Yandex Go — taxi and delivery Reviews

Yandex Go — taxi and delivery Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-28

Yandex Go is an app to request rides, order food from restaurants or send items
across town. Request a ride or delivery with just a tap and track your driver in
real time. Never waste time again with another call center or parking
problem. • AFFORDABLE FARES Choose a service class for a...

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Reviews (24)


Yandex is worse than the Holocaust

They stole an item from me a few days after I returned to Russia, in October of 2018. I asked them to resolve it. They said they’d deal with it; but of course they didn’t. They jerked me off scores of times, when I was spending 83,000 rubles per month on their horrible service. I ended up renting a car long term; but I continued to use them; I still use them; I used it twice today. Every time I ask them about a problem, they promise (in writing) to contact me about the problem that they caused or created; but they never, ever, ever contacted me once, as promised. They break their written promise every single time. I don’t even complain every single time. but I have complained scores and scores of times about problems that they have; and they have told me-in writing, on every occasion-that they will get back to me; and they never-one time-got back to me. And no one I ever meet at Yandex will even discuss the subject. it’s a horribly run company; horribly, horribly run company. they lie routinely and it’s all on the record. The drivers are almost always perfect; but the software and customer service are far worse than the Holocaust.


Random charges and Terrible app use and customer experience

YandexGotaxianddelivery keeps failing to derive payment from Apple Pay. I had to finally install a credit card directly. Even then it would sometimes work and sometimes not. When I called my bank, thinking they might be the problem, they said they see changes coming through form Yandex, which they approve but the merchant keeps declining. Randomly I would see a charge appear stating I have balance due and I can’t use YandexGotaxianddelivery until I pay it off. Not having an alternative, I would pay the stated balance and write a note to customer service, who don’t get back for days, if at all. Also, YandexGotaxianddelivery often picks up incorrect “current location” for user. The estimated arrival timings for cabs are often incorrect. And above all, the shown estimated for requesting is cab is almost always less than what is actually charged by almost 30-50%! I feel cheated and I would never use YandexGotaxianddelivery if I had or knew of alternatives while visiting Moscow on a short trip.


The worst customer service ever

It doesn’t deserve even 1 star. I was charged wrong amount and I had to call customer service to get that charge adjusted. They couldn’t help me by phone so I sent request to a specialist. In a week I got an answer by email but it didn’t actually mean anything, it was not helpful, kinda “sorry for the inconvenience” but the price was not adjusted. So I called again, sent another request which was not answered at all. After all I called 3d time and asked to talk to a specialist or customer service manager. I was told that they don’t have that kind of service. What do you mean “don’t have”???? It’s ridiculous, they asked me to wait 2 more days for specialist to call me... and it’s been 2 weeks since I called last time. Bad bad bad ugly service!!!! I regret yandex bought Uber, cause Uber has better customer service for sure!


Cool app and service

YandexGotaxianddelivery rocks. The only thing I’d improve would be contacting the driver by phone; it doesn’t seem to work so well. But messaging the driver is an incredible and handy feature, made even better by auto-translate. Quick and efficient, with great drivers and the ability to know what you’re paying up front. Plus you can easily add a tip directly through YandexGotaxianddelivery if you liked the ride.


Ignorance of drivers during pandemic

I’ve been using Yandex for a while now and I’m really disappointed with the ignorance I see from the side of drivers during this pandemic. If I would not comment that I need from driver to wear a mask, then there’s a 99% chance that he wouldn’t. Even if I do write a comment there’s still no guarantee that the mask would be on. Sometimes drivers even take my polite request to wear a mask as an offense (I mean what is wrong with these people?). This can only mean ignorance from the side of the company itself. Hope my review wasn’t simply waste of my time.


