FOX Sports: Watch Live Reviews

FOX Sports: Watch Live Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-17

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FOX Sports: Watch Live Reviews

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    Sick app for watching the same 2 commercials endlessly on repeat

    This is a visionary sports app that has gone in a completely different direction, bringing fans everywhere a truly unique sports viewing experience--one totally devoid of sports! Whereas even the most unstable sports apps typically make it through several seconds of a game at a time, typically quitting immediately before a crucially pivotal play, the brainiacs here at Fox Sports have opted to skip out on the whole sports thing entirely. Instead, they have developed a killer app that replays an endless stream of the same two commercials without ever showing any sports coverage. It's no secret that Fox and CBS have always lagged behind the other sports viewing apps (ESPN, even NBC) in terms of stability. While CBS decided to start charging for their clunker of an app to convince those duped into paying that their product was actually worth something, Fox has gone in a different direction entirely. Those intrepid fans who survive the initial stability issues with the TV provider login are rewarded in due course with an uninterrupted stream of the same two commercials repeating endlessly into eternity. No longer need they fear the dropped stream just before the game-winning walk-off RBI, or a long fieldgoal attempt to take the lead as time expires. My applause for the creativity and vision that went into this. One star for not charging us.

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    Let me explain

    I don’t have cable. Cable is antiquated technology. I do however want to watch the 49ers game on fox today. Fox is a free channel that can be picked up with an antenna. Instead, I have internet and I saw that you can watch live sports on the fox sports app. BUT to my disappointment the marketing gurus at fox have not figured out a modern way to monetize my desire to watch their broadcast. In order to use their free app to stream the game that they are broadcasting on their free channel, I need to subscribe to cable with some other company. Not happening. The other alternative is to go buy an antenna that fox won’t receive any profit on, and then watch the game for free without a cable subscription. This is really dumb. I would have paid a small amount for the app just to watch the game, or paid a small amount for the broadcast, but I’m not going to subscribe to anything just to watch this game today. Anyway FOX I’m just saying, people are tired of paying for cable. Obviously you’re receiving money from cable companies but that’s a dying industry, so let’s get the transition to non subscription streaming moving a little faster without the archaic love triangle.

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    Cool idea, garbage execution

    This app is the absolute worst. I downloaded it to watch the World Series. (I’m from Houston but work in the Permian basin) well so far I’ve seen about 30 min total of the 4 games that have been played because this absolute GARBAGE app won’t even load the game for viewing about 90% of the time and instead gives me an error message. When it does load the game, half the time it’s buffering, glitching out and force closing the app, or there’s no audio. It’s also really annoying because apparently the “live” tv is actually a couple minutes behind because I’ll be watching a batter walk to the plate and then get an update about what he did before i can actually see it for myself. Just a complete and total let down. I have Verizon with their 75gig premium unlimited plan and 3 out of 4 bars of service. Also tried on my wifi. Makes no difference. It’s the app, not the signal. Fix the app and I’ll increase the rating but considering I’m leaving this review instead of watching the end of game 4, you’re getting 1 star. Zero if I could.

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    Yes, I must agree that I do enjoy Fox Sports because they cover a vast majority of soccer, baseball, and football games that I would like to watch. Unfortunately, Fox has failed to fix the problem associated with casting the live sportscast to a connected TV. Unlike many other streaming apps, Fox does not have the capability to cast your live broadcast to a television for ease of watching. Come on, Fox. Please just make one simple change and make it possible to watch your broadcasts that can be accessed on my phone and to allow it be cast onto a television. UPDATE: after a couple of months of writing my initial post, the app still does not have the capability to cast. In addition, as I attempted to watch the live broadcast of the ALDS, I either could not find the broadcast, or when I did the app would direct me to the App Store to download the exact app that I’m using. Fox, please fix your app so I can finally watch games on my cell phone without having to go through such an excessive and unnecessary struggle with your product.

