Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Reviews

Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-01

Turn your phone into a fitness tracker with Polar Beat, the ultimate free
fitness, running, and workout app. Train with real-time voice guidance, use GPS
to track your route and distance, and share your achievements with your
friends. PLAN, TRAIN, ANALYZE, SHARE. All in one place. FEAT...

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Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Reviews

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    Please: focus more on the CURRENT HEART RATE

    A stable and well-debugged app that syncs well with Strava, which is appreciated, but the display shows too much information at the expense of knowing your current heart rate at a quick glance. The heart rate is not even the most prominent number! Polar is all about HEART RATE, correct? I suggest a home screen that shows nothing but current heart rate, in BIG numbers, color-coded by training zone, and then let the user swipe left to see the other stuff, such as (for cycling) speed, distance, average speed, average heart rate, etc. I do not want to hunt through all this information when I am suffering on a climb and need to immediately back off when I’m overworking. Ditto for the voice guide: make it more useful for the serious athlete: the user must be able to set his own minimum/maximum heart rates for a workout, and have the voice guide alert him when he is above or below them. Again, it is critical to be alerted quickly, so as not to overwork or blow up. That is the principal reason cyclists use heart rate. We don’t want to hear “you are improving fitness,” for crying out loud! We want to hear “ping! You are over 160!” I get the feeling this app wasn’t even designed by/for serious athletes. Give the data geeks what they seem to want, but keep the display and voice alerts SIMPLE. If it had the features I ask for above, I would give it five stars.

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    Pretty Good App

    The app is easy to use. The display is well laid out. I especially like that the app keeps the iPhone awake which is great for treadmills and other indoor workouts, and you can lock the iPhone manually which is good when in a pocket while lifting weights or jogging outside. There are a lot of sport profiles to help organize your workouts. Inexplicably though while there are profiles for obscure activities like squash, floorball, and Finnish baseball (kudos on that), there are no specific profiles for very common gym activities like elliptical and stair climber. It would be nice to be able to name custom profiles. My old Polar/hr watch allowed you to set an upper/lower limit and you’d get alarms for going out of range. I’d like to see something similar in the app. Say I want to exercise in the 145 to 155 bpm range I’d like to be able to set that range and then the app voice coach would tell me to speed up or slow down (that could kick in after a warm up period getting up to range). That functionality would be especially useful when doing certain activities like boxing (heavy bag punching) where you are wearing gloves and the phone is not immediately nearby. Overall the app is good and provides use info and feedback to effectively train.

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    Has potential, needs serious work.

    I think this app has some serious potential, but it needs work. I think the info it provides is great, and tops what the Apple Watch workout app provides. The thing is, there are some major downfalls when being used with the Apple Watch. The first problem is when the screen isn’t active for more than a few seconds, the app closes and most be reopened to view data during a workout. This is pretty frustrating and would be much nicer if all I had to do was glance at my watch to see the data. The second problem I’m running into is the app doesn’t fully transmit data to the Apple Watch activity app. For example, it shows that my active calories were counted, but it does not add to the daily total. This is frustrating because even with an hour workout logged with polar beat, I’m not achieving my activity goal for the day. These two problems have lead me to stop using the app altogether. If those issues were resolved, this would be my go/to 5 star app.

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    UPDATE on Pairing issues with Polar H10 sensor

    I took a few minutes before working out to explore the app. I discovered in the app Settings go to pairing then make sure you have “2 receiving BLE devices”selected. Once I adjusted this setting I have had no issues pairing with the app and my watch. 5 star app for sure. I recently purchased the newest Bluetooth heart rate sensor from Polar the H10. The sensor easily pairs to my iPhone 11 iOS 13.3.1. The sensor also pairs nicely with the +10 year old treadmill and elliptical trainers at my local gym (Vince’s). Remarkably my +15 year old heart rate monitor watch even receives the signal from the new sensor. Pairing the sensor to the Beat App is an issue. I’ve updated the app to the newest version. I usually have to close the app and unpair the sensor multiple times before the sensor pairs with the app. I would love to give this 5 stars if the bug can be fixed.

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    Stable & clean but heart rate should be larger, display should be customizable

    I use a Polar heart rate monitor (“HRM”) to track my workouts’ intensity and calorie burn. I transitioned to Polar after my 5-year old Suunto HRM wouldn’t consistently connect to the MovesCount app and frequently dropped the signal mid-workout. The Polar HRM consistently connects to the app and, after 1 month, only lost signal once (I’m not sure why—signal interference, maybe). The app display is easy to start a workout, read, and add on optional “upgrades, ” which I have not explored. The app shows lots of information, and everything I want: heart rate (including a graph of heart rate over time of the work out), duration of the workout, calorie burn and % fat burn. The app could be improved by taking some cues from the Suunto Movescount app: The HRM is pretty small, and there’s no estimated EPOC. A big improvement would be to: - Arrange the info so the upper part has one large middle number display, and smaller numbers in each corner. Each display should then allow you to touch & hold to customize what the display is showing in that area. This would allow each user to pick what to display most prominently, and where to arrange the other info. Suunto’s Movescount is a good model for an excellent user interface (Movescount is not compatible with Polar’s HRM). - HRM large and in the middle - Add EPOC and training effect

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    Hey, polish the rough edges!

