Kobo Books Reviews

Kobo Books Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-12

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Kobo Books Reviews

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    I shouldn’t have to work so hard to read.

    I am used to scrolling up and down when I read. I read for a couple of hours every evening and I am now, exclusively, a e-reader. The look of the pages and the setting options are all great. They give you an option to mark your book as finished, which I really like. The ONLY thing I don’t like is the page turning process. You tap right or left to turn the page forward or back. The problem is you tap to move forward and you are back at the beginning of the chapter you just read. There’s no fast forward, you have to Tap to turn each page. Even when I pay very close attention, it’s still happening and I can’t figure out why. I’m a fast reader, I can read at almost 500 words a min... if I can get to the correct page. Even though I really like everything else about this application, I won’t be using it again. It very distracting and just way too much work to just read a book. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, I’d appreciate feedback. If I can get this resolved, I’ll gladly use this e-reader!

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    I like to listen to books while I fall asleep and I always set a 30 minute sleep timer. One time it turned off and I thought “that couldn’t possibly be 30 minutes already” and when I looked, it was still counting down. It had only been 15 minutes. I tried to press play to start the audiobook again and it would play for a split second then pause again. Over and over I tried it but would only ever play a split second until I fully exited and closed the app and restarted. If that isn’t happening then sometimes it ignores the sleep timer all together. 2 nights in a row it didn’t stop after the 30 minute sleep timer. I woke up hours later and my audiobook was still going. The first time it happened I thought maybe I did forget to set the time but the second night I KNOW it was set. It has happened at least 2 other times since that back-to-back night. I can always scroll back to where I last remember but it’s kind of a pain to be woken up because my audiobook can’t obey a sleep timer.

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    You just added 30-50 years to my life

    This book just saved me from a big mistake! I was scheduled for angioplasty and a stent. If that failed I would need a coronary artery bypass. After reading only part of the book I changed my diet to a high nutrient low carb diet. I lost 3 pounds. My glucose went from 247 to 123.9 . And l’m taking about 8 units of lantice less/day. This is in the first three weeks of the diet. I’m walking 2-5 miles/day and I’m feeling GREAT. No pain, shortness of breath, or Angina. I guess the only person that is going to die is my cardiologist from embarrassment. I’m 70 years old and my cardiologist is younger. I personally plan to urinate on his gravestone on the tenth anniversary of his death!! I truly hope he lives a very long time!!!! THANK YOU for saving my life!!!! The book was worth thousands of times more than I paid for it. Sincerely Jerry O.

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    not great, to be honest

    Not terrible, but not great either. - takes a good number of taps and navigating to make notes or to find then - options to change fonts, line spacing and margins is limited (unlike on my h2o, where there are a lot of options) - background color choice is very limited, and text color cannot be changed - bugy: i get notified that i have opened my book on another device when i know i have not. another time my book got marked as read half way through without me intending to do it. and a couple of suggestions: - how about a setting that would allow the reader to keep page numbers regardless of font size. say a particular book is 200 pages in print. i would like the option to have those pages marked on my e reader as well. this 100% system of marking progress is really clumsy. - i would also like the option to read while holding my device in a way that my finger rests on the screen without highlights or notes or other helpful things popping up. there could be a way to activate and deactivate it easily - say by long pressing in one corner of the screen, and while activated, the device would only react to a gesture to turn the page, which would be elaborate enough so it would not be activated by accident... - changing font size would be nicer using buttons to incrementally increase/decrease. the current slider is clumsy and not as effective. doubt this will be read or considered by a human, but on an off chance.. good luck!

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    Great customer support

    I had an issue for signing in and I read other reviews saying something similar. I decided to contact the support via chat window. Unlike many of the customer support of other apps or online stores, a guy named Arturo knew what he was talking about. I described my issue and he immediately pointed out what I’d have to do. It had something to do with the unclarity of sign-in options on the screen. The App designer definitely needs to make it more visible. You need to sign in by specifying what you originally signed up with. There is a small text below sign in boxes saying “more sign in options”. If you click on that there was a long list of different options. After going through that, there was no problem. Thanks again, Arturo!

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    Not Good Enough Alternative to Kindle

    All the books I bought from Sony when they ran an ebook store got moved over to Kobo, so I downloaded this app to read a book. The app just is not that great. There are great ideas here, but the execution is terrible. The good thing I like about it is the reading stats which are compelling. The layout of the app outside of reading is also pretty good and useful. But, all of this is lost because of usability issues. The app cannot keep sync at all. I will read on my iPhone and come back to my iPad to find that the Kobo app on my iPad is still stuck where I left off on the iPad. Sometimes, the app syncs and brings me to where I actually am, but it doesn’t happen much. Though the app shows me the percentage of how far I am in a book before I enter the book, there’s no indicator in the book itself. All that I see are pages in the section/chapter that I am in. There’s no way to see how far I am in the book itself while I am reading. The layout options when reading are woefully lacking. I want to like Kobo because I think there should be an alternative to Kindle, but Kobo has a ways to go before this can even come close to being a decent alternative. All of this is strange because the Libby app from Overdrive (which is own by Rakuten, who owns Kobo) is a fantastic reading app that has none of the issues that the Kobo app does.