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    Don’t download until this is fixed

    Let me save everyone some time, the suggestion to everyone with issues is from the developer and it is: to uninstall and re-install the app. Like we haven’t tried that. Then they say contact your cable tv provider. They also say to speak to a chat agent, but the agent has been offline every time I’ve checked, and the link to the contact page is broken. Updated review - if I could go even lower than 0 stars I would. Thanks for nothing. I have been trying to log in with a tv provider to watch the World Cup, but I get the message “error loading tv provider login page” every time. I thought maybe I could create a profile to add a tv provider that way, but the reset password link doesn’t work, and I can’t create a new profile with a different email either. Why create a separate app when fox sports go worked just fine, and don’t spend any time making the new one work during actual sporting events?

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    I have both a Roku as well as AppleTV. The streaming is quite good, particularly like the 4K coverage of the World Cup fames. However, this is the third day in a row, either device, where it asks me to sign in with my TV provider despite having signed in the day before. Is this intentional (and if so, why)?! If not, why can’t it remember my log in like every other app? Another curious, repeat experience on the AppleTV version... if I’m trying to watch a Cup game in progress that has already started, no such luck. The wheel just keeps spinning indefinitely (or at least seemingly so as my patience wears out). I can select the restart option and watch the game from the beginning but not just join a game in progress. Works fine on the Roku version. Rebooted the AppleTV. Signed out and back in. No luck. Haven’t tried deleting and reinstalling the app yet.

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    Wilder PPV fight

    I downloaded the fox sports app 3 days ago in preparation for the Wilder fight tonight. Casted a soccer match onto my tv. So today I bought the ppv event and tried casting it from my iPhone. After several attempts in chatting with technical support. They informed me that the fight couldn’t be casted. I asked them how to I get a refund and they kept apologizing without answering my question. There’s no number to contact over these issues? It blows my mind that your sight advertises it to work on ANY device. You just failed to say it won’t be able to cast but funny thing is I casted the other day. But today no it doesn’t work. I was instructed to try casting a tv show yet that didn’t work either. How are you going to run a business and have false advertising up on your page. All I want is my money back. I bought the fight to watch on my tv, not my phone. If I could give zero stars I would

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    No Spoilers?! Not!!

    Trying to watch the US-France World Cup match I only get a message that the app is unable to play the content, try again. To top it off it was still doing this several minutes into the game, but now when it brought me back to the Feeds screen, even though No Spoilers mode is turned on, the time and score in the game are shown in a huge font. Now I know a goal is scored early on, decreasing the anticipation since I still planned to watch the coverage from the beginning once I got in. When the app did work for other games, it did work nice. The only issue I had was once when my wifi dropped (on my end) I could only come back to coverage at the beginning or at the live point. I couldn’t rewind coverage to where I lost connection.

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    A quick caveat: With the most recent update (oct 30) the pages in the app literally will not load. Not sure what happened with that update, but at least for me it’s made the app completely useless. Even when it was working before the app is extremely slow as other people have indicated on their reviews. I’ve seen developer responses asking for feedback and reasons for the slowness - no idea. I’m not using the app through Facebook, I’m just using it as any normal app on my iPhone. I’m connected to great WiFi, the app has always been updated, I’m always using the current iOS, and everything else on my phone runs remarkably faster than this app. It could be that nearly all of the substantive content are videos. It could be that many of the in game headlines seem to be auto generated. Who knows. The point is, expect to spend at least 3 minutes with the app to find and load the score you’re looking for - at least based on my 6 months-ish experience with the app. It’s a shame too. ESPN is chasing a lot of us away with covering Steven A Smith being angry and Lavar Ball being stupid 20 hours a day. Suffice it to say that is may be an option if you’re sick of that too (see the above caveat about nonfunctionality), but this app cannot be recommended at this point.

