theScore: Sports News & Scores Reviews

theScore: Sports News & Scores Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-15

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About theScore

What is theScore?

TheScore is a sports app that provides news, scores, stats, sports betting coverage, and videos from various sports leagues and competitions. It offers real-time scoring updates and alerts, breaking news, in-game stats, videos, and social content. The app covers major sports leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, WNBA, Premier League Soccer, La Liga Soccer, Champions League Soccer, PGA Golf, and more.



- Personalized feed with favorite teams, players, and leagues

- Real-time scoring updates and alerts

- Live view of every game updated in real-time

- Chat and messaging features to connect with other fans

- Discover section for social stories and multimedia content

- News section with top headlines and comprehensive betting coverage

- Leagues section with latest news, scores, standings, and leaders

- Coverage of major sports leagues and competitions including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, auto racing, and lacrosse.

- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available on the app's website.

- Customer support available via email and Twitter.

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- Ability to pay for an ad-free option

- Up to date betting info

- Score tracking is phenomenal compared to other apps

20 theScore Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Seriously guys? What happened??

I should give 1 star but I’m giving 2 because of the history of greatness theScore so long served. But for some confounding reason starting like a year ago the in-app browser used for the news articles has gotten buggy to the point of being unusable. And even the in-house articles from this app writers now inexplicably open up in the in-app browser when they used not to.

The in-app browser is so awful that when I open an article I realized I have to try read really really fast because after something like 15 seconds the page is gonna reload and start me over again at the top of the page. Why? Go F yourself that’s why. I keep expecting this to get fixed in an update but there’s been a ton of updates and nobody is addressing this alpha-level bug that has no business being in such a popular app on theScore Store. If they are lazy at least just send the user into safari when they open an article if you can’t figure out how to get the NFL sites to properly render in the in-app browser — I often have to do this manually just to read an article by clicking share article then send via text message, copy the url included in the message, and move over to safari.

It’s ridiculous. Please developers before the next update where the 2022 olympics gets its own new section, fix the news feeds in the nfl section! I’ll change my review when that happens.


A couple of updates I’d like to see

The Score is still my favorite sports app, but I feel that it is falling behind in a couple of regards. One is the ability to pay for an ad-free option. Particularly with soccer apps, an ad-free option is standard for a small annual fee. It would be nice if the Score could offer something similar - the ads are not only annoying, but cause theScore to become a battery hog at times, limiting the amount of time I spend on theScore .

Secondly, theScore struggles to render external links. Apps like Yahoo Sports, One Football, etc. have gotten a lot better about featuring content from external sites but rendered cleanly in-app rather than forcing you to go to the external site itself. But even when they do force to go outside theScore , those pages load much more quickly and clearly than they do inside the Score (and avoid the big intrusive black bar at the top of the screen that the Score always seems to have). Twitter videos also embed much more cleanly in their articles than they do on the Score. It’s getting to the point where I ignore the “favorites” section altogether, because it is predominantly populated with external links.


Great app; Some suggestions

This is now my new favorite sports app after deleting ESPN due to bias throughout the entire network. theScore has almost everything & I only have a few complaints or suggestions to add. One suggestions would be the add the score for each team when looking at the “plays” tab. Without this it is very unclear what is happening. It would also be nice to see stats such as “biggest lead” be used as well as “lead changes” & “ties”. Top performers should also be organized by categories & critiqued a little bit. There was one game I looked at for the stats that was final & the top performer had 2 points. Another feature that would be entertaining for many is the ability to pick games throughout major sports to see who most people think will win. One last thing to add is the ability to have an ad free version. The ads are terrible but would definitely look & feel better without them. Overall great app.


Finally moving on from theScore

I’ve previously reviewed theScore and have always felt that the score tracking has been phenomenal compared to other apps. But I’ve also always had an issue with the news content. Sports is an escape from other things going on in most people’s lives, but far too often this app brings politically opinionated articles into their feed. I rely on the news feed to stay on top of things going on in the sports that I wish to follow, but I do not expect to see articles that vaguely have anything to do with sports, and are instead geared towards influencing reader’s politically opinions. I cannot simply filter out these articles either as I have to scroll past them, seeing their titles which inferiorates me that theScore would post such bias garbage.

