Real Racing 3 Reviews

Real Racing 3 Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-22

Take on the ultimate racing experience – including Formula 1® - anytime,
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Real Racing 3 Reviews

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    The Game is Great

    Okay so I’ve been playing this game for a long time sents I was in 4th grade so there’s some things you need to take away and add in the game..... first of all you need to add a Free ride, so with that free ride we can chose our map and chose that cars that we own and want to drive on that map, Second the cars, some of the cars are really cool but dosent need to be so expensive like the Nissan GTR Premium was like I think over 57,000 dollars and then the price what bumped up to 200,000 something, Third the money I’m not saying that the money is great but it just need to be bumped up a lil bit for me idk about anyone else but the money needs to be bumped up like 15,000 something Fourth the crowd can be moving and all but like they need to cheer some more and the louder the better. The graphics are amazing I love how it looks but anyway The Fifth is the Service can you bump this service down for like each race car Bc sometimes I need my race cars and I need them to race cuh like one of my cars are higher than the other ones so yea and that’s all so I hope you can add a free ride to the game and we can chose our own cars for the free ride and so yea hope you can change some stuff in the future the game is amazing I play it everyday and I am a fan and a supporter for Real Racing 3

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    Good game, ridiculously expensive.

    This game is amazing,,,, !!! I’ve been playing it about 5 years or so. Having the rights to use all these cars and actual tracks around the world is incredible! Graphics and control response on my iphone is mind boggling,, so good! But..... My only criticisms are that for $75 US I can buy a any number of newly released racing games for my PS4 or XBox , which is about the price of about one car(s) , upgraded in MotorSports. The costs to purchase cars and upgrades can literally cost you $100 US dollars- For 1 car-. If you play consistently , and save your gold coins, you can accumulate a fairly decent garage in 4 or 5 years, without breaking your bank account. It’s extremely frustrating that 90-95% of the cars and upgrades are only available to purchase with gold coins. So the “cash” winnings are almost useless. I’ve been saving my winnings for years,, I think I’m around level 175 or so,, I have had over 6 or 7 million cash, and can’t buy a car or upgrade with any of it. All of the “money” you win racing is almost useless. I guess plenty of people are paying for them, because they haven’t made many changes to the prices. They will have “sales” from time to time. So it’s best to wait for one that has specials for the car and it’s upgrades if you want a car that is remotely competitive. I’ll be spending my money on games for my home systems unless they come up with a more reasonable pricing structure.

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    Amazing game, for a price.

    This game as a racing game is incredible. The controls are actually good and the physics and graphics are great. PLAYING the game is a whole different issue. As with most mobile games they need to prevent you from having too much fun or playing too much so the limit you by forcing you to repair your car after a certain number of events. Fine, I guess, but if you have no car, you make no money, which brings me to the next issue. When you do a Grand Prix, you can unlock the car you’re using if you beat the Grand Prix in 5 days. Sounds pretty reasonable, until you get to the actual racing. The game requires you to constantly upgrade your car in order to progress in the Grand Prix. Not just that the game gets harder, it literally won’t let you do the race if your car rating number is too low. You will need to tune your car or pay real money to upgrade your driver in order to raise this number. Each F1 car costs about 2million and each upgrade will be around 100k. You will easily spend 2 million on upgrades required to even play the races, so save your money and just buy the car. It’s almost impossible to unlock them in the 5 days given unless you have a ton of money saved or are willing to give up your credit card. Classic EA sliminess all over this game, which is really unfortunate because this is a way better game than the official F1 app, but at least they let you drive your car in that game.

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    Awesome but still needs improvements

    Whenever I think of this game in terms of greatness and popularity, I think of it being quite similar to the very early installments of the Forza Motorsport series, which is good. This game is really great, being able to grind with RS and driver coins, getting all of these really cool cars like the Konigsegg 1:1, or the Mclaren 720 S Coupe, and simply just beating all of the races. Even though all of these features are really great, there’s still a few things that need improvement. 1. The physics. Physics are a big part of what makes a racing game good, and while driving physics are good, collision physics aren’t that good. Most of the time, if you are blocking the path of the raceway you only take out a few cars. And you can’t even do a barrel roll, which I’m disappointed about. 2. Livery’s and designs. My main problem with this is the limit of how many shapes and stuff like that we can put on the car. There’s a limit of about 15-20 shapes on the side of a car, which is bad if you compare that to other racing games. I would also like to see more shapes available to put on the car. 3. Achievements. Now, there’s nothing about what the achievements are about that bugs me, it’s just the rewards are bugging me. Can you at least raise the reward amounts just a little bit, please? So there’s my thoughts and opinions about Real Racing 3. I hope you find this helpful. Thx.

