DIY Fashion Star Reviews

DIY Fashion Star Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

~~> Move over, DIY girls! There’s a new DIY Queen in town - yes, that’s
right - YOU!!! ~~> Jazz up your wardrobe with amazing DIY projects! ~~> Show off
your DIY talent on your video channel - gain a huge fan base! You’re about to
blow the world away with all of your fabulous DIY skills...

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DIY Fashion Star Reviews

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    Eh.. few issues....

    So, I got I got this game for myself because I want to be a fashion designer and I actually really really really really really love this game XD and I thought it was a great practicing for future fashion designers but I do really hate that you have to follow other people’s directions that gets on my nerves a lot and it’s kind of bad because I have to use my real money and I feel like that’s just kind of wasting but I still like this game and I feel like if there was a free version and you did not have to pay real money to do it then I would definitely give it a five star rating.. maybe if you could fix the glitching because it always kicks me out but maybe that’s just my phone... I just want to say please get more free versions of this and don’t always make people waste their money on these types of games I believe to unlock everything it’s like $20 so I find that very very very strange... maybe a couple bug fixes could also do I feel like Crayola fashion superstar is a ton better but I still actually don’t like this game as much as some people but this game is pretty fun to play when you have everything unlocked! Also I try and do the hair and make up but it always does not say so that really gets on my nerves cause I spend a lot of time doing hair and make up... and it’s just so sad!!!!!!! but.. yeah :)

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    When I first got this game, I played it everyday. Now it's only touched when I'm bored(that's like once a week). Before we got to make our OWN designs on the clothing. I don't like how we have to follow other people's directions. Plus 75% isn't even doable! If you want to do them you have to use real money! Oh and don't even get me started on the ads. I can cut the only half the clothing before and ad pops up! I know what you're thinking, but they're not the little picture ads where the x is already there. They are the 12secs video where you have to watch the whole thing to get the x! After the ad I can do one more step before the ad comes on! Plus they played the same ones over and over again! It's either cooking diary or happy glass! I also thought you could make comments or watch on other people's videos! Well you can't! In fact most of the things they featured onto the ad on other games can't even be done! I mean like I would give this a zero if I could! This is the worst thing ever! They should just stick with baby education like it says in their name! I was also SO HAPPY when I saw I could change my character, guess what you CANT, you have to choose from three other already made characters! THIS GAME IS THE WORST DONT DOWNLOAD IT!! BRING THIS GAME BACK TO THE OLD VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Worst game ever

    You play is for a little bit and are like “This isn’t half bad!” Then you play it for 10 minutes in total and you are bored because there’s nothing new. You have done it all. And don’t even get me started on the ads! They’re not quick press the x and go on with your game they’re watch me for 12 out if 30 seconds before you have a fifty fifty chance of having the x appear because this is why you pay for the power to keep your phone on. There are so many ads! I spend more time watching ads then playing the game because there are so many of them! I would rate this 0 or less stars if I could! You can’t even design the clothes! You cut along the dotted lines and then chose one of the three decoration options and boom you’re done! Don’t download this even if it was the only app in the world! You need to pay to do your hair, make dresses, design what you wind up with, get rid of the ads, and the prices are obnoxious! 9.99 is on sale??? What’s next? Paying 10 bucks for each thing you make??? I have given this game a try and regret it! If you stick to the try new things every day saying like me, try something else, this game is not worth the time. I don’t go to work each day to pay for my phone so I can download things like this. Neither should you.

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    Don’t mind it but...

    Ok so when I get on the app you have to do what people want you to do and I’m not even sure of the real people and yes you can do your wardrobe you can do it if you want it but then you get a bunch of thumbs down which I don’t even get it because you want to get them up with other peoples ideas so really you don’t get any thumbs down by yourself just because of other people and really what makes me upset is that one time I put sunglasses on my doll And then when I came back to take them off I had a lock on it and said I have to pay 999 to unlock everything in after a while the ideas well what they wanted had a lock on it too so truly sometime in a couple next weeks they’re going to make you paid 999 which is really annoying but I bought the 999 thing because I was getting upset and I thought of fine I’ll get it just so I could take the dolls sunglasses off please do not recommend getting this app oh and also I made some mistakes in this note writing because I was writing so fast but please do not recommend getting less if you want an actual free game

