t wait to use it the rest of the season!

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    Awesome App!

    My family and I use Slopes and we love it. The App is easy to use and is pretty accurate for tracking and speed. My family does Apple family share, and we had an issue early in the season with only me being able to buy a Slopes season pass. I couldn’t share the pass either. I reached out to development and was contacted within 12 hours and my wife and son had the season pass on their phones the next day. So not only a awesome app, but A++ customer support. Looking forward to new features and improvements for next winter, like maybe being able to edit out your lunch break when you forget to pause. Tony

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Is Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Safe?

Yes. Slopes: Ski & Snowboard is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 32,216 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Is 63.2/100.

Is Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Legit?

Yes. Slopes: Ski & Snowboard is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 32,216 Slopes: Ski & Snowboard User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Is 63.2/100.

Is Slopes: Ski & Snowboard not working?

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Slopes: Ski & Snowboard customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Slopes: Ski & Snowboard.

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