Panasonic Image App Reviews

Panasonic Image App Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-31

“Panasonic Image App” is an application that makes it possible to use your
smartphone to remotely control the shooting and playback functions of a
Wi-Fi-compatible digital camera/digital video camera, and to perform upload
operations to SNS (Social Networking Service) sites. The followi...

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Panasonic Image App Reviews

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    Huge update! New features not listed

    The latest update has finally made this app awesome. I first tried using it with my GH5S about two months ago and it was basically worthless since other third party apps were doing a better job. No video transfer, no full screen, constant "camera busy" message in the middle of the screen. It was terrible. BUT FINALLY is a great app! Tons of the features I wanted are here now. There's full screen mode, it seems like everything you can do ion camera, you can do in the app. Not just adjust settings, but full navigation of menus and interaction with pop up windows (like for creating time lapse videos). You can finally transfer videos to my phone directly instead of just photos. I haven't finished fully trying all of the intricate details but so far it's a huge improvement for the GH5S. Why didn't Panasonic include all these details in the description of the latest version?

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    Works elegantly/flawlessly as described

    I was at first skeptical downloading this app after seeing the less than stellar ratings. It works flawlessly as described—and contrary to the problems voiced and encountered by others. READ the instructions and you’ll be rewarded: #1) link your iPhones with the direct WiFi link shown on your LUMIX / PANASONIC camera , #2 enter the longish password shown on same - after one connection, all subsequent sessions will automatically connect without reentering, and, #3 this should prompt the camera to connect to your phone showing all photos that can be transferred , #4 transfer your camera photos to your iphone by selecting them. The above steps work as flawlessly on my ipad.

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    Barely functional

    The UI, prompts and menu items are gibberish. (Not quite as bad as Panasonic’s raw processor SilkyPix, but in the neighborhood). Not sure about other languages. It’s not optimized for iPhone X/XS/XR, so some status info is cut off at the top. GX9 Bluetooth and WiFi setup is excruciating. BT pairing is in the app only (not via the device as with....every other kind of Bluetooth pairing) and forces a WiFi connection for some reason, but that step of the process fails frequently. Button to launch the device’s WiFi settings goes to a different section of the App’s settings. Not helpful. Some features (like Canera Settings Copy) are never enabled, even when camera is connected (above-mentioned prompts and dialog boxes provide no info as to why). It’s as if nobody at Panasonic ever used the the app. If, after several attempts, a Bluetooth pairing is established, and if geotagging is enabled on the camera, geotagging works reasonably well, though you will wonder why the Geotagging button in the app is disabled. Remote control and live view works ok, but isn’t critical to me. Image transfer over WiFi works sporadically, but often enough to keep your hopes up. (WiFi-only cameras (I have a GX7 and an LX10) work a bit better, though not much, and the wretched UI remains). Overall, an embarrassment.

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    App support isn’t.

    “Once you set up pairing, you can connect with just your smartphone next time.” I clicked on “app support and the instructions are pretty much the same as the manual... I tried linking/ pairing my FZ300 to my iPad the second time and the menu just doesn’t allow a link up. It ends up just going in the same frustrating circle, regardless of your Bluetooth and WiFi settings. On top of that, the app displays text twice as in double print. All I would like to do is transfer my photos and edit them. Very time consuming with no results on a new iPad. An app for an expensive Panasonic camera should be MUCH more user friendly and actually work harmoniously with said Panasonic camera and the extensive internal menu. Very disappointed, and not looking forward to the next time, deleting, reinstalling the app, or having to call support,

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    Is it worth it?

    This app is helpful for monitoring considering the poorly designed monitoring system on the GH4. Though I would rather not have to use an app to monitor, the GH4 leaves me with little choice. This app gets the job done but at a cost. There is no full screen viewing. Does this seem like a major mishap on Panasonic’s part? Yes, yes it does. When using an iPhone without an extra large screen it is almost unusable. The viewing screen is so tiny that it is hardly useful, especially when monitoring for video. The app has no lag (that would be a plus if you could see the screen to tell there was no lag). Panasonic, please update this app with full screen viewing. It would be a major upgrade and meet the desires of many customers.

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    App is improved But......

    I’ve had many problems with this app over the years And some have improved with what looks like an update. It connects much easier to my camera but after less than 5 minutes it loses the connection even though my iPhone is less than five feet from the camera. I had even set my iPhone to no sleep. This happened repeatedly and though I was able to reset the connection there was no solving this issue. When it works however it works. Photo and video taking and uploading photos to my phone work but this connection issue is going to limit my use of this app severely so I can’t give a strong recommendation unless. Panasonic has a work around for me.

