Wimbledon 2021 Reviews

Wimbledon 2021 Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-20

The Official iOS App for The Championships, Wimbledon, the only tennis Grand
Slam on grass. Live from the All England Lawn Tennis Club, London. The
Championships, Wimbledon runs from 28 June to 11 July 2021 with qualifying
starting from 21 June. This app will cover the build-up, qualif...

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Wimbledon 2021 Reviews

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    Lorie Lavrich

    I am very pleased with ESPN’s coverage from Wimbledon. I like the commentators and enjoy their comments on the different players. I’ve enjoyed every match I’ve seen and I commend the players for being so gracious with their opponents win or lose. I only saw one player show rudeness when she lost her match. Never spoke to the gal that won and left the court without waiting to walk off court with opponent. Being disappointed with a loss has to be frustrating, however, that’s no excuse for being disrespectful to an opponent and acting unprofessional by representing the best tennis players at Wimbledon. Besides practicing tennis on the court, I believe she needs to practice her behavior, her manners and learn to be a real professional. 🇺🇸

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    My Wimbledon Experience.

    Boy what a time I had to finally fulfill a life long dream of making it to Wimbledon to was tennis at the classic All England Tennis Club where stars are born and legends live forever. Even more special was me getting to see my tennis heroine Serena Williams G. O. A. T play on Day 1 of the championships. I had the time of my life walking the grounds shopping for Wimbledon souvenirs while bumping into friends who made the journey as well and sharing a cold drink, strawberries & cream, laughing and reminiscing about all things tennis. I simply loved it. I got to see why Wimbledon is prestigious amongst players and those that come from far and near to watch. I’ll be BACK......... 🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧🎾🇬🇧

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    Thank. God. Wimbledon did not go the way of the Australian Open and French Open apps, which I believe switched away from IBM this year. Whatever they did (last year too) they have fielded absolutely disastrous and unusable apps. They were so bad I had to delete them off my phone. It’s embarrassing how bad they’ve been. It’s not always been like this. But thank the lord, Wimbledon still presents a terrific app that’s easy to use and navigate. has no glitches I can, is well designed and connects easily to their live radio feeds. Thank you, Wimbledon for as usual being the class of the field.

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    Video problems

    Almost all videos over one minute do not load either on my iPad or Mac Book Pro. Sometimes, the header will finally arrive after 10-15 min. But there is no video following. Therefore, I have missed all the Highlights of Matches videos except those for the first couple of days. All the rest, the radio coverage, organization of the site, has been great. Accessing videos for past days would also be good, in case one misses a day. Thank you for the opportunity to Comment.

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    So many basic issues

    App looks flashy and sleek, but there are so many basic glitches that make it incredibly frustrating. Hard to load anything if your service isn’t perfect or connected to fast WiFi - would be really easy to create a low-speed mode that just gives you access to basic live scores. Often when you’re scrolling down the order of play, it will bring you right back to the top without notice. If you’ve scrolled down a bit, then change apps, then come back, the whole app has to restart again. Really easy fixes that I’m surprised were overlooked considering how long this app has been around. I attended Wimbledon this year and there was hardly any interplay with the grounds and the app.

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    Don’t like the new notifications. It forces you to go into the app. Once in the app if you have several players playing you aren’t sure which one the notification was for. Last year the notifications provided the status of the players for immediate review and didn’t force you to go into the app to try to figure out which player the alerts was about. Thx.

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    Alerts don't work

    I really like this app (apart from the player alerts not working). My favorite feature is that the home screen gives the time at Wimbledon and where I live (Florida) which makes makes life much easier! It's a pain to have to constantly "translate" the time. I wish other tournament apps would do this! Another reviewer had a problem with the schedule. Not sure what the problem is because I see the each day's schedule the afternoon before. Now if they can just get the player alerts working!

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    Pokey, stalls

    Tis a poor show of IBM’s prowess that the app is achingly slow to load, update, and respond. It feels designed mainly to drive people at the event to buy product; surely the number of users who aren’t at Wimbledon must vastly outnumber those on premises yet it seems only the latter are the focus. Which is just weird. Every time I go to it (which is always when I have no access to ESPN or other saner means to check scores of schedules, I gird my loins, get sad, and then think for the hundredth time, crickey, if this was the best I could do and I were IBM, I’d take my name off it for fear of shareholder revolt. I’d have given no stars but the poor design (sigh) doesn’t offer that option. JUST GET THE JOB —SCORES AND SCHEDULES—RIGHT AND THEN YOU CAN HAVE SOME FUN.

