Launchpad: DJ with Novation Reviews

Launchpad: DJ with Novation Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-28

The original Launchpad — Make & Remix Music. Enter an inspiring world of music
creation and remixing on your iPhone & iPad. 8 free soundpacks included.
Hundreds more available, updated weekly. Launchpad is the original number-one
app for making and remixing electronic music. Instantly c...

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Launchpad: DJ with Novation Reviews

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    So AmaisiNG I fourgOT hoW to SpeL!

    • Pretty much anything Novation presents to the world is a smashing work of art and technology. • Empowering the iPhone is a brilliant idea—the User can transition to larger devices if desired. The strong iPhone offerings from every Novation app puts the ability to create meaningful art within everyday behavior. • Supremely stable. Powerful juggernaut of 0’s and 1’s that are transformed into the art of music. • My only sad-clown face is the fact a creation such as Launchpad—so technologically complex, beautifully designed, sprawling yet intuitive IA/UX, supremely efficient backend, foundations, and collaborative soul—is EXPECTED to be free. •• “To enhance their lives”, people will spend a few hundred $$ to install an open-source surveillance device in their own freakin’ home...Alexa...Echo,(***)...DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THE MICS ARE NOT ON 24/7? (***)Allegedly, of course, as covered by media around the WORLD—“Googs” and “Amázo”, please don’t send black helicopters for me in the night. •• Yet they whine for shelling out <$20 for Apps (¡PRODUCTS!) that are coded and designed into masterpieces like LAUNCHPAD? •• We must not forget that app Devs and Artists need lovin’, too. (And probably want to eat every day—just like greedy, bloodsucking billionaire tycoons!!). • Thank you Novation! I’ve evangelized several folks into buying add-on packs!

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    Needs bluetooth MIDI desperately

    With all the great feature updates launchpad has had, it is becoming a strong contender for center spot in my live rig, however poor MIDI outboard control options when coupled with the loss of digital audio (it's one or the other with Apple IOS) are holding this app back from live greatness. Everyone including the developers know that getting Live digital audio out of a iPad cannot be done if you want to plug a MIDI controller into the iPad. So if like me you plug a launchpad MIDI controller into the iPad to bring the Launchpad app outboard in a fantastic way, the big sacrifice is audio quality, as you are forced by Apple to use the headphone socket as your audio source for integrating the live output of Launchpad into a mix with other instruments. Now this developer already provides Bluetooth MIDI for one of their other apps, so it's not as if they don't know how to do it! My dream is to connect my Launchpad MIDI controller to the iPad via Bluetooth, use it to play the Launchpad app and get back the digital audio output the iPad offers. There are 3rd party Bluetooth dongles on the market that could make this connection tomorrow if this developer brings Bluetooth Midi support into Launchpad. I want to use this app a lot more as it continuously evolves in good ways but the lack of bluetooth is a show stopper as i won't sacrifice audio quality live.

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    Fantastic app but...

    Unless I’m missing something, there’s still no way to move projects between different iOS devices. In other words, there’s no way to start working on my iPhone and then pick up on my iPad. This app desperately needs iCloud syncing. I can bounce a project from Wave to Launchpad but somehow can’t go from Launchpad to Launchpad. Also, the store navigation experiences are completely different among Launchpad, Wave, and Groovebox. Things like the menu and store should be unified across all three apps. Also, there needs to be integration between Groovebox and Launchpad and Wave. Currently, my work is siloed in Groovebox. Lastly, for playing back recordings in Launchpad, it desperately needs background audio playback and precise standardized playback controls - pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. Right now, if I close the screen or move to another app during playback of my recordings, it completely stops the song and I have to restart it from the beginning. It’s extremely frustrating when I’m trying to listen to what I just did and have to constantly restart from the beginning of the track.

