My Talking Tom 2 Reviews

My Talking Tom 2 Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

It’s My Talking Tom 2. The superstar virtual pet is back with even more to say
and do. This funny cat can’t wait to show off his new wardrobe, skills and
special features. Players interact with their new buddy to help him: - Learn
new skills - Taste the latest snacks - Stay clean - Pop...

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Fun game, gets boring

I played this game for about a month, then deleted it. Later I downloaded it again for less than a week and then deleted it. The concept of this game is cool. You get to take care of your own pet “cat” (it looks and acts like a kid except for different colored fur, a Tail, and ears). I am a bit older than the intended audience and I have noticed that some of the ads might be inappropriate or disturbing to little kids. It also gets boring after a while. In My Angela, another game by Outfit7, the gameplay is a bit more interesting and addictive. Another issue with MyTalkingTom2 is that you watch Tom go to the bathroom. You don’t see anything, but it is a bit inappropriate. One issue that many reviews talk about but I disagree with is the man in Tom’s eyes. First of all, in all of my gameplay I have never seen him. Second of all, from what I’ve heard, it’s just a few pixels in Tom’s eye that happen to resemble a person. Third, if there is a person in Tom’s eyes, it’s probably just details so that it looks like he sees you. Lastly, parents, you know that Tom repeats what your child says; it’s part of the game! This is my opinion on this issue, and I would only recommend MyTalkingTom2 to kids older than 6, with parents who understand that MyTalkingTom2 has a bit of questionable content. Thank you for reading.



Unlike the talking Angela apps, this one is 100% ok to download!!!! :] it’s very fun and very addicting, hitting him and dropping him may be fun but try to do it less because you start to feel bad for the poor thing. And regret hitting it. When he is bored, it does help him become happy and un-bored if that’s even a word. (If not, sorry that’s the best thing I could come up with.) he has a little pet, you can buy more for him. You start off with him and a hamster, but as you get more of the blue star thingys, you can buy more pets!!! Such as:a unicorn, a parrot, and a few others!!! :] he does age and doesn’t stay a baby forever which is sad, but it’s still fun!! The pet you have can eat soap, if you feed it some it burps bubbles following by the color of it or the shape it’s in! In the backyard, there is a post with 3 or 4 spots to put the rest of your pets on if you have all the pets, and the one your keeping with Tom doesn’t go there. When you put him to bed, you should take a break from the game and let him sleep. There’s nothing to do in it once he is alseep. There’s also loads to do with Tom and the pet you have with Tom!! Definitely a 5 star rating. :]


Great game, horrible ads

My four year old and i absolutely LOVE playing this game together. The problem come when the ads appear between games because a LOT of them are just not age appropriate. There are ads for detective games where the first thing you see is a dead body in a tub, anti-stress games where it shows you how to kill a little figure all different ways, even a game where the intro is two people with their heads in guilloutines waiting to be beheaded. These are just a few examples of the MANY inapropriate game ads we see. I understand you have to have ads to make money but for the love of god please make them AGE APPROPRIATE for your youngest players which according to MyTalkingTom2 is FOUR. I actually made a huge coin purchase on the kindle because it said it would get rid of the ads forever and it was money well spent. Unfortunately that isnt an option on my iphone so at the very least can you make that an option on phones too?? I would gladly pay extra to keep playing this awesome game without having my four year old ask about all the “dead games” :(


CAREFUL. Space Trails Game (worm game) CAREFUL

My kids love this game. They ask me to help them play it all the time so I can help them earn airplanes in the gaming section. So they can have different outfits for Tom and other things. 😅 There is a worm game inside of this game. Be careful. Once you and your kids get good at it, the people in the game get upset and change their names and cuss you out and call you names. They are even able to use their stalker IT skills and they then access my IP address to see what I’m doing online. It’s all fun until the creators of the game and/or social group that plays the game all day long get upset when you win. Hence how I figured it’s the creators. No one can play the game 24/7 unless it’s the creators that cycle the names when on shift or whatever. They then gang up on you and your children in the game. And change their squeakie’s (space worm) name to cuss words and personal attacks against you and your children. Very interesting indeed. I have opened an investigation into this to find out who exactly is accessing my IP address to get my personal info. Yes they get that upset when you are good at the game. So ridiculous and quite sad actually.


Way better than I thought...