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    Just not a game for mobile

    While this game is beautiful, the mechanics of the game are just unbearable. Being on an iPhone, I find much trouble in simply driving due to the fact that I can not drive smoothly. From my experiences, I can only use the throttle 100% to the floor, or not at all. This makes for some huge problems when going into turns. Since I can’t maintain a consistent speed through turns, I lose my race line for nothing and can’t over take other drivers either. If I even touch the throttle, the game thinks I’m flooring it and I get ridiculous snap oversteer and waste the race. The brakes are the same way. I end up locking up my brakes a lot and going into the ditch when going into a turn because I can’t transfer weight appropriately. While the steering isn’t like that, it is not as precise as it could be. I find my self with either not enough turn-in to a corner, or way too much, which causes snap oversteer. I can’t find a balance even when adjusting settings. The driver aids are not very useful either. The traction control isn’t even that. The game just starts braking for you when you get wheel spin. However, this game does have a lot of things to do, just don’t think you’re going to bench this game. “Repairs” is just a stood money grab. I can go a completely clean race and still have “repairs” to do for my car. I don’t need those kind of lies. Conclusion, this game is a little satisfying at best, and very frustrating at worst.

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    Great game but the assist settings.....

    Ok everything about the game is great, graphics and all mainly. Most of the game mechanics are great too. Yes I said “too”. The only problem I have with the mechanics of the games is the assist settings. If you turn off all the assist controls, literally just 2 settings : Steering and Brakes. Once these controls are turn off, it doesn’t feel like a car anymore. It just feels like a low budget game made by some random person. The brakes don’t feel like they work and the steering feels way too sensitive. When the assist settings are off, you literally slide around corners rather than controllably go around it. EXAMPLE : Now I love the Camaro, especially the ZL1. It’s supposedly a super good car on the track. With all the assist settings ON, it’s really good. Then tune down the assist settings to low, still ok but there’s some sliding coming out of corners. Now again, tune down the settings to off, holy clap. Sliding every corner, barely any speed reduction when holding down the brakes. The assist settings are so strong, I literally could just hold the gas around an entire race without letting go or pressing down the brakes. Completely opposite when you turn it off. Otherwise, the game is great and enjoyable to play. Graphics are really good compared to most racing games. I hope the developers see this review and consider changing the mechanics of the driving a little.

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    Just one suggestions.

    Firstly, I’d like to say that RR3 is the best mobile racing game at the time of this comment, and I think it will be for a long time. I live the fact that there isn’t any goofy power-ups, boosts, or guns that take away from an actual racing experience. There’s real tracks and real cars (I’d like to see more cars that people see on a weekly basis, though). The final way this game is set apart from others (besides the obvious such as graphics and mechanics) is the fact that not all of the content is downloaded to your phone. It was very sensible of EA to not download the files for things you haven’t even unlocked yet so that they don’t waste space on your phone. —————— Now, my small complaint is regarding the F1 practice and qualifying events. Since these events start while the car is in motion, but you cannot choose the starting location, the lights will turn green and the car will become under your control right in the middle of a corner. No matter the controller layout you choose, it is nearly impossible to make a perfect corner, and you often crash, failing the challenge within seconds. Other then that, I have no complaints thus far, and am even alright with the ads and pay-to-win type style.

