Talking Angela Reviews

Talking Angela Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-20

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Talking Angela Reviews

  • By

    Not very Safe.

    Their are many people who have seen a person or an office in her eyes! This app is fun for kids but they need to cover the camera to stay safe. In the old version they could talk to Angela which is horrible for your safety!! She asks personal questions like “how old are you?” And this is not a good App to get for kids 10 and under. People have been hearing Male voices randomly while playing this game. They might be perverts, stalkers, or kidnappers. If their is a teenager playing this they definitely need to cover the camera to hide from perverts. I don’t recommend getting this game unless you stay quiet and cover the camera. Please don’t get this game I did to see if it was bad and I felt suspicious about it. It gave me this weird inappropriate feeling. For your safety, don’t get this app. This 10 year old girl went missing! I read the comments on that video and it was Angela!!! She was playing it that morning and went missing. I have no idea if she was ever found but there was the office in Angela’s and I think that was where she was.

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    We need the chat bar!!!

    Please I loved the chat bar I would ask her questions and laugh with her when I was a little kid before the other talking Angela came out I had this talking Angela game is literally say good bye to her when I left my phone at home but I had to delete it because I was running out of space on my phone and then I hear something about man in her eye don’t play this game so I redown loaded the game super exited to ask her more questions like my favorite one song me a song she even had a cute little book about her and Tom while she was singing it was amazing but when I went into the game I was so disappointed that the chat bar was gone turned on child mode grownup mode but it just wasn’t there yiu shouldn’t have the microphone and then she says It in a wired voice it’s actually really annoying so in disappointment I deleted it until now again disappointed when I went in WE NEED THE CHAT BAR!!!! Please I beg of you!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢

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    Hey guys. Ok so I don’t know why people think it’s creepy because I mean like... WHO WOULD MAKE A FREAKIN GAME LIKE THIS! Oh wait the don’t so just get the app if you want so don’t trust what other people say I mean like it’s there opinion not yours! Do whatever you guys want. It’s just a game that copy’s what u say and all those other youtubers are a LIE! They just do that for the views. So get it if you want! I have it and well I’m 100% fine! Still alive still well still in good shape so yeah go for it cause why not! Oh and other people say that just to make you scared... so yeah don’t believe it and go for it! And yeah. Have fun now bye!😁😉🙃😁😆😃😊😃☺️🙂😌🤣😂😅😊😉☺️😂😊😁😂😂😘😂And don’t believe that when people say that they get creepy text from her... you don’t because I had this app for 3 years and still nothing HAPPENED! So yeah ignore those fake stories and just have fun with this game! It’s fun for little girls to dress her up and put some makeup on so yeah enjoy and bye now! .... for real this time! So yeah! Bye😉😁

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    We need to talk and BRING BACK CHAT

    ❤️We really need to talk about this game... it’s not scary at all! IDK why most people say “DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME BECAUSE YOU WILL GET KIDNAPPED BY A MAN” just don’t say that the news even said there is NOBODY behind Angela stalking any children or up... I’m over hearing lots of people thinking this game is scary! Well it’s not here is proof with my words 1. NO ONE IN ANGELAS EYES 2. IT SAID ON THE NEWS 3. STOP SCARING PEOPLE and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back chat and DONT shut down the game and don’t listen to the nonsense and one last thing this is for the people that thinks the game is bad. Don’t make others scared because what if they have it stuck in there head and they are so scared? That is you spreading rumors so stop! And for the people that want the chat back or the people that think the game not scary don’t listen to the nonsense and you can beg the game if you want chat it’s your decision well anyways bye and thanks for listening if you did!❤️

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    Is the urban legend fake?

    There is or was a rumor going around that a man is/ was watching you. I have seen many videos about the app, and once played it when I was younger not knowing of the rumors. Nothing bad happened to me, she didn’t ask me really weird questions from what I remember. But parents don’t get scared, the developers did remove the texting part of the app where you could text her. But there’s still that one question "is there a man in Angela’s eyes?" Of my opinion no I don’t think there is a man in her eyes. I think someone could potentially be watching you, but I just do see why a man would want to be in her eyes. 7 year old Eli Moreno was not Abducted by the person who could be watching you To sum it all up first of all, don’t believe every thing you see on the internet. Second of all I played it and nothing happened to me I am perfectly fine. Just try it out for yourselves and if you think something is happening, or your getting chills the delete it.