This is a great game!!! I thought this would be worse than it actually is... there are a lot of good things and just a couple bad I’ll start off with the good. I LOVE the animations, and the clothes, and different accessories! The little pets are awesome, I’m saving up for Gus! I absolutely recommend MyTalkingTom2 for anyone! This is an awesome app. Very few things wrong with it. Here are the things that could go for a change or two. First off the cost.. the cost of items isn’t great.. just a regular outfit is 800 coins, and for some reason the stars are easily obtainable...? Idk what that’s about. The second is the ads.. the ads are actually not terrible I can deal with them, it’s just the content of the ads, I’ve had a couple of inappropriate ads.. that are really not appropriate for 10 years and under. Just make sure the ads are age appropriate. And the last “Problem” is my screen freezing, I’m sure that it’s just me, but if other people are experiencing this it would be great to fix! Thanksss bye!


Ads are intrusive, even after paying to remove

My kiddo LOVES this game. Absolutely obsessed. We typically don’t let her play phone games, but this one has been an exception since she played it on one of her Nana’s phones and she genuinely loves it. However, the ads in the free version of this game were constant. It was hardly like playing a game — all my kid did was watch ads. So we bought the ad free version…. And it’s better. The ads are less constant, but still wildly intrusive. Now, a wrapped gift will float across the screen to prompt a kid to press it — and it’s an ad. Or using a certain kind of soap requires watching an ad…. For older kids who can read, I’m sure this is fine. My 4 year old can’t read. SO, I bought the VIP pack ($9.99 per month) because it also has the promise of being ad free…. There are still SO many ads. I get that app developers need to make a living, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of a decent game. Folks who are willing to pay for a truly ad free version should have that option, and the developers in the very least should be more transparent in that their current “ad free” version is not actually ad free.


Good things and bad things

Dear outfit7, let’s start by saying this game is the best. I love how you can have fashion shows, and change your look and go shopping, it’s a really fun game. But, first of all I hate how there are so many adds, yeah I know they get you prizes but not all of them and it’s so annoying and it’s like I’m just not playing at all. It’s just me pressing a button, watching a super long advertisement for a game, click another button, watch another add, it’s impossible please fix the adds. And why is everyone saying tom has a camera it his eyes? Is this an app watching you? Or is this a game to have a virtual pet cat? And one more thing, can this be turned into a video game were you can see your friends and other people? PLEASE It would make me SO happy. Anyway this game is amazing and it’s really funny when he needs the toilet and it’s cool that we get prizes when we ride airplanes. Bye!


There’s one problem

This game was like the best ever the only problem was there was like a long loading and I didn’t really like it and I had to like I don’t know I wanna delete it a little bit in my read download it because I’ve downloaded it before and now I know why I deleted it The reason why I deleted it was because it really loaded slow like loaded and slow so I didn’t really like that I give it like a three or four hour reading not five because of that so it’s a really good game you should really try it out if you’re really really really really really really really really really really really really patient so I recommend to download a different game like naked still in the company but not really like this game because it’s really really boring whenever you have to wait I personally like it so if you recommend this game that’s totally fine it’s just my opinion in the game I’m not a patient person probably because my birthday is in February and people that were born in February aren’t really patient people I’m sorry no offence XOXO thanks!



I know this is not one of the haunted games. Call me crazy or what but it this is a little hacked though. I’m staying calm because I was checking out other reviews on Angela games and the reviews went crazy about talking when not supposed to or people in her/his eyes. Yes there are two games with haunted things in them but this is about this game. I haven’t played it in awhile and when I came back on the picture things on bottom of “get” had two shaded little dots in them and the bottom. You may think thos are just shines in his eyes but no. Take a screen shot/picture and zoom in then you will see what I mean. Another thing is when I went onto the AppStore to see what’s new about this game on the description and when I saw the picture he was squinting at me like I did something wrong. I went into the game and it glitched to where it just showed the background of where Tom is meant to stand. He and his buddy weren’t there. I turned on the microphone and it kicked me out of the game. 𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓴𝓼 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰!



Do not download MyTalkingTom2. It is horrible. 1: ads . It used to be a few 10 second ads, and now it is 30 second ads, and you have to wait for them to end. 2: Tom is SO annoying. You have to wait until his energy is at 90 percent to put him down for bed. And let me tell you, that takes forever. He thinks the world revolves around him. 3: I can’t delete MyTalkingTom2 ! I fell in love with Tom, and I just can’t delete him. It feels like in one of those movies or tv shows, where a character has to kill a person they love. (sonic x is a great example of that.) 4: Every time I wake up, I have at least 3 notifications from MyTalkingTom2 . Then when I go to deal with him, he is dirty, he has to poo, he is hungry, and he is bored. I can’t sleep and deal with him at the same time! 5: It is so sad. Before I downloaded this, I didn’t know he got older. One minute he is a baby, next he’s an adult. (and no, he can’t do more things as an adult) So unless you want your life to be ruined, do NOT download!!!


