PlayStation App Reviews

PlayStation App Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-10

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PlayStation App Reviews

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    Not as good as it used to be!

    The app itself has grown as far as U.I. For example, the Playstation Store is now easier to navigate and find, such as most everything in the app, but I give it such a low rating because, for me, the past version of this app had two really important features that kept me using this app often. The first feature is the where it allows you to turn on and off your PlayStation while connected to the same Wi-Fi as your PlayStation. I used to always do this when I was too lazy to get up and turn it off while I was laying in bed on my phone, but now this feature is gone. Not only this, but another feature with the ability to text other players and friends is gone as well. They have another app for these features, but it would be such an inconvenience to download two different apps to do the same thing you used to be able to do in one app, and thus this justifies my rating of the app. One star for one feature plus one extra star for the importance of the features.

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    Not a bad app but needs improvements

    This app is good but it needs improvements like if someone invites you to a party, and you don’t have a mic to connect to your controller. This is a repeating problem, but with my suggestion. It’s to add a function of joining your friends party or heck even having a function even having a mic setting and yet you can’t use it. Here’s another improvement that I suggest, Make sure that if you get an invite to the party, you can actually join the party and chat not giving us the option to get a mic. No doing that., just makes it a waste of time. Do the most good thing and do it. Don’t leave the people without mics. Make sure that they get the best gift from you Sony. Do these improvements and you won’t have a BAD rating. That’s why I’m giving Sony and the PlayStation app, a 3.5 stars. If you do these improvements I’ll even give you a 5.5 out of 5 for making the best app. So without furthermore I bid you a farewell.

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    The PlayStation app has lots of good features and helps me know when to play on PC or PlayStation. The big problem is that for user that doesn’t use the PlayStation app very often I often find myself signed out of the PlayStation app every update! Is insanely frustrating because I would love to be able to talk with people that are messaging me through my phone instead of having to turn on the PlayStation but I have to sign in again and again and sometimes my password doesn’t even want to work on here. The worst part about the app is that it’s separated from the other two core features of PSN! Communities and messages are both part of separate apps where as with Discord there are no separate apps for different features. Even Xbox is better than PS in this area. The PlayStation app needs to be turned into one app not three, And the app needs to calm down with its security settings. I’m not hosting a US nuke control server via PlayStation... or am I?

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    Needs some work.

    I would have started at 4 stars and then given you 5, but I felt like you wouldn’t fix what I’m asking for. I think the UI is pretty good and works fine on iPhone X and I have few issues with it. BUT, there are 2 things I REALLY want changed and I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I think they would make the experience a lot better. 1.) On the PSN feature of the app, it is confusing to navigate. The part that is confusing is the back button. It is too hard to find and the X button kicks you out of PSN leaving you to start all over. This is annoying esp if you are shopping. 2.) I use the PS Communities app ALOT and I like to post photos. Offline! It would be nice if I could access my photo gallery from my phone, even if it meant being hooked up to WiFi and being in the vicinity of my PS4. Now, is that asking too much? If not, please change this. Thank you!

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    Poor quality

    When I first started using the PlayStation app it worked very well because I would only use it to check which of my friends were online when I was away. Now however I want to be able to look at what I have clipped on my PlayStation to be able to show people. But sadly that is not a feature on the PlayStation app. Another thing is that PlayStation makes 5 different apps (messages, second screen, vue, the actual PlayStation app and communities) when all these could just be one app. On top of this is have 3 of the above apps and every time there is a update I have to log back in on all 3 apps and go through 3 different spam tests which are just downright annoying. Finally when I go to access the PlayStation store I am taken to a website that for the most part is hard to work and confusing. In the end until Sony makes a better app that works well on iPhones and is all one big app I and many other users will be forced have limited use.

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    Review Update

    Update: Love the new update and pretty much fixed everything I had mentioned expect the streaming stuff which doesn’t matter cause I have the twitch app. Great UI, I’m very surprised by the new update. Old Review: The app design is great and all but the fact that the psn store is not built in is horrible, instead it directs you to the psn website in safari. I would like to purchase content from the app not log in to the website and buy games or dlc, makes no sense. Also the live from playstation feature can at least send you to the twitch, and ustream apps instead of the website. It would also be great to integrate ps3 and psvita content if they add a built in psn store. If they just fix those things I would give this app 5 stars.

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    Biggest joke ever

    I just bought an Xbox. After dealing with this terrible app that keeps getting split apart, it was an absolute joy using the singular Xbox app. It is fast, it works, it is comprehensive, and I can even join parties from my phone. The PlayStation app is a complete and utter joke. It barely works. It lags. Sony can’t even manage to put all of the functionality into one app, splitting it up into several. It is constantly making me sign in again. I swear to god, every third time I open the app I have to sign in. I have had to sign into the Xbox app exactly one time. Basically, Sony doesn’t know how to make an app. You might not think that’s a big deal, but think about it. If they can’t manage this, how well do you think they’re managing other things like security? Probably not well. Originally I got the Xbox only for backwards compatibility, but after seeing how many things Xbox does better than PlayStation, I am switching over entirely.

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    (Updated) Worked okay at first, completely bugged now

    Update: This app basically listened to me and many other who also made suggestions. As I said before, this app needs to be similar to the Xbox app but I believe they made a huge improvement beyond my expectations I have to say, it’s easy to use, clean, smooth, no more bugs, and an excellent app in general This app was working fine, even though it had its moments where it signs you out many times, now I can't even sign in anymore, i tap sign in, loads, and does not do anything. I believe they need to look at the Xbox app as a great example of a console app for your phone, everything is very clean and easy to function.

