Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games Reviews

Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-09

About: Many Games and Lots of Fun! All in just one app. Minimalistic variety puzzles
and Word games.

About Everyday Puzzles

Unscramble letters and find the words in this letter connect and word finder game.

Dive into a world of brain-teasing games, including Anygram, Hashtag, Crossword, Password, Word Search, Tangle, Cladder and Sudoku.

Daily challenges bring themed puzzles, while the unlimited mode serves up random word hunt boards.

Start Cladder with a clue and change one letter at a time to nail that word.

Untangle the words in this brain-twisting word puzzle challenge.

Slide and spell your way to victory! With 12 moves, put the letters in place to guess the spelling and solve the #hashtag mystery.

Got a way with words? Try this 5-letter word game! You've got six attempts to guess the right word.

Unleash your anagram skills in this word puzzle.

Time to flex those spelling muscles with Cladder! You've got 60 seconds to guess the correct spelling.

Change one letter at a time until you solve the puzzle.

Connect the letters to discover as many words as you can and complete the board.

To light it up, play the Daily Challenges or Unlimited Mode.

Test your smarts with this classic word-guessing puzzle.

Give your brain a workout with this numerical puzzle.


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4.7 out of 5


This is currently helping me with mental illness

I suffer from something that I have yet to put a name to, and what’s name is not important to my review, but it is wonderful having the unlimited puzzles to take my mind off of it. I especially like the crossword puzzles because they make me feel smart and accomplished whenever I complete them. I know this will get mixed in with everybody else’s reviews but I hope that if somebody out there is reading this and dealing with something similar to me, they can know that they are safe and that the world is beautiful, and that the things in your mind only exist in your mind. Everything is going to be ok, and this isn’t going to be how life is forever. Keep on truckin, champ!


New sound effects slow down the game

I love that I am no longer bombarded by ads being premium, but the latest update introduced new sound effects which seem to slow down the game and sound buggy sometimes. For example in Crossword puzzle, when using the navigation arrows to quickly move forward or backward multiple words, it is now laggy and does not register every tap, which makes it feel less responsive overall. Please bring back the old quickness and it will be back to 5 stars! (I am on iPhone 15 Pro, so it is not a hardware issue)

Another example is in Cladder, when typing a letter you hear two sound effects play at the same time which is somewhat distracting.

Please revert back to the old sound effects as they were quite sufficient and satisfying. The new ones just don’t really fit.



I love this game. If I could I’d give it 4.9 stars. There are only a few things, for me, that keep it from attaining that coveted 5th star.

I would love if each puzzle
category had its own option
for difficulty level. It would
allow players to challenge

I’m super focused on the streaks
aspect of your game but, when
playing games from previous
dates (thank you for keeping
those open BTW), it doesn’t add
to my daily goals/stars. If I’m
completing a puzzle for the first
time I believe that should qualify.

Just this morning I find I’ve lost
the option to double my stars or
coins by watching an ad. I paid, I
consider, a reasonable price to
go ad free and am not bothered
by ‘paying’ you for this bonus. The
game doesn’t force you to make
this choice so any complaints
about these ads, I believe,
are unfounded.

Again, I really enjoy this game. It is my cup of coffee before my cup of coffee every morning. Thanks for all the hard work in creating it and thanks for your dedication toward perfecting it. I’ve downloaded tons of game apps and most don’t change or grow. I tip my hat to you.


My favorite daily puzzle game

I almost never write reviews, but I’ve been playing this game everyday for about two months and I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. I love how if you don’t have enough coins for something you have the option to watch an ad to unlock it instead, whereas in many games you just have to save up coins.
The puzzles are all challenging enough without being frustrating.
The only problem I have is the ads after every game and being unable to play without internet, but those are both very small problems that aren’t worth losing a star over.
If I could give half stars it’d be four and a half.


Glad the ads were removed

I downloaded this probably a week ago, before the newest update. I was excited to finally find an “everyday puzzle game” that didnt make me watch an ad to do other days! Was disappointed when the newest updated made me have to watch ads to play previous days. Was almost about to delete! But i am happy to see that switched back to normal! This is such a fun daily puzzle game!