I’m moving on and not coming back this time. They already had a second chance from me when they stopped posting an ex-writer’s articles that were much of the same.

EDIT IN RESPONSE TO THE DEVELOPER: The political bias on theScore and the censoring of comments that don’t agree with that bias do not support your claim of politics and sports “naturally” intersecting. If your claim was true, we would not be subject to the writers opinions on the matter, rather just be presented with what occurred (which I would be fine with by the way). Unfortunately, the writers give their opinions and portray different viewpoints negatively.


Communist Monitoring

According to theScore, constantly promoting a gambling addiction on sports apps is fine but critiquing poor journalism is a bannable offense. What a load of hypocrisy!! So you mean to tell me, all the ways you're promoting gambling addictions is less offensive than people talking trash on a sports app…? Be honest, have any of you been to a sporting event? They’re not made for sensitive people, and the trash talk is supposed to be in fun nature, monitoring comments sections requires a substantial amount of ego to believe that you know what someone you’ve never met, should, and shouldn’t be saying…but that part bothers you enough to ban someone from commenting ever again, meanwhile you’re working hard to create the gambling addicts of the future even invested some capital in that market…. You sound ridiculous, your community policies are a joke, and you’re hypocritical for believing that cleaning up the trash talk in sports while PROMOTING GAMBLING ADDICTIONS in sports is the right way to go. Apparently being a ‘potty mouth’ is worse than being a gambling addict. Get a grip, you’re completely out of touch with reality, monetizing as much as possible at the cost of ruining people’s lives but I’m glad you stopped Kenny from using the B-word 😒😒😒😒😒😒 GFY


The New and Improved American Dream

Last spring, I heard the greatness news in my life since the birth of my children. I heard “the Supreme Court has just overturned the illegality of sports betting in America. It’s now legal for states to legalize sports betting everywhere instead of just Vegas and Atlantic City”. At that precise moment, this app became my most important application on my phone besides the news apps. Without theScore, I would not be on my quest to becoming a professional sports bettor. It’s up to date betting info has become so important to a bettor, I can’t see not having theScore and not making a profit in the business. The chat section has brought interactivity to fans and professionals alike. The only thing missing from theScore is the game numbers assigned by Vegas. I see theScore becoming an instrument for betting in the near future as well based on jurisdictions. Even though it’s an informational data generator, it too will be huge to novices that want to dabble... I love you The Score. We will be together forever...


Go to sports app but why the changes?

This has been my go to sports app for a long time. I like the set up for the most part and it’s pretty up to date with some good features, but there are some features that have been taken away and I’m wondering why.
I frequently look at stats of a player (mainly nba and nfl) or of a team, and turned my phone to landscape to enable the feature to see all the stats easily across the screen. It also use to show the stats for the entire year of that player at the top (I.e. shots made/shots attempted, among other stats) and you took it away? A while back you also took away the ability to compare player stats. And there have been another unique features that set you apart from other sports apps that you’ve removed. Hoping these things come back. And if users have been complaining about those features then maybe include the ability to turn them on or off in settings?


Too many useless notifications

I’ll start by saying this is the best sports app I can find for news and scores. The problem is, I find myself drowning in “breaking news” notifications such as “this week in footy” and “vote for the best performance of the week!”. There should be an option to separate the ACTUAL breaking news from the fluff articles that happen to mention the team or league you want to follow.

EDIT: the developer response was helpful, but this option is not available to all leagues and teams. There is no option to turn off social, video, and features for English Football, Champions League, or English football teams (such as Liverpool) - and these leagues are the worst of the bunch in this regard. Please standardize this ability to filter news notifications and this will become 5 stars and hands down the best sports app ever!

EDIT 2: been months and no change on this front. Getting tireless push notifications for things like ‘wacky transfers gone wrong!!!!!’ Not sure how the ability to filter breaking news from the rest of the drivel hasn’t been standardized across all leagues / teams. Downgraded review to one star due to this frustrating oversight.


