Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Reviews

Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-27

This is the stop smoking app that science built. Over 20 different,
evidence-based, techniques to help you become - and stay - smoke free. See how
much money you've saved, how many cigarettes you've not smoked, how long
you’ve been smoke free, how much life you've regained and how your...

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Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Reviews

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    Best of the best!!!

    This app has been great! So much information, I can track my cravings to see a pattern and that helps me start to recognize when I crave a cigarette the most and start to plan other things to do when I know it will be coming or a rough time! This app also tracks the changes in your body that improve hour to hour or minute to minute now that I have quit. I find that information motivates me! Also if you were to cave and have one cigarette one day this app will ask you if you have smokes and just readjust for that it does not wipe out all you have achieved and it understands some people have set backs and will tell you that! That has been amazing that feature makes me not feel like I have failed and just start smoking again but instead I can see what the one slip up has done and still see how good I’m doing despite that and keep going to stay smoke free! I have tried so many apps in the past and I’m very picky when it come to these types of apps as to the features I want and this app hand down has been the best! You will not regret giving this app a try! Good luck to you all who download this app and on quitting smoking! You can do it and this is here to help you succeed!

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    Powerful App

    This app speaks the truth to you, often and redundantly, and forces you to open your eyes and see the damage that you’re inflicting upon yourself. On the flip side, it also provides you with all these wonderful statistics & numbers in relation to the duration of your quit date. It also encourages you to be proactive in your approach to quitting, leaving no stone unturned, and document as much as possible, so you can go back to a moment in time and recall what helped or what triggered a craving etc.. The “Quit Coach” bot is truly a huge help, provides motivation, information and most importantly it hits you with the hard truth about smoking. After 15+ years of smoking, after trying to quit at least a dozen times, I’m 3 months 26 days smoke now, downloaded this app on day 1 and still check in with it, because it held me accountable and praised my accomplishments as time went on.. If you’re truly ready to quit, if you feel powerless to your nicotine addiction, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of failure, as well as the possibility of success and the temptations that will always be there.. but with the right tools and support system it’s a scourge that you have the power to expel from your mind and body

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    Wowza you don’t know what you’re missing

    Little review of my experience this far: 7 days ago I began using this app, haven’t smoked since. Journaling my day’s experiences in this app helps me relieve the strong + weak cravings. This app makes cravings feel like nothing. That’s all there is to quitting smoking—ignoring the cravings. Week 1 I’ve only had 2 strong cravings. I’ve quit before & haven’t experienced this much ease. I’ve been running each morning, so that releases endorphins + really helps my mood. IN A NUTSHELL: never seen an app this effective, never used one like this either. This is next level, I’ve been smoking for YEARS & haven't ever felt so happy being smoke-free. This app makes your new, smoke-free world possible + interesting. It teaches you how to create your own happiness, no matter your gender, age, religion, political stance,... Won’t hurt trying it, give yourself a chance. You can live a better life, even though smoking feels like a really really good one right now. You don’t understand how much you’re missing from a smoke-free life. Even 1 week into it, holy sh**, I feel so good. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt so dang amazing!!! Please try it, do this favor for yourself. Best luck friend

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    Costs less than a pack of cigarettes/worth every penny

    This app has been an effective and useful resource in helping me quit smoking. I’m 3 days smoke free and feeling more motivated than I thought was possible. The various ways of displaying benefits/progress during my quit (the amount of money saved, my health improvement over time, tracking the amount an severity of my cravings, analyzing triggers, completing missions) is motivating me to stay smoke free. It’s been so helpful logging my cravings; the log itself serves as a distraction and a motivator to overcome the craving. The craving record displays cravings on a variety of charts/graphs to provide different methods for analyzing your cravings and triggers which can assist you in overcoming them. The diary option makes it simple to input money spent on NRT products so you get a truly accurate picture of how much money you’re saving by quitting. The missions and badges have also been helpful in keeping me smoke free. The missions provide strategies to use while quitting as well as motivational content. I absolutely love the gif rewards upon completing my daily mission. Smoke Free cost $5, less than a pack of cigarettes; yet, unlike a pack of cigarettes, Smoke Free is worth every penny.

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    SmokeFree Review

    I have been thinking about quitting smoking on and off for the past few months and last week I finally did it. I was on the fence for a while but when I was walking to the bus stop the one morning and after walking up a slight hill I was huffing and puffing, that was the final straw. I knew at that point I was done, I was going to quit. I am 31 years old and that’s not how I wanted to feel, so after I made up my mind I smoked the last of my cigarettes and then I was done. It’s been a little over a week and I feel great! Among several other things, quitting smoking has been another stride I’ve made in taking my life back, I refuse to be controlled by anything. Quitting smoking was a lot easier than I expected, but with the Smoke Free App I’ve been able to track cravings, watch my milestones and also see how my taste and smell sensories as well as many other things have been slowly coming back. This app has been a great help for me to keep on the road to stay away from cigarettes! I would definitely recommend this app to future people who make the choice to quit smoking! Great support system! Thanks!

