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Published by on 2023-12-28

About: Create beautiful artwork using the power of AI! Enter a prompt, pick an art
style and watch WOMBO Dream turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in
seconds. So how does WOMBO Dream work? Type in whatever you want to create! —
“Alien Space Station”, “City Sunset”, “Rainbow Forest” or anything
else you can imagine are just a few of the billions of potential paintings that
could be made.

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62.5% Contact Match

Developer: Wombo Studios Inc

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit WOMBO Dream Website

62.5% Contact Match

Developer: Wombo Studios Inc

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Wombo Studios Inc Website

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Reported Issues: 19 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By David Kessler

7 months ago

I have a lifetime membership with Wombo Dream and today when I tried to open the app it took me to a page asking me to pay for a subscription and it wouldn't open the app. My cell# is 607 280 7236

By Charles L Doyle

11 months ago

I wish to sell some of my generated AI art on sites like Fine Art America but fear the resolution of the created pics would only support 4 x 6 printed images. Is Wombo Dream Art going to increase that resolution any time soon? Thanks!

By Joseph Miconi

1 year ago

I paid for the subscription last June and I am now not able to use what I’ve paid for. Please advise me ?


1 year ago


By Helrjn

1 year ago

Lost my phone I lost my phone and don't mind new device I downloaded the app and now I can't log into my premium account which I'm paying for and have been for 6 months when I log in it just gives me a new account and then says my username is taken please help me get back in I'd like to use what I'm paying for

By Michelle

1 year ago

I purchased a month subscription and only got premium access for one week. When I tried to contact customer service they directed me to a site that asked for my credit card to resolve the issue. I feel scammed.

By Alex mager

1 year ago

I got charged way too much! I am a college student, I meant to pay by the month. Please refund, I can’t afford this. In the highest hopes I would appreciate having a response by this Monday.

By Jessica

1 year ago

I purchased a premium subscription in September, and suddenly I am unable to utilize any of the premium features...AND all the projects I have are gone from my account. It says I haven't created anything yet. Please help!

By Samantha Fay

1 year ago

Hello I signed up for the trial for the premium version of this app, once the end of the trial came I got charged 90$ for the full year, and that was an accident, I wanted to pay by the month. My card has been charged way too much and I need to get this resolved as soon as possible

By Hailie

1 year ago

I got premium and all of the items are still locked

By Renee Sanborn

1 year ago

Hello, I am having a lot of troubles with this app. It has been up to this point been working for me fine. I pay for the premium but randomly it locked me out of premium, even though it is paid. Then it signed me off. I tried to go to my settings but it wouldn’t work, it took me in circles and wouldn’t even let me go back into premium. When I tried to create any prompted art, free or premium, it said there was an error. Figuring it was a larger issue, I restarted my iPhone and it still was the same. I undownloaded the app thinking if I downloaded it again it may work. It won’t download. When I click the download button it immediately asks me for a password. When it doesn’t accept the password, it asks me for my iPhone password to open it and I put it in, which I know is absolutely correct and it claims it is not correct. I’m paying for an app that won’t even let me download it onto my iPhone. If someone could reach out and help me solve this issue I would be very grateful.

By M. Williams

1 year ago

I just updated the app today and now it's nots working properly. Sometimes it lets me into my account and sometimes it doesn't. When it does, it doesn't let me use my premium services. It asks me to upgrade. I'm ALREADY paying for premium service. I can't sign into my premium account. It's like I'm in the trail version I used before creating the premium account. I clicked "Reset" and signed in with my Apple ID, but it keeps saying it WOMBO can't complete the verification process. What the ___? I have a ton of work that I put many hours into creating and I pay for the service. I'm not using a free trial. Now, no access. I shut down my phone and turn it on again and still no access. I can see my work there, but it's asking me to upgrade to do the premium services. I already have premium service.

By drew coleman

1 year ago

i did the free trial and forgot about it and it charged me 30 dollars but i dont want that

By Michael Seidman

1 year ago

Been trying to get an answer for months. One last try. How do I access all my photos and not just gallery. Only app I have with this problem. Hope you finally take a minute to help. Michael

By Philip Alexander

1 year ago

Help! I recently purchased Wombo Dream Premium for iPhone. The Wombo app verified that I had a paid subscription for a year. Then after several days of successful usage of the Premium styles, ALL the Premium styles became locked and I cannot unlock them. What can I do? Can you please help me? Thank you!!

By Hijab

1 year ago

Ive been trying to use it for the last two weeks and an error keeps popping up Please fix this

By Anim8or

Great concept but disappointing application.

While I will say that this app is amazing and produces some pretty cool and esthetically pleasing images, it falls short on the use thereof. It should be made very clear from the start that the output of the images, saving them to your phone, will be heavily branded and made such that using one of them for a wallpaper is not feasible. Once can order a print of what was produced for $45 and up, but I’m sorry, they are just not that good. I wouldn’t mind if there were a few that I could pay to produce all the wallpapers I want or print them myself, but I just don’t see using an image with their branding all over it. Hopefully this will change. I do understand the need and desire for income, I don’t fault them there, but I think this is a sad way to do it.

By Sofamonkeyz

A really cool start

Really love this app and what it produces. I’m more inspired as than I have been all year because of this app. I enjoy it’s simplicity compared to the alternatives, however it’s bit too simple for anyone in my opinion. Much too simple for my use. At the very least it should give you an option for canvas shape and orientation. The next option I would add is too add some resolution options. After that I would love the ability to combine 2 or more photos with AI. I’d also love some sort of user upload-able style option. I have a ton of complex ideas beyond that, but I think those additions would be fair for a simple app like this. Lastly, the terms of service are very unclear. I would like to know what my usage rights are and what information is being collected clearly.

By jsususbdisygwvegsyaiwbe

Amazing, or was before crashing

I'll change it to 5 stars if I starts working and I get my creations back. Seriously guys great job otherwise. Nothing else in the app store in this vein holds a candle. I tried more than 6. Especially in the last set of styles before Dali, the app would consistently generate some amazing art. (Did the number of iterations down?) Partner even ordered two of them and I spent hours on this app (having fun) trying to make a few pieces that I intended to order and hang. My check came in, hope 'my' art comes back. Being able to order the art is a great idea on your part, being able to make it tangible takes it to the next level and I'm sure helps with the $ too!

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