Moxtra Individual Reviews

Moxtra Individual Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-02

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Moxtra Individual Reviews

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    Better than most.

    Ability to record screen on built-in web browser has proven powerful. It works well on iOS too. The Mac App is very strong and really does tie in very nicely. Setting up meetings and groups is quick and easy, but adding new users to a bunch of them is time consuming. Less cluttered than slack, which always seems like an Irish bar fight to me. Has nice integration with third-party apps like Github, Salesforce, Dropbox and so on. Couple of things though: When you're participating in a chat and the other party writes something then every device you have will chime to tell you there is a new message. Gets old when your wrist, phone and Notification Center in Mac are all going crazy. Apple Watch integration is weak as of this version. When you tap on a message alert you simply get the ability to reply, not read the message. Which makes it pointless. Managing users can be a bit clumsy. If a new person joins the company and is required to participate in Ann much of discussions you'd better be ready to spend some time. The add user function is extremely manual and labor intensive. All that said, it's the best of the bunch.

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    ONE MAJOR PROBLEM. >>Read this!<<

    One MAJOR problem is that it doesn't store messages after so many days. The reason that's truly a significant issue is that the entire system operates through the message thread. For my team of board members, we work quarterly. We met together and pulled up moxtra to access last quarters notes/documents/goals/budgets/pdf's/meeting minutes/team pages/ etc., And found them all gone. Only the most recent material remained. This wa a huge loss to our team and quite frankly our organization. Keeping records is integral to collaboration. How can moxtra justify clearing them?

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    Good App

    My company uses Moxtra to share spreadsheet data and easily communicate where my co-workers are all in different states. It is an easy way pass information along and keep everyone on the same page. Easy to use, nice features and I haven't experienced any crash issues or things like that. Good App.

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    Great app

    We us Moxtra to communicate with our networking great. We are able to have files shared between all of us and are able to communicate everyone at once.

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    Great app

    Makes it easy to keep in touch with business associates, stay current on projects, and track todo items together.

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    Best app on the face of the earth

    It made my life super easy. Can't live and do business without Moxtra. Seriously. Great work team Moxtra.

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    Love it!

    We are a fast food joint and use Moxtra for meetings and communicating new product to employees, posting schedules and so much more!

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    No Option to upgrade plan

    I can’t find the option to upgrade my plan. Wanted to know how much it is. Don’t wanna support an app that makes it so difficult to work with.

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    flash out with ipad2 in ios9

    as title

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    Absolutely Amazing!

    I'm a graduate student who lives far from my school and my classmates. I was trying to find a way to collaborate and work on group projects and to study effectively without being on the phone. That's when I found Moxtra. One of my classmates lives an hour away from me and we couldn't compromise on where to me to study for our certification exam. Moxtra allows us to add study pages to the same binder, highlight important things, and most importantly allows us to "teach" one another from the convenience of our own separate homes. The Meet option is how we study together! This wonderful app has so many possibilities only limited by your mind. It can be used to plan parties with others, weddings, for business meetings, group projects, and mostly importantly for students like me it can help you study in real time just like your right in front of the other person or people in your study group. The only thing it needs is a video option along with the audio because the Meet is not accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people. Moxtra should change that with the next update! Moxtra is great and FREE!

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    Awesome update!!! My #1 Productivity App

    This app has always been my #1 for organizing information from various sources (emails, meeting notes, presentation slides, pictures, etc.) into binders of information. This has made my sharing of work knowledge so much easier! The latest update exceeded my expectations by allowing me to drag and drop pages into color-coded groups within a binder. Yes, you can rename these groups of pages to make it incredibly easy to find information again!!! Also, you can now export an entire binder to a PDF--to share information with co-workers whose iPhones still only make phone calls : ) Note: If your binder is large, you may have to create the PDF from your PC browser instead of your mobile device. (My iPad 3rd Gen cooperates on small binders, but crashes when trying to create a PDF from a binder of 60 pages.) Thanks for an incredible app and awesome update!!

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    Content sharing done right!

    Moxtra is the most intuitive way to distribute and share content, in addition to the amazing collaboration capabilities. Moxtra allows users to work with any content from within a single app, mitigating the need to switch back and forth between different apps for viewing different content types. Additionally, content can be aggregated from various different sources and pulled into a single binder. I travel very frequently and use Moxtra to manage all of my travel now... My boarding pass, hotel reservation, rental car info, conference agenda, and google map all go into a binder and I'm ready for the road. No more searching around old emails for my flight confirmation! Any printed documents I need go into the binder via the camera, and of course any pictures or videos I take during my trips.

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    Neat but needy

    I know that this app will be great, one day (at that point they will charge for the app or offer an upgrade through an in app purchase to make it really useful.) Others have made excellent comments, especially about G Docs integration...they see the super potential in this app. I am an elementary school teacher and loaded this app on my ipad. I thought "holy cow, perfect to help extend my reach to students beyond the classroom" and instantly downloaded it. Ultimately, and sadly, I found it wanting, specifically in the area of importing documents already located on the same iPad. I have things I want to share, and thought I could create presentations my students can use at home, but this ability is currently out of reach. Please add the ability to open documents, spreadsheets, or presentations existing locally without having to jump into the cloud. Give us Google Docs access at least.

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    Almost Great, definitely Good.

    As far as the app usage goes I'd give it a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating. The app's notes are very hard to use. There aren't any bullets or checkboxes. I do like the fact that there can be multiple pages. The app also crashes when you try to use the notes share icon (3 circles connected). The interface is a great start, but could be more simplistic. The binder shelf is complicated, why not just have a consistent scroll of shelves instead of having to select what category. The shelves could label the category. Also, adding people over Facebook and Twitter would be easier than phone numbers and email. Overall, the app design and concept is amazing. Better interconnectivity with Pages, Word, and PDFs would definitely make the app "social friendly." All in all I like this app and can't wait to see improvements.

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    Absolutely Mindblowing

    I've never had such an incredible collaboration app all bundled into one mega program such as this. Moxtra is a godsend! I'd pay for it but they hide the prices which is a red flag, but me and my team of 8 use this to conference and exchange ideas, and collab at least 10 hours a day. It is missing some crucial features though, we need a RAISE HAND BUTTON, POLLING SYSTEM, HOST/MOD ABILITIES, PASSWORD PROTECTED BINDERS , ALERTS WHEN SOMEONE ENTERS OR EXITS A VOICE CONFERENCE, INDIVIDUAL VOICE VOLUME SLIDERS AND IN-CLIENT MEETINGS (desktop puts your meeting into a browser session resulting in accidental endings.) I would pay for this gladly but not per team me,very, if I could get a 10-15member license for $20 a month I'd be happy to upgrade. Instead it prompts you to email the, and then sends back an email saying you were marked as spam. Probably because my email says 'I would like to upgrade, how do I do it? Your site makes no mention of it." So other than some missing critical features and a shady upgrade/potential enforced pricing structure this is more than 5 stars for me. Thanks for making moxtra, please don't die out or I'll have to one up you by making one myself! Lol

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Is Moxtra Individual Safe?

Yes. Moxtra Individual is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 58 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Moxtra Individual Is 71.4/100.

Is Moxtra Individual Legit?

Yes. Moxtra Individual is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58 Moxtra Individual User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Moxtra Individual Is 71.4/100.

Is Moxtra Individual not working?

Moxtra Individual works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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