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    The Most Amazing App Ever....Until it crashes

    Launchpad is a very important part of my production workflow but the crashing during recording is starting to frustrate me. I have a high end 2 gen iPad Pro 12.9”. I can handle multiple hardcore apps at the same time with no issue but Launchpad crashes every other session while recording. I have lost multiple perfect sessions due to this. You all need to do one of two things, preferably both. Add a saving option so you can come back to the same point in your project or, better yet, add a timeline that we can record directly to with a save option. And before anyone yells at me about how “that’s not the point of Launchpad”, why not. I love this app, please fix this. One more thing, the entire app does not crash, just sound output. Once it crashes the app is still running but sound is no longer present. Meters move, everything works, just no sound and that is where the recording ends.

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    Update fixed export bug from Blocs Wave

    Great fix, adjusting to the new layout but all in all this is easily one of the best initially free apps for sketching out sound/song ideas. The in app purchases are typically a good buy and you can preview much of the sounds in the packs. The effects are very good, some are brilliantly realized. I applaud Novation and Ampify for creating such a deep, immersive app for everyone.....Free! The response to my inquiry into a bug with the update was addressed very quickly and within a a few days they had fixed the bug, so kudos to the app support team for their acknowledgement of the bug and their response time! Indispensable as a tool in my studio and the audio import feature is beautifully streamlined, useful and awesome! Great job!

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    This app and it’s sister apps are truly amazing, is there anyway to change them from minor to major, or are we stuck with sad minor keys. Believe you me, I LOVE minor scales I have all my musical life, but there comes a time where the major sets a completely different tone. I would give this app 5 stars, but without major keys or the many variants that exist in the world of music. I cannot give complete support to them anymore. I love making music with your apps, and yes there are many time where the keys don’t really matter as far as making high energy “happy music”. Please maybe see if you fantastic men and women can give it a shot!!! I love you work and it’s made me a better musician even when I thought music was over and done in my life. I’ve given up a lot for my musical dreams, foolishly at times, so would you make it happen for all of us who enjoy your app.... Or if I’m that air headed could you please redirect me to what I should be doing? Maybe there’s something I over looked. I’ll try my own methods of changing the keys for now, but having that power within your app would give me the JUICE I’ve been looking for. I think the people who listen to my music would appreciate it too. Right now my work sounds like Mozart just before he di3d....not too fun eh?

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    One Thing Missing

    Launchpad is a great app, one of my personal favorites. There is no better app that I’ve ever seen for playing back existing tracks broken down into loops and remixing them with effects. I love the fact that we can import our own loops that’s what makes it the most usable app. It is an app of endless possibilities and satisfying results. The one thing missing however came with the update today which is the labels on each pad. Unless there is a way to turn the labels back on in which I am missing, I see this is a step backwards, although I do like the design. I cannot remember which sample is on every pad and without the labels it makes it difficult especially when playing unfamiliar kits.

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    First, thanks to the developers and loop makers, you make a composers life so much easier. It is easy to not only generate ideas, but build compositions that are deep and theatrical. Second, my biggest wish is for more environmental and subtle orchestral loops. Other than that, you will not find a better or more versatile loop music creation app anywhere. The ability to move loops between sets you have onboard or have created ( can do that) means I can customize any set anytime. I have scored both TV shows and movies with this app and it constantly exceeds my expectations as a creator, composer, and musician. Build off this app with a decent keyboard, guitar, or other instruments and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in production.

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    Been here since day 1

    I’ve been using launchpad since the early days when I got my first iPad, I have to say it’s the best music app on the App Store. Initially I was able to put it down just due to the lack of features I felt that kept me engaged, but now with the addition of audio import and it working with blocs wave as well as their incredible, and extensive library of handcrafted loop’s a clear cut above the rest. I do wish there was a bigger board outside of a 6x6, as well as the limitation of having to play a specific loop for each row or it will turn off the other in that row, but maybe someday soon, it’s not a big enough pain for me to mark it down. Must have for any music enthusiast.

