Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Reviews

Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-18

ALL IN ONE APP Your mobile personal trainer to lose weight, gain muscle, stay
in shape, eat healthy, create good habits, and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s
like a real Fitness Buddy. SIMPLE TO USE User friendly interface Follow along
with on screen video instructors Quick and simple wo...

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Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Reviews

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    Too many ads and way too much pestering to go premium/subscription. There is a reminder for premium just about everywhere you look and each time you go somewhere. And what about the item in Settings called "baseline?" All I get when go there is an ad to buy a healthkit; thinking it was just there to see before I could enter info for a baseline, or set something, I dismissed it. Lo and behold, nothing to see, you just get kicked out to settings. Not going to try to use the app a few times just to see if anything changes with the "baseline" item because can't seem to set up a workout like I want, with the elements of my normal routine. Doesn't seem to be a way to combine running and/or biking with some different exercises and weights. All I want is a simple, useful log for my workouts, to record distance, calories burned, time spent on workout elements. A timer would also be very, very useful. This app doesn't combine the features I want; I'd be interested in using it and trying some of the workouts or exercises in it if it also had the features I need. The annoying ads and upgrade pestering is too much, though, when I can't find all the features I want and regularly use. There seem to be a million apps out there for logging weightlifting routines but not any good ones, from what I've tested so far, for combining a bit of weights with long runs or bike rides, a few other exercises and stretching. So, time to delete.

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    Trainer or not you need this app

    I’ve tried various apps, gyms and trainers but nothing has kept my workouts consistent like Fitness Buddy. It’s amazing to me that others are still using less comprehensive and structured apps. Fitness Buddy gives you everything from pre-made workouts that fit your specific goals, to the ability to create your own exercise plans, to individual meal plans that will give you optimum results. This app can be your own personal trainer for a ridiculously low price. Or it can keep you on track with your trainer as I recently started doing for myself. I’ve used Fitness Buddy for almost 2 years and it just keeps getting better and better.

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    I downloaded this app with a high level of enthusiasm and optimism however I soon discovered the ridiculous scam that is “Fitness Buddy”. The first option you’re given upon completion of your profile is to upgrade to premium (not so uncommon) but I want to try before I buy as any one would, right? I passed on the upgrade and dove in to see what the app could provide me that I couldn’t find in any other app or free resource and was dissatisfied immediately. The list of options for workouts is minimal, home workouts is non existent and every time you touch the screen a countdown to get the upgrade at a “discount” begins. Another overwhelmingly unrealistic expectation set by the app is that you WILL look like a fitness model but only by way of using this ingenious application.... intimidating many users with overly buffed up gym rats sets a negative tone with many people simply trying to get more active and begin living a healthier lifestyle. The amount of used car salesmenship for the premium and jacked up models was too much. I know everyone is in business to make money but the creators of this app do not give a user the ability to try any features without handing over their checkbook. Definitely not worth downloading!

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    Needs better customer service and work on some feature

    I’m just trying out this app but already I’m noticing some issues. For some reason, when I do a workout, the calories out are not logged as part of my exercise (yet for some reason the amount of calories is posted to my profile feed). This is a annoying bug as it makes it hard when I look at my nutrition page to see all my calories out, and seems like it would be a simple fix. Also it would be nice if I could quickly add meals, exercise and weight information in the app on any page. It wasn’t intuitive that those options would only be on my profile page and for some reason the profile page is the far right option? That being said the recipe suggestions are nice and like the customization based on goals.

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    Good price, but needs work

    I lift weights and I’d like to plan my workouts better. To make the app better you could add the following- customizable workouts based on what is recommended. I don’t like how the workouts are the same. We should be able to design our workouts based on the muscle groups we want to hit and there should be recommendations for what we need. We also need different kind of sets for instance, super sets, warm ups, pyramid bench, etc. lots of other things that need improvement. Wouldn’t be that hard to program a rest timer into the app or having different workouts for a weight lifter vs a bodybuilder. I’d be glad to help, I’ve tried a lot of different workout apps and I know the exact layout that could make it a lot better.

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    Great for those who are self motivated!

    The app is wonderful. Even the free version with ADs provides an individual with way more coaching and guidance than needed. The reminders to get a premium version is really their way of telling you; “hey look what more you can get at A ridiculously low price!” The premium versions work out plans literally can eliminate the need for a gym membership. They use compound exercises that don’t require you to work out all day. As a mom with 4 children and one of whom is disabled this is exactly what I needed and I’m so glad they pestered me to get the premium version. This app when used as a self-motivated indivisible is amazing!

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    Awesome workouts, worth paying for premium.