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    Easy you got it

    You have a shirt you cut it out it’s easy you choose your shirt and pants they give you likes and dislikes which is sad so you can make anything but you need to buy at everything where it’s 9.99$ so you can you make up and you can do anything you want if you buy it it’s going to be so fun I didn’t buy it yet I want to buy the purchase I bought this game today it’s so fun to play my name is Lillian Kateeb it’s fun my brother is Ryan Kateeb Please buy this game it’s so fun you cut cut cut you cut cut cut it’s fun I love it and I think I’m going to end this review now because I’m tired of writing so please buy this game is so fun please really because I need to play this game because I love it I know you start off with one character you can choose your own name because I need to tell my brother come down and he’s also sick so but I’m not I’m a girl my brother is a boy of course we all love this game if you want to play it it’s the funnest thing on earth so please play it OK I’m gonna end this review not right now bye

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    Addicting as Hell

    So at first, I thought this would just be one of those “girly-girl” apps that has to do make up and stuff and wants you to pay for every feature in every color! But it wasn’t. For the first time, I spent hours playing with this-adding by photos onto the clothes to make cool patterns and playing around with the filters and the stickers to create pictures. Although I normally despise selfies myself, I found that I do like to put them on cartoon characters because it is humorous and I find it quite enjoyable. I’m not taking pictures of myself or anyone else for likes-it is just a drawing. But of course, my favorite part was being able to use my own things to design the clothes. You can’t really see other people’s designs or photos, you don’t really have to worry about inappropriate pictures. What And as you can tell by the title, I just found this so addicting!

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    99% of this game is trash

    By the title of this you already know what’s coming.... COMPLAINS TO THE MINIMUM. First off, when you try to do a request, YOU CAN ALMOST NEVER DO THEM! In my opinion I think there should be a decline button. Because of this missing button I can’t do any request. Also, this is for all the coco games, not just this one, why do we have to have a membership on your game if we want to have fun? I strongly want more things to do for the people without this membership. I understand that you want to make money off of the game, but really? $10?? That may not feel like a lot to the person who made this game, but if you ask me, THAT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!! When I first got this game I loved it. But the more I played the more it got on my nerves. The ads, the limited items for the people who don’t have the membership, and all the other flaws. Over all, this game is amazing! Wait? Did I say amazing? I meant trash! I would never recommend this game in a million years. This game will start losing money and getting smaller if you don’t fix this problem! In fact, I’m gonna delete the game right now. That’s all for now. Thank you for taking your time to read this, you deserve $100.

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    Good but a few problems...

    I love this game and I would definitely request it to anyone who doesn’t have it! Despite how great it is, there are a few problems that I would like to inform you about... first of all, when you want to make a dress, you have to pay money in order to be allowed to. I do understand that the person who made this game, worked hard and would like to earn a little money off of it, but maybe it could be a little cheaper, because after all, it is just a game. Also, sometimes it lets you do certain things...but at other points, it doesn’t. For example, sometimes it lets you use the color dye containers but other times it doesn’t. That is partially annoying to me, but maybe not to others. Also, one more thing that isn’t really a problem, but I would like to point it out, you honestly can’t make very interesting, or cool I might say, clothing. Though what I just stated isn’t really a problem. Other than the past few things I said, this game is great and I would definitely recommend it!

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    I just...

    So, I installed this game because I was playing school girl sim and this add kept popping up for this game. I installed it and it was fun at first, but why play a game when you have to pay for over half the things you can use to make the game fun?! And honestly, I feel like this game would be better for the age range of 5-10, so why advertise on a game that is for 17+?! The adds are ridiculous! I got one add that was half a minute long that you couldn’t skip. I would make something and then click the next button for a new add to pop up. The fake people’s replies are often confusing and send mixed messages. I’m giving this two stars, because I believe that if you aimed this at a more appropriate audience and fixed a few things, this would be a good game. If you are reading this to know if you should install this game, if you are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 or you are that age or above and have the time and money to remove adds and unlock every thing, then get this game! I would rate higher if this game had less adds and you didn’t need to pay money for more than half the things.

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    GOOᗪ ᔕTᗩᖇT!