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    Amazing Game With One Major Flaw

    This is probably the best racing game available for the iPad. It reminds me a little bit of what the Gran Turismo franchise used to be but on a mobile platform. The graphics and physics are very good for being a mobile device game. However... like almost all “free” apps, you WILL get to a point in this game where you must make in-app purchases in order to advance any further. I’m at roughly 25% completion of Career mode and the cars needed have begun to cost an absurd amount of “Gold” that would take an absolute eternity to earn through the game without buying them as an in-app purchase. Even accepting that a great game might be worth paying for, this is simply not the way they should go about doing it. In order to complete this game you would most likely have to spend well over $100 on in-app purchases (just 2 of the cars I currently need would cost $50 worth of in-app purchases and there are still well over 200 cars that I do not yet own). They either need to drastically reduce the gold needed to buy a car or cut half the game out and make the download smaller since 95% of people will never spend the money to see those parts of the game anyway. I would venture to guess that the majority of people would even be willing to pay the $60 that most console type games currently cost for PS4 or XBOX versus this in-app purchase method.

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    Money grab

    The game itself is fun and well made. The cars are responsive and the tracks are accurate. The mechanics of the game are better than most other racing games, which is why it’s such a shame to give this 1 star. The problem is, typical EA fashion, they’ve made it a grind or pay to win game. Three years ago several websites estimated it would cost you over $3600 in in-app purchases to finish the game and upgrade each car (that’s brand new top of the line MacBook Pro money). Or you can grind literally a thousand hours to try to come close. And every year it gets worse. In 2013, the total estimated cost of in-app purchases was $500, meaning in four years the cost grew about 6000%. I get that most people won’t care. Most people just want to drive around and don’t care about unlocking all the cars and tracks. They just want something to kill 5 minutes while they’re in the bathroom. But here’s the thing: they’ve obviously started to implement more gimmicks to get your money as is obvious in the most recent F1 season where they about doubled the amount of upgrades from last season. And if you try to skirt around those upgrades with skill? Now they sabotage the race. Did you do better than the given objective? You lose, try again. Were you on track to win with no upgrades? Your car slides out on a straightaway or suddenly the NPCs double their speed. They’ve made it so you have to upgrade, have to spend money to win. EA should rename itself MG for Money Grabbers.

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    An Almost Perfect game

    Almost everything about this game is great from the buttery smooth performance on my 2 year old tablet to the graphics. Graphics: The graphics are great it’s very realistic for a game that runs on your phone. One issue is that sometimes the textures unload behind you too close so when you look in the mirror it is mostly white (I know this happens to increase smoothness but on higher spec-ed devices it should unload farther back to the point where you can’t see it.) Gameplay: Real Racing is a really good in the gameplay department with hundreds levels of levels and the mechanics of real life racing put into the game like moving faster whilst behind a car in some of the later levels. Quality of gameplay: The levels are pretty realistic and also have realistic features like slowing down in grass and speed up down hills and there are so many good looking levels, good job devs. Miscellaneous: Some stuff that I don’t like is that it takes a long time to repair your cars. I know it’s realistic but it’s also annoying because when I want to spend hours playing the game it stops me when all my cars are under maintenance and I either have to spend gold or wait. Overall I would recommend Real Racing 3 to anyone except you might need a decently spec-ed device to handle some of the graphics.

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    Great game but a couple complaints

    Real racing 3 is a very great game but my problem is that most of the racing games from over a decade ago that you guys developed you still have not remastered you may have remastered need for speed hot pursuit and burnout paradise but that's not my most favorite racing games in this update when the description of the update was saying celebrate 10 years since we launched real racing 2 how can i celebrate that anniversary? I can't real racing 2 is no longer on the App Store and it's been like that for years and the very first real racing as well firemint real racing I know you do your best to make customers happy but I'm going to be honest with you guys you made me happy for the most part for what you did but im not 100% happy. The only way I'll be happy is if you remaster the very first real racing. The very first real racing is called firemint real racing that was released in 2009 for iPhone and iPod and then a HD version for iPad later i would be happy if real racing 2 gets remastered as well. Everything in the first real racing firemint real racing is perfect and real racing 2 if you guys do decide to bring them back please remaster them.