Decent sequel

Tom certainly has come a long way from just repeating everything you say. Now he is more interactive because of Outfit7 trying so many new things. My Talking Tom 2 is a decent sequel but it needs some improvements. First of all, there are too many ads. They appear by choice or just unexpectedly. Sometimes when you go into a different room. Secondly, it’s harder to get coins. In the original My Talking Tom, you could get coins by playing games. Now little kids are going to want to buy food and coins for him, but it’s to hard for them to get coins. But you can’t do that anymore for whatever reason. Finally, there is too much bathroom humor in this game. Outfit7 always had their fair share of bathroom humor in several of their games. But it feels more extreme in this game. That is pretty much all what’s wrong with the game.



3 stars for 3 difrent things 1 fore better then more of any other Tom games 1 for the much more stuff to do 1 for a great job well done why do i say that because you guys were pretty creative and more activities but theres one more thing I would because if you i think you will have a lot more people playing this Tom game if you do this make it so that way there is no end to pets for Tom and you can go visit other kitty friends and you can even help remodel and chose the choices and you can help with the pet stages rooms so for each pet you would chose stuff that that pet would have as a pet or as a animal in the zoo would have meaning what ever is necaserry for that pet and with the necaserry stuff you would get to pick out the style of the necaserry stuff and the room would be like there own little apartment inside the house so that way everyone can have there own place and in each room you can chose a bed and a dresser and a night stand and a fridge and a microwave and a stove and cabinets and a floor and a wall and each fi


A little crazy

I got it so happy but it started getting creepy and It kept asking me for it to see my location and where I was it I kept saying no but It kept asking, days later I got a knock on my door asking do you want some gloves I thought it was strange at first but we just took it a second later MyTalkingTom2 knew I was at I started getting really creeped out and I couldn’t sleep so I deleted MyTalkingTom2 off my device after that I got an email saying: what’s wrong it was from MyTalkingTom2 I told my mom but she thought that it was just a funny coincidence a week later we got another knock on our door giving us books I actually rejected and they didn’t figure out where I was it I realize that there was a tracker on the gloves, I threw the gloves away and I broke the tractor, lol its ok tho just be careful


Pretty nice game but…

Okay so first of all he was SOO cuteee! Me and my sister have been playing since I was born! I loved ur games and loved the cute episodes on there! But here’s the prob. Me and my friend enjoyed playing these games. When I was 5, I wanted to get talking Ben. My mom said to wait for dad bcz he was the only one who new the password for getting apps. Mom read a review on that out loud. I SERIOUSLY changed my whole idea of Talking Tom! The review said that these two kids were playing talking Tom, and they said something and then they saw a red dot in Tom’s eye. Then he said “Peekaboo I see u!” In a really low voice. (Kinda like Eteled’s). Then the next day the children died. Then I got so scared I wanted to delete every app I had u created! Then, when me and my friend were 7, we were at my house, home from the park. Me and her wanted to use my phone I hadn’t touched since I got an iPad. Then we decided to charge it. When it finally turned on, there was a screenshot of talking Tom for the Lock Screen. Me and my friend ran out there. She apparently checked the time for some reason and then me and my friend ran outside. That was super creepy and she likes sharing it. She thinks it was a prank! I promised her it definitely was NOT a prank. I am kinda still spooked about ur apps. So I don’t play with them. Your Ex fan, Gen2end


Idk anymore

Ok guys, I only had this game for like a year, but I have never seen a man in the eyes. Anyway why would they expose themselves like that if they really want to kill people. Unless they’re trying to freak out people. Also, I believed it at first when I was 10, but now I’m older and mature! I am 11 XD. I just never seen anything bad and no one ever got any proof. Like seriously!! A lot of people say this stuff happens, but if so many people witnessed it TAKE A FLIPPING VIDEO OF THE EVENT!!! But, for real though, it’s pretty boring and I don’t like the many, many, many(more many’s) ads. Ya, so of u like taking care of a virtual cat, this is your game. Oh and btw the people who CLAIMMM they saw something, they have really bad grammar, which makes it pretty obvious they are young and probably did this as a joke. If you’re one of those kids and are my age at least try to spell your basic your and you’re right. Like bruh!!!


