KXAN - Austin News & Weather Reviews

KXAN - Austin News & Weather Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

News has never been more local than in the palm of your hand. The KXAN mobile
app brings you all the top stories from our daily broadcasts, as well as stories
developing in real time. Experience the brand new KXAN News app. Get more news,
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KXAN - Austin News & Weather Reviews

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    Love the investigations! Wish app could be more interactive

    I really love how this news company investigates and finds tons of dirt that really needs to be uncovered in this town—!! It’s really cool and great old-school journalism (like it was before all the corporate crap got in the way like with the big news media outlets...) Yet sometimes I do wish I could comment on the story, and/or see how many other people are aware of the story (just a simple count of who clicked on it) and also find a way to follow-up on the story a little easier as we are often left hanging and have to investigate ourselves through the app to find the updates—-when news seems insignificant to some—-but overall, this is a great source of news..! I do seem to see tons of typos as well that are just kinda baffling in today’s auto-correct world, but ya know—not a big deal. Just a little weird:)

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    Not worth it

    So far the 3rd party kxan uses for their app rarely updates it. A lot of times the app crashes. Well, it will crash or not respond after they show the same advertisement they have been showing for the last 6 months. I guess they haven't gotten the news that apps are where things are going. My wife lambasts kxan due to all their typos in the stories. April 2017. The app continues to prove the developers are clueless. More interested in displaying ads than displaying content. Just for grins attempted to play the weather forecast and displayed same ad thee times without showing the forecast. Thankfully there are other alternatives to a poorly written unsupported app. September 2017. Deleted this garbage app. The new redesign keeps crashing, no surprise given the past app experience. The app dev continues to not provide stability or seemingly care about anything. Wonder if the source is written on 2-ply perforated paper that comes on a roll, cause that's about all it's good for.

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    The Best in Texas

    KXAN has the best news in the state. Could possibly be the best in the Southwest. A huge part of that is the weather team lead by Jim Spencer. He is from Oklahoma and understands how important a good predictor is in the South because of it’s unstable weather. I started in the Texas Panhandle and a weak weather man does no one any good. People that don’t know the weather can get folks killed. I am pointing to the difference between the Austin area and the Hill Country. The other stations do not give good weather for the Hill Country or even include it in there predictions, but KXAN does. Up to the minute straight reporting of the news with good intelligent reporters. Thanks KXAN. Nancy Chism

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    My favorite news

    I like the anchors ,The in-depth studies and investigators, the weather reporters are great and I can always depend on them to stay with me in times of turbulent weather , I like the instant updates I get of things going on in Austin & area ... the only local channel I watch for the news. I must thank all the people behind the scenes that I can’t see that must be keeping everything also running smoothly. Keep up the good work & thank y’all ! ❤️🇺🇸 Betty Cutshall Lakeway

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    The bias is annoying...

    I hate to be another reviewer commenting on bias of kxan, but it has made it increasingly more annoying. Kxan has always been my go to for local news, as a life-long austinite. For mobile, I mostly just used it for the push notifications of local news, to stay on top of things when they happen. Ever since trumps election, their push notifications have shifted (and yes, this is after I tuned my notification settings). They now promote democratic events on a national level. KXAN, I downloaded you for LOCAL news, not national democratic debate notifications. I know you cater to a very liberal city, and that makes most of it excusable. But for national events and news, can you please leave it for people who have the cnn app, or the Fox News app, or NPR, etc. you are AUSTIN news, not Austin & DNC news....

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    Traffic map

    I got this app strictly because the online website stopped pulling up the traffic map for me every morning on my phone. So, I thought to myself ok they want people to get the app, so I did. A week later guess what isn’t pulling up on the app now??? You guessed it. The traffic map. I just want to look at the traffic map to see how I need to come into to work every morning I don’t want to read where the trouble spots are, which is what I have to do now. The only thing I do like about the app are the notifications as to what’s going on. This is my first news app and will probably be my last. Good job with that guys. Now fix the traffic map!!!

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    Annoying video ad leaders.

    The app crams many news videos with obnoxious 15 second lead-in ads you can’t turn off, for products and services you don’t want and don’t need. So in retaliation, i never watch their news videos. We are not a captive audience. Too bad your advertisers don’t realize that! Their ad video leaders only annoy and repel their imaginary potential customers.

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    Excellent news coverage!

    KXAN provides relevant local, state and national news on a consistent basis. I can always depend on the Weather Team to also receive as accurate a forecast as possible! Even further, the Investigative Team also provides a great service to the community and achieves results! Great station!!!

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    KXAN news

    Our preference is now and always KXAN. The weather, news, investigation and everything I find most informative. The weather is the most up to date. I have loaded all news and weather alerts for o be more up to date though we live in Fayette County.

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    Good local news source

    I use this app along with the Statesman MyAAS app for recent local news updates. This app provides good coverage, plus live news feeds if you want them. Seems to have improved a lot via updates recently. Ads are sometimes irritating, of course, but selling ads is the real purpose of the app, so those are unavoidable.

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    Mrs. Bradley

    We have spent our 5:00 time with all the crew of KXAN since 1990. Robert Hadlock is practically a member of the family. Jim Spencer was obviously influenced during our many years in Oklahoma by our then favorite, Gary England. We have learned to trust Jim Spencer in the same way during weather emergencies. He is a trusted professional!

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    Bad grammar and not proofreading

    Good stories. Good weather but it’s obvious that no one is proofreading for sentence agreement, flow and grammar. It seems as if the only check being done is with an old fashioned spell check software and no one is really taking the time to read the article for basic grammatical accuracy and proper sequence of events and timelines. Spellcheck can’t fix that.

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    Enjoy reading news from your area. You even include current news from Louisiana and other areas. Very interesting and pertinent news. Even though we’re from Louisiana, we have lots of family in In Texas. You guys do a great job! Thank you for the great work!❤️

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    I use the app all they time. I watch the live morning feed. I also get the notifications so if there is an important news story I know right away. I also check the radar in this app. Thank you!

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    Notification frustrations

    The app itself is good, it’s the constant useless notifications that you get. There is no way to set them to breaking news, the only other option are the top story notifications, which will bombard you with worthless information you don’t really want.

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Is KXAN - Austin News & Weather Safe?

Yes. KXAN - Austin News & Weather is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,857 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KXAN - Austin News & Weather Is 45.7/100.

Is KXAN - Austin News & Weather Legit?

Yes. KXAN - Austin News & Weather is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,857 KXAN - Austin News & Weather User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KXAN - Austin News & Weather Is 45.7/100.

Is KXAN - Austin News & Weather not working?

KXAN - Austin News & Weather works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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