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    The most useful quit smoking tool I've ever used.

    I've "quit" smoking many times. Haven't we all? This time around, I feel like having this app has made a world of difference. I like having a place to log when cravings/withdrawals happen. The health improvement timeline is awesome and keeps me motivated to stick to it. The app also offers achievements for various accomplishments relating to your quit. That's definitely motivating, especially when we're so used to failing at our quits. Overall, it's very useful and has helped me A LOT. My level of addiction is no joke, and I don't think I would have made it this far without the app. Thankful to have such a thing. And by the way, spend the five dollars on the full version! The makers have to make money somehow, and it only costs what a pack of our nasty cigarettes costs us on the daily. It's so worth it. The app analyzes the data so you don't have to. It makes it easier to avoid triggers and also provides awesome support for those of us who struggle. It's absolutely the healthiest and smartest five bucks I've ever spent. No joke, guys. This is the app you want.

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    I find the smoke free app to be extremely beneficial. I love that it gives you achievement badges, even though it’s a small thing.. to ensures support and makes you feel excited and proud of yourself. I really love the percentage countdowns for your health. Breathing, heart rate, heart attack risk, lung cancer risk, gum texture, taste and smell senses. It’s quite motivational. I like that you can make journals because it’s an accurate way to track yourself, by monitoring your cravings and self diagnosing your triggers. And of course the most motivational of all, it monitors the monitory value saved by not smoking. Both normally and annually. The reason it got four stars and not five is because, first off.. you have to pay for some special things within the app, like an actual trigger tracker/ journal. I understand it needs to profit but it should be motivating people to quit. And secondly because it is not catered to those who smoke Juul’s, NJoy’s, or any type of vape. And it also doesn’t have an option for you to input whether you’re utilizing any type of nicotine replacement therapy. Which is definitely something that I think should be tracked and accounted for while trying to quit smoking!

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    7 years a smoker, and I quit.

    I am 4 months without a cigarette, after smoking half a pack a day since I was 12 years old. I had no plans to quit, until I got a cold that forced me to not smoke for about 2 days, so I decided to download an app and try to just not smoke again. When I stopped feeling so sick, and the cravings and withdrawals similar to my last quit attempts started coming up, I was worried about my willpower. I am almost certain that if I had not been using this app when I was quitting, I would have relapsed in the first week. This is my first time recommending to pay for the pro version of an app, because the “quit coach”, although it’s just a bot, truly felt like having someone to vent to 24/7. Full of truly helpful tips, and further more, just using the app was a great way to curb cravings. Following the daily missions is another contribution to my success. I never thought I would be a nonsmoker, my cravings were constant and ravenous. now, every time I stop to think about the fact that smoking never crosses my mind, it’s an amazing feeling. 10/10 would recommend to any smoker.

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    Such a great tool!

    This app has helped so much. First, it validates the difficulty of quitting smoking. Second, it provides tools to help me stay away from a cigarette, and third, it provides positive reinforcement by giving the user badges for health, time away from cigarettes, and money saved milestones. Furthermore, it has a diary feature, a place to log cravings, daily missions (they sometimes seem silly, but they help). These tools keep the user engaged, motivated, and validated. My biggest critique is the “quit coach”. It glitchy and a thinly veiled attempt at A.I. I think the idea is great, but the execution is poor-I have no doubt the developers will improve it as time passes. Note: 5 years ago, I successfully quit smoking for 18 months, and this app got me through the worst moments-so when I decided I was truly serious about quitting again after many failed half-hearted attempts, I re-downloaded the app, because it was a huge factor in my success during my longest period of non-smoking since I started smoking when I was 18, and so far I am almost a week smoke free, and the worst has passed thanks to this app.

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    I have shared this app with so many friends and it has worked

    Downloaded the app once and smoked a few days and in didn’t try again for a year. Then opened the app and set my quit date and this time it worked for me, been smoke free for almost 2 years! Also worked for my boyfriend 6 months later, following the app and watching the goals my body is hitting the longer the negative effects of smoking leave my body. I still refer back to this app. It’s all a mind game, but it’s one that worked for me! I didn’t want to have to hit “reset” on my quit date and start all over on all the obstacles I’d already achieved and worked months to get to that 100% level. I still check back to see where my “risk of heart attack” and “risk of lung cancer” is (take multiple years On this but I’m proud to be closer) and I look forward to making those 100%. There’s a personal satisfaction that comes with hitting the goals that show your body improvement. I tried quitting a bunch of times previously, and somehow a silly app helped me. Whatever works, I truly suggest giving it a try! Good luck!

