Blank Widget Transparent Space Reviews

Blank Widget Transparent Space Reviews

Published by on 2024-03-25

About: Additionally you can personalise your home screen with customised widgets. You
can edit their font, color scheme, style and more.

About Blank Widget Transparent Space

Additionally you can personalise your home screen with customised widgets.

You can edit their font, color scheme, style and more.


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Key Benefits of Blank Widget Transparent Space

- Free to use with lifetime purchase option for bonus features

- Great for spacing out app icons and widgets on home screens

- Clean and limited options that fill out phone as desired

- Alternative solution for Apple's limited transparency capabilities

- Quick response from the development team

- Great way to create blank spaces for custom widget layouts

- No ads

676 Blank Widget Transparent Space Reviews

3.3 out of 5


Works perfectly

I tried some other apps before this one all had to pay for. Which alle had problems were my wallpaper didn’t look flush and it just didn’t look good. BlankWidgetTransparentSpace was completely free and worked amazingly I did on a iPhone 13 don’t know if it matters but definitely recommending to friends. Great job developers 10/10 work


Cool App

BlankWidgetTransparentSpace is great for spacing out your app icons and widgets for home screens. It’s nice to have something work as intended for free, and have a lifetime, rather than subscription, purchase option for bonus features. BlankWidgetTransparentSpace does not have lock screen widgets, unfortunately.

To Developer: make it clearer that BlankWidgetTransparentSpace doesn’t support Lock Screen widgets, thanks!


Perfect Little App

I didn’t want anything fancy or pay a subscription and BlankWidgetTransparentSpace was perfect. Worked right away and for just a couple bucks you get all the options. Although they’re limited, they’re clean and fill out my phone just how I wanted.


Does exactly what it says

With apples limited capabilities around transparency… this gives an alternative solution. Recently updated for the new iphone.


Great app

I like BlankWidgetTransparentSpace a lot and would like to thank the team behind it for their quick response


Does what it is supposed to do

Does what it is supposed to do


I Got Suckered

It’s my fault. I paid the $3.99 thinking it would unlock more widgets, but it’s only a few extra and they’re all the 4x4 blocks; no medium or large versions. Also, BlankWidgetTransparentSpace still throws apps at me and tries to get me to pay for the “upgrade” despite having already wasted my money on it.


So so

Some times it doesn’t work properly.
It has many bugs without any action regarding solving issues. I can not set blank wallpaper.


Doesn't work on the 12mini (yet)

Seems like a really cool idea but when you try to upload a screenshot of your 12 mini home screen, it says it's the wrong size (followed directions perfectly)


Doesn’t work on 12 mini

If it worked on my 12 mini I’d give it 5 stars.
3 Stars for a great idea.


Very good!

Very very good


$3.99 wasted?

I spent 3.99 and it isn’t doing anything. I keep getting “small blank” in the widget section, where I need to add. I have deleted and re-added BlankWidgetTransparentSpace multiple times. Need help!


doesn’t work on 12 mini

I followed the instructions exactly and it said that my screenshot was not the right size.


Doesn’t work with iOS 16.0.2

Everything is also behind a pay wall.


Nothing is Clickable

Can’t even select a theme. Followed the tutorial and nothing is clickable. App is completely useless.


Great way to create blank spaces to customize your Home Screen!

Great way to create blank spaces for custom widget layouts! Coming from Android, this is an incredible tool to get my iPhone Home Screen just the way I want it. Great app! Also a HUGE plus that this is free without ads!



Edit: Turns out, this was a strange occurance that was fixed by rebooting my phone. I don’t know why that was necessary, but not the developer’s fault. BlankWidgetTransparentSpace is useful as it can be given Apple’s widget-size minimum of 2x2 (a 1x4 would be great!)

