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Published by on 2022-09-12

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Reported Issues: 77 Comments

By Allen
Oct 26 2022

I've been utilizing this app, technically BEFORE it was one back when RealPlayer started it. I watched it go to Rhapsody>Napster. Still keep my credit card on file. 20+ years I've utilized this service Never missed a payment. I got Apple Music for free with my phone, and I still retained this product because I had YEARS worth of Playlist that I personally curated. Over the summer the whole app changed, it became less responsive, I'll stop playing randomly. And now when I spend HOURS compiling a Playlist to listen to during my commute or at work, HALF the songs have disappeared when I finally want to enjoy. This has become a nightmare of an "experience" as a 20 + year Customer.

I'm close to asking for a Pro-Rated Monthly charge to compensate for the times, I can't utilize an app I have diligently paid for for years.
I'd rather you guys just shut it all down if THIS is how it's going to be. Just stop charging people for something that isn't functional.

By A. Dorsey
Oct 25 2022

Oct 25, 2022
I've been a loyal customer since Rhapsody changed to Napster. And now I am paying hard-earned money for poor service, Napster; let's fix it. I can't stream, search or even download a single song from your new updated app, Napster. Music is therapy for me; our world offers us nothing but bad news, and now it looks like you have to join them. I choose your app because it fits my lifestyle. I agreed to pay monthly for your service, and this is the service you give to me. Unfortunately, the people here are telling you something is not working on your side. Please let us know what's going on with YOUR app.

By Carl O Lindert
Oct 13 2022

Search Not working.
Plug in a name. The page stutters and back no results

By Tim watson
Oct 03 2022

All of my playlists have suddenly disappeared please advise

By Michael Nees
Sep 27 2022

Lots of recent problems, won't log in from phone, can't access playlists, what's wrong??

By Susan Bienkowski
Sep 26 2022

App on phone does not open my playlists and keeps freezing u[.

By Todd Cole
Sep 24 2022

Super slow and down loads still show as if they downloading when they are down loaded

By Tom Helton
Sep 08 2022

Joined in 2012 when it was called Rhapsody. Was happy until the summer 2022 app release. Same problems: usually can't load my favorites, searches don't work well, queue does not always display, hard to navigate the site intuitively, says account in use elsewhere after changing passwords, deleting other instances of the app, etc. I did get responses from some of the support team, but the fixes did no good. I finally gave up, exported all my favorites and play lists via one of the many transfer apps out there and am now happily using another service for less money. This last app release was a disaster.

By Dianna M Petty
Aug 17 2022

why are my songs disappearing from my account

By Walfredo Pizarro
Aug 17 2022

Play list ok. Unable to play or move favorite list.

By Mike Deerheim
Aug 15 2022

I can’t log in to Napster. I have tried everything

Aug 06 2022

Annoying and embarrassing. I have a new cadillac and freaking napster randomly stops playing music for no apparent reason. Hard to be comfortable with spotty music. Help!

By Lori Fulton
Aug 02 2022

I cannot get it to download. Reinstalled it too

By Derek McCaughan
Jul 29 2022

I have been a Rhapsody/Napster user since day one, practically. It's always been steadily improved over the years. This latest version is horrible. I'm getting messages that I'm using on another device (I'm not), the user interface is disappointing, it's very unstable, songs don't start at their beginning, songs often start and then restart a couple seconds later, frequent crashes, etc, etc. Please fix this version soon. Reading through other comments, I'm seeing that many customers are having similar experiences. This is very disappointing. If this isn't remedied I will finally take my business elsewhere. Thank you.

By David Wheelock
Jul 28 2022

Napster Windows 10 app on my PC keeps saying that I'm playing on another device when I'm not and stops my stream. I know that I am not playing on any other device. I have already changed my password so I know that my account is not being used elsewhere.

I do have Napster mobile installed on my mobile phone but it is not playing when this happens, nor or at any time recently when it happens. I wonder if the mobile app may be "signalling home" for some purpose while not playing music and if the Napster server somehow misinterprets this and mistakenly thinks that the mobile device is playing. Could this be possible?

Jul 27 2022

My Napster keeps freezing and I can't see my entire Playlist

By Steven Fahlgren
Jul 27 2022

Search feature is not working on downloaded version of Napster. iPhone and iPad issues seem to be resolved finally.

By Bruce Voss
Jul 26 2022

7/26/22 Music search not working. Get message can't cast. Says playlist did not load but songs still play. This is getting to be a pain in the ass. Been with these guys for over 10 years and lately the service is really starting to suck.

