WJR-AM Reviews

WJR-AM Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-02

About: Never be without your favorite radio station. WJR-AM is proud to present our
OFFICIAL radio app.

About WJR AM

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WJR-AM is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app.

Never be without your favorite radio station.

Listen to us at work, home or on the road.


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Key Benefits of WJR AM

- Provides informative news and updates on Michigan

- Allows users to listen to WJR radio station from anywhere

- Features a variety of radio show hosts to choose from

20 WJR AM Reviews

3.2 out of 5



Finally WJR pulled the trigger and made "WJRAM "! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Nice an easy one touch to listen app! Hey even the voice of the Great Lakes can be heard everywhere I go up north and places unknown!! Works great on 3GS and iPod Touch!

EDIT: well after having WJRAM for a couple of weeks, here is an update... WJRAM is kind of like a motorcycle, it takes a couple of kicks to start it... i'm sure it will be fixed soon? I HOPE! It will eventually start, but it takes a couple of time in/out of WJRAM to "get'er'going"..... as of now I still use app: WunderRadio because it starts the stream a lot quicker..... but i wanted a designated WJR app for the one touch listening ..... (problem persists on wifi/3g/edge)

will bump IT BACK TO 5 STARS once the update fixes startup.....


Ads overriding program

I don’t understand why they have more ads then they already have on the radio. Frank will start to introduce someone and an ad overrides him and takes a bit to stop. It’s annoying, I’ll have to find a little radio to listen with🙄 I deleted WJRAM before but thought I would give it another try today -still bad

Reading other reviews I will add that they must have fixed the problem of it turning off when phone goes to sleep, currently my phone is asleep and it is still playing on my blucube.


Good most of time...

Tends to drop more than you’d expect. Delays too long when I move away from wifi requiring switch to cell data. Usually have to swipe it off and relaunch. Relaunch forces listen to sponsor ad. Over and over. Annoying when listening to an interview and miss important info trying to reestablish link. Seems a bit temperamental .



I agree, I tune out wjr because of so many long commercial breaks. I can set my watch when the commercials will start. Frank is given just a few minutes to interview then has to break for traffic and weather, which is just an excuse for more commercials . I know radio is free for us, but so are the other stations. Stop being so greedy and give us back a good talk show. Remember JP!!!


Works great, light on features.

I'm not encountering any of the issues previously mentioned. WJRAM boots up quickly, doesn't crash, and runs in the background so other apps/functions can be used.

However, it would be nice if WJRAM included the ability to see the on-air schedule, and be notified when selected shows are beginning.


What’s the point of this app?

WJRAM is used by me to listen to this news station when I can’t listen to the radio. It shuts off when the phone goes to sleep, sometimes it loops commercials and doesn’t get back to the broadcast, the online site is asking for more personal information before it will allow you to listen. I don’t know if this is a WJR issue or a Cumulus issue either way if it doesn’t get fixed I’m going to continue to listen to other networks.


Always honest and up to the minute info.

There’s no better way to stay informed on everything Michigan. Everyday I learn something that really matters to my life. Can’t imagine a morning without Smith, Beckman and Rush. No spin, always a positive, proactive outlook. Listen every day.


Recent update makes app useless with Bluetooth speaker

After the recent update, if you’re listening via a Bluetooth speaker, the audio stops when your phone screen goes to sleep (about 15-20 seconds for most).

Additionally if you’re listening via Bluetooth and switch to another app on your phone - again the audio stops until you go back to WJRAM .

Please fix. This issue pretty much renders WJRAM useless.


Number 1 radio station

There's nothing better than being able to listen to WJR wherever I go! Not a single other radio station across America could top it. Shoutout to all my radio show hosts from Frank Beckmann to Michael Savage. We support you all!


WJR Detroit

Glad to have this as it has been blocked by AT&T, I need the local new when I travel. I cannot figure out how to increase the volume. Network error message comes up everytime I start app. but meanes nothing?