Lots of ads and nonsensical stats

Was locked out of EverydayPuzzles for 2 days for “maintenance” then this morning it tells me I need to update in order to open it. With this update, you now have to watch an ad in order to play any of the previous days puzzles - including previous days you had already started the puzzles on. After the ad to unlock the puzzles, you also will have to sit through another ad after completing it so 7 ads for 6 puzzles. Every puzzle also now has a pop up displaying “world” stats of completion which blocks the screen. I went into the settings to see if I could turn it off and found my own stats which made no sense. For example it says I played 6 word searches with a 30% win rate….I looked back and I have only ever played the word search game 6x total and I’ve completed every one I started so I’m not sure how it gets 30% from that.



I really enjoy all of the Everyday Puzzles. However, I feel like Hashtag is next to impossible to get in 12 moves. If you keep all at 12, then at least allow us who are less successful keep going to see it to the end. It doesn’t have to count as a “win”, but I for one like to finish my puzzles. That also goes for Password.



Slathered in ads. You have to watch and interact with a minute and a half long ad after every single game, which leaves you watching ads longer than you are actually interacting with the game itself. They easily make enough money to just throw one or two in a day seeing as though this is a daily play game, but the greedy losers seem to want every scrap of a penny they can get their sticky paws on. Uninstalled after 4 games because I had spent 10% battery life and 15 minutes watching nothing but ads for games just as bad as this one.

Avoid this like the plague


Love this

Great app. Use it everyday to stay sharp and keep my mind active. I love the types of puzzles they have and how they designed them. Hope for more types of puzzles in the future because the devs make them well. Has a great reward and tracking system too. Love the badges and having something to work towards.


Mind-Blowing Fun for Every Day!

If you're on the hunt for a game that seamlessly blends entertainment and brain exercise, look no further than Everyday Puzzles! EverydayPuzzles has become my daily ritual, and I can't resist sharing my enthusiasm.


From Great to Okay

This game was great! The puzzles are fun, there’s not an obnoxious amount of ads, and when you do get an ad it’s pretty short. But now they’ve made a change… before the update, if you missed a day you could watch an ad to unlock it and play it. Unfortunately, you now have to use coins. And guess how you get coins. Real money. Sad to see that they’ve made this change.


Requires strong wifi/cellular connection.

I installed EverydayPuzzles and then uninstalled very shortly after because you can't play without having a decent connection. Typically apps do this so people cant avoid apps by using airplane mode. This in it of itself is terrible cause you cant play while traveling. Where I live, there is terrible service so its common to not have good connections. Would love to see a version that can be played offline.


I’ve played forever and now I cant stand it

This has been my favorite game for forever but now there are SO MANY ADS. That was my favorite thing ab the game, that there were no ads and I could just play. But now you cant even get through just one game without an annoying pop up. To make it worse, I tried to purchase the 30 day ad remover and it charged me but didn’t remove the ads. Please consider removing all the nonsensical ads, I’m so sad that my favorite game goes untouched on my phone.


Decent Games

Decent amount of free games everyday. Lots of annoying ads that you can skip fairly quickly. 15 bucks to get rid of them is way over priced for EverydayPuzzles . If it were around 5 dollars I would be more willing to consider buying it. But definitely not for 15 dollars.


Good game overall

Puzzles are challenging without being too difficult. You know how sometimes they try to make more money by making you need helpers. They don’t do that. There is an ad between most of the puzzles. Which is a little too many. But that’s just me.


Like the game

I wouldn’t say I love the game for a couple reasons.
One-the ads like everyone else’s complaint so I won’t say anything else.

Two-cladder isn’t showing the letter to be changed quick enough. This seemed to be an issue after the last update. Please fix.


Word puzzle

Please make cross word and mini easier to guess because those words are some of the most random categories on earth and I even had to look them up on google for half of the puzzle is ridiculous. Otherwise, fun game if you like word games


Too many ads

My opion on ads are 100 percent negative, i say there should be ads per every 3-4 games you play not every game. Also, i would like to know the word on Password if i fail without having to watch an ad.


Fun game

This game is so much fun! It gives you a chance to think harder and learn new words. It’s great if you want to race your friends, see who can solve the word first.


Fine but has issues

EverydayPuzzles is fine but definitely has issues. There are sudoku puzzles that have more than one solution for example and if you don’t have a paid version, the ads are ridiculous

Is Everyday Puzzles Safe?

Yes. Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,274 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Everyday Puzzles Is 39.7/100.

Is Everyday Puzzles Legit?

Yes. Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,274 Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Everyday Puzzles Is 59.2/100..

Is Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games not working?

Everyday Puzzles: Mini Games works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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