By Brooke Stone
Jul 26 2022

My app is barely running and today, more than half my music is GONE!! How do I recover that and what’s up with the app just freezing every other song??

By Dayana Boado
Jul 26 2022

Playlist won't fully load I only got around 45% of them. I tried fixing it since last week and still nothing .

By Lacoo
Jul 25 2022

Napster please go back to the "old app" I can't get to any of my saved music, why use napster if I have to YouTube what should be on my phone.

By davada777
Jul 25 2022

All my favorites are gone. I have my playlists, but no favorites. Don't know what to think about this. My favorites list was a reason I have stuck with Napster for all these years. Now with my favorites gone if they do not come back maybe I will go looking for another streaming service.

By Bill T
Jul 24 2022

Like many other commenters here, I have been a long time Napster user, starting with Rhapsody many years ago. I'm using the latest Windows and web apps. This version of the app is extremely buggy: click on a artist, results may or may not appear; app crashes; search sometimes works sometimes not, can't seem to download songs on the Windows version; etc. All in all, it's a frustrating experience. Spotify is looking better all the time.

Napster was recently purchased by a Hivemind and Alogrand. Hivemind is a crypto investment firm. I read that Napster has plans for Web 3.0 - NFTs, blockchain, lots of buzzwords. I wish they would get their Web 2.0 software working properly before they unleash a half done blockchain model on the world.

By Leon Raby
Jul 24 2022

When will Napster get the problem fix. There are a lot of my music will not load up.

By Wade Walter
Jul 24 2022

Why am I constantly getting a message “unable to cast”? Can’t listen to music….

By Rich
Jul 23 2022

I'm a long time subscriber, when it was Napster, went to Rhapsody, and then back to Napster, however many years that's been. It worked great on both PC and Mac computers that I've had. I have a Macbook Pro now.
I pay Napster for what they do for me. Whatever Napster did, they'd better undo it. If they don't, I WILL be using another music provider.
IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! I can't access all my playlists whenever I want. They won't all load on the page, and won't scroll, the scroll locks. My playlists won't list, or only part of them show up. The playback controls don't work, music stops.

By Amy Prue
Jul 22 2022

OK NAPSTER!!!!! your web page player works better than your app. Why add Movies to a Music player! Is that whats messing it up! Can we go back to napster version 1.0 please... or rhapsody 1.0.... cause this new ap doesnt work. Cant clear que, wont play some playlists, will only load half of my music, restarts songs, 45 sec in-between songs
anyone else w the same issues try the web page... it doesn't seem to glitch as bad.

By Amy Prue
Jul 22 2022

Ive used napster for about 20 years. Even was w rhapsody... This is the glitches version yet. I can't play some play lists, i can't scroll or clear qued music. It restarts songs when not touching anything...i cant use mouse to scroll. Wth happened! After all this time the laptop version sucks. Bravo on the cell phone upgrade tho. Please fix this b4 i change players!

By Michael Fitzgerald
Jul 21 2022

I was using the app from the Microsoft store for about three years, and then it repeatedly crashed on me last night, so I decided to uninstall it, attempting to reinstall. Apparently, the app is no longer available at the Microsoft store, and I went to Napster's website to download the app, which is completely different and definitely has some serious problems regarding bringing up playlists and sometimes albums. I have one playlist with over 400 songs, and it's taking many minutes to load. Simply unacceptable.

I haven't done too much playback yet, but when switching from one song to another, I am noticing quite a delay in the app going to that other song to play. Using the scrollbar to move up and down a page doesn't work right either, even when the app window is maximized.

By Tim Smith
Jul 20 2022

I have been a long time user, since before it was Rhapsody. I've also been in software for nearly 30 years. A lesson learned decades ago was to never release a new version or update until it had been thoroughly tested. This latest version feels like it's still in an early Beta state. For the first time since I began using this service, I'm seriously thinking of switching to another. Please fix it.

By wiliam kreisher
Jul 19 2022

I log in, my page opens, but none of my playlists play. Nothing responds to commands. I have hundreds of songs saved on playlists for different events. How do I get it to work again. I have been a member since it was music box juke box.

By AK const
Jul 19 2022

App basically only crashes anymore, and it's been going on for weeks. I was blaming my device for the problem, but thankfully found these other reviews. Now I know the real problem is the service. Since I'm paying for service that is not being rendered at this point, cancellation is imminent.

By Terry-Ann Torre
Jul 18 2022

Why in the hell did you change Napster??? - total crap and I will have to find another music app.

By David Henderson
Jul 16 2022

Since the new interface downloaded a couple of weeks, Napster is full of glitches - sometimes it will not even start, or it crashes for no reason. Search almost never works. What's going on? Any solutions out there?

