iBeer - Drink from your phone Reviews

iBeer - Drink from your phone Reviews

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About: Drink beer on your iPhone. Voted "Best of iTunes" and downloaded over 90 Million
times! This hilarious visual trick behaves like a real glass of beer.

About iBeer

What is iBeer? The iBeer app is a popular app that allows users to simulate drinking beer on their iPhone. The app has been downloaded over 90 million times and has received positive reviews from various media outlets. Users can connect with friends or strangers for drink sharing, live voice chat, and photo sharing. The app also offers other drink options such as coffee, milk, soda, wine, water, champagne, and vodka.



- Simulates drinking beer on your iPhone

- Connect with friends or strangers for drink sharing, live voice chat, and photo sharing

- Offers other drink options such as coffee, milk, soda, wine, water, champagne, and vodka

- Tilt to drink, shake for foam, and pour iBeer into other iPhones

- Get 4 different types of beer, steaming hot coffee, and mouthwash by switching off the ads

- Select your own photo backgrounds or use included trick screens

- Bonus burp included

- Available for download on iTunes

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Key Benefits of iBeer

- The app is great and addicting, providing a satisfying experience for users.

- It can help satisfy the primal urge to drink without the negative side effects, making it a helpful tool for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

- The app has the ability to change the button background, which is a nice feature for users.

20 iBeer Reviews

4.6 out of 5


I’m sorry.

Guys, I didn’t expect to ever have to write this but, I love this app now. But before we can even get into that, I must apologize for some of my toxic behavior in the this app community. Over the past couple years I have acted very toxic to this app fans and purists, claiming stuff like “it’s just beer app” and “digital bee.” I have been telling those in the this app community that they’re hobby is dumb and childish, but the only one being childish was me. With that out of the way, wow! This game is a blast! Drinking beer has nothing on this app! I can spend hours gulping down digital beer listening to the incredible sound design and spectacular soundtrack (some of John’s best work imo.) It’s just too darn fun! I’m changed! It’s all up from here!



This game is Great and addicting I can’t go without playing the game 15 times a day without having a panic attack I stopped contacting my. They took my wife and kids away. I can’t get the amount of dopamine that was released into my brain since the first time I played this game I have to play more times a day to get the same effect as the first time. I just quit my job I now stream this app for a living. I have not spoken to a girl for 8 years but that’s OK. I just got evicted from my apartment. I haven’t slept in 3 1/2 days. It’s just nonstop this app every day. But I love this game I will always love this game it is the love of my life and I don’t need anything better than that.


Im a changed man

I was once a raging alcoholic. Loser with no friends drinking to forget but always remembering. Then came this app!! It really helped satisfy the primal urge to drink without the negative side effects. Ive been sober for 4 years thanks to this app. Thanks to this app, my family no longer cowers in fear from me when I’m drinking!I have many friends now with similar stories to mine! The this app app is truly life changing. It helped me grow out of my loser self and into a rich billionaire with many friends. My advice to you guys struggling with alcoholism out there, download iBeer. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


This app changed my life

So picture me, washed up, alcoholic, soft wiener and no hope. Then came this app I can go to the bar to pick up chicks and not have to get hammered, all while not feeling left out cause I have my this app! If you run into the same problems try getting iBeer, it also works for when I wanna drink on the job I can really just bust out this app and get a rush. Sometimes when I’m driving a pull out this app and swerve my car into oncoming traffic to make it really feel like I’m crash bandicootin hope y’all can understand!



I love beer more than my family my Mackenzie my babysitter says is the best dream ever because I love a taste of it but I want to look I love beer more than my family my Mackenzie my babysitter says is the best dream ever because I love to taste of it but I want to look handsome amazing because he’s my favorite drink of all time it is my type but this is my favorite drink of all time because it taste like Will Apple cider mixed with Chardonnay lemonade and ice cream it reminds me of my dad‘s favorite drink Bud Light if Mackenzie sees me walking around with my phone to get a beer she’s going to squeeze my stomach


I love the iBeer game

the this app game on the appstore has gave me fulfillment to live my life. I am 47 years old, no friends. My wife left me and took my house, my kids and my car. The this app game has given me a reason to live. I was about to take my own life and jump from the Delaware river when on my phone that I stole from a homeless person, I found the game this app. This fantastic game with all its glory stopped me from killing myself. Thank you this app producers for creating a such an amazing experience.


Life changing

My parents said I’m not allowed to drink beer so I got this game it’s been 5 years Spence I first got this game I have a strange addiction and the company even texted me on the side to advertise this game, instead I write this review the cops tried to stop me last night but I won’t stop nelking I ran away I’m now in a secret location where they will never find me


Edit: it’s been 25 years Sence I wrote this I have cancer and lung disease I’m dying in my bathtub right now BUT I WONT STOP NELKING


great beer app for changing lives

iBeer changed my life. Full stop. New paragraph. If you want your life changed, look no further. I was low once, and then this fell into my lap, like a gift from above. I found myself feeling better, looking better, loving better. Al thanks to you, app. Trying to get my friends ash and Geoff to do it too. I think it’d help them.


Not as good as I remembered

I used to have this when I was younger, and I could be remembering things wrong and it was a different app, but the problem m is that it wouldn’t allow me to change the drink at all, and only the button background worked. I would love if the you could fix this, since I would’ve loved that, and would change my review if you did
The only other problem, while being a minor one, was that the voices all said this app, and I thought that was annoying. It’s only a minor gripe though


Totally amazing cured me

I have severe alcoholism. My wife and kids fear of me when I return home from the bar. My wife introduced me to iBeer, and I have been drinking pixelated beer since. I’ve skipped rehab and focused on just this type of drinking. Cops have pulled me over and were amazed to find me drinking beer from my phone. I’m a new man but with the same morals. I love beer.