    1. Any simple BT headphones will link to my iPhone—minimal effort, just does. NOT w the initial connect w the H7. Required hard reboot of phone AFTER downloading Pilar app, and registering. THEN remove battery and reinsert on polar chest piece. THEN it will connect 2. This IS not detailed in the support on the website. I just played around w it until I figured it out. I DID blow about ten minutes on the website trying to troubleshoot however. Thanks for that... polar IT. 3. Call for support—“sorry, wait times are longer than you have set aside to waste in the phone service queue”. I hung up after about 8 minutes or so. 4. Polar bear—while running w the app track my you cannot pause it to quick change the voice prompt menu. It requires you end the workout to do so. Really there are other apps that I prefer to run in parallel to polar beat for my run/training data tracking and prompts BECAUSE the polar app is just not competitive w the other apps out there. Needs more data crunching ability and more flexibility—just more whistles and bells. 5. BUT...the H7 does what it supposed to do—track HR very well. That’s why I bought it and so I am not upset. MAYBE though—since apparently polar doesn’t want to put a live person I the phone for feedback—they will read this and consider polishing the product. It could be a very robust product—it just needs a little work on the rough edges.

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    Keeps getting worse

    So I’ve had the Polar H10 for around a year. I mainly run with some biking thrown in. The occasional Spartan Race is also in the mix for some save to sensor runs. One of my biggest complaints is that the H10 will not write to the exercise ring on my Apple Watch. This means I have to start an exercise on my watch via Apple workout or my Nike run app AND also start it on the Polar app if I hope to close my rings. I figure this is an Apple restriction but it would be nice if there were some certification program to allow additional hardware to write to Apple’s exercise ring. My next biggest complaint stems from the latest update and voice prompts. I can no longer hear the voice prompts The volume is very low and the computerized voice is very difficult to hear. While in exercise I have to bump up the volume and always miss the first part of the voice prompt and then I have to lower it way down because at that point my music is very loud. Please bring back the other voice prompt or give us a choice. It would be nice if I could control the volume of the voice prompts independent of the phone/music volume. Please give me splits. I love that the voice prompt gives me splits, but now especially since I cant hear them I want to see mile splits for my biking and my runs in the final overview. This has the potential to be a great product but so far keeps falling short.

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    Aging gracefully, old guy

    I have been using the Polar chest and watch heart rate monitors for the past 12 years for cycling and exercising. There was a period of 3 years when work and travel interrupted my daily/weekly routine and I could feel myself falling into poor health. I bought the H10 chest strap and kick started my regimen again. Polar has provided me with the information I need to stay healthy and evaluate my progress. I have reviewed my spreadsheet data and compared it to my previous data and can see where the lack of exercise has affected my health. It doesn’t have to be high tech in the training room, just high tech enough for me to see where I’ve been and get me to where I want to be. Thanks Polar for keeping it simple !!

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    So disappointing!

    I’ve used this app for years and it only gets worse and worse. It never warns you of the battery is going low so when you go to your workout and it won’t work, it’s because the battery is dead! So now you can’t monitor your heart or see calories burned. When it does work, it may lose connected when your standing right next to it and then when you finish your workout, you see no line or a long flat line at the bottom. Again, this is after you start it and make sure it’s connected. It just disconnects. I shouldn’t have to stop my workout to check on it and make sure it’s working. It should just work! I’m just entirely too sick of this app. I keep buying the upgraded Bluetooth monitors they put out, for a hundred dollars, so I guess the joke is on me. I wish you worked better Polar! I’ve been a loyal user for 8 years and now I’m just over you GET IT TOGETHER!

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    Does not transmit data correctly.

    A few months ago it worked great, now it constantly won’t start on my iPhone 8+ or my Apple Watch so I have to restart both devices when I’m trying to start my workout, so I have to stop, reboot everything and hope it works. Then when I finish my workout it is not transmitting the data correctly. It records everything from my heart rate monitor (H7) just fine, just not to the health app, this is extremely frustrating as a I’m in competitions for exercise goals, and I have to post and share my results and I can’t do that when it doesn’t transmit correctly. This may sound dramatic, but it is ruining my workouts, causing a ton of frustration and the worst part is I’ve paid a lot of money for all this equipment and premium plans for it not to work correctly, either refund my money or get your act together because this is unacceptable from a company like Polar.