By far the best and most comprehensive

Love theScore ! All the scores right at your fingertips. Best design of any sports app. I’ve stopped using others completely. 2 major improvement opportunities 1) when you click on a matchup that’s yet to start, there is no tab for player stats. Instead I have to go to each individual team and swipe to the roster. It would be great if the player stats tab is available pre-game with season averages and switched to live game stats when the game starts. 2) the Apple Watch version is very limited. Only shows teams I follow but would love to see all the scores similar to the scores tab on the phone app.
Still sports app by far!
Updating review to add another improvement: when looking at an NFL team roster the players are not sorted by depth chart. Kind of confusing looking at it the way it’s currently sorted


Widget Issues *fixed*

Edit: After receiving a response from the developer I was able to reset my device and get back the widget I love. Rating changed to 5 stars to reflect overall quality of theScore as well as developer communication.

You guys just released the “new and improved” widget but it’s worse. For example, with MLB games you could see not only the score and the inning but also runners on base and how many outs, as well as upcoming games for your favorite teams. This was all within the widget so you could just swipe right for a quick view without having to actually open theScore . Now all you get is the score and the inning. Nothing else. Please fix this! I want more info about my favorite teams in the widget, not less! I’ve used theScore for a long time and it’s still a great app overall, but the widget is terrible now.


Worthless media player

OMG, how are there positive ratings with the worthless media player on theScore. By the time you can activate the controls to make it full screen the clip is halfway over. You’d think you can just rewind it and restart it. But no, you can’t. Abysmal programming for 2019. Other apps let you hard press and view the highlight in the notification too, but no, that’s beyond there comprehension too. Don’t get it. Just go with other sports apps. It will frustrate you to no end as much as they push videos but you can’t view or control them correctly. Horrible.

Edit: The developer response is worthless. It’s not an issue with the device. There is no slider to rewind the videos. Again, by the time you maximize the video on an iPhone you miss the first half the video. Which would be fine if there was a slider. But no, apparently this company didn’t hire any user interface reviewers. The only way to replay is to wait for the video to end, then replay. But the o lay way to replay is in the small window and you go through the entire process again. Seriously, this should have much worse ratings.


Great app, needs some tweaks

This is a great sports app, love the scores, news and updates plus they even have the Canadian Football League, I’m a big fan!

Having said that, the in-game portions of theScore could use some work. For football games, ESPN and CBS Sports show the field and player pictures and arrows to see exactly what’s happening and the most recent play. this app’s “field” is far less like a real football field.

For baseball, competitor apps show the batter, where pitches were located and where the ball was hit. this app doesn’t do those things. Hockey, should show an ice surface to see where shots and goals come from.

Additionally, the dark theme on this app app is ok, but you should have an option for a light theme.

Lastly, when you click on a particular player, it should show their career stats, not just the stats from this game and this season. I like to see a player’s full career numbers.

Also, maybe remove the Chat section from games. It often becomes mean-spirited with fans going too far with verbal taunts and I just don’t enjoy it. I don’t like reading that sort of thing.

In my opinion if all those changes were made, theScore would be FLAWLESS.




App is good till you look at the news

So if you are not familiar with theScore they have a news section and on that news section, they let users comment on the stories unless they deem it ”sensitive content” and disable comments. Look I have no issue with that at all. My issue is that when people try to put through their point of views or just voice displeasure on the issue a lot of the times this app will actually delete your comment even when you say not 1 thing bad about the person, organization, or writer. I had one today where they will constantly post about Antonio Brown and it would be the littlest things that do not require a new story because all they do is add a couple of lines from another post and then post it as a whole new story. I simply commented about it and that maybe people would like to see other stories and boom not even 2 minutes from posting it was taken down. Do not waste your time with this company or app because they are not supportive of their viewers wants or beliefs.


Easily my favorite sports app

I love the this app app because its notifications/alerts are far more relevant to my interests than those of any other sports app. Its notification frequency incorporates an ideal blend of being very relevant but not being too frequent and/or abundant, which is nice because it keeps me from getting annoyed by my phone constantly going off. With that being said, I can only give it a 4 star rating out of 5 as of now because of one thing: I really just do not like how one must watch a highlight video all the way through to get back to a given point in the video, as opposed to how one can simply rewind the highlight video(s) to an exact second of any given video on apps like Twitter and Yahoo Sports, etc. If that feature could be implemented into theScore , I couldn’t give it enough 5 stars rating - it would be perfect.