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    Horrible design and functionality

    What a usability disaster. From the home screen, it's just a hot mess. Tiles and labels are unclear, navigation is nonsensical. Its organization is thoroughly unintuitive. As to functionality, player updates have never worked for me. Also, why is the Draws area showing results from last year rather than this year's bracket (announced days ago, readily available elsewhere)? And unlike other slam apps, the draw layouts don't show what the next match-up is, just a listing -- very frustrating and stupid. Poorly done. Only gave two stars because it's the only game in town, and at least you can find results (after too many clicks).

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    The worst app (again!)

    This review was written in 2016, but they have done nothing to fix the app since the. If anything, the app is slower than ever!!! --- This has to be a contender for worst app design in history. Such a confused mess of swipes, taps, hidden screens, etc. Should I swipe up on the home screen? The app really wants me to, but all that's there is news articles with one line teasers and a ton of wasted space. Or should I swipe right into "news?" Wait, why is there a separate need area… wasn't already seeing a news feed of some kind? Or do I swipe left into Live? Seems reasonable, unless you've already swiped up into the first news feed, in which case you'll have to swipe all the way back up to the top in order to swipe either left or right. Or maybe I should click on the random grid icon in the upper left? Wow, looks like there's a completely different app with a totally different (and possibly better) navigation design in there. Seriously, what is going on with this app?

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    Thank you

    I've so appreciated this app while away without the Telly. I've listened to Federer and Venus matches and felt so on the edge of my seat, like radio in th olden days, and then brought back to modern times by visually checking the scores point by point as they occur. I LOVE this app, keeping track of my favs, reading up on the latest, and switching from one possibility to the other. From. 75-year-old American Granny!

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    Alerts don't work and doesn't update the score

    This app 2 years ago was great. On the scores and results screen there was a refresh button you could press if you didn't think the scores were refreshing. Nowadays, there is no refresh button and the app hardly refreshes. I have to constantly completely exit from the app for it to refresh. I also have lots of players that I follow and that I want to get notifications about but the app for some reason now refuses to send me notifications. Other than these two things the app is fine but these things are essential when using the app.

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    It's an amazing app. Tells you when all the games are, when and where a certain game is being held. It helped me with my time to make sure I see a match with a certain person in it. The game also give you a list of the tennis players so you can see their ratings and their games. I love this app and if you like tennis I strongly recommend that you get this app! 😁 🎾

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    Love me some tennis

    This app makes it easy to stay connected with every bit of Wimbledon every year, especially with the mobile access to Wimbledon radio. I’ve used this app every day of Wimbledon, every year since 2012. On thing though, when you’re playing Wimbledon radio and pause it, you can’t resume play on that channel (bug?) until you close the app completely and go back in fresh.

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    Simply Awesomeness!!

    It has been fabulous to pick favorite players and then get alerts when they are about to play and updates on their scores. To be able to listen or watch matches within the app is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the development of the app for tennis fans everywhere. (Especially you, Will) ;) So well done!!!!

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Is Wimbledon 2021 Safe?

Yes. Wimbledon 2021 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 43,987 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wimbledon 2021 Is 81.1/100.

Is Wimbledon 2021 Legit?

Yes. Wimbledon 2021 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 43,987 Wimbledon 2021 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wimbledon 2021 Is 81.1/100.

Is Wimbledon 2021 not working?

Wimbledon 2021 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Linda Mclean
Jun 30 2021

Why when I open "scores" on the app is there a message saying
"There are no matches in play currently," when there are several matches in progress. Having to use another sports app. Two days in, not impressed, I'm afraid.

By Valerie Palmer
Jun 25 2021

My Samsung smart phone uses Android but I cannot download the Wimbledon App since it is incompatible with my phone. Perhaps the phone is now too old. My friend and I have been entering the Wimbledon ballot for several decades and will both be 80 next year so perhaps we are also too old to buy tickets! I have read all the rules and find we must have the tickets downloaded onto both our phones to obtain entry. My friend also has an old mobile phone. I am disappointed that Wimbledon has taken this course of action which seems to be against the old loyal supporters. Is ageism creeping into Wimbledon now?

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Wimbledon 2021 to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  4. If you are a Wimbledon 2021 customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Wimbledon 2021.

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