Love it but

Ok look this game is awesome. I love everything about the game. But this is my opinion so yeah. Well first of all let’s get to the bad parts. When I play the game sometimes it freezes. I don’t know why or how because it shouldn’t do that. Look if you want a good game you at least have to look out for any bugs and for the game. This is a great game and all but not the best game. Ok this part is about ads and ads are fine. I understand you put ads to get 💰💵 but it’s just annoying and that’s the reason the game crashes and lags. Like I said look out for the game because I’m a big fan of the game and I just want it to become the best game in the world but it’s not gonna happen anyway 🙅‍♂️. This is the good part. I think the is hmm 🤔 what should I say... the awesomest mobile game I have ever played. All I’m saying is that I want you the developer to make the game glitch free lag free and crash free. Then I can go back and play the game. Ok then right now I edited my review and now I put three star’s because of what happened with talking Angelina. The one with the camera eyes and I’m starting to thing that maybe this game has it to. I know this is kind of the new version of talking Tom but honestly I’m scared now 😓. You know what I should probably put 2 stars but I’m not going to because this game is cool. FIX IT!!


Great app, but read...👍👎👍👎

This is a great app and all, but I have a few problems. 1; I know apps that are free are going to have adds. That’s a given. But when you go to tap on something, an ad comes right up and you end up tapping on the add by accident. 2; I will go into MyTalkingTom2 to obviously play it, but sometimes the screen goes black and crashes. It happens every time I play it. Now mind you, I have absolutely no background app refresh, no new messages that may cause it to crash. Nothing. So I have to turn MyTalkingTom2 off, then reload it. Which takes about a minute. Other than that, it is a great game. I absolutely love the new pets and their quirky ways. Like how the default pet eats soap in the bathtub. Or that you can feed him. Or pick him up. Before you download MyTalkingTom2 , consider the spoken. 😁😁😁😁😁👍👎👍👎 🐱 👕👍 👖



Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game. But the ads make the game crash so often it’s so annoying. Whenever it gives me an ad and I skip it, crashes, whenever I wait for it be over it rarely doesn’t crash. And it plays with my emotions cause sometimes it’s crashes sometimes not. And I don’t mean like kicking me out crashing i mean like it freezes and I cannot do anything, my screen is useless after ads. It doesn’t do it without any other games or apps just this. Ads ads ads! But the ads themselves don’t bother me it’s just the crashing after the ads bother me. And it hardly ever gives me a different ad cause it’s mostly just the same one. Adorable game, great characters, you just need to fix the crashing after the ads and also add more ads to watch. Thank you. -Ella


Ehhhhhh really not sure

Ok here’s why I’m not sure of this “game”. I put my phone on the bed while teh app was downloading. And when I came back with some chips and fruit punch. It was downloaded. When my sister came in the room she asked. Can I investigate with you? And I said sure. We went to my room and played MyTalkingTom2 . Nothin* bad happend. But when my sister went to get her homework done. I saw a little camera in his eye. My sister finishes homework. As she walks into the room I tell her all about the cams in his eye. MyTalkingTom2 kicked me off. I deleted MyTalkingTom2 . And he still sends me notifications. Next he sends me a notice and it said. I know all your secrets. So don’t download this. It’s for your own privacy. -edit- now I went to try talking Ben. The second I come back he reads his newspaper. My sister comes to look at MyTalkingTom2 with me “again” and he said. Hi kiara how are you? So at this point I dropped my phone. And the second I relized. My sisters name was kiara! So again for your own privacy. Do not downlaod.


Cool Game!

This game is really cool! there are a lot of adds but you can easily fix that by turning off your internet. I think it’s kind of weird that he keeps looking over his shoulder while he is outside and it reminded me of the creepy roomers of the Angelia game where there is a bloody man in her eyes when you do makeup (this is the same maker) but I’m not sure if that’s true. I played Angelia for a while when I was younger and I never saw anything creepy. The reason I had deleted Angelia was because I had gotten bored. If anyone sees ANYTHING creepy please write a review and hopefully I’ll see it. Anyways this is a fun game! It’s very addictive but its a great travel game I 𝓗𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓵𝔂 recommend this for younger children (unless there is something creepy that I’m missing) have a great day! thanks for reading this. byeee!


I love it but there’s crashing in the ads!