    I honestly loved this game!!! It was so fun to be able to design it yourself and post it on social media and have selfie competitions, but it got kinda boring after a couple of options. I finished this game in a day because I don't have enough money to spend on this, even if it's just $4. My parents normally make me pay them back when I buy things online, so this doesn't help. And also, there are a lot of adds. Not a dump-load, but still. After a single phase of getting ready for the selfie competition, I have an ad and my phone gets stuck. And normally my phone can handle it, (with it being the X) but I would have to start the game over multiple times just to get on the next phase. So, I will appreciate it a LOOOT if you add all of my T W O requests. I'm re downloading this app (it got boring when I couldn't accomplish the requests correctly and I would get 30+ dislikes because of it) and I'm going to re-do it. I hope you fix this game in that time!!! - ✨❤️ A Gamer ❤️✨~

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    Could it be any worse? 🤦‍♀️

    Hey, so this game is really fun, but there’s some things I would like to do; that I can’t. First, I want to watch other people’s fashion videos, so I can get ideas, or comment on them. Well, not even money can let you do that. Hey! Speaking of money, why do you have to pay to remove adds, make dresses, do your hair, and unlock everything? THATS SO STUPID! My family isn’t made of money, and I’m not aloud to buy anything. I want to enjoy this game even more, but I can’t if I have to buy stuff to enjoy it. How is $9.99 a sale? Ten dollars is a lot of money! Also, I would like to be able to paint the persons nails. You can’t do that though? Oof, bummer. The limitations to how you can style your clothes is annoying too. I play this game with my little cousins and sister, and they always want to put stickers on. You can’t always do that. The game never gives you a choice. Fix that pls. This game was super fun until I found out all the stuff you can’t do; the stuff I can’t do. So do me and everyone a solid. FIX ALL MISTAKES.

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    few big flaws

    alright so once I figured out this app let’s you use your pictures to put on the clothes I was all over it. I was excited because I was making all kinds of adidas, pink, champion, supreme clothes all for fun and I enjoyed it and I couldn’t care less about what the computerized people thought of my designs. After making so many cute clothes I realized it automatically deletes your older clothes to fit in your new ones. I was so mad because all my hard work... gone. So as long as you don’t mind your clothes literally being tossed away soon after you make them, you’ll enjoy this app. Another thing actually, the computerized people request designs & sometimes they want items that you have to buy the “premium” or whatever. but that’s not really that big a deal. anyways, I refuse to use this app anymore until an update comes out that lets you keep all of your designs, because I really worked hard on them, finding photos online, positioning them to line up, matching colors, being original & then they just delete. for those of you who actually read this whole thing you deserve a cookie or a medal.

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    Good, But Not Best

    Developers, hear my cry. I’d be leaving a five star review if you didn’t have to purchase most of the stuff. It’s a great game and I love it. I actually missed my bus stop because I was showing this to my friend! If you think I’m writing this review because I don’t want you to get the game, think again. But a fair warning: it will tempt you to spend money. I probably would’ve blown a lot of money if my parents hadn’t been helping me manage my money more carefully. What we won’t do for entertainment.... so basically my thoughts are that maybe calm down a little on the ads, make every option (eg. markers & stitched sticker things) available every time, and make it so the things you need to purchase aren’t scattered about, instead make them specific things like you’ve done with the hair and dress. And maybe unlock the hair. Sorry this has been a bit lengthy, if you’ve had the care to read through all this you deserve a cookie Ty for reading, Mer 🍪

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    This game

    This very fine though it is kind a hard my friend did not even know how to work it so I blame you on that but otherwise that if you want to explain a little bit more this would be a very fun game a very fun game not like it already is it but it needs I think it needs to be explained a tiny little bit more and I think thousands of people play it just like Skyrim is The winner because all the games have a contest to get such other and one of them wins and that has been Skyrim for about 10 years now talk to text so don’t blame me but one day if you keep this up I think your game will be better than sky Ranc The winner because all the games have a contest to get such other and one of them wins and that has been Skyrim for about 10 years now talk to text so don’t blame me but one day if you keep this up I think your game will be better than Skyrim

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    Ok but pricey

    Just FYI I like all of the games this developer creates, but I’m just letting people know that if you want to actually play the game in it’s entirety, you’re going to have to pay a lot of money. I mean seriously the amount of money the full versions of all of these games costs is ridiculous, and even if you watch videos to get things for free all it does is unlocks one thing while locking basically everything else. So if you have like hundreds of dollars just casually lying around to waste, then sure, download this game and any others by these developers. But if you don’t or if you enjoy spending you’re money wisely, there are many other fashion games where you can do the same things without paying boatloads of money just to get 1 thing. (No disrespect developers, it’d be a really nice game if you just cut out all of the pricey parts and gave your non paying customers almost everything the game has to offer; but I’m just giving an honest review of what you’re putting out there). 😬

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