Original Review Follows:

I followed BlankWidgetTransparentSpace’s instructions to add a blank widget, until what I saw no longer matched what they were showing. There was no widget for BlankWidgetTransparentSpace in the widget drawer when trying to add, and I suspect it’s because I didn’t pay to unlock all the blank widgets. I’ll correct this review if I’m wrong.


Does what it says and looks great

I wanted some space to see my wallpaper more frequently and that’s what I got. I figured I’d take advantage of the $5 upgrade and see what all it offers, the additional widgets are pretty nice overall.

My only true criticism is I’d like to have a clock option with a second hand like the actual widget (the real one blurs the background). That and if possible maybe add a stroke effect to text to make it easier to read on things like the weather displays.


Great App & Awesome Dev!

I love these widgets, especially the flip clock! A few weeks ago I had emailed to inquire about a change that had been made to large widgets, and got a kind & detailed response back. By the next update, they had added back that feature & more. Highly recommend! 😊


why is it getting worse

i have different home screens set up for different tomes and i use blank apps including this one. at first, when it would change to BlankWidgetTransparentSpace it would take forever to show the picture. and now, it seems like you updated it and now the pictures dont line up! i even updated the screenshot and it still didnt work! FIX IT!


You have to manually change location

BlankWidgetTransparentSpace is fine except you if you use the weather widget, you have to manually enter your location as you move. There is no way to allow location services access. Who wants to have to go into BlankWidgetTransparentSpace and change the location every time you change locations?


“Image is the wrong size.”

I followed the instructions. Took a screenshot of my blank homescreen on light mode AND dark mode. Didn’t crop the pictures or edit them whatsoever. When I try to add them to BlankWidgetTransparentSpace however, a message pops up and it tells me to please select a screenshot the right size. What do I do??? I have an iPhone 13.


Recent update broke functionality

Since the latest update the background doesn’t match the widgets. It’s noticeably off. Hopefully fixed soon.


No longer can screen shot?

On 16.3 and try and screen shot by swiping left and no longer gives blank screen but goes to app drawer?

Is there a fix?


worked good for a while

i had BlankWidgetTransparentSpace for a couple months and it was really good, until today, now the widgets are out of sync and there’s no way to fix it.



Recently downloaded, after following the tutorial BlankWidgetTransparentSpace doesn’t let me set backgrounds. The screen is utterly unresponsive when I try to tap to do so.


Great BUT

It a good app but the thing I don’t like is where u can only add it to the top u can’t do it in the middle or bottom if updated and made it possible to put anywhere that would be great


Great app, but more stuff should be free.

You’d get so much more activity if even 2 other things were free.
Great app though!!


May not be iOS17 compatible

After several “wrong size” error messages, I deleted BlankWidgetTransparentSpace . May not be iOS17 compatible.


Works Flawlessly

Does exactly what is sets out to do. Flawless execution on iPhone 14Pro with iOS 17.2


Okay app, needs more features

Other apps allow you to change what happens when you click a widget. BlankWidgetTransparentSpace takes you back into the blank widget app, which is useless and annoying.


Filled with potential, like I was as a child

It has so much potential. With just a one time purchase it’s worth it to invest in it now. Currently my issues with BlankWidgetTransparentSpace are that the background seems to be showing in the wrong place so it doesn’t appear transparent. The only other downside is the lack of large widgets and there’s no widget that connects to your iPhones reminders. Other than that the UI needs to be made more simple, with clear tabs marked with each type of widget (this is mostly a note to the developers as I am a game designer myself. I wish yall all of the luck and I will update my rating as you add more and fix bugs <3 )

Is Blank Widget Transparent Space Safe?

Yes. Blank Widget Transparent Space is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 102 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Blank Widget Transparent Space Is 59.4/100.

Is Blank Widget Transparent Space Legit?

Yes. Blank Widget Transparent Space is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 102 Blank Widget Transparent Space User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Blank Widget Transparent Space Is 71.3/100..

Is Blank Widget Transparent Space not working?

Blank Widget Transparent Space works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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