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    Broken since last update, basically useless now.

    Since he last update a couple weeks ago the app’s GPS sync never works when I start using. I also use it to sync with my heart rate monitor and I generally know how long it takes to run a mile, so I kinda just wing it when I run. And that’s only because I keep forgetting to find a new app until I get out to run. So I’m getting by, but it’s so glitchy I’m gonna drop it. And even more annoying is that it finally catches halfway thru the run so I have half-correct distance data. And now that I’ve deleted and readdded (attempting to fix) I lost all my old saved data (not a huge deal, but still nice to have). Anyway, this was a perfect app for my needs but I’m done now without some fix - and preferably one that will stick, not some multi step workaround I have to do every time I open it.

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    Great Concept, Needs Work

    I love my Polar H10 and think this app is an awesome idea for someone looking to track their training at a higher level. I use my HRM and this app literally every single day. If you are within range of your Bluetooth advice that pairs with your HRM, this app performs flawlessly. However, when you choose to “save heart rate with sensor” and download to your device when the workout is complete, the app is buggy. There are times where I save the training on my HRM and download it to my phone later, and it is fine — however, there are other times where I am unable to download the training to my phone when the HRM reconnects. This is especially true when you enable the option to connect your HRM to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. Additionally, there are times where I am able to download the training onto my phone but it shows that the training was 0:00 long, 0 calories burned, 0 average heart rate, etc. If Polar can fix the flaws that occur when you save a training to the sensor and download later, this would be a 5.0 star app — and I also wouldn’t mind being able to select “triathlon” as a sport option.

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    Overall good, but missing exercises

    UPDATE: they updated the logo but still haven’t addressed the active calorie issue. Removing another star. Now having a new issue as well - it keeps asking me to pair my h10 when it has already been paired with the app. If I pair it again, it creates a new version of the h10 in my Bluetooth settings. If I hit cancel, everything works fine, but it’s annoying to have to hit cancel every time I open the app. UPDATE: just noticed that the active calories (calories burned) does not show up in HealthKit. They show up in the individual exercise session data in HealthKit, but not in the aggregate for healthkit. Forums seem to indicate this started happening after an iOS update, so sounds like polar needs to update the app to account for this change. Taking another star off for this. How can you have exercises like badminton, Nordic walking, and biathlon as options but NOT have jump rope? Minus one star for this. Other than that, the app is solid and pairs automatically with my polar h10. The HealthKit integration is also a nice touch. In combination with elite HRV and sleep cycle I get a pretty good picture of how I am doing with regard to recovery after intense workouts.

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    Please test your updates before pushing live

    I love polar. But it goes through seasons where it works and those where it does not. Customer care has been spotty with them at best and they seem to push updates without testing accurately. Polar, this pairing issue has to be fixed. Please let us know in release that you have taken note of bugs and are working on a fix. Getting to the gym or slopes or wherever, Hoping to use your equipment only to find out that there is some sort of error is way worse than y’all beings transparent and letting us know issues have been reported and fixes are in the works. Please fix this and I will take my review down!!! This is another update: The app still drops the signal of the heart rate puck (Polar H10) batter is full. It show connected then I start my run and it has timed out mid run. I carry my phone on me during my run for tracking and now this. Also same happens when doing gymnastic workouts and it is always giving a dialogue to connect to Bluetooth even though it is currently syncing... well and then stopping until it is reset. Polar how can we best learn of known bugs and fixes you push live? No one has replied to me in months. Please help.

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    So far not blown away

    Went for a couple runs so far with this app and the Bluetooth stride device and I'm not blown away. I had been using the Adidas app with their Bluetooth stride device but had to drop it because they are discontinuing it after December 2017. Tried to use the polar device with MapMyRun (the Adidas stride device worked) and it would not work so then used the PolarBeat app. The PolarBeat app does not have a feature to play music in the app like MapMyRun and it does not allow you to get voice guidance down to the quarter mile (.25). The intervals are only to the tenth of a mile (.1; .2; .3; etc.) I wish I could go back to the Adidas app but for now will give Polar a few more tries. Ken in Miami

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Is Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Safe?

Yes. Polar Beat: Running & Fitness is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 26,317 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Is 36.0/100.

Is Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Legit?

Yes. Polar Beat: Running & Fitness is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 26,317 Polar Beat: Running & Fitness User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Polar Beat: Running & Fitness Is 36.0/100.

Is Polar Beat: Running & Fitness not working?

Polar Beat: Running & Fitness works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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