Once upon a time I was a little beta weirdo. Then I downloaded this app. Now I have a wife, two beautiful little girls, a golden retriever named scout, and a million dollars in crypto. Drinking these virtual beers has granted me entrance into the best social circles in the area. The other week I literally hung out with TRAVIS SCOTT because he saw me absolutely deleting a virtual beer and said “It’s Lit!” and then we made out. So yes. 10/10. this app.


beer me baby

the best app i’ve ever played—changed my life when i was at a truly low point. i was the most depressed i had been in my life, but discovering iBeer helped me get out of bed the morning. every day i’m excited to play beer me and show my friends so they can beer themselves as well. thank you so much to the lifechanging, quality engineers of this app.



Hello my name is Anthony Arch and ive been playing your game recently. Your game is so good and i love putting sick pranks on my parents and them falling for them. I cant believe that these sick pranks work on my mommy and daddy and i can’t wait to get them again. I love my step sis and i get her to. I’m so happy that you guys made this game and thank you so much. I’m drinking beer.



They should make it so you can blow out the candle. It’s really annoying how I can’t blow it out even when I try to really hard. If you want to make it seem like a real candle, you should have the ability to blow it out like a real candle!


This changed my life

Before iBeer my friends would always peer pressure me into drinking underage at party's but now that I have this I always have a drink but don't have to actually drink. Now I don't have to be drunk and high while I drive.


I love this app, but what to the original ???

This isn’t the the best one. I bought everything that was Hottrix. The this app, iSoda, iMilk, iBug, and those three monsters in the jars, but their all gone. What happened to them and will you ever bring them back ???

By the way, WHERE’S THE BURB and broken glass ???


Compatibility question

Hello, i am a big fan of iBeer and i love it. But there is one thing i would like for iBeer . I would like for iBeer to be compatible with iOS 6. I have a old iPod with that and want iBeer on my iPod.


I guess this is good

This can’t be for kids it’s nice tho there’s a lot of drink from your mobile also one I saw one called drink cocktail joke there is- also IChocolate this app is basically the same I like all of em 🤷🏿‍♀️



I got so drunk from iBeer I got on my roof in my under wear the fire department had to get me down and my wife left me and left the kids with me great app but I wished she would take the kids


Please don’t tell my mom

I am only 14 years old and I am an iAlcoholic. I wake up every day, go to school, and then at night I open up this app and get iHammered. Please don’t tell my mom.


It's great but....

It's a great game. My family loved it when I walked up to the table and was "drinking beer", but every time I refilled the screen, an ad showed up. It got very annoying. I know ads are how they make money, but it wasn't necessary to add them in 24/7.



Hi I like magic apps but this one gets the cake...So here’s my story. I was searching on my sisters tablet for a magic app and then I found this one. I wanted to download it but it said that I couldn’t download iBeer on the tablet. So then I got it on my phone and I COULD get iBeer . So I got it and I was so excited to drink some beer. So I opened my mouth and tilted my phone but...then it turned out it was a scam. PLEASE update this game or I will delete it right away. Thank you!



This game is funny because you have so many combinations on what to pick but I advise I not to buy the milks. They do not look like milk and it looks clear. and vodka is retarded, you need to fix that one.


Bottoms up

This is such a fun app when you can't drink a beer in that certain setting, you could always make somebody take a double take when you sipping on the suds.


Awsome needs one thing

At least one more drink you don't need to pay for other than that awesome made my entire family laugh


I can’t stop playing with this app🤩🤩

When I first found iBeer I was in love because you can pretend you’re drinking and it’s looks cool to try. Also my sister loves it too!


Great FUN!!

I found iBeer many moons ago with my first iPhone 3S and loved the fun of it!! Was happy to see it’s been kept up to date so others could also have with it too!



Love iBeer I used to use this when I was a kid on my iPod 3 now I'm using it on my iPhone, and it's much smoother, like it a lot but the ONE thing is the ads that's all that annoys me but very well made.



Excellent, just one flaw, there needs to be at least one more drink and noise that you do not have to pay for, other than that it's great.


Ads galore

Maybe iBeer was good back in the day before the ads. With an app that relies on the video quality for realism, it gets completely ruined by an add on the bottom of the screen. What’s the point of having a bigger screen on the cell phone if that space is just taken up by ad space. Did I just unknowingly pay for ad space? Me thinks I did.


Lol people actually believed it

It’s just funny to see people say “SCAM!” Guys it was just made to prank your friends and family. It’s so funny because my little brother beloved it and thought it was chocolate milk. XD


Original Purchase Not Upgradable!

Bought this couple years ago and forgot about it. Was at work and a coworker bought app, reminded me that I had bought it as well. When I brought app up, it says app needs to be updated to iOS 11. Well I bought it once, why would I have to buy it again. Even restore purchase doesn’t work! Ugh


Good clean fun to help get a party started

All the guys know that the party is about to start when I open iBeer! Always makes for a good laugh!!

Is iBeer Safe?

Yes. iBeer - Drink from your phone is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,670 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iBeer Is 45.9/100.

Is iBeer Legit?

Yes. iBeer - Drink from your phone is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,670 iBeer - Drink from your phone User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iBeer Is 62.8/100..

Is iBeer - Drink from your phone not working?

iBeer - Drink from your phone works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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