    This app is great, I use it every day. I use both the pre made and I build my own workouts but either way it makes working out so much more efficient. I used to jump around to different workouts in the gym before because it was hard for me to keep track in my head. This settles that and has made my workouts so much better. You can also see what weight you used before so you can beat it. It has a lot to offer but once you get to the highest level there isn’t much for variations, more should be added.

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    Loved before change...

    Still do like the app but “booo” on the way individual exercises are searched and filtered now! I used to be able to have both intermediate and advanced level exercises appear in my search… But now it’s just one or the other. Here’s a suggestion… When an exercise is search based on a particular muscle (i.e. abdominal, obliques, flutes, etc), I believe there should be a sort option that will show 1st show the exercises where that muscle group is targeted most, then second, etc... i’m not sure if I’m describing that well… But if I want to work my glutes and it is the fourth in line muscle that is targeted in an exercise, I don’t want to see it at the top of my list just because it falls that way alphabetically.

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    Mark Nolen

    I can't speak for those of you who are committed to exercising regularly that know what exercises to do (and how to do them). But for a novice to (regular exercise) this site is so useful. It shows not only how to do the exercises, but provides a person to exercise with "at a pace" controlled by me that I can manage to keep up with. I'm mounting a tv to my basement wall where I exercise so I can plug my smartphone into the USB Port and follow the personal trainer much easier by sight, and remote control. 😊👍🏋️

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    It keeps you on track

    I’m one of those people that tend to wander aimlessly around the gym wondering what else to work on. The app is great to keep you on track as you input your reps and sets and even the resting time is convenient. I even like the meal plans available as well! My only issue is that the app glitches every time I try to share my workout on social media. It’ll first say error and then have a window repeatedly open and close and you can’t get out of the app unless you turn your phone off. Fix this bug!! Cuz that’ll only motivate me more if I can share my progress and gain support from friends and followers!

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    Meal planner needs work

    This is a great little workout app, tons of workouts to choose from that can fit into pretty much any schedule! The meal plan section needs some work, the meals say they are one serving, however the quantities of ingredients and calories listed don’t match so it looks like the recipes might actually be for 4 servings. The vegan section definitely needs some better planning, some days the meal plan would only work out to about 800 calories for the day which is too low for anyone, especially someone who is exercising! There are no instructions on snacking or portion sizes to consume.

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    Didn’t find it useful

    This app really doesn’t work for me. I️ can barely do anything as a result of the constant nagging to upgrade to premium. Sometimes it’ll freeze on the upgrade screen, which makes me want to upgrade less anyway. I️ downloaded this app to get meal plan ideas that fit my dietary restrictions and when I️ take the quiz, it gives me suggestions completely disregarding them. The app has a fantastic UI, but the functionality needs work. Great potential here, but poor implementation. I’m deleting it for now and I’ll try again in a few months. I’m very hopeful for this app because it seems like this could have been a winner if it wasn’t for the aforementioned issues.

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    I bought a year subscription, because of the all the positive reviews and I am quite surprised by the app itself. When I finish a workout it takes ages to get recorded to the Calories tab and even then it disappeared over night. Step count is totally inaccurate ignoring info from the Health app, where my fitness band is synced. I cannot report the bug in the app, because the function is not working for me (please set up your email). I have to use 3 apps (Argus for dashboars, Buddy for workouts, Calories Mams for intake, to take photos of the meals) and yet I still do not have correct overview of my day, as recorded information can disappear over night.

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    Maybe an option?

    I’m enjoying the app, like the workouts and eating plans. What all these calorie tracking apps are missing are a way to set your days. I work 3rd shift and so halfway trough my “day” the counter and workout change over to the next day and I have to change the day when I’m counting back to the previous day or I’ll forget and record things on the wrong day. Maybe you can have an option in settings to customize when your day starts and ends. That would help out a lot! Thanks!

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    Mix n Create

    I love this app! Not only does it provide you with a myriad of workout routines it allows you to create your own workout for variance. I have only been lifting for about three years the last two years being more serious about my workouts trying to gain mass while getting fit! This app has allowed me the independence to use one of their workouts and then fine tune it with some additional routines! I live it, well worth the money!

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Is Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Safe?

No. Fitness Buddy: Train At Home does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,438 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Is 18.3/100.

Is Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Legit?

No. Fitness Buddy: Train At Home does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,438 Fitness Buddy: Train At Home User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fitness Buddy: Train At Home Is 18.3/100.

Is Fitness Buddy: Train At Home not working?

Fitness Buddy: Train At Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Khaled Bendary
Nov 23 2020

Geve me error ( the program refrance not found) what can I do

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