By S. Fuller
Jul 16 2022

Been using napster for years, starting way back to Rhapsody days. I have literally hundreds of playlists built carefully over the years, Thousands of songs saved. Whatever they have done to it now totally sucks. Its hard to login, keeps stopping, only loads about 10% of my playlists, very hard to navigate, way way way too slow. Like others, I cannot imagine having to ditch this and start over on Spotify, but Im getting close to that, its just sucks now!
Just put it back like it was, it sucked then too, but we adapted. Please fix this thing,

By Dalia
Jul 12 2022

I've been using Napster since the beginning. Since two months my app is not working as it should. I'm missing numbers, the app chrashes or just stops playing all of a sudden. I reported this but napster doesn't resolve the issue but does still take my money. I got fed up with this cause i've been paying for two months and it feels like wasted money. I cancelled my subscription and am very happy with spotify at the moment. They have a bigger library, the app works! Too bad i lost all my playlists tho.

By Rene
Jul 12 2022

Th search tool is not working. It doesn't find any artists, songs, etc.

By Kristine
Jul 11 2022

Good Afternoon,

I have been a customer for well over 15 years (back when it was rhapsody and is now Napster). As of the last update, it's been pretty much un-usable!!! I am considering cancelling and taking my business elsewhere. The app is non-responsive and has lost a huge amount of my music. the other day it booted me out of the app and would NOT let me in...and yes, my password was correct. IF YOU DO NOT FIX THIS SOON I WILL CANCEL AND GO ELSEWHERE!!!!

By Annette
Jul 10 2022

I have always been able to listen to Napster app in the background while I am in another app on my iPhone 12. Now when I navigate away, the playback stops. Anyway to fix that!

By Debbie Hart
Jul 10 2022

Having problems with Napster. The app is asking me to sign in and then just whirrs round saying 'signing in' but then kicks me out again.
Also have Napster on an IPod to control my Sonos system and this version won't play my music or search for anything. This started happening yesterday, 9 July. Please fix this as we are paying for a non existent service at the moment!

By Cy S
Jul 09 2022

My problem is the same as Betsy above: Napster stops loading at a dark blue screen with a cat in the middle. the address line goes from i don't know what this means or what it's trying to tell me. please advise

By Edgar
Jul 09 2022

Napster deleted my tracks doesnt let me log in. Kicks me off ones in a while. Maybe it’s time to go

By Betsy
Jul 09 2022

Napster stops loading at a dark blue screen with a cat in the middle. the address line goes from to i don't know what this means or what it's trying to tell me. please advise

By Curt Z
Jul 09 2022

Taking some comfort to see common comments posted to what I have been experiencing. So it's not a problem with my system but with Napster and I agree it all began after the "upgrade". I'd leave but I've been a subscriber since the Rhapsody days, have an extensive library and use the app through my Sonos system. There is an option to request a download of all my library and playlists which I may request so I can use it to rebuild a library with another vendor like Amazon Prime. Holding for now, but this must be fixed or customers will leave for better options. Amazon is working just fine guys.

By Todd Franz
Jul 09 2022

Way to go Napster! Total crash! Lost songs. You’re awesome!

By D. H .
Jul 09 2022

Please fix the app . I have like a million songs and don't want to loose them . It's been happening since yesterday . It just keeps saying refresh

By Beth
Jul 09 2022

I've been using this app for 8-10 years and have never had this issue! Every time I open my app it kicks me off. What is going on????

By Candy R Brice
Jul 09 2022

My favorites will only load in offline mode

By Deana Schuler
Jul 09 2022

Won't download

By Christopher A. Mexas
Jul 09 2022

I cannot use the search feature. It says that it can’t find what I’m looking for, no matter what I type.

By Quay Williams
Jul 09 2022

I see similar problems - not seeing music, uninstalled app, now can't log back in... keep getting circular busy signal after credential acceptance, then "something went wrong" statement. When will this paid app get corrected?

Patiently waiting for now!

By Annoyed
Jul 09 2022

Deleted all my songs!! Frozen

By J. Lanza
Jul 08 2022

App was great from 2014 until now, and then they had to mess with it. Too many issues to list, but today, my playlists disappeared and app keeps crashing 5 seconds after I open it. This new version is utter trash. I’d hate to go with another service but it seems that instead of getting better, things keep getting worse with Napster. Need my music for a trip next week and If things don’t look up by then, Spotify it is!

By Damon polk
Jul 08 2022

All of my music has disappeared from my playlist. I been with Nabster over 17 year or maybe longer, This has never happen to me until now. I had thousands of songs and now there all gone!