Terrible, ads Like crazy

App will not play unless you leave it open (not in background). Then when you reopen you just watch the 30 second commercial again. Complete joke. Deleted.

Update - Dec 2019 - tried again hoping WJRAM would have been improved. iPhone XS Max. App played 3 commercials then froze. What a joke. Others say same is common. WJR YOU ARE MORONS. Now I’ll never be back. I refuse to turn your station on because you app is a scam.


Unreliable App

WJRAM does indeed allow you to listen to WJR, but will unexpectedly quit, open WJRAM Store, and allow annoying pop-up messages on your iPhone screen. WJR needs to stop this from happening. Strangely, upon opening the listener gets subjected to uninterrupted ads for 30 or more seconds, but WJRAM can't provide the same reliability when listening to an on-air show.


Need to Reinstall with IOS5

People you need to problem solve your issues, just don't go around writing bad reviews. If WJRAM isn't working with your new iPhone update, simply delete WJRAM and reinstall - problem solved!


Needs Updating!!

WJRAM is fine if just want to listen to WJR live on the go. However, I'm most interested in being able to listen to each day's station host intereview's via podcast. In particular I want to hear all of the Frank Beckman's show interview's each day via WJRAM . You can do this on the WJR website, why not WJRAM ?

Please Update with current content!!


iOS5 Broke it - Tech Support Fixed It!

Not only is it a terrific app, the tech support is great. Installing iOS 5 broke both of my AirKast apps on both my iPad and my iPod touch. AirKast tech support had me delete, reboot and reinstall, and all is well again.


Only plays when it's active on the screen

WJRAM works great but I can't use my phone for anything else when I'm listening. As soon as I switch to another app (like checking email or sending a text) the feed stops. This makes WJRAM useless for me.

Please add multitasking so I can actually use this to listen to WJR.


Lister after iOS 4 install

Seems to work well. The only thing I notice was that the screen persisted on the horizontal mode. No shaking or slow shift would change the view.


Candy crush ad takes control

When opening WJRAM , you’re treated to an ad. The Candy Crush ad won’t show the X to close it except for one split second after the ad ends. Then it automatically opens WJRAM Store which fails because of my settings. There is no way to close WJRAM Store failure without closing the WJR app.


Worst radio app ever

WJRAM randomly stops playing then you have to listen to ads for 30 seconds before you can listen to the program you are trying to listen to. Im sick of the ads you have to listen to ads already from the programs taking a break. Fix this crappy app.


Crashes Often

It's nice to have the station but it crashes a lot, audio stops steaming after only about a minute of playtime. I have to constantly open WJRAM when the audio stops and press stop on the stream and press play again in order to restart the audio. It is almost unusable.


Used to work fine...

I loved WJRAM when if first came out, but after most recent update it crashes/pauses often. Can I revert back a version? Thx


Need to register? Really?

For the last month or two, WJRAM has allowed only registered users to use it. I DON’T WANT TO REGISTER! I have enough sites, etc. tracking me and I won’t allow them to. I often just want a convenient way to listen to the shows but now I can’t, at least not on WJR. If you are interested in picking up some of the shows elsewhere, you can still use the KSFO app, they have a SKIP button on the registration page. You can get Rush, Sean, Savage, and Levin there, sorry WJR, I won’t be listening to your ads......


Endless Commercial Loops

Often, though not always, upon startup or after pausing, WJRAM will simply play an endless loop of commercials, promos and public service announcements. For example, I tune in at 5:00 pm to listen to Mitch Albom and have waited literally 25 and 30 minutes for the program to start; and not from the beginning, but 25 and 30 minutes into the show. I realize that Cumulus has little interest beyond revenues. But this is pitiful.

Is WJR AM Safe?

Yes. WJR-AM is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WJR AM Is 66.1/100.

Is WJR AM Legit?

Yes. WJR-AM is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11 WJR-AM User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WJR AM Is 81.4/100..

Is WJR-AM not working?

WJR-AM works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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