New update ruined the best sports app

I've been using this app for years and not once considered switching, but this new update is unbelievably frustrating to me and making me shop around for a new app. Its beauty was its simplicity. I used to love browsing all of the news feeds to catch up on all the major and minor stories outside my followed teams, but now the feeds are separated by sport instead of in one continuous view. The discover tab is almost unusable for me - it's mostly just a twitter feed. Why when I tap an article does it take me to a view of a twitter post where I then have to click a link to get to the article??? Scrolling horizontally through small images for (a now limited set) of the top stories is not a good mobile experience.


Download CNN, MSNBC or Foxnews instead!

For a long time the score remained politically neutral and just did sports. Times have changed. You would think that a no name start up, that has managed to wrestle away a large swath of users from ESPN, would understand that it was less about how good this app was and more of a referendum on ESPN. America doesn’t watch sports to get another dose of politics. American media makes sure we are well aware Trumps tweets and Biden’s gaffes. I will be deleting theScore now, not because of its features or usability, but because it has become just another conduit for people to editorialize some version of some story and remind me I shouldn’t try and interpret the world as I see it. They must know they are being controlled as the “remove comments” for any opinions piece they write, which has become a majority of their articles.

In conclusion if you would like to get a solid dose of political animus with your football or basketball scores then this is theScore for you!


Gotten better

I hardly EVER write reviews about apps but I felt that I needed to on this one. So I’m a hardcore American Football fan. Fantasy Football / College the whole shabang. Sports apps are everything in my little corner of the world. I used the Score back in 2016 and it was ok. So I bounced between ESPN, Athletic, Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports, and the cluttered Bleacher Report. All of them can’t hold a cup of water to the Score. The Score’s UI is so much smoother and informative than all the others. Anything from news, breaking news notifications, scores it’s just overall better than the others! If your trying to find a good sports app with the perfect balance between usability, information, and overall smoothness then the Score is your McCoy!!!!


Would be better but

The overall app is one of if not the best sports apps however they devs really really…REALLY hate when people speak about sports or speak their mind about sports. Most of the articles people are unable to comment on and their censorship is very rigid and more strict than your dad after five whiskeys and a call from his boss telling him to come in on Sunday. Its gotten to the point where you have to have the jargon of a PG rated Disney Princess in order for you to comment anywhere on theScore…god forbid you use PG-13 acceptable language. They truly despise free speech and public discord and are big proponents of putting people in a box and telling them what they can and cannot say. Truly would be the best app if they didn’t treat the people like toddlers and allowed for more public discord and freer speech…they are the authoritarian fascist dictators of sports apps world.


Enough Already

This has been my go-to sports app since it came out. I’ve enjoyed the improvements the developers have made throughout the years. However... how long does it take before someone fixes the scroll issue on the iPad Pro? I’m not sure if it’s happening on other devices (doesn’t happen on my iPhone X), but it keeps cutting off the top of a lot of pages (team and player pages) and I’m forced to “pull” the screen down just to see the top (as if I were trying to refresh the page), then of course as soon as I let it go, it scrolls right back up like it would normally do if the screen was adjusted properly.

It’s not an iOS 13 issue, as it’s been happening since 12.

You’ve cranked out about ten fixes since this has started, but not one that addresses this. Each time I see a new update I think, “this is it”. Nope.


Toxic community.

The score is the one of the best all-in-one sports stars and news app that I have used. Besides their lack of statistical coverage of some lesser-watched sports (ex. WNBA), they have managed to keep everything in one platform, where you don’t have to click a link and go to an external website. The only negative is the lack of enforcement of the community’s comment guidelines. News stories are filled with commenters bashing players for performances, injuries, etc. These types of comments are common on other platforms as well, but they’re not as overwhelming. I believe this is do to a lack of guideline enforcement, that has lead to a negative comment culture. I have to delete theScore from time to time because I don’t want to see such bold negativity constantly.


