Bubble Level for iPhone Reviews

Bubble Level for iPhone Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-21

NEW and UNIQUE features and functionalities: 1. Classic water-level +
Object alignment 2. Angle measurement 3. Surface flatness 4. Metal
detection - detect wire inside the wall before drilling it 5. Inclinometer -
Also known as a tilt – meter; will help drivers duri...

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Bubble Level for iPhone Reviews

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    Best set of tools on any device

    As I downloaded this app I was prepared to feel indifferent towards yet another e-tool application on the iPhone, after all very few e-tool apps have given me much to get excited about. But this set of tools is simply excellent, both in form and function. Between the clean intuitive interface and the quality build, you won’t find a better execution in any other app. Just stop, hit the download button and forget about all the rest, you’ve found the app you were looking (hoping) for.

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    Awesome app

    I don't review much but I have to say how awesome this app is. I was building IKEA furniture and was afraid if it was leaning more towards the front. We had it anchored to the wall but it still worries me how it would hold up if it suddenly fell. This accurately showed how our level was. We were more leaning towards the back then front but within the bubble circle, so it's a great reference. I also used it on leveled surfaces to test and it is accurate. It nice that it beeps so you know what the best level is. Highly recommend!

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    Bubble and surface levels work great!

    I downloaded this to level may front load washer which is getting loud and walking across the floor. My real level is missing from my garage. Figures. This app allowed me to see if it was level using the bubble feature during my adjustments then I used the surface level feature with the phone placed in the center of the top of the washer to be sure. This app saved the day and a trip to the hardware store. Thanks!

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    More accurate level than the built-in app

    The built-in level that comes with the compass is great, but I really need better accuracy to tenths of a degree for leveling a large-ish fish tank. 1 degree over 4 feet is really noticeable. This Bubble Level app is pretty perfect. And even though I don’t have AR capability in my iPhone 6, all the other features are really well done. You can try it out or even keep it for free with ads, but I paid the 99¢ because I’m going to use this a lot.

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    Bubble level

    Can’t believe how much I use the bubble level. Thinking of keeping my phone in my tool box. HaHa. Travel a lot in my van that we sleep in. Use the bubble level to level the van when we park. Use all the levels from time to time. Please don’t screw it up with having to view a advertisement before I can use it. Thanks for this wonderful feature.

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    It seems to be a fun app. Not crazy about the plumb line. But it works ok. I tried the ruler portion of this app and found it to be way off. I had a 4 foot piece of countertop and measured it with this app. The app told me it was 79 inches long, not the 48 inches I knew it to be. Then tried it on my 36 inch stove top and it told me it was 58 inches wide. So the ruler may seem fun to play with you’re better off keeping a tape ruler with you because this can’t be trusted if you are depending on it when buying materials for a project because you’ll be buying twice what you need.

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    Useful And Just Darned Fun

    I think this is a must-have for any technoid geek... like myself. I get a kick out of the metal detector, which I take it is magnet-driven, hence, only useful for ferrous metals but it’s fun anyway. The graphics can’t be beat with this little gem of an app! The one thing I don’t like about it is the tones the metal detector play. What is that, a piano? Needs something that sounds a bit more up to date, in my opinion.

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    Incredibly useful app

    This is one of those utilities that everyone should have. Assembling furniture, leveling a RV, building a deck...this tool makes all of that just that much easier. we always carry our phone with us, but we don't always carry a level. Well, this makes that possible -- you can carry a level and have it when you need it.

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    Bubble level review

    Levels work great. Used with regular type level to verify the software accuracy and it was spot on. The camera distance measurement not so good. Haven’t figured out the workings of the metal detector yet. I have a treasure type detector and verified the accuracy wasn’t so good. However as a spur of the moment detector works fair cuz don’t have nothing else at the time.

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    Does a lot. Not for surveying but great tool

    This app does a pretty good job doing a lot of things. It’s not a contractor grade level, but the tools are really good for when you just have to be “pretty close”. Definitely worth it by if you find yourself looking for a tape measure or a level frequently. The augmented reality measuring tape is super cool, but only accurate to about 3%

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    Re-purchase restored the upgrade successfully

    I purchased remove ads. The purchase went through and was acknowledged and billed. The ads came back. The restore purchase just crashes. Update I heard from the developer, and re-purchased the upgrade. It worked this time, and I was not charged again.

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    Did exactly what I needed

    I picked this up so that I could ensure a frame was level before it was installed. It did exactly that PLUS it had a handy tone to indicate the frame was level. If you lose a perfect level the tone goes away so you know to reset before you continue.

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    Nice but needs calibration option

    Nice but needs calibration option Heads up to everyone- on ANY of these “Level” apps - any protruding buttons will interfere with accuracy. Also, on most cases the plastic thickness may very and can also make it off. This app has a nice look and interface. I like that they buffered the gyroscope unlike other apps where your reading is hyperactive. My one grip is that it lacks a calibration option. I tested its accuracy like you would a traditional level and it is off a little more than a half a degree. May not sound like much but that’s about 1/4” on and 8’ wall. The problem could be with my case - which is why it needs calibration - everyone’s cases will vary.

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    Like it, but one oddity

    I really like the Bubble Level but I find that when I use it and then touch release, it does not release by itself. I have to pick another level and then go back to Bubble Level so that I can start measuring my surface again. It is a bit annoying but, all in all, our use this app quite a lot and find it useful.

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    Awesome app. So useful. For all the people who are complaining about the ads: how much did you pay for the app?? Oh yeah, nothing. How do you think the developers get to feed their families? Everything costs money, either you pay for it up front or have to go through some ads.

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Is Bubble Level for iPhone Safe?

Yes. Bubble Level for iPhone is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 63,297 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bubble Level for iPhone Is 64.6/100.

Is Bubble Level for iPhone Legit?

Yes. Bubble Level for iPhone is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 63,297 Bubble Level for iPhone User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bubble Level for iPhone Is 64.6/100.

Is Bubble Level for iPhone not working?

Bubble Level for iPhone works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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