Sometimes when I try to watch an ad to do something my game will crash but won’t go back to a normal iPad home screen... so the makers of this game please read this(well outfit7) but anyway please fix this! But apart from that this game is the best! Tom is cute there’s a lot of awesome types of clothes, and my favorite... whatever you say in a cuter voice Tom says it I also like the blender to make drinks for Tom and the rate your style where Tom and someone else’s Tom have a fashion show basically whoever gets the most votes on their clothes wins! And plus nothing cost money well if you want to get more coins or something.... you could do that but you also could do a couple other things and I forgot those other things... but if you ever decided to get this game your decision is perfect because this game is fun funny and most of all the best game I’ve ever had! Also creators of this game I have a suggestion maybe we can have several toms I know that be a lot of work but more fun! Thank you for reading my review and remember you’re perfect!👌


Mixer keeps on breaking. Squeak tried to fix it. Food splattered onto screen!

So, today, I was playing Talking Tom 2. I was in the kitchen, giving Tom food. I fed him an apple and thought if I could give him a drink. I tapped the mixer and put in a pepper with an apple. Turns out, it mixed the food well. But immeadiatly stopped 5 seconds later. My pet, Squeak, jumped onto the counter and tapped it gently (kinda slapped it) to make it work again. Turns out, the mixer started to SPARK! Then Squeak got shocked (he touched it) and the lid came off due to the mixer going CRAZY! Food splattered everywhere. A few minutes later after fixing it, it happened AGAIN! Moral of the story: Don’t touch broken items that are electronic or you’ll get shocked, even if they are mixers AKA blenders. Note: Outfit7, PLEASE fix this glitch. I love your games and all but this is serious. If you fix it, I will give you a FIVE star rating. If not, I’m sorry but I would give you a 1 star rating. If you think it’s not a glitch, just update MyTalkingTom2 and game.


If I wanted Ads I would go back to 1990.

My son wanted the game so we downloaded it. I noticed that this game is filled with ads. I thought oh I’ll just purchase it like I do everything else, boy was I wrong. You can’t get rid of the ads. It’s like watching a crappy Billy Maze commercial and someone used a white trash click funnel. The game would be great if I could get rid of all the ads that no one wants to see. NO ONE!!! When is the last time saw and ad and said man that is exactly what I have been looking for to interrupt what I was currently doing, probably never. What is worse is that it is filled with in app purchases when the majority of people that have this are children. Seems wrong to take advantage of children knowing they really can not understand that they are spending money. if you are going to download this and you have a young child, get ready for them to scream every 30 second because everywhere they can click is filled with spam ads. Good luck.


Dear Outfit7,

I just saw your videos of Tom dancing on TikTok!!! But when I got this game I was kind of nervous about his eyes because the reviews said, “when you zoom in the eyes, you see cameras!” But there wasn’t!😃 But the game itself is fun but I just wanted to say there’s way tooooo many ads for no reason.😒 Today, I was playing the game and an ad popped up and it was very very very very very scary!!!😫😫😫😫😱😱😰😥😨 And It was about imposters of my I.F. (Imaginary friend) doing ugly stuff like pushing each other and pouting for no reason!😡😡😡 And my imaginary friend does not do that! TRUST ME!!! I love the game but it needs improvements! And one time I saw a notification from the game and it said, “Something told me it’s toilet time, Phew!🚽” I don’t really recommend this game at all! But if you developers want your three stars back, UPDATE IT!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😱🤬🤯😠😱😰😱😵😵😬🙄😯😠 Note: the reason why I gave it 2 stars, because Tom is still cute!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 😘


I like it

I like this game it just needs more stuff here’s an idea I think it would be cool if we could also dress up our little mini figure thing that follows us I think that would be cool and if you do that you should also make it were Tom can bring his little Mini thing in the outfit rating thing that just a suggestion I thought that would make the game cooler and maybe add more of the flying things because then people will have thing to look forward to and there play the game more because there trying to get to the next flying thing think smarter not harder!!!! But I still love the game so people reading its a good game and if you’re a girl like me you should also try talking Angela ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟 super star rating


Loads of fun and hilarious hijinx!

There’s a lot of fun to be had in MyTalkingTom2, lots of games to play and your Tom even gets his own little pet that you can also play with as well! Instead of earning coins from mini games, you earn travel points, which you use to unlock new items and collect coins that you use to buy stuff, as well as stars that can be used to unlock more goodies! It’s rather strange that you don’t earn coins by playing the mini games but you can still get them from traveling, collect them for free from the daily deals, and buy them as well. You don’t have to buy food either, just keep traveling to earn food and you can watch ads to get free food as well.


I like the game!!!