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    Bruh,don’t trick little girls or boys

    Okay,this isnt just some Paris talking Angela game.i played this game for about 4 years and I didn’t really like the game my mom just bought it bc...idk, so I played it to get free time off. But when I saw a video on ur that said “talking Angela at 3am I was like “what??!” “Angela never did anything!”. So I watched it and I didn’t believe it, but one day I was watching the news and saw people talking about the app. Me;”WHAT?!?”. And I never played the game since. A few years later I downloaded the game to see if it was true cause I wasn’t scared anymore. So I got on the app and the chat was open and I started asking questions like “are you a killer”. And she answered..”you might die?”.and so I wrote the review.. thanks for reading! Never ever download this game! .~.

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    DON’T GET THIS APP hate this game if you get the night nectar her eyes separate from her body do not get this app so creepy kids will get nightmares please do not get this app for the sake of everyone’s children yeah I just looked back at the app and there’s definitely a man I swear I’m going to have nightmares I zoomed in office and everything why did you notice even if it’s a stocker or not I still need to take the apps down they didn’t so going to give kids nightmares do they want kids to have nightmares did the creators of these games want to give kids nightmares cause that’s pretty freaky I would just take all the apps down after all the rumors were spreading because I don’t want kids to have nightmares for my games even if it wasn’t true it would still make sense to take them down because the kids are going to believe what everyone says and then get freaked out and then there’s going to be a huge mess OK talking tom people just great

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    I know people are saying that it was photoshopped and blah blah blah but they took it off so am I wrong and it is a lie please just tell me I don’t even know talking Tom history but I grown up playing all talking Angela games and now that there dangerous?And I’m talking about they tooled off the glare on the eye because I seen it but haven’t been worried and it’s such a good game but it was on the news and everything so who knows and just be a coincidence or she’s possessed but please take off the game if it’s hacking,kidnapping and watching includes I thought it was a fun game if it is normal and that was just a glare that people stop acting dramatic and overreacting because there will be nothing to worry about even if it is something!!And please bring the chat room back I loved typing and like talking with her like that so please just stop overreacting or delete this game

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    People said there is a person in her eyes watch the news parents and kids fear a girl got kidnapped and Angela maybe kidnap her coronavirus is going around you maybe be safe if u play now but do not download she can track ur location if your phone iPad anything is on if it’s not on she does not know we’re you are if it’s on and ur moving she’s knowing if ur moving she maybe not come after now cuz covid 19/coronavirus and someone was texting her while the text was on someone said what do you do she said kidnap I watched a vid from Lauren’s side she showed the video and downloaded the game I used to play the game and luckily I didn’t get kidnapped if you played it to and didn’t get kidnapped good

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    Haunted 😦

    Okay so I heard rumors about the man, so I download the app and first of all I looked into the eyes he was there, then I started to talk to Angela and she kept mocking me... so I tried and tried to talk to her she would never answer then finally she answered but she asked “Is your parents home” I started to tear up, tell my mom then she told me to delete the app, but then I’m like shouldn’t I tell her I’m deleting the app? My mom said no. But I did it anyways she said No! Stay! I still deleted the app. Then I searched up about it I saw the video “10 year old girl missing” I looked into the comments and saw it was Angela. I was to scared so I wanted to get a new iPad. I told my mom to smash it. She did, but then the next day I got a note on my window. And I Hid under my covers. I texted my mom, and said “Mom Help There is a note on my window call 911” she did and the, she told the cops, that’s my creepy experience. Please don’t get this