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    6 weeks smoke free

    I downloaded and read through this app before quitting. The information is thoughtful and deliberate. The badges, trigger chart & diary, support options, health info ❤️help you track your progress and give you encouragement. It also tracks the $ your saving and let’s you save for special things like a new bike and shows you your progress each day. You can share to a friend or social media right from the app which is convenient to create your cheering squad 👏🏼. You get a lot for free but for $4.99 you can get the pro which if you need the extra help quitting is WELL worth it!!! Great app, thank you!! Keep it going! The only thing I might recommend is offering different pay options. Like maybe 1.99/mons for pro or 1.99 a 1st month, 2.99 for 3 months, and 4.99 unlimited or 6months, cancel anytime thru the app. Idk 🤔. I like options and it would let people try Pro when they want and it might make you guys more $ if it was a subscription. And I’d love

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    18 days and counting

    There’s a lot to this app that I haven’t explored or really care about, but I like the large time display telling me how many days, hours, minutes and seconds I haven’t smoked. It also keeps track of the money you’ve saved. Seeing the time display as soon as I open the app has been the biggest motivation for me because when I see that it’s been 18 days since my last smoke, I really ask myself, “Do you really want to throw those 18 days away and start all over again?” It hasn’t been easy, so the answer is heck no! I smoked for 33 years, and I just got tired of the rising costs, and having my car, my home, and my clothes smelling like smoke. Quitting only works if you really want to quit. Having your spouse or other loved ones nagging you all the time didn’t work for me, in fact it only made me want one more. Anyway, like I said, I just look at the clock and say “18 years is a really long time, and I don’t want to throw that away now. I’ve made it this far without killing anyone, so I know I can do this.” Best of luck to everyone. You can do it too.

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    Going well so far

    38 year old smoker since I was 16. Prolly a pack a day, some days more, some less. Pretty much been trying to go smoke free last 8 years. Could put some months together but always ended up buying packs again. Tried chantex, patches, gum and always went back to smoking. So far I've been 20 days smoke free. Wearing patches and things are going surprisingly great. My wife put this app on my phone which I thought was stupid but it actually is nice to see facts in front of your face and some health highlights. I feel sorry for people I seeing smoking as it is a terrible habit with health and the smell of a smoker. I come from a smoker family so it was always hard to not smoke at holidays and I have a very stressful career choice. My main issue w smoking was it was a stress reliever so it's an adjustment finding healthier ways to deal w stress and conflict. Needless to say my lungs feel great and the lebedo of a 16 year old haha here's to another 20 days of being smoke free and just taking it one step at a time. Thanks A sincere hopefully ex-smoker

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    Probably the best $5 I've ever spent

    I am a 30 year smoker who decided to try to take a break from smoking last week because I had the flu. I downloaded this app on a whim, and I'm now on my seventh smoke free day and feeling highly motivated to stay that way for good. I've tried to quit on my own several times in the past, but this app helps so much with structure, encouragement, and motivation to get through the tough times. One of the best things is that it also gives you a substitute activity when you are thinking of falling back into the habit: check the app instead, log your craving, and see how much better your health has been getting by not smoking. It has already paid for itself four times over in just a week. UPDATE: Almost four years later, after some challenging cravings in the first several weeks, I am still free of cigarettes, and believe me, I do not look back! GOD BLESS THIS APP. I don’t think I would have succeeded without it.

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    Really does help!

    Wanting to quit is the first step... which is already decided otherwise you’d never even look at the app! Committing to quitting is the next step, which we all know is the hardest part... but this app really does help! I have found the part that helps most is seeing my progress percentage and knowing that if I lapse, it all starts over. During a craving, I’ll sort of chant the golden rule to myself (not another puff, no matter what) while I busy myself with the tips that I created for myself and added to my favorites and a couple of the preset tips as well, and it really does help! I like being able to log my cravings as they happen too, it’s nice that the app is actually interactive, thereby actually giving you something to do in and of itself. I never thought that an app would help, but this one does! It surprised and delighted me, and I feel like I can actually do it this time! Best of luck to you, you got this!!

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Is Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Safe?

Yes. Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 49,730 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Is 65.6/100.

Is Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Legit?

Yes. Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 49,730 Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now Is 65.6/100.

Is Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now not working?

Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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