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    This app is amazing! It’s fun, easy to use, and has a multitude of sound packs for users to purchase; many of which I have bought myself. Now, I recently got an iPad and re-downloaded the app and previously purchased sound packs, everything working smoothly. Then comes my one and only issue with this app. There is no way to transfer previously made songs to new devices. In my opinion, an email account system would be nice to allow the transfer of all app data, including songs, to new devices. Other than that, I have absolutely no issues with this fantastic launchpad app, which has allowed me and many others to explore the magic of music! 🎶

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    Love the App (minor suggestions)

    I've been using Launchpad for years and it's become my secret weapon. So much that I hardly tell people I'm using it to make full tracks. However, my only wish is that some time in the nearest future it becomes possible to edit each pad. Things like being able to switch the note of an individual melody or drum, or even the tempo of some of the instruments. I think this fine tuning capability would really kick Launchpad up another notch. Will continue to use Launchpad regardless but as a person without full access to a DAW setup and program, I'd love to be able to get as close as possible in the meantime. Keep it up!!!

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    Love the app! However it comes at a price, literally

    I’ve been on this app for a while now and made some music with it. However it’s limited to a couple of sound packs when you start off. Yes, there are free packs in the store, but there are only three currently as of writing this review. In my opinion I think in order to enjoy this app fully you have to purchase sound packs or additional add-ons. However this issue can be resolved by having free sound packs every month or so because 1. Some people on this app are young and probably don’t have any iTunes or money to spend on this app. 2. It’ll be cool for people who make music regularly and may want to spice things up with a new and free sound pack. Other than that, I love this app!

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    This app is simple easy to use. But there are tons of fun fun sounds to put into your music. And it would be hard for me to pick a favorite sound pack. Maybe drum and bass. there are so many sound packs that cost money, why not make some of those free? Now I do completely understand that you are a company and a company does need to get paid, but just a few of those to be free would be nice. I have lots of music apps, and this one is my favorite. And I have checked out your other apps. I really liked groove box, but I wasn’t a big of blocs wave. But really do love you company and would like to see you make more amazing things!

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    Total Rubbish!

    I purchased the “audio import” feature thinking it would do what it claims – I was sorely mistaken. The app continually locks up when trying to import any of my sounds which essentially makes it useless. It’s also very disappointing that upon submitting a support ticket to Novation I only receive a canned response with irrelevant faq links two days later. Apparently I’ll have to contact Apple in order to get the money back I paid for this complete piece of crap! EDIT: In regards to the developer response; It was too much trouble going through all the hoops and confusing support process so Apple refunded my money. Honestly I don’t like apps with fake reviews and inflated five star ratings. Judging by the real ones this app would barely be 3/5. Maybe instead of paying for bogus reviews work on the product that customers are deceived into paying for and not getting.

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    All Novation apps are ill...

    ...and I can't wait to try out your hardware next. Shot out to Dibia$e. I really only have one request: Please, (please, please), allow all of 'em, esp. Launchpad & Blocs Wave, to sync projects across all my iOS devices, (via wifi, bluetooth, LTE whatever)—in the background. Spending gobs of time setting up my joints on my iPhone while running around the city... and then having it all show up on my iPad when I perform that night, would be theeeee' killer feature. Better than the next 10 sound packs combined ;) Thanks Novation.. now back to the beats! PS. A Launchpad trigger system for stage vocalist on the Apple Watch would be crazy ✨🔓👀

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Is Launchpad: DJ with Novation Safe?

Yes. Launchpad: DJ with Novation is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,555 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Launchpad: DJ with Novation Is 64.5/100.

Is Launchpad: DJ with Novation Legit?

Yes. Launchpad: DJ with Novation is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,555 Launchpad: DJ with Novation User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Launchpad: DJ with Novation Is 64.5/100.

Is Launchpad: DJ with Novation not working?

Launchpad: DJ with Novation works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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