ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Reviews

ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

ICQ is a messenger for those who are always online. • Voice and video
calls In order not to spend money on the phone, make calls via ICQ: make calls
via voice and video, with a large group or one-on-one. • Stickers Why write
when you can send a sticker? ICQ offers suggestions based on...

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ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Reviews

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    Few issues

    This app has been great! I like that it easily pairs up with the desktop version of the program. I have only found the issue that I’ve needed to reinstall it because of problems with message notifications. I have also recently found the problem where I am unable to look up more than one thing when doing a search through a chat. I’ve only been able to search one item, get the results, and then I can’t search anymore.

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    Was disappointing.

    My husband & I are currently in a long distance relationship & have been looking for a good forum for video calling. We’ve used Duo but I want something else bc I don’t like to support Google. Also we had tried Tango in the past but he seemed to remember us having some technical problems. We are usually good at navigating around new apps, but trying to navigating ICQ turned out to be confusing & frustrating. For example, we’d press a ‘button’ thinking a certain action was going to happen but a totally different one would. Also the sound had a significant delay & echo (we’re only a few states apart, not a few countries) which meant I heard everything I said twice. Finally we got annoyed enough to not want to continue & deleted the app. I think we’ll just head over to Skype.

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    Please, update your app that supports Tor, VPN, that only uses the latest form of TLS, and eliminate HTTP pure text, or badly outdated “security” features, that still uses SSL, or plain text, vs TLS encryption. The same applies as to why OpenPGP isn’t included by default in email, or the same direct perfect forward secrecy between connections. I understand offering ads, makes no issue or problem, and so long as they use “safe” annoying pop ups and stuff. So long as ads would qualify to the “safe” ads that are easily approved and allowed by any half decent content blocker. I grew up using ICQ, and would gladly jump back towards using ICQ only, if those security holes were fixed and removed.

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    5-star app

    I want to use an app with my husband, families and best friends only. My friend referred this lovely app To me. So far, it works very well. A lot of free cute stickers and I can have private space as well. I hope it can keep protecting the privacy of the chat and account. The only problem is the contact list with an “invite” button in the main window. I have to try best every time to avoid inviting since I want to keep it private. Any tips?

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    Love ICQ

    Best messaging app I’ve had yet! The only suggestion I have is in the stickers when the “N” shows up there should be a new section so it’s easy to see what’s been added, not just the trending. Also maybe an ICQ section so we know specifically what ICQ has put out. Now that everyone can do stickers it’s a bit overwhelming and I loved the ICQ ones that I feel I’m missing out on now! Still love this app though!!!!!

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    ICQ remains the best chatting app ever, you can logging on any devices and your chat history will be there unlike other app. You have to backup other app if you really want your past messages history. I think they need working on the Availability of users to determine if user want you to know if they’re online or not. They use to have but not anymore which is not fine.

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    I love the app

    The only thing that I would change is blocking. When you block someone it’s completely removed from your chats, but the can still see the messages and videos. I think it should be completely removed from their chat as well. Just a thought.

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    Does not work on iPad Pro

    Very disappointing. Wanted to switch from Duo and IMO to ICQ but couldn’t for the heck of it made it work on my iPad. Latest iPad, latest iOS! When opening, it had a very thing active strip masking the access to the app, which I finally realized was some writing to link to the Privacy Policy and at the very bottom an accept button. Pressing it, swiping it, nothing let me get past it. .... Deleted and reinstalled, no changes. So I guess I’m stuck with other apps that at least work. P.S. is everybody aware that this is maintained and owned by a Russian Company?

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    Please Fix Notifications

    Hi! I love this app use this app every day but I would love it if you made it so the badges (the red thing that shows you how many notifications you have) went past 1,000. The limit is 999 and I wish it could show me how many notifications I have because I have more than 999

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    Make the app Apple Watch compatible!

    Love the app, just wish it was compatible with Apple Watch. Would be awesome to be able to get notifications on my watch. I use to but they stopped when I recently updated to iOS 12.4. Would be even more awesome if it was watch compatible, not only received notifications but also have the ability to respond thru the watch (much like regular texting).

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    ICQ is better than WhatsApp

    I know how good iCQ is. It shouldn’t hurt just to ask. I have been very familiar with the colorful chat room that ICQ is known for other than being a true messenger. It is better than the long defunct Yahoo and the overrated AOL Messenger. You can find friends and create groups for a private chat session.

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    It's really good but....

    I have the filters, and it says voice changer how do I do that there is no help me button and a random person texted me saying something totally in appropriate and I'm only 10 years old can you fix this not allowed to contact you can you give me a straight answer as a reply Not family friendly part: People not pointing fingers send pictures of dicks and that stuff

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    Update problem

    Please....ICQ Updates to much on iPhones...We iPhone users are suffering From the update....Imagine your business partner writes You and you wanna reply him or her....You can lose The opportunity Because of this update so please try and fix it up for we iPhone users

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    How is it possible?

    ICQ was much better 10 years ago. So many unique features have been deleted to add such bs as stickers, etc.. at 1 time you could have multiple identifies under the same account.. you could sign on in invisible mode.. you could then select who could see your status and control who would message you.. sometimes it was nice to just sign in to see what's going on without everyone on your contact list knowing you are online.. bring back the good old days

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    Update video player

    This app is very good for chatting and making group. The only issue is the video player. You can’t forward, pause or backwards the video. This feature is available in any basic video player. I don’t understand why it isn’t available for ICQ. I hope to see it soon.

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Is ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Safe?

Yes. ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 38,567 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Is 71.6/100.

Is ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Legit?

Yes. ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 38,567 ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling Is 71.6/100.

Is ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling not working?

ICQ: Messenger & Video Calling works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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