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    Kobo is my favorite reader for use on the iPad

    I like how the Kobo app works, especially the way folders can be used to sort books. Now the app on the iMac allows better search options. It is also easy to go back and forth to keep Plaintext notes on my iPad. I also like how it is set up to easily give a review of the book when I finish. Improvements? It would be nice to have an archive folder for books I have read and probably won't revisit. It would be such that the all folder still shows all, but if I want to edit my books-read folder, it would let me go to the all listing minus the archive ones. As it is now, as my library gets bigger, it gets clumsier to use.

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    App glitches

    If you have a lot of annotations the boom will take forever to load. On top of that all my annotations are some how filed under the “contents” section of my book and not the actual chapters. It doesn’t track where I am in my book in the contents tab. I’m about four chapters in and the red check continues to show that I am on the first page. I also don’t like how true page numbers aren’t available. It only tells you what page your on within the chapter. Not what page your on within the whole book. Page numbers are very important how am I suppose properly quote the book if I don’t know the page number? This app doesn’t have a dictionary built in It seems like a pretty useful feature to have especially for an ebook app. In my opinion you’re probably better off using Apple Books. Small glitches are fine but when you have several of them it gets annoying and Apple Books offers more features anyway.

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    Works awesome!

    So I have to admit that I was a little scared off by the low rating (three-star rating is pretty harsh) but figured hell, it’s free - why not give it a shot. Well, it works awesome! Logged in quickly and easily, all of my Kobo books were there - good to go! The instructions on how to flip pages in it was a little overboard bc every other reader out there works exactly the same way, so...duh? But I’m also a Millennial who grew up with this stuff, so I’m not going to be thrown off by simple technology, whereas maybe someone else would be. *shrug* Anyway, loved it - glad I downloaded it and gave it a shot! Kobo is an awesome store that treats its authors right, so I’m happy to support them however I can.

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    Love the books but app is so so.

    Audiobooks in particular can be problematic. I belong to the audio club but find myself frequently frustrated with the app which hasn’t a way to flag & doesn’t do a decent job of tracking where I am. The controls are sensitive & suddenly shift back or forward when I move because something has brushed the screen. I listen to audio so I can do things while reading so this is very irritating. The text capabilities are better with flags & search capabilities but I have trouble making the annotation capability work & usually give up in frustration. Bottom line, I love Kobo; belong to VIP & audio clubs; but app itself could be improved.

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    Better than Kindle

    I have been a long time Kindle user. I feel Kindle is not made for readers. The Kindle restricts you from changing the formats. Kobo focuses more on the readers’ unique reading style. No two Kobo is the same. This is in the app and Ereaders. If you reorder the letters Kobo, you would have book. That tells you a lot about the company that name itself using the letters in book. They are tailoring to readers. They don’t have other products, just creating unique reading experiences for each reader. Try its ereader as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Books Kobo

    Kobo is a bit cheaper than some other audiobook subscription survives. I began reading Anne of Avonlea as an audio book and the audio is good enough, kobo has an easy to use design and I like that they show you how far you are in the book by a percentage below the title/cover icon. However, I also realized that when I got Anne of Avonlea when I clicked through to the audio display, the cover of the book is blurry for some reason, not so much that I couldn’t see the art or title but enough for it to ruin the aesthetic of the cover. I don’t know if this is a problem w the app itself or not but it makes it look kind of cheap tbh. That’s why I’m giving this three stars, not amazing but also not too bad. I can’t complain too much as it is cheaper than audible

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    Misleading “unabridged” audiobook descriptions

    My son has a learning/reading disability and really needs audio narration to accompany his reading (he reads along while the book is being read aloud). I can no longer read aloud to him due to medical issues/surgeries, leaving me with a severe speech impediment and pain after prolonged speaking. Audiobooks have been an incredible help for him. Came across Rakuten/Kobo and purchased one audiobook which was fine, but our second purchase - the book details listed “unabridged”. Turned out that the “audiobook” was just a radio show performance and was not the full book - it was just the dialogue and skipped over the majority of the book. Worse part - found out that the radio performance of the book is available online on public archives?!? The book details and description this app/company used was incredibly misleading - feel cheated.

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    Would be 5star if not for the typos in every book!

    The app is easy to navigate and instinctive to use. My only problem is that EVERY book I’ve downloaded so far has contained a large number of typos- far more than should be expected. I’ve checked some of the books on other platforms and these don’t appear on them so must be down to the way that the material is scanned in? Other than that though, the choice, availability and price of material is comparable to its rivals, while not being limited to particular devices or platforms which is a great bonus as I can read when and where I like, picking up where ever I was on whichever device I use

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    Good but not great

    I'm a long time Kobo reader and am seeing two weaknesses in the iOS app. First, there is no way to see where you are in a book page wise. Yes, there's a percentage, yes there's a page within a chapter, but there is no display of page within a book. Second, more problematic, is the book mark / last page read feature is buggy. With the book i'm reading now, Swann's Way, the kobo app invariably starts up at a place in the book that is incorrect, and when i navigate to my bookmark it thinks that's a temporary location and the little go-back arrow in the lower left corner appears. Really this is a very basic feature --- last page read -- and it should be working perfectly.

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Is Kobo Books Safe?

Yes. Kobo Books is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,337 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Kobo Books Is 53.1/100.

Is Kobo Books Legit?

Yes. Kobo Books is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,337 Kobo Books User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Kobo Books Is 53.1/100.

Is Kobo Books not working?

Kobo Books works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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