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    Multiplayer can be frustrating

    UPDATED - Reducing my rating from 4 stars to 3 because of the issues I describe in my initial review below. I want to give this game a five star rating, but there is one thing holding me back. It's the multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that play the multiplayer mode who deliberately try to ram you off the track. While the game publisher can't change people's behavior, I think they can augment the rules a little to help. For example, there have been several times where another player has deliberately rammed into me at a corner and sending me off the track. To add insult to injury when I rejoin the track, I get a temporary speed reduction penalty because the game thinks I was trying to shortcut a corner. I think the programmers should put some sort of logic that checks to see if an impact immediately preceded you going of the course. If there was one, don't penalize the player with the temporary speed reduction penalty. Also, to help with the people who are constantly ramming others, keep a count of the number of times they make contact with another driver. If the count exceeds a certain threshold, give them a temporary speed reduction for aggressive driving. Other than this, I highly recommend the game. I play it everyday. Unfortunately, the multiplayer experience can be frustrating.

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    Lazy Coding

    I play the F1 series almost exclusively. Graphics are fantastic, but gameplay itself is kinda awful. The Service bars go down much too quickly, and limiting the earnings to 180k per day literally puts a cap on how much I play the game. But that isn’t the worst at all. The problem is that the gameplay experience just isn’t there. If you don’t get to first in the initial lap, you probably never will. Your opponents are AI (don’t let the names and pics fool you) and never, ever miss a racing line, braking, or perfect corner exit. What you have at the end of the first lap is what you are stuck with for the rest of the race as you watch the car ahead pull away lap after lap. You always start from last, there is no qualifying, and with the AI so perfect, no sense of racing. The game is win on lap one and race nobody the rest of the time, or get to whatever place and still race nobody because you will never get alongside them except in rare occasions which usually include you violating FIA rules (like all four tires off the track). This is just lazy coding, letting the car run on autopilot with no variations. There is no sense of racing at all, and that’s not what you’d expect from a racing game. If I were F1 I’d pull my license until you agree to a decent gaming experience; as is, I am inspired to watch the actual races and put this crap down.

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    Meh. Just sorta meh.

    I started playing this game when I didn’t have the option to lug my PS3 around to play Gran Tourismo 5. Since then, the game has sorta grown on me. It’s far from perfect, but it does make that click of nostalgia for GT. One problem I have that’s minor, but an oversight for a game that was pretty much made to look exactly like GT was the turbo effects. Oh, boy this one is a small but sharp prod when it comes to decelerating: where’s the sound of my waste gate opening and hissing at me when I decelerate? It’s like, one of the best sounds when driving in real life and slowing down. Sure, your speedometer may be falling, but at least you still have the sound that almost sounds like a squirrel chattering and a snake hissing at you like you just took it’s meal. Also, a boost gauge would be a nice addition, as some cars, such as the Velositor Turbo literally has a turbo. C’mon guys. Not cool. The second thing I see is another major oversight is how assets are stored in the phone. The game seems unable to download anything once I only have around 5GB left in storage, and it’s only a 2GB asset package. What?!? How does that make sense? Can I take my game I allowed to take a nice bite out of my phones storage and use it online? No! Sheesh. Other than that, it’s perfect for someone who misses the older GT’s and doesn’t want to have to dust off the PS3 to do so.

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    Basically a scam

    So the main problem of this game is its completely unbalanced reward to expanded ratio. And by far. Let me explain better. For quite a while it’s not much a big deal, but the further you play, the more you need gold of R$ to purchase new cars and/or upgrade your existing ones. And you HAVE to upgrade if you want to go forward. The point is that the new cars are absolutely inaccessible with the amount of gold or R$ that you can achieve by winning the competitions, so you need to buy more gold or R$ from the App Store. It’s ok, if it wouldn’t be so expansive. A new car costs 500 golds, then you need to upgrade it. The better car is, the more expansive are the upgrades. So you may end up easily spending 100$ (I mean real dollars) for each car. Seriously??? What you need to do, is REBALANCE the rewards and the car prices so that it doesn’t get so ridiculously expansive to move forward with the game! Higher rewards, cheaper cars! This absolutely outrageous problem is a big deal. Another thing to add to the scam? This: every day you get a reward for logging in and play, reward that keeps increasing for 30 days. At the 30th consecutive day, you get 30 gold. That’s great... but it almost never works!!!! I log in every single day, but regularly when I expect the 30th day reward, it doesn’t happen and I get to restart from day 1! These 2 major flaws combined makes it easy to understand how scammy this game is.

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