Migraine Buddy Reviews

Migraine Buddy Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

Rated the #1 Migraine and Headache App. Join the 2.3 million users who are
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Migraine Buddy Reviews

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    Single most helpful tool in 15+years

    As someone who’s struggled with chronic debilitating migraines for over 15 years and tried so so many different things without any success... I’d also tried many different tracking methods and finally decided that tracking wasn’t going to help, but hinder, as it caused too much focus on the migraines and I needed to focus on living. But this app has changed all of that!!! THANK YOU Migraine Buddy for creating something that helps me do both! For helping me easily, quickly and simply input data about my migraines, keep track, and keep living my life to the best of my ability. But ALSO, the oh so helpful tools, connection with the community, reports, weather (my biggest trigger has always been barometric pressure!! - and now for the first time EVER I have the ability to plan to the hour of when I can take my meds or know when I’m going to start going downhill just to know even if I can’t take one of my meds... it’s helps to know if I need to buck up or to go lay down if I can), ability to see patterns, etc... this app and its tools has been the single most helpful thing in the last decade for me of communicating with my doctors, identifying my auras, and figuring out what actually helps. Thank you!! All in a way that doesn’t take over my life and keep me fixated on my migraines - they are already present enough! If you have migraines and are thinking about this app - GET IT!

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    Wonderful app that is always being made better!!

    Love this free app!! Easy to navigate and record migraines. I have been using this app since April of 2017 and it has done wonders for me! It allows my doctors to see what I actually go thru, frequency, what meds work and dosages and duration of migraine. Lots of data can be entered which means lots of different results to be seen. They offer different ways to view the data to see if there is a pattern. My pain specialist was very intrigued by the printed report. Love that we can start an attack and then just leave it and go back to enter in the meds and steps used to try to stop the migraine. Can be personalized very easily so the reports show accurately what you go thru. The biggest benefit is that all of this is FREE! In a world where migraines are not understood, this app being free helps me to show all my doctors that I am serious in working for a treatment plan that works for me, plus there is no more guessing as to what meds to take and you can track when you took them last so you can make sure you are taking meds as prescribed by your doctor. It is a wonderful app and so happy they created it. One more tool to help us migraine warriors in the battle against this horrible disease!

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    Exceptional features and connect-to-provider lists

    This is the first app review I have ever slowed down to contribute. Working in healthcare it takes a lot for a health-related app to impress me and I have been extremely impressed by Migraine Buddy. I like that I can add in my sleep time rather than rely on the overnight feature, which may be great I just have not tried it yet. I downloaded this app while visiting a family member who has pets and triggered ongoing migraines for me. I love that I could use the connect-to-a provider feature to locate acupuncturists nearby. There is a lot of flexibility within this app that makes it very easy to use on the go, during an attack, and to catch up with after an attack. I really like that I can add notes to the day because I personally like to include what I’m eating especially if it’s something unusual or new to me so that I can see if it makes a difference in the coming days. At this time, if I made a suggestion it would be to offer a food journal as a complement to the app that can be used along side it for tracking and reporting. I really look forward to seeing how the predictability alerts will help me gauge and treat my migraines. Life should only get better using Migraine Buddy!

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    Great App! With addition of forums-FANTASTIC APP!!!

    Want to start by saying — the addition of the forums, so that migraine sufferers can connect with one another, brings this app full circle. I’ve been using this app for awhile now, waiting for this addition- and it’s been well worth it!! It’s great to be able to support each other, and share knowledge in this way. Especially being able to interact with people in my home state forum. TY for putting the forums together!! :) Ok — that said —- it’s a fantastic migraine tracker app+++!! All on a dark background which is extremely helpful when having an attack. It includes everything you can think of to easily chart anything that may be causing your migraine. Or any head pain for that matter. Including up to date weather information. Additionally, charting for where you are when the pain strikes, medication and other relief strategies, and so much more. I’ve heard there is a print out feature so you can bring the information to your doctor’s, but I have yet to try that. Overall, I’m totally satisfied with the app. *More so with the addition of the forums!! Now it’s absolute perfection!!! :)

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    Intuitive and easy to use.

