happn — Dating app Reviews

happn — Dating app Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

With over 100 million members, happn is the dating app that lets you find
everyone you have crossed paths with; the people destiny has decided you should
meet. Like the profiles that catch your eye, get a Crush and most importantly,
get together! HOW DOES IT WORK? When you cross paths...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

happn — Dating app Reviews

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    This app is based on a good idea, but in execution it used to be mediocre and with recent changes it’s much worse. Any dating app that’s serious about making quality connections should offer filters, like a woman choosing to only see men taller than her in her feed, and so on. There aren’t any features like this, and now you can’t even see all of the people you’ve crossed paths with unless you swipe left or right on the last one near you. If I walked by someone this morning and someone in the afternoon but don’t log in until the evening, I won’t get to see the morning one unless I swipe on the afternoon one first, which encourages half-hearted decisions, unintentional matches, etc. It means you have to waste a lot of time on this app to see who you’ve crossed paths with. What’s worse is the Crushtime game, which is still suggesting women from half way across the country that I crossed paths with a year ago or more. It shows you thumbnails of 4 people at a time and you guess which one liked you by clicking them, but that auto likes their profile, so by guessing you might get matched with someone you’re not interested in, who isn’t anywhere near your area.

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    Too many ads, not enough safety features

    The app would pick up anyone who walked past my house or my office with this app installed — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I live in a small city and the app isn’t very popular here. Sometimes, the same match would frequently pass both. One match messaged — and he may have been joking, but I chose not to respond and blocked him — that he knew where I lived based on how frequently he matched with me as he passed by my house during my non-working hours. My complaint is that there were so many ads, and not enough control given to the user over their data and personal safety within the app. This is a premium feature — when it should ABSOLUTELY be standard — and the cost of a premium membership is much too steep for the app that it is. I have used better apps and paid much less for them, and safety is their main concern — you don’t have to pay for safety features in a quality app.

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    There are better apps out there!

    When I first started using this app back in 2015, it looked like a good idea. I normally spend about 99% of my time driving everywhere so my eyes and brain are focused on driving, not checking out people I pass by. This app allows you to go back and see if you’ve passed by another cute. You could also choose to have your profile hidden if you didn’t want someone to purposely pass by your house so they could show up on your feed. However, as the years went, the hidden profile feature has become a paid service along with a lot of other options. If I had to pay for amount, I would prefer to use other sites with more profile info. Most of the functions now are for paid members only. To to it off, the profiles are either fake or people claim they want a relationship but message you for hookups. Seriously? If I wanted a hookup, I would have gone elsewhere than to hookup with someone who knows where I live.

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    This app has an over abundance of pedophiles and it also highly complicated when it comes to figuring where or how to cancel a subscription once a user can no longer afford it. Now I have an annoying and unnecessary expired subscription from this app that keeps me from downloading other apps. Even free apps can no longer be downloaded due to having a hard time canceling the subscription and deleting my account. I have an expired bill with no current payment method to pay for it which is why the Apple store is keeping me from downloading apps until I get a job again to pay off the debt. It is much easier to only log out of the app and that is just plain irritating. Not only is this app disturbingly horrible when it comes to safety, due to the fact that when I using this app I received a lot of 50 year olds attention with me only being 18, but it also shouldn’t have such a pricy subscription that is difficult to cancel.

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    Love the idea, too many fake profiles in LA

    I thought the idea was brilliant and just started using it less than a week ago. I cannot believe how many fake profiles there are on this app. (I’m in LA) This app may be okay for people who want hookups and non-monogamous relationship but definitely NOT for someone like me who is interested in finding a long term relationship. It also does not require you to provide much to start profile which means you may only see their age, first name and pictures only. I don’t even know how tall they are... Since i had to report a few fake profiles, I wrote the company using “contact us” option about my concern (fake profiles=users’ safety), but I haven’t received any response. I have heard about fake profiles targeting men but never women, until this app. If you are going to try this app, I would highly recommend not paying for the membership option but just do it for fun, nothing else.

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    No People on this app!

    I work downtown a major city in Texas and live a few miles north. I’m around a highly populated area of the city constantly, but the app only found a few people I could match with. There simply was not a lot of people using this app. Other dating app have clearly taken the bigger share of people in the city. The interface was also full of ads wanting you to go premium including some in your messages that you could not delete. The interface is not simple or visually appealing. Overall not a great experience and a waste of time to set up a profile just to run out of people to ‘like’ in a couple of days. If you live in a big city and run out of people to like in two days, it’s because nobody likes the app. Plus I’m sure girls find the premise to be a little creepy since it shows you a map of where the other person was.

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    Changes, Changes, Changes...

    This app has largely taught me that people seem reluctant to meet people who may live near them, at least in Los Angeles. Too much accountability involved when the person you hoped to ghost is likely to show up in line for coffee maybe? Both amusing and a disappointing testament to how people treat one another in large anonymous urban environments. Regardless, the two stars is not due to that, it’s because the format of the app seems to change almost daily. I understand the developers are trying to devise a format that pressures people into purchasing subscriptions, but it’s too much change to get used to, and the real solution might be to lower the price of a subscription to something reasonable. $10 a month is probably reasonable, but not as a yearly lump sum of $120.