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    Not that good

    I don’t understand the struggles with this app... it constantly makes me resign in with my cable provider and on top of that I doesn’t let me sign in with it anymore. Today when I click on the provider to sign it it loads for a minute then exits me out and won’t give me an option to sign into so I can’t watch any content... I then have to uninstall the app to attempt it again but the same problem keeps happening. for some unknown reason the Fox now app allows for casting if you have an iPad but the Fox sport go and Fox sport apps do not support casting? That doesn’t make sense to me. If you offer it one one of your apps why not carry it over to the rest, kinda common sense if you already know and have a function integrated into your apps already. Basically even though I have a cable provider I cannot log into it on this app and it’s basically useless..

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    Infuriating issues and lack of features

    The app has some serious flaws that make it almost useless: 1. It constantly asks to resign-in to the app with tv subscription to watch program content. It seems to be every 24 hours or less. I’m watching the women’s World Cup games everyday. 2. There is no fast forward option for game replays on the Apple TV version of the app. And the iPhone version only offers 15 second increment fast forwards. When watching a replay of the World Cup games with a 30-45 minute intro before the match starts, it’s asinine to have to fast forward at 15 second increments just so I can get to the actual game starting. 3. Many issues using airplay streaming from the app on my iPhone to my Apple TV. Stream constantly seems to restart (from the very start of a replay, super annoying in particular with the lack of fast forward) with any interruption to the app.

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    Awful App

    I never usually post reviews but I had to make an exception for this one. I’ve been watching their live sports talk shows at work daily on the Fox Sport Go app for the last 2 years. Fox is now forcing you to use this app as opposed to their other app, Fox Sports Go, which was much more user friendly, allowed you to rewind and fast forward, and most of all, would always work. Not only do I always have issues playing their live shows, but it’s extremely frustrating when I lose my place in a show and I’m forced to either restart or watch live (and skip over where I left off). I don’t understand the switch, especially when the app is much worse than Fox Sports Go. If these issues aren’t fixed any time soon, I’ll have to make the switch back to ESPN and I’m sure they’ll be losing plenty of other long time fans of their shows.

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    Really Good!

    I got the app to watch the World Cup 2018 and stay updated with the games. The app works really well and updates really fast as the game is being played along, showing you the scores seconds after on video and the hightlights right after the game. I also loved the extra info FSG would give about each country and their players. The only thing that I wish it was possible is to live stream the games from the app. I wouldn't mind paying extra for it. You can only watch on your phone if you already have a tv cable. Which I don’t. Above all I totally recommend it!!

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    I have yet to watch a single minute of a sporting event

    I have tried to watch 3 sporting events on this app. I can’t logon to my provider. It desperately wants me to make an account to synchronize my devices, despite only using one to watch games. Then there is the unresponsive links to games. I touch my screen to watch a game and I get... NOTHING! No response at all! Wow! I sure am glad this app exists to really make my cable dollars go further! Fox Sports Go was fine. At least, that is to say, it worked. I’m sure not smart enough to understand why you would replace a working app to showcase your sports prestige, with one that everyone I know calls trash. If this review isn’t deleted they might refer me to a chat link or a FAQ. But the sad truth is that it shouldn’t be this hard. And I’m not going to waste my time trying to get a simple app to work.

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    Busy busy busy!

    I work anywhere from 55 to 65 hours a week and then on my two days off I have to drive 400 miles each week to see my kids. With being this busy I do not have much time to see any games live but with this app I get instant updates and key plays as they happen is it as good as watching the game? No of course not but I still get to keep up with all of my favorite teams and even our rivals too!! Many years have went by since I have been able to keep up with sports and not have to wait for sports center so glad I found it!!! Thanks Fox!!

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Is FOX Sports: Watch Live Safe?

Yes. FOX Sports: Watch Live is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 22,815 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FOX Sports: Watch Live Is 20.7/100.

Is FOX Sports: Watch Live Legit?

Yes. FOX Sports: Watch Live is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 22,815 FOX Sports: Watch Live User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FOX Sports: Watch Live Is 20.7/100.

Is FOX Sports: Watch Live not working?

FOX Sports: Watch Live works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a FOX Sports: Watch Live customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using FOX Sports: Watch Live.

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