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    I downloaded this app when I was about 5-7 I don’t know when cause it was a long.. time ago but HONEY please don’t download this Game cause if u take a screenshot of her there’s a picture in her eyes I saw a guy that had a white shirt WHOHHH it was scary cause after I saw that I deleted then downloaded it again then I rolled my eyes I don’t know I was about 9 I am 10 now but yea I rolled my eyes and she said,”DID U ROLL MY EYES AT ME BOO BOO”and after I downloaded there was a different picture it was a picture of a office but my cuz told me a rumor about it and IT WAS REAL u might be wondering how I know it’s real cause it asked me my address and I gave Angela a wrong address then it said,”DONT LIE TO ME”I said how do u know am lieing and she said,”I have my ways”then I deleted it and I will NEVER download it again I moved out of my house/state sooooooo yep how will she know it’s me!!!!So if your reading this I am telling u this for your own safety

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    So when I played this when I was younger it was during the whole “Oh the app is so scary” joke thing phase my school went through, I was genuinely told by my sister to NEVER get the game So what did I do? Get the game, I brought my friend over and we played it for around an hour. The app did ask personal questions, it asked my exact birthday, my name, my phone number, but not that much else. I told it my birthday (cause I never really cared) but I didn’t have my phone number memorized at the time and I think I had lost my phone so I never told her that either. Sure that was scary but I don’t remember anything too bad except she was a little annoying (like Siri I guess) and honestly really miss the chatroom. It’s possible it was all a joke, the room in her eyes, the creepy/personal questions, etc. I think they should bring the chat back though, cause the app is so boring now. Someone said the app took photos, but that’s not possible unless it has access to your camera, ‘Sides, I never heard the sound of the camera from my tablet but then again I deleted the app after the day I used it. When I reinstalled the app a couple years later the chat was gone and I got bored incredibly fast after trying to find a way to enable the chatbar

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    Do not download this app because of this reason...

    I was getting this app for my 4 year old child because she said her friend plays it. When I downloaded it for her, it was not on kids mode and started giving her personal information about where she lives and her parents phone number. And, she started getting nightmares about talking Angela doing creepy things to her. I deleted the app immediately because I also found out it tracked are location. Then, I knew her friend was probably lying to her. And I started to look at youtubers terrified of the app as well (Older then my child.) PARENTS OUT THERE: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! This is a scam that will terrify your child. I gotta warn you. I was pretty scared myself. Only if you like creepy stuff, this is the right app for you. Parents, do not download this app especially for young children like my daughter. You have been warned!

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    little kids spreading rumors

    listen, I’ve read a good handful of rumors, some about Angela and a man in her eyes- it’s not true. I’ve been a long time user of this app, I’ve had it since I was 7 or 8. Angela is perfectly safe, and although I miss the chat bar, I think Outfit7 made a good decision in removing it, considering all the rumors. The only people who make the rumors up are little kids looking to scare other little kids, I’m willing to bet they’re not over the age of 10. There’s no man in Angela’s eyes, there’s no demonic glitches, there’s no racial slurs, it’s a cat who you can dress up and spend a ridiculous amount of money on. That’s it.

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    The games innocent

    I’m gonna day Angela is not some kind of scary, possessed cat. Yes, people say “There’s a man in a white shirt in her eyes watching you” no. When you screenshot her and zoom in nothing. It was like that before too. People are also saying that the person “In her eyes” kidnaps kids. It just happens that a kid was playing the game before that. This game is so innocent that they should bring back the chat bar. I had this game when I was 6 and stuff. Perfectly fine, not scary. BRING THE CHAT BAR BACK! Also I just noticed that the 99 cent game by you guys I had which meant I bought it on my iPad. I think I bought it oops? Anyways ADD IT!

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Is Talking Angela Safe?

No. Talking Angela does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 42,508 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Talking Angela Is 13.6/100.

Is Talking Angela Legit?

No. Talking Angela does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 42,508 Talking Angela User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Talking Angela Is 13.6/100.

Is Talking Angela not working?

Talking Angela works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Abigail
Feb 24 2021

talking angela is creepy she asks me my name and she said i can hear you its really weird and she called me and said im going to find to find you and when i first got the app it asked me for when i was born so i faked it and it said angela would like to acsess your micorphone so she can hear me and ive heard there is a man in her eye to hack me and my friends but over all it is very unsafe

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