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A reliable ad-free app, this app offers a number of features such as accurate Prayer Times with Adhan sound alerts, Audio Quran, Duas and more. Stay connected with the Quran even when you are fulfilling your duties with this app Audio Quran. No internet? No problem. Download your favourite Surah to listen to Quranic Verses offline. Access Duas sourced directly from the Quran and Sahih Bukhari on a wide range of everyday topics to read on-the-go or in the comfort of your home. Prayer Times with Adhan alerts - Get accurate prayer times from Fajr till Isha. - Personalise prayer reminders as per your convenience. - Get Adhan notifications in muezzin Omar Hisham al Arabi’s voice. - Receive alerts for Suhoor and Iftar times during the month of Ramadan. Audio Quran: - Listen to recitation of the Quran in Arabic by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy. - Read the Quran in Arabic only mode or with translation and transliteration. - Read Quranic translations in 23 languages. - Make personalised notes on your favourite Verses. - Share Verses with your loved ones via this app’s shareable card option. - Personalise reading of Quranic text by font size, translation and Roman Arabic transliteration. Dua: - Get Duas directly sourced from the Quran. - Share Duas with your loved ones. - Save your favourite Duas. Explore By Topics - Quran and Hadith - Get answers from the Quran and Hadith on different topics. - Find Hadith sourced from Sahih Bukhari and translated in English by M. Muhsin Khan. Find Qibla: - Face Kaaba according to your location with the help of a Qibla compass. - Point, scan, and find the direction of the Qibla in seconds. Notes: - Leave personal notes on your favourite Verses from the Quran. - Add Verses to your notes as you read through the Quran. Widgets: Add widgets on your phone’s home screen for convenience. Access prayer times and last read from the Quran easily with this app Widgets. Privacy Policy The data managed in the application - your usage preferences, notes, favourites etc are all stored only on your personal device. That information is never sent to or stored on our servers. We do not ask for, or collect any other identifiable information about the user, such as their email, phone number, location or any other meta-data. We do collect anonymous information about the usage of the app to improve its functionality. This includes information such as the session duration, technical crashes or issues, and usage patterns such as which features of the app are used more or less often. However, all data is collected anonymously without any personal, or personally identifiable, information stored.

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