Work great for our stay in Russia

If YandexGotaxianddelivery won’t process your Card or Apple Pay it’s because it can’t connect to the server. If you’re on WiFi it will connect and you can use the credit card or Apple Pay feature after the first connection. Also Iike the map feature to let you select pick up and drop off points without typing in the address. Came in very handy since I can’t type Russian. In all YandexGotaxianddelivery works great.


Payment service

Well, most drivers are cheapskates and withdraw a money without any apriori notice about it. So I had bad experience and impression about them. Yandex Is the worst Taxi service I’ve ever seen&gotten... The Company even did not react on my message and contact to me. I guess never try that service more and hope You will take security measures. Thank for attention.


Raising Prices

I will stop using this service since they have taken extra money from my account and claim they have returned it but I have not received anything back. This is completely unacceptable. The service also takes advantage of the prices. Sadly, the taxi’s parked outside waiting to pick up clients are cheaper now than ordering a taxi. The rate can change every second. It’ll show a high price and if you change the payment method, regardless card to card or cash, It’ll change the price. Sometimes, when you think you have a cheaper ride, it’ll kick you out and have you reorder.


Works with a credit cards in only about 50% cases

It is ok when it works. It does not work with credit cards on every level other day. And it happens when you are already riding in the taxi, switching payment method to cash - not cool at all. Same via Apple Pay. Test charges on credit cards appear just fine. Support is ignorant keep saying about not enough money on the account which is noncence for credit cards and since the just charged test charge few minutes before that.


Credit cards and fares

Beware if you’re not Russian: YandexGotaxianddelivery only accepts credit cards linked to Russian banks. If you link a foreign card (like my U.S. cards), it’ll tell you they’re linked for payment but then tell you mid-ride that the card doesn’t work and you’ll need to pay cash. So carry cash! Also, multiple times did the fare I was quoted shoot up by an extra couple hundred rubles mid-ride. This isn’t Uber/Lyft where they quote you a fixed price, so beware of that during rush hours, airport runs, etc.



YandexGotaxianddelivery is working very bad, you can’t see the car if it’s coming or not. App doesn’t show correctly your actual location and not shows right location of your destination. All the time drivers choose the longest way to your destination. Most of the drivers are from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. I had an episode when the driver was going the opposite way I needed and when I started to complain about it he blocked the doors and asked for more money. I wouldn’t recommend to use YandexGotaxianddelivery, especially for the girls that travel alone. It is simply dangerous!!!


Reliable! Easy! Great community

I spent 2 fantastic weeks in Minsk, Belarus with Yandex! YandexGotaxianddelivery is reliable! The drivers community is professional and delivers quality services. I had over 30 rides with Yandex business, and I rated all rides 5 stars, because it delivered 5 stars quality.



Promo codes are nowhere to be found, and that makes it slightly less expensive than a regular taxi. Maybe 10 percent. Taxi never arrives on time as YandexGotaxianddelivery often says 2-3 minutes when in reality it is almost 20 and cost states when booking a ride is not the same as what you will be charged by the driver. In fact it can be much higher. Couple that with the fact that you need to have cash, and actual small bills makes it no better then any other regular taxi. Fail


Don’t save your card in this app

YandexGotaxianddelivery is absolutely terrible. After a month usage, I discovered that a random phone number got attached to my account, with it’s ride history. Now I can’t delete my credit card info and can’t use YandexGotaxianddelivery . Emailed multiple times to support but no one replied. Also, it turned out they don’t have customer support number in Belarus. Which is ridiculous, because the company is crazy big and popular. Don’t trust then with your payment information ever


Great taxi app to use while traveling in Russia!

Yandex Go (formerly Yandex Taxi) is an easy-to-use app developed by Russians for use in Russia. Wouldn’t go anywhere in St. Petersburg, Russia without it. Prefer using an app developed by Russians than an “Anerican” app like Uber developed by low-paid H-1B workers from India. Yandex makes great products for Russia!