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    Doesn’t work for me

    Update to my previous review. I found out that if I turn off my iPhone’s Bluetooth, the wi-fi connection is much more stable and doesn’t drop. May not be such a bad app after all. We’ll see. A larger preview screen on the app would still be nice. This app doesn’t work for me and my GX85, for all the same reasons in numerous other reviews. Freezes up, drops WiFi connection, yet iPhone shows it still to be connected. Gives bogus error messages. Disappointing app from such a reputable company.

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    Please update this AWFUL app!!

    This app is a complete piece of garbage. Sorry but it’s true. Panasonic just doesn’t care. They haven’t even bothered to update the UI in years. I LOVE my Panasonic camera and my only complaint is that there isn’t a working app. My camera rarely can connect to the app and even if it does it loses connectivity. And the times it does work the app is buggy and slow. The setup process each time to connect is a major pain too. It should be much easier and quicker to get the app connected each time. Even having Bluetooth in my new camera doesn’t seem to help at all. Panasonic PLEASE throw this out and make a new app that works. There is a new app for the S series that looks good but nothing new for the G series.

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    It’s sad. Almost abandoned.

    I love my Lumix G9 and the great Leica lenses that are available for it but having to use this app as the only way to transfer photos to my mobile device is just sad. This app, which would be considered such important extension of the experience of a photographer in 2019, is a complete afterthought by the Lumix team. It’s a shame to say, but given the time with the system this feature that I use so much has been the most annoying part of my experience and it’s enough to move away from Panasonic completely. If you expect to have a quick and easy way to take pictures with your Lumix camera and want to quickly share images directly from your phone, look elsewhere.

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    Connection Issues

    I wish I could share via WiFi because I've been sharing my photos by SD card to laptop to individually saving photos on my phone. So, I've been trying out the app in accordance to the camera's WiFi direct connect settings but it is throwing me in circles by asking me to connect to WiFi on my camera, then to join the SSID on my phone, then when I go back to the app, it asks me to connect with WiFi again despite already being connected. Once I hit this screen, I'm forced to either connect again and repeat the cycle or cancel the connection entirely. I'll keep trying to figure it out but very confusing on my part.

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    Great in theory, terrible in execution

    This app has some phenomenal features... unfortunately, none of them work. The remote operation works for exactly one picture, then an error message pops up, and I have to shut down the app and reopen/reconnect it in order to take the next picture. Needless to say, this issue made it impossible to shoot the moonscape photos I was trying to get—the moon moved so fast that by the time I’d get the app to reconnect, I’d have to reposition the tripod. Truly terrible. This app/feature was a big part of why I chose Panasonic, and I love the camera, but the app is a huge letdown. I hope Panasonic puts more effort into making this app fully functional ASAP.

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    Good when it works

    It often drops connectivity. And won’t allow you to use during time lapse mode. I’d prefer to set focus using app at distance from camera and then set phone out of frame and let it take 20 photos in time lapse rather than trying to hide phone quickly before self timer goes off- or even pose to press shutter and keep phone hidden while pressing. It would be a huge improvement if it could just work with time lapse too.

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    App in desperate need

    I would like to say I love this app but for some reason I have the most difficult time trying to connect the devices. I have each device iPhoneX iPad and note9 And it just takes for ever to connect. I’m always getting a error message it takes between 20 to 30 minutes for the camera to connect to the device then lose connection when trying to send files. I think #Panasonic Really needs to do a #major update to this app. live View be lagging #please #Panasonic please come up with any major update to this could be a wonderful app.

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    Does not work at all with iPhone X

    Downloaded to transfer images from Panasonic G7 to iPhone X. When attempting to connect this app to WiFi, I repeatedly receive an error that says “An error occurred during communication with the camera.” It then presents a WiFi button, which, when clicked, results in another error message saying “Move to WiFi in Settings, then connect to an access point.” Clicking OK results in being automatically taken to the Settings app, which shows that I am, of course, already connected to WiFi. Googling for help turned up no solutions. Frustrating experience and a waste of time.

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    Will not connect

    At first I couldn’t figure out how to use this. But I finally figured it out and it’s pretty awesome. Just follow the steps perfectly and you’ll get it I kept running into connection issues but if you have good WiFi this app shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t have a computer so transferring photos through WiFi has changed my life! Love it. I think this app could use a little work to make it nicer but over all it’s a good app.

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Is Panasonic Image App Safe?

Yes. Panasonic Image App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,416 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Panasonic Image App Is 62.1/100.

Is Panasonic Image App Legit?

Yes. Panasonic Image App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,416 Panasonic Image App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Panasonic Image App Is 62.1/100.

Is Panasonic Image App not working?

Panasonic Image App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Jane Worrell
May 01 2021

I first used this app early this year to upload some photos from my camera to my smartphone. I didn't find it too difficult, and I'm not much of a technophile. However, since the update in March it has become impossible. The two devices refuse to communicate and I can see no option for sending pics from camera to phone.

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