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    Sony secretly disabling ”Players you may know”

    The ”players you may know” functionality is no longer working, at least for me, both when using my ps4 & ps app in Europe. It used to always suggest around 40 people I might know but all of a sudden they all disappeared and now I’m hearing there isn’t anyone I might know. My guess is it has either something to do with the GDPR regulations being rolled out or with Facebook being under fire recently over privacy concerns (I’m assuming the ”Players you might know” feature worked using Facebook’s API in some way, and it’s now blocked) and having to bend on some policies to the European Union. It’s ridiculous a useful feature like that could go through I could best describe as a dark-deprecation in some regions and players aren’t informed it’s happening. It makes PSN and this app worse. Sony Twitter support wasn’t helpful at all and was elusive in their answers when asked about this. Shame.

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    Won't allow me to sign in

    I downloaded the PlayStation app because I recently switched from Microsoft to Sony. Since that day I have had a number of consistent issues. The first issue was my home screen on my system has a huge lag. This lag was so bad that it would freeze my system. After that Sony was going through a number of service issues. One of which it didn't allow me login to my account. I digitally downloaded all of my games so now I can't access any of my games because My account is linked to games. Then this whole time this app won't allow me to sign in but I can sign in on the web browser.🤷🏿‍♂️ so I have a few problems with Sony for the moment. They did fix the network issues but the app still won't allow me to sign in. The are you a robot prompt just keeps spinning. So the sign in button will not highlight. Please fix this issue I don't really like Microsoft.

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    Playstation app review

    Overall, the interface of the app is significantly better. It is much easier to navigate to different aspects of the PSN - friends online, messages, notifications, trophies, etc. There are some downsides to the new version of the app. There are aspects that have been lost from the previous version: 1) Trophy Review sorting: users can no longer organize trophy comparisons by date earned, rarity, & other aspects. This aspect of the previous version was awesome for users that enjoy trophy comparisons. 2) Trophy display (Plats): Plat trophies are no longer displayed by game titles. 3) Trophy display (totals): Users can no longer go further into a game's trophy breakdown to view total trophies for a game (i.e. 55/47 trophies collected -> 0/1 gold, 9/9 silver, 35/36 bronze, etc.) 3) Automatic updates to information: users, on many occasions, now have to pull down on a section to initiate an update. The previous version of the app did this automatically. 4) Recent notifications by user: Users can no longer review all recent notifications for a user by going to their PSN profile in the app. In the previous version, all recent activities were listed at the bottom of a given profile. - Ron

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    A functioning back button

    The app has a lot of issues. Some of issues can easily be fixed. I develop and work in apps for a living. Perhaps you should consider reaching out to professionals to improve apps functionality. Back button once in the store does not function as expected (do you have QE team??). This is a serious flaw. App store kart sometimes is not in sync with games selected. Buggy purchasing function. Overall end to end is buggy. It can be fixed or improved if Sony gave this light of day and invested in making the experience better. Until then, I am not recommending this app. What is the point of have 2 apps, one for messaging friends and other for shopping. Can this be packaged as one app. Xbox app is really well organized and functionality is really a good experience. Take a leaf from that page.

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    It honestly gets worst

    The app isn’t bad by any means but does require a major upgrade, one to where users can message friends within the app and turn your PlayStation on when not connected to the same WiFi when allowed by the ps4 user and iPhone which would be convenient when wanting to turn it on prior to getting home. What makes this app bad though is the layout what is it like seriously. The layout is plain out trash make it more new and something the users will actually want to click on and use. The app has some convenience but I’d had a better layout it would still be on my phone. That is really all just a few updates to how the app looks the make it smoother and better, also fix a few errors within the app and it has the potential to be a 5 star.

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    Notifications have become ADS

    I want to keep push notifications on to handle friend requests but now I get push notifications on my phone every day that say “you have a notification,” then when you go into it, it’s just a new banner in the feed. They are sending notifications now to advertise a sale or new game instead of when something actually happens. I’ll see the ads when I go into the app, so give me an actual reason to go into the app instead of click bait ways like “you have a notification,” and then there’s nothing. Make your communities better, make messaging better! Let me make a 10-sec video to send to people! Upgrade this thing! It’s also SUUPPER slow, so please fix that before you add stuff.

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    Not as good as it used to be.

    While the app has become easier to navigate I feel it’s because a lot of things were removed. For starters the messenger feature that was built into the app was great, now I need a whole other app for that. Second (and personally not that important to me) why can’t I turn my PlayStation on with my phone when connected to WiFi? Lastly what really bothers me is that now when I go into the ps store through the app I can’t buy or rent movies through it. That was so convenient for when I’m out and about and wanted to see what new movies were out on PlayStation. Now I’d rather just go to redbox. Like I said earlier they succeeded in making it look better but everything the app can do the console itself does better. I personally am deleting the app. Waste of memory.

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Is PlayStation App Safe?

Yes. PlayStation App is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 58,495 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PlayStation App Is 32.1/100.

Is PlayStation App Legit?

Yes. PlayStation App is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,495 PlayStation App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PlayStation App Is 32.1/100.

Is PlayStation App not working?

PlayStation App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Frank
Dec 20 2020

I wish I could tell how the app was. I used to, but the verification every 5 seconds, taking 10 minutes to send the text, then sending the wrong code every time is irritating. I mean it's an app, not a fucking fort knox break-in simulator. I thought the point was easily checking things out. I'd rather waste my lunch break driving home and checking.

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