    I’ve tried so many ways of tracking my migraines over the years. This app is the first thing that has lasted for me. A friend suggested it two years ago and I show it off to anyone who will listen. I really appreciate that putting in a new episode is simply a matter of going through a grid of pictorial icons. Best of all I can add my own if I’m having a symptom or using a treatment that isn’t listed. It automatically tracks my sleep and local weather if I turn on those options do I don’t have to write them down anymore. Additionally I can send reports to myself as emails, PDFs, spreadsheets... the creators have provided many options and platforms so that my doctor and family know how to help me. Last but not least there are groups that I can join or ignore with people who are on the same meds, who have the same types of migraines, or who live in my area. So I can ask for advice if I want to. There are even areas where I can jot myself notes to accompany a migraine episode or sleep record. For times when I’m sick with the flu or the neighbors dog barked all night. I LOVE this app!

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    Best Migraine Tracker Ever!

    This is the best migraine tracking app. It tracks your migraines and all of the symptoms. It helps to make associations between possible triggers and your migraine. It also has information on migraines in regards to things that may help. In addition, there is the ability to get on a group chat with other migraine sufferers if you want, its optional. I did just because I wanted to see when I was exploring the ap. You don't even have to write anything if you don't want to. Its helpful to see there are others suffering from migraines like yourself. I have chronic near daily migraines and have rarely met anyone who has them like I do. This ap automatically runs reports on your migraines that you can look at. It is also very helpful for your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to tract trends and see how you are doing. Also, the prompts in the ap are friendly and encouraging. You don't even have to fill them all in at the time of an attack, and can go back and edit them later. Give it a try, I think you will really like it. Thank you developers so much for making this! Its really great!

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    Great App!

    I’ve only been diagnosed with migraines for a little over 2 years, but I’ve been having them regularly since late 2003. I’ve tried to track them in other apps using the mood area and just typing in the information, but I ran out of space and couldn’t give a good answer to the doctors/nurse practitioners until now. I can finally identify where they normally start, and exactly how many I have in a month or every three months. I would always underestimate how many I actually had and how long they lasted. I love the notes section I can track everything included the actual pain level I feel. (I hate the numbers, but I found a picture that I now use for identifying my number.) I like the option to select if I think it may be over, but I’m not sure. The time stamps are great. I’ve only used it since May, but it has become my favorite. I tell my friends and anyone I meet who suffers from chronic headaches about this app. I’m planning to introduce it to my daughter who complains of headaches because it so easy to use. Overall, I love this app! Great job!

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    This is the one you want.

    I haven’t been back to my neurologist since starting to use this app, but I am looking forward to having a lot more trends to share. You know, all that info they are expecting from a time your brain is fuzziest & lack of quality sleep has temporarily consumed your short-term memory. The screens are customizable, can add to during your changing attack, or an area can be skipped and returned to later if you just don’t have enough focus time left to do it right that instant. The fact that the screens are DARK make recording possible. Somebody with migraines finally developed a useful migraine app! Love the migraine buddy option as well. It updates my husband of a new migraine without me having to do anything extra (like opening up a bright phone/text screen). I haven’t utilized the community aspect of this app, but it is helpful to see the # of people in your area also suffering that day (weather/allergen interaction). The reports are looking promising so far. Lots more but these are the features I’m impressed with most thus far.

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    Recommend to patients

    I am a family physician with migraines x 20+ yrs (hello out there...I hear the medical profession is rife with migraine sufferers), and this has been a particularly bad year for them in my state at least. I’ve been recommending this app to my patients as it is very helpful for me not just in looking at triggers, frequency etc. The app also helps with the emotional reasoning that is very common in chronic illness (“This always happens”, “I only ever have headaches when I want to do something fun.” etc) It has been shown that people with chronic pain and chronic illness are much more likely to fall into those false beliefs, and I see my family fall into them to. It’s nice to have facts to show them and myself. (“Well, I might have missed two fun family events this summer but 80% of my headaches are during the work week which means it’s usually not related to something fun...grin.”). It’s so nice also to see how many others are share in the same situation. I often hear this as I hear patients describe it, but I know others often do not.

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    If you deal migraine, get this app!

    Awesome resource! You can be as detailed - or not - recording migraine experience by skipping over or setting things that not an issue or you choose to bypass so they just don’t show up. EX: menstrual periods are no longer a factor. I don’t have to see the window asking about related info at all. Have learned I can treat “migraine headache” & related symptoms as “one attack” then treat lingering postdrome “migraine hangover” issues as a *separate* attack. I can often get head pain under control in “short order” (30 mins to a day), but nausea, equilibrium issues, continued sensitivity to light/noise, difficulties THINKING, etc, can persist for days after my head no longer hurts & create more issues than head pain - for me. Never occurred to treat them as “Part A”/“Part B” individual attacks. Have learned from this app that even though I’ve never had any aura “preview of things to come,” there are OTHER forewarnings I never correlated to possible oncoming migraine. Who knew yawning *could* be predrome precursor?