So first of all I was on MyTalkingTom2 Store and I found this game called talking Tom 2. And then I said eh I’m going to buy it because it has Tom in it. A few minutes later OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME —————————————————————————————— Games —————————————————————————————— ok when his fun was down I had no idea how to get it up so i went in games and played space trail,s and it was good sub adventure too and pet connect. The ice game is the best game —————————————————————————————— - Mini guy ——————————————————————————————so this mini guy is cute so I taped him and he make,s random noise,s and the best blender so I putted I in carrot and apple and then I fed it to the little guy and he changed color...........———————————————————————————————. Ideas. ——————————————————————————————.You should make mini guy wear clothes to. You should make a another icon called pet room so you can feed drink play sleep and talk like Tom to the little guy. You should make a game called pet run who make,s your pet race with other player,s In pet race make ramps good boosts bad boosts portals lives and powers. Please like this


Not enough coins to many crashes

Ok so there are quite a few problems with MyTalkingTom2. Firstly there aren’t enough ways to earn coins way to much attention is being spent on plane tokens. I think you should get coins in the games as well as tokens. Also I think the Crashes happen way to often. I had earned over 1000 plane tokens and then it crashes and none of them showed up. Next is the food situation it is super expensive compared to how many coins we get I nearly go broke just to try and keep my Tom fed. The pet thing is kind of annoying but it is not a big issue but yeah unless you fix these things you are going to be down quite a few downloads. I have used outfit 7 products for quite a while so I was disappointed that this quality game came from such a great company. Sorry but this game just is not your best work. 2.3 from me.


Space trails

If you know what space trails is it is in games in tom’s living room it is fun but not fun like when Tom is sleepy and you don’t have enough coins you got to wait till he wakes up and it’s annoying Bcuz I have 5 coins Bcuz I wanted to play a game like why do we got to pay 60 coins it’s not fair can’t we just like spend like 5 or 10 coins so please fix that and read a review about a women and her son can’t get rid of the ads you actually can when I pressed the 60 on the sleep potion it Said you take away the ads and this is when I started writing the review so about space trails why do you got to kill people and eat them it is teaching kids to hurt people and you get to be the king for some reason I think it is not really good but anyway Tom is the really really really cute but yea please fix it and the women about the ads hope you get this to


Talking Tom is so annoying

Tom is always texting you stuff that is really weird you can’t stop checking on him and he is hurry every minute I can’t even stop talking about him at school I tell my friends that he is dumb and stupid no one wants to see a slimy guy next to a kitty a what if he is one hundred 💯 he will be so old that is weird also why would a kitty go in the sky he could fall off the plane ✈️ why would a kitty do that a why would he punch a punch pad he is not even strong 💪 he text you random things that baby’s say like are you serious man of lady I mean I don’t care if it’s toilet time oh great he just said that I need to go potty like no one even cares dude so shut up


Soo annoying

Ok so I'm sitting here playing a game on my phone and suddenly an add for "Talking Tom 2" pops up and I'm like ok whatever it's just another annoying add I tap two swing tom or whatever and the add is done I'm so exited to get back to my game I tap the x in the corner to get out but it takes me to MyTalkingTom2 Store so I'm like that's fin I'll exit out and try again so I tap it I takes me again so now I'm getting mad I exit out very and I very gently tap the x it does nothing I tap a bit harder and it takes me too THE APPSTORE it drives me crazy cause I get this add all the time and the only way to get out is exit all the way out of the game and go back in please fix your add thank you for your time - MJ fan


Just this one thing i mind

Yes I love MyTalkingTom2 ok I know that’s what you wanna here and you heard it ok! Well the reason it’s a four is that... I don’t really like that I have no privacy everything I say is just exposed! I think it is a little weird how that tom character listens to everything ANYONE says! So what I would like is if outfit7 could change up something where me AND everyone else with MyTalkingTom2 can turn the mike on and off whenever! So then people like me wouldn’t have to go in there settings to turn it on and off OVER AND OVER! So to move on MyTalkingTom2 is very funny and makes me laugh! So please take my advice because I am probably not the only one who has this thinking and feeling! Thank for reading!

Is My Talking Tom 2 Safe?

Yes. My Talking Tom 2 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 532,166 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for My Talking Tom 2 Is 83.4/100.

Is My Talking Tom 2 Legit?

Yes. My Talking Tom 2 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 532,166 My Talking Tom 2 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Talking Tom 2 Is 83.4/100.

Is My Talking Tom 2 not working?

My Talking Tom 2 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why should I report an Issue with My Talking Tom 2?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of My Talking Tom 2 to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a My Talking Tom 2 customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using My Talking Tom 2.

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