Worst app

So I payed with Apple Pay, and for some reason payment didn’t completed successfully, but I got information about from driver when we already started to drive. When I payed with Apple Pay it was 941 rub., so I payed 950 to taxi driver, as he does not have change (nothing new here, this is why I wanted to use Apple Pay). After trip, I’ve got an email that final trip price was 770rub., and when I was paying at the end of the trip, there were nothing there about the price.


Terrible option for international Travelers

I am an Indian national. As soon as I landed in St Petersburg, I downloaded the Yandex app and tried to register with my Indian cell phone, which did not work. After that, I bought a Russian sim card, and thankfully, YandexGotaxianddelivery started working. The problems didn't end there. I tried adding my Indian credit card(Visa), but the Yandex application failed to verify the card. It's been five days I have been trying to contact the support, but they don't seem to comprehend my problems, let alone solve them.


Best taxi service on this planet

I have used Yandex taxis a lot in Minsk and by far they have been way better than anything else I come across anywhere else on the planet. Please keep up the good work.


Modern day Russian roulette

After about 50 or more Yandex taxi rides, I can say there is about a 70% chance you will get a driver who has no regard for passenger safety. I’ve been in too many close calls over the years with these drivers. Things like rapidly weaving between lanes without a signal, speeding, trying to pass a car on the left and driving up on the sidewalk, near collisions, aggressive accelerating and braking are all commonplace. There are some good drivers and YandexGotaxianddelivery works decent though. I think Yandex needs to do a better job of vetting drivers. Or investing time in training the drivers they get who haven’t had a proper driving education. But until then, using Yandex taxi is a higher safety risk, if to benchmark taxi drivers in other developed global cities.


Great app overall!

The UI is very easy to use, and YandexGotaxianddelivery overall is one of the better taxi apps I have used! It helps if you don’t really know your way around the city so thank you to the developers for this!



YandexGotaxianddelivery is ok but I have a bone to pick with the newest feature added - it seems to be disallowing usage with vpn active. Every time I try to order taxi with apple pay it deadlocks by requiring user input on modal about “unsecure” (yeah, I’m gonna be judge of that) connection below apple pay modal, which seems to be waiting for modal. This suggests apparent lack of qa or maybe malicious intent. But I’m not even mad about that, but the fact that taxi app seems to have taken responsibility to police my connection on my own device? Yeah no, that’s a no from me dawg.


Stupid rerouting - lost flight

Dear developers, due to your app changing routes for the taxi driver I lost my flight!! The problem is that yandex maps used for routing taxi drivers doesn’t take into account the number of lanes on the roads. In my case YandexGotaxianddelivery rerouted the map because of a possible shortcut, but due to bottleneck on the road caused by one lane, the rerouted route appeared to be 20 minutes longer than initial! So make your app take into account number of lanes on the road!!!!


The worst service in Tashkent

I took Yandex taxi in Tashkent twice, first driver was alright but Yandex taxi app didn’t work properly and took us to a wrong location I got charged more. Second driver was horrible, he was driving like guys in action movies. Aggressive, reckless driving, driving in opposite way crossing 2 solid lanes, inpatient. Driving on speed bumps at 50 km. Such a Knucklehead. They should be deactivated right away. I don’t recommend to take this service. Don’t take that risk


Grear app!

I’ve never used taxi apps, so i have nothing to compare with. Anyways it’s nice and easy. You don’t have to tell driver the place where you’re going, you just mark it on map. 5/5!

Is Yandex Go taxi and delivery Safe?

No. Yandex Go — taxi and delivery does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 107,141 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Yandex Go — taxi and delivery Is 17.7/100.

Is Yandex Go taxi and delivery Legit?

No. Yandex Go — taxi and delivery does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 107,141 Yandex Go — taxi and delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Yandex Go — taxi and delivery Is 17.7/100.

Is Yandex Go — taxi and delivery not working?

Yandex Go — taxi and delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Yandex Go — taxi and delivery customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Yandex Go — taxi and delivery.

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