Worm.io - Slither War On Paper Reviews

Worm.io - Slither War On Paper Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-07

How to play: - Eat little dots and agar - Avoid bigger worms - Try to
slither around enemies and become the biggest worm possible Special Items: -
Rush: Speed up in 10 seconds - Freeze: You can't rush in 10 seconds -
Invisible: Invisible in 10 seconds - Toxic: Lost 1% of y...

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Worm.io - Slither War On Paper Reviews

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    Must get!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Super fun game! Yes there are a few adds now and then, but there aren’t many. This game is also super satisfying when you eat someone else and you’re tail grows super long! Then there all the skins! Sooooooo many cute, scary, calming skins! It’s endless! No jk, there is an end 😅😜 There is a small bug, where your snake is like stopping, then going, then stopping, then going... and it makes my head hurt, then there is this other one, where you click the game, but once you get to playing it, you freeze up! Not for very long... but still. Other than that, this game is great! Super fun, no need for WiFi. And you can keep playing it and not get bored for a really long time. All I’m saying is... get this game!!!🙏🏼🤩❤️❤️❤️

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    Grate but.... I think it will be cool if you add this......

    This game is grate! BUT you have to add this. So this game is a bit bad and a bit good i would like it if you could fix this for me. So I have to rewrite my name every time I die so I’d like it if you could fix it so that if we put our name it would stay there forever unless we changed it. AND IT WOULD BE SUPER COOL IF YOU COULD ADD SUPERPOWERS😇.like fire powers if you where colored red or if you where blue you had water powers or if you where white you had angel😇 powers or if you where Multi colored you would have whatever colors you had trend into elements. And you had to Wait until your super power charged up to use it. So all I’m trying to say is that this game is a bit good and a bit bad. So plssssss add the superpowers and plssssss fix my bug.

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    Nice game but change the ads!

    Ok I like this game it’s fun how u can slither all over the place and eat other snakes it’s cool but the only problems is.1 the ads:it appears every time I die and ad of Facebook pops up and I can’t close it it’s annoying anyway onto the next problems the players people are naming there snakes inappropriate words and bad words like really bad EVEN CURSE WORDS you should make the name tag say “this is a inappropriate word do not use again.” And if they continue you should ban them from playing the game that’s the only problems I want you guys to fix this in the future or now cause I’m disappointed! Bye!

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    The ADS

    So i like the game and its super fun and all but...THE ADS!! There are too many of them and when i die in the game and go back to the main menu, it makes me watch a 30 second ad and thats what i dont like about this app so im really hoping in the future that you will succeed in getting rid of these very annoying ads so people will enjoy this app more and download it more and you will get popular! Thanks for reading my review!

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    Part of it is a scam

    So I got the game and the thing said it was online and the players were all bots which upset me because I love playing with other players so if you don’t like playing online you can play it but I will only play this if I’m bored can the creators not scams and actually online my evidence is that all the names are the same they are way to easy to play against besides that this game is fun there is truly no lag and they made it harder to turn when you get bigger.

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    Well every time you die you go through ads which I don’t like because it’s not fun skipping through ads all day and the ads take a lot of time An plus they make more money but they force you there should be currency for skins maybe coins say you want a skin it costs 50 coins and if you want to make one it has to be 30 coins to get more coins get Them from ads, killing other snakes, being on the leaderboard, and playing for 10 mins to 60 mins more update oh yeah I don’t like the controls fix it like an actual Thumbstick oh yeah I died by a glitch where I was fat and I couldn’t use my boost but people who were fatter then me could boost.

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    Ok. that’s what you give me?

    It’s pretty bad because it’s hard to turn and I’m so slow! The other snakes are always killing you and there when you kill something. They eat your food! The ratings pop up all the time and that is annoying. I finally rate it. It’s one star! The ADS are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying! Stop it ads! Well fix your game please! It annoys me! Also, the new skin update is annoying too. You have to watch ADS to get them! Even the ones that were already in the game! There are lots more reasons why this game is bad. I just won’t say them all because it will take me like five days! Well goodbye!.....................!

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    It’s okay

    It’s fun but I think it’s ok and it’s not so fun when you run in the red line and how when you run into a different player you then die and it’s not fun when you die and people play as like someone else and people don’t now how they are and they did not like them and sometimes they just die on purpose and you should not let them die when they get to fat they die and they did not do eventually try to die but they did not do die on purpose

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    Original better!

    I really like the original first run of this app. It’s not available anymore, not supported on newer phones. The only way I am still able to play it is because I have an old phone. Whenever this phone goes I won’t be able to play anymore, which is disappointing. To me, the first app is smoother and nicer to look at. I play it nearly every day. It’s easy to get lost in and kill some time. Really wish they would bring back the first app and update it to be supported!

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    Awesome App

    Great game! I love the fast pace and color choices. Wish the name we choose to type in did not have to be re-typed each new game! Would love to see special "boost" dots that might randomly appear throughout the game. "Boost" could make you longer or change the color of the snake(like LED LIGHTS) or open up a different level and might only last for a designated period of time. Thank you for the fun!

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    Needs to be more

    The game is simple but it just gets not as fun when you play for a long time. I rated you three stars because I think there should be more to the game. So I want to help you get really good reviews by changing up the game. You could change up the game by it being a little bit easier to get on the game board or you could make other snakes surround you because I do to so so so many people but other snakes don’t do it to me. So all I’m saying is there needs to be more to the game.

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    Addictive and really fun for everyone

    It is easy from the moment you start and then gets challenging the longer you play! I constantly play over and over again! Love it because the whole family challenges each other to do better! Easy enough for our two year old but challenge enough for the eight year old and adults!

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    It needs more

    For starters, there is almost always a bad word in the leaderboard. There should be something that filters out those words. The game is fun, but it needs more. If it had a chat feature (again with the filter), then that would make it better. Also if it some add ones it would be more fun. Like if it had special things that gave you boosts, it would be better. Also, a more updated version would be nice. If it had mini games that would be AWESOME!

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    Two things.........

    Ok so really fun game BUT I hate how it resets your nickname once you die I think it should stay the same even when you die. Two there are some bad work nick names to that I’m not aloud to say which I think that should be * out instead of letting little kids see that. I pls fix this because I think it’s a really fun game except for those two reasons.

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    5 star

    I used to love this game as like my number 1 game! And then I realized every time you die there's ads! But still this is my 2 fav game if you don't mind having to exit out of ads all the time then you can download this game. But I'm not deleting this game cuz it's addictive! P.s. I think it would be fair if someone got a worm out only they would be able to eat them.

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Is Worm.io - Slither War On Paper Safe?

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