This is the beat app for scores and alerts

I continue to love theScore. It does so much and is so easy to use. I do a lot with notifications of today's games in different sports leagues. One question/suggestion it does not seem to do- say I have notifications on for all of the Premier League soccer games for today....I could turn on notification sounds for everything I get. But what if I just wanted a notification sound for say, goals in the Chelsea-Arsenal game, and just notifications without sound for everything some more customization ability with sounds and notifications would be great! Keep up the good work and it's great how new leagues and sports are added from time to time, love that.


Ads take up screen space!!

First, I’ve been using Score for a few years now and have loved it. Best sports app out there. Unfortunately I can’t rate this 5 stars right now because in the past few updates, there must have been some changes in ownership of theScore or ad deals done because it is now overrun with ads when I am trying to read news articles and they take up 80% of the screen and I can’t read the article cause the ads don’t go away once they play through. The original ads showed up in a bar along the bottom and did not take up room. They need to return to that. theScore was better before advertising got pushed to the forefront of theScore . Please change it back so I can rate 5 stars. I do enjoy theScore overall though!


Best sports app

IMO it’s the best sports app. I switched away from ESPN at least 5 years ago now.

There is one thing that bothers me a bit though. Instead of saying “England Soccer, Italy Soccer, and Spain Soccer’” use “English Soccer, Italian Soccer, and Spanish Soccer” so that it is proper English. If you don’t want to do that, then just change it to EPL, Serie A, and La Liga!

One more thing... please create a separate league for the Championship (England’s Second Tier), Serie B, (Italy’s second tier) and Spain’s second tier (called Segunda División). I know that you can slide to change to the championship in the “England League,” but having it as it’s own league would be great! This is very important to follow due to the promotion and relegation of European Soccer and if you have a team to follow. Thanks!


Hands down best sports app I've found yet

The new update is amazing, at first it was kinda confusing not going to lie and I was very skeptical because I generally like simple and easy vs complicated and busy, but after about 2-3 days of playing with theScore I found it to be possibly the best sports app I have found! It's got almost a Snapchat (theScore ) like story build in the discover section and I love it! The only issue I have with it is very rarely it will crash when I try to load a story but always works after I reload theScore so no major complaints because I'm sure they will fix that soon.
-Overall this is by far the best sports app I have yet to use



The most important weekend in the NFL and your app decides to not update any scores from any sports. Seriously guys? Terrible time to have a glitch. You would think the developers would ensure that theScore is working for wildcard weekend for God’s sake.

I appreciate the quick response from you guys, I have enjoyed this app for a couple of years now. Each update seemed to create more and more glitches along with making the more user friendly which was a mistake on this app’s part. You should have left well enough alone. Gabby I was working this weekend and having a sports app that is accurate and can updates your when it should is paramount. I would think that the developers and engineers would have tested the system especially because of this important football weekend we are having.

After this last glitch today it was the final straw for me. I downloaded the ESPN app and surprisingly it has way more features than your app and is significantly less in megabytes. How is that possible? An app that does more than your app and is more than 50% less in megabytes? It also links into my cable provider so i can watch games outside the house.

I had a nice run with you all and enjoyed your app, but glitching on wildcard weekend is absolutely unacceptable.

Good luck to you in the future!!!


Would be 5 stars

theScore is absolutely fantastic I have almost no issues. It runs smoothly, the chat function is fantastic and it’s very helpful in betting on sports. The one major issue I’ve had though is I was muted in the chat for providing correct score updates. I contacted support and they were extremely quick at responding they let me know that this was due to it being considered spam. In my opinion the point of the chat should be to provide updates to what is happening in the game. But I respected the decision until I read their chat guidelines and it makes no mention that this is a form of spam. I think they either need to update their guidelines or allow people to give score updates in the chat.

Is theScore Safe?

Yes. theScore: Sports News & Scores is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 688,773 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for theScore Is 57.2/100.

Is theScore Legit?

Yes. theScore: Sports News & Scores is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 688,773 theScore: Sports News & Scores User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for theScore Is 74.2/100..

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theScore: Sports News & Scores works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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