By Elizabeth Quiroz
Jul 08 2022

My playlist on my Napster account disappeared and Napster keeps kicking me out of the app

By Donald Newman Jr
Jul 08 2022


By Carissa
Jul 08 2022

I have been having the same problems as others in here. My app will randomly crash, stop playing music, won’t load certain songs and it doesn’t matter if I am on WiFi or not. This is not a connection issue. I have updated everything and I can’t even access the app now and all my playlists are gone. If this does not improve I will be cancelling my subscription!!!

By Nancy
Jul 08 2022

My music has disappeared from the playlists and favorites. The app keeps kicking me off and the shuffle won't work when there is randomly my music. Very frustrating.

By John
Jul 07 2022

Over the past few weeks my playlist will just stop playing after a song or two. Very frustrating when I enjoy sleeping to a playlist and wake up to find it has stopped playing. Seems like I’m having the same problem lots of others here are having. Been a subscriber for at least 10 years. My annual runs out in January. Might be shopping.

By Billybob
Jul 05 2022

After the update, when I play my playlist on iPhone or iPad, after a few songs, it stops playing. Never used to happen. I’ve had this service when it was Raphsody and it sucks right now. If there is an alternative, I’m about to start looking.

By ArtistDanO
Jul 03 2022

The shuffle play on the APP feature stops when the smartphone screen locks. To restart the shuffle play, I have to swipe the APP to close, reopen Napster, access the playlist, restart the shuffle play.

By Steve House
Jul 02 2022

Super slow and crashes at times. HELP!!!

By Brian D Lau
Jun 30 2022

After the update on for the android phone it would play 1 - 5 songs then no more. No not even able to log in. Desktop app is fine. What gives?

By Valerie Anderson
Jun 25 2022

You changed the format now I can't even login. If you aren't going to fix the errors of all the complaints you are getting please let me know so I can cancel my service. I have had rhapsody/napster over 10 years and can't believe this is happening

By Sam
Jun 25 2022

Ever since updating this app, the bugs have gotten probably 5x worse. I thought it was buggy before the update, maybe it's time to finally switch to spotify

By Mark Anlauf
Jun 24 2022

Ever since you changed your format I have difficulty connecting to the vehicle Bluetooth, intermittent and frustrating to deal with , never had any problems before the new change , any suggestions on how to fix , also at times will not connect, i have a iPhone 10 with Verizon service,, also when I go to refresh it says the app is not available in my region or country ,

By Allen B Lancaster
Jun 20 2022

I cannot search for songs or artists with my Ipad using Napster. This started about 2 weeks ago.
Can you please assist? I have playlists that work fine, but I cannot search for songs or artists anymore.

By John
Jun 18 2022

Without any notice that they were rolling out an update, I suddenly have a new version that is crap. It plays 1 or 2 tracks and then pauses. I have to go to the app and hit play twice before it resumes. I’m paying for this service and it doesn’t work. Very frustrating. We all should be credited until they get this roll out fixed. And in the future tell us you are changing things, rather than just springing it on us.

By michael Tanana
Jun 16 2022

artist radio only plays 3-4 songs than just repeats those songs

By Seth Davis
Jun 15 2022

Just downloaded the latest version of the Napster iPhone app and it wouldnt work at all. I had to uninstall and reinstall it, so all of my downloads were gone. i am slowly restoring them, but the app keeps crashing when I try to manage the downloads. Very unstable.

By Thomas Darwin
Jun 15 2022

When streaming an album on Napster there is a distinct pop noise at the beginning of each song-very annoying. This is on the PC web player using Windows 10. TY

By Staci Johnson
Jun 14 2022

My Napster/Rhapsody app on my iphone has recently updated, my music cuts out when others who are sharing my account with sign on. Could you advise?

By Bob Breeze
Jun 04 2022

When playing my favorites on my desktop app, most of the songs do not play anymore, but they play fine on my other devices.

By mike marshall
May 30 2022

my downloaded music will not play it shows the right song you click on but will not play but any song I click on that is not downloaded it will play

By Michael Evans
May 09 2022

Napster periodically freezes up when clicking on the app in Windows 10. Often I have to delete the app and reinstall. Why am I having this problem with the Napster App and not any other apps on my computer?

By C.Ziegler
Apr 22 2022

Napster will stop playing a playlist and just hardcrash

By Brad
Apr 19 2022

I'm using an Iphone 11 max. The app often crashes when connecting to a new bluetooth device. It might play one song all the way through but then will freeze. Forcing the app to close fixes the issue until I connect to a new bluetooth device

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