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    Awesome Migraine Tool

    My doctor still wants me to keep track of my migraines on paper. It is difficult for me- I’ve rarely been up to the task especially on migraine days. This APP has has enabled me to track my migraines over years and share specific info that I choose through “reports” with anyone I am working with. And the app has improved considerably over the years I have been using it. The team is open to suggestions and has implemented so many great upgrades! My Migraines have declined significantly in frequency, duration and intensity over the last few years; and my use of medicine has declined significantly with the app being a significant contributor to my success. Tracking vital information, having an informed and committed community of like people to share ideas with, and getting updates of new medicines, techniques, and tools is invaluable. I wish all apps were as user-friendly and all developers were as committed to quality, instrumental development and timely upgrades. Thank you!

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    Great way to track for yourself or Dr.

    I’ve had migraines since I was a child and this has been such an effective way for me to track them. I’ve learned more about the nature of my migraines, what my triggers are, and what my best relief methods are. I discovered for instance that my migraines typically last 11+ hours on average! :O It was shocking to realize that I never fully registered that I was in pain for that long. It may seem like a lot of tracking at first, but it becomes second nature very quickly, forces you to think about the nature of your pain, and can be an invaluable tool to help you and your doctor come up with ideas for possible migraine treatment. Minor suggestion-it would be nice if there was another option aside from ‘male’ and ‘female’ in the gender options. I understand that some physical health factors are related to one or the other..but some are also related to being intersex/trans etc (differing hormones, etc) Even if the option was just ‘other’ that would be cool. :)

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    This app is absolutely wonderful! It allows incredibly in-depth and detailed migraine tracking, yet the interface is so user friendly, it isn’t overwhelming or difficult to use at all. I have had migraines since a very young age, and have been told several times to “keep a migraine log”, but I never knew what exactly to record or where to start. This app allows me to just push a few of the appropriate buttons and leave it at that! Personally, I am using it because I have started a new injection treatment for my severe chronic migraines (I get upwards of 20 a month), and I want to know how effective it is in reducing the severity and/or frequency of my attacks, and if I should continue with it. Migraines are very individualized in how they start and how they manifest, and I know how hard it can be to manage them, so I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who has chronic migraines/headaches of any kind in order to perhaps work towards improving quality of life!

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    So intuitive you wonder why other apps can’t be as good

    I recently was diagnosed with cluster headaches and was told to start keeping a headache diary. After some trial and error i realized there must be an app for this. I downloaded Migraine Buddy because it was the first one to pop up. It deserves that spot. The interface is incredibly intuitive and simple. It walks you through every question any medical professional may have about your headache, even ones you may not have thought to track yourself. You can also customize many screens to be even better and more relevant to your pain and relief systems, which is also an incredibly easy process to do (seriously I didn’t do that at first because I thought it would be a longer process but no, takes a few seconds). I cannot recommend this app highly enough. I haven’t even experimented with all it can do. This app has seriously made the world of chronic headaches a little easier.

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    Very Useful....however

    Love so many things about this app- easy to record start/stops, potential triggers, time stamp notes, weather info, etc. Before using it, I’d have no idea how often I had migraines & would completely forget what things helped me during a previous attack. (I do not think clearly or remember stuff during a migraine.) However, and this is a pretty big however, the insight notifications/badges drive me crazy. See, I’d completely forget to record the end of a migraine without the badges; I def need those to close up my record-keeping for each event. But when there are near-constant notifications/badges for “insights” I get so accustomed to badges on the app I ignore them...which means the “insight” notifications have “trained” me to ignore the badges on this app, including those reminding me to record the ending of an attack! In other words, the reminder to record the end of a migraine is useless due to all the insight notifications. Please, please give the option to opt-out of “insight” notifications & keep migraine-in-progress notifications only!

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Is Migraine Buddy Safe?

Yes. Migraine Buddy is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,439 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Migraine Buddy Is 65.7/100.

Is Migraine Buddy Legit?

Yes. Migraine Buddy is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,439 Migraine Buddy User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Migraine Buddy Is 65.7/100.

Is Migraine Buddy not working?

Migraine Buddy works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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