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    Too many ads. The new layout is terrible.

    There are as many ads on this app as there are potential people to connect with. And, that’s not even counting the multiple pop-up ads that spring up every few minutes. I’m not opposed to an app trying to make money, but it feels like I’m opening an advertisement app which every now and then I might see a girl to connect with - instead of the exact opposite happening, which should be the case. More importantly, the new layout is terrible. This app is obviously trying to look more like tinder and bumble. The best thing about the old layout was that it did not look like those apps. So, what this app has turned into is a Bumble/Tinder want-to-be with at least 20 times as many advertisements as either of those apps. Don’t waste your time.

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    Not Safe for Women!! What were the developers thinking?!???

    So last night, a guy said, “I’m 800ft away from you”. I looked at his profile, and I didn’t see distance, just number of times we passed. He said, I can see you but you can’t see my location because I pay for premium. Upon more research, users can only turn this location feature off by paying extra money for premium features. This is targeting women’s safety, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt! Not to mention women are statistically underpaid and less likely to afford premium features. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt! I liked the idea of meeting people I cross every day, but I’m not going to use an app that requires me to pay more for basic safety features. I DONT recommend this app for women!!!

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    Decent app but 0 stars for usability and UX

    The app is ok, I’ve been a user for a couple years I have even paid for the premium service, and I’ve met people through it... but... The user experience is not good, you can’t unmatch someone by simply pressing X so their profile keeps appearing over and over again which at the end, fills up your app with unwanted or “not-so-interesting” profiles and trying to get to those new and possibly interesting profiles, takes a whole lot of time... which completely ruins the experience. If I press X , is like the app to know that I’m unliking that profile and I’m not interested in crossing paths with them again ... expecting me to block all the profiles I’m not interested in, is ridiculous.

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    Nice concept but terrible execution

    (Review by a premium who will probably not renew subscription.) My main frustration with this app is that, once you like a profile, it completely disappears and then you can’t access any list of profiles you already liked. From the FAQ I understand that if I cross the person again (which might never happen) the profile will appear again in my timeline. But what if I pressed “like” by mistake, or changed my mind and now want to send a “hello” instead? Under preferences, you can see the list of all the people you “hid”, all the people you “blocked”, but nowhere can you find all the people you “liked”, which makes absolutely no sense. It’s as if people I “hid” were more important than people I “liked”...

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    Suggestions for the developers

    Suggestion for developers to allow people to play the game to guess who likes your profile without it actually matching you with the profile if you guess right. Also, having an incessant ad to play the game where people think they actually have a new potential match maybe does not encourage people to actually play the game. I had a bit of success after I had been using the app for a few weeks last year but that’s worn off. I really liked the idea of the app at first but I’m considering deleting and trying others as the matching has become obsolete. I have also accidentally like a persons profile one too many timed.

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    Ads are frequent and intrusive

    A few years ago, this app was the beginning of the most powerful relationship I ever had with another human being in my life. It was never a particularly good app from a UI/UX perspective, but the basic concept was pretty neat. Recently, I re-downloaded it and found I cannot navigate more than a few screens before being nagged to buy premium. It's too much. If clicked no the first time, I'm not going to click buy the second or third time you ask me in a span of 3 minutes. Ask me again tomorrow or when I try to do something that might require a premium feature. Don't spam me in your own app, it's beyond ridiculous.

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    Ads make it worthless

    Happn was a great app to connect with people. Now they’ve added full page ads that you have to watch for 5+ seconds. These ads are so frequent you can barely see your activity, matches, messages, etc. The ads are also extremely irrelevant. I’m a 33yr old female foodie that loves shopping. All of the ads I’ve seen are for gaming apps - I’ve never downloaded or played a gaming ap. Happn has 3 types of ads - in line, full page and messages. It’s also annoying b/c you receive message alerts. Then you open the app, wait 5+ seconds for the full page ad to conclude and go to your messages only to find out that it’s not from a match it’s just a message ad.

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    Potential Dangers people will bill even if cancellation

    I used this very briefly, found more creepy men near my home. A few people are using models profiles when you say hey your so close to a coffee shop lets meet you learn this is not the same person. Made plans for walking companion only to find a thin skinned violent much older fart. Man threatened to punch after being honest I was NOT attracted. If you like guys in town for a day hook up great! Decrepit Old men who look busted in person, than look no further this app is for you! - For what you get... nearby stalkers the app isn’t cheap if you can make sure you delete it several times. No stars if possible. Women this will put you in harms way.

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You can now contact happn — Dating app customer service directly
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Contact happn — Dating app directly

Is happn — Dating app Safe?

No. happn — Dating app does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,194 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for happn — Dating app Is 15.5/100.

Is happn — Dating app Legit?

No. happn — Dating app does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,194 happn — Dating app User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for happn — Dating app Is 15.5/100.

Is happn — Dating app not working?

happn — Dating app works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a happn — Dating app customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using happn — Dating app.

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