MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Reviews

MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-22

Macro tracker that lets you confidently control your nutrition with custom macro
plans, easy food logging, and dynamic weekly adjustments. With custom macro
programs, dynamic weekly adjustments to keep you on track, and features that
make food logging easy and accurate, MacroFactor give...

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MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Reviews

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    Macro Factoriffic!

    Have been patiently waiting for this app to drop. The wealth of knowledge and science-based nutrition and fitness information provided by the Stronger by Science dynamic duo of Trexler and Nuckols in an app is too good to pass up. Setup is easy, and provides “real-world” choices for any nutrition or physical fitness goal. Health calculations are steeped in years of research and metadata that ignore pop-science Instacrap to make sure the app and its formulas resemble reality and not some exaggeration of nutrition hyperbole and dogma. I’ve used the premium version of another food tracker app (MFP) for years. I got tired of fixing the food database mistakes and making macro tracking a full time job. With Macro Factor you will no longer need to do the heavy lifting to log your food and exercise, and you can be sure that the data it provides is as close to clinically accurate as scientific research can provide. Ya’freakin’hoo!

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    8 days in and it’s my favorite tracking app

    So far this has been an excellent app, easily my favorite nutrition tracker. It has fairly intuitive controls though I am still learning about some aspects to it. Though there are some features that I would love to see, this app still gets five stars because the developers are very involved with the feedback and their plans for the future. For those who are curious about why I think this is a step change, it is the first app to truly try to solve for the calories out portion of calories in versus calories out. The on boarding and coaching guidelines are very nice and goal neutral. Also you can tell that the app was made by people who love to look at data. The displays and explanations are very nice.

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    Incredible App

    If you like to eat and lift as much as I do, eventually you’ll need to lose some weight. This app makes it SO much easier. Before signing up and getting started I highly recommend reading as much of the free content about nutrition that the Stronger by Science duo has written. It’s been incredibly helpful to have a basic understanding of nutrition before starting a diet. Best thing about the app is that it is incredibly flexible about how it maps out your diet recommendations.

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    Makes everything easy

    The amount of features packed into this app is tremendous and takes all the work out of tracking your calories/macros and reaching your goal. Being able to add your weight and have it triangulate your energy expenditure as well as update your targets to stay on track for your goal is an amazing feature and I’m not sure how I did it without it before. I’ve used other tracking apps and nothing comes close to this.

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    By far the best nutrition app I’ve used

    As a nutrition coach who’s worked with over 1000 clients in my career I’ve tried everything as both a coach and client. I can say without a doubt that Macro Factor is above and beyond any other ones I’ve used. The algorithm alone is amazing as it encourages honest inputting which is often the hardest part of seeing results. The interface is also beautiful and the very intuitive. The only drawback is that it might put a lot of “macro coaches” out of business!

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    Best nutrition app, hands down

    At the time MacroFactor was announced, I was using a very popular nutrition app and my weight loss had stalled hard. Since joining the MacroFactor beta, I’m losing weight again at a comfortable pace – and without feeling like I’m trying to starve myself! The science behind it is solid, so I know it’s not based on guesswork. Also, the developers are super responsive and seem to genuinely care about the user experience. I have seen the future of nutrition apps, and it’s name is MacroFactor.

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    The best MF’ing app

    Switched over from Cronometer. Everything I like about that app is put into this one, plus so much more. The AI Describe is clutch. The adherence-neutral recommendations are great. All I have to do is log my weight and calories and it does the rest and gives me the analytics I want. The team is super responsive to suggestions and ideas and I can only image how much better this app will be in the future as the team adds more features. Keep it up MF’ers!

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    Diet sidekick? More like BFF.

    I love this app. It caters to my data-obsessed self and gives me so many ways to track & evaluate my progress! It provides options to be fully coached, fly solo or collaborate on the plan. Regardless, it feeds (pun intended) your nutrition + weight data into the algorithm to show expenditure and weight trends. Speaking of trends, it is the biggest encouragement to trust the process and focus on numbers over time instead of singular data points. Did I mention I love this app?!

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    Just wow. I have tried just about every nutrition tracking app out there, and there is nothing like this. The RD-verified food log eliminates the ‘junk’ entries you see in other apps, and the dynamic weekly adjustments totally take the guess work out of how to modify your macros to meet your goals. It’s so intuitive and the support is excellent. You can tell this app was designed by fitness professionals who know what they’re doing. MacroFactor is a game changer.

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    The Best Calorie Tracker

    I switched over from MyFitnessPal, which was never a joy to use. This app really gives me the confidence to meet my cutting and bulking goals. It uses your trending weight along with your calorie intake to determine your true energy expenditure and will adjust your calorie targets on a weekly basis to ensure you get to your goal on time. So happy to have this tool.

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    10/10, could not imagine a better diet app

    I’ve used a few different diet apps throughout my fitness journey, and this one is BY FAR the best one I’ve encountered. I deleted MFP from my phone within hours of downloading this app. The app is intuitive, monitors what I think is important, and also is aesthetically a masterpiece. Congrats to the team at Stronger by Science!

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    Awesome app!!

    This app has everything you need if you are serious about your health. Whether you want to add weight or lose weight, it is a great tool. The only thing I would hope that they change is adding a step counter exactly like myfitnesspal has. If macrofactor has one, i cannot seem to find it.

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    Fantastic App!

    I was fortunate enough to have access to this tracking app through beta testing. The simplicity of tracking and the built in nutrition coaching are next level. The team worked really hard on this app and it shows. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to dial in their nutrition.

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    Simply the best food tracking and nutritional analysis app available

    If you are serious about wanting to get a handle on the nutrient intake of your food, AND use that information to help you with your body style goals, You simply must get this app. Greg Nuckols and Dr. Eric Trexler are two of the most highly regarded people in fitness and nutrition related circles. They have put together what is undoubtedly the best app of its kind available. I was fortunate enough to get the beta test this, and beta tested the heck out of it. It is so much better than the other current popular ones that are out there. You simply will not regret getting this app. Seriously. It’s fantastic!

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    Love this app so far!

    This is the third food tracker/coaching program I’ve tried in the last 6 months and am already enjoying it. Very easy to use and love the copy meal and day features. Can’t wait to dig into this more and see how the dynamic adjustments work as the weeks progress!

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Is MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Safe?

Yes. MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 104 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Is 62.7/100.

Is MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Legit?

Yes. MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 104 MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick Is 62.7/100.

Is MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick not working?

MacroFactor - Diet Sidekick works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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