SLAY by Mari Reviews

SLAY by Mari Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-24

Start your fitness journey with Mari Llewellyn’s SLAY app! Based on her own
90lb weight loss journey, Mari has successfully built a community with over
100,000 women who have conquered their health and fitness goals. Starting today,
you can get her best selling workout plan in the palm o...

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SLAY by Mari Reviews

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    Simple & User Friendly

    First off I want to say that I’ve bought every guide Mari has released, from her home guides, to her gym guides, and even her resolution guides. I love them all. My main problem with all of those is that downloading it on my phone and using it was a pain. So, I’d sacrifice keeping track of my progress on it for the convenience of not having to fiddle with adding text via what ever program I was using. This app is a GAME CHANGER for me. I can add how much weight I’m using, how many reps I did, and I can even put an exercise note. Then I can scroll through the history of that workout when I get to it again. I haven’t had any problems with “glitchy” videos, and slow load times. Every time I open the app it’s ready to go. I love that it doesn’t start out telling you how much weight you should use, so I use a weight that’s comfortable and challenging enough for me, and I can input that in the app too. It makes it more user friendly for me and doesn’t discourage me when it says to use a specific size weight and I can’t comfortably use that weight. Overall I love the app, and recommend it to anyone who loves gym guides or home guides but loves the flexibility to personalize them too.

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    Pretty good!

    I like this app and I like it’s usability. It is basically the pdfs in app form so it does feel redundant but it’s nice to have it all together even if it’s frustrating to pay so much for something I already have. A couple things I’d like to see: the ability to choose home workouts that are just body weight exercises. I travel a lot and there aren’t many good gyms around in my places so being able to choose a home work out without any equipment would be helpful. I’d like to be able to look ahead at the next days to. Also, if you can make the app not allow your phone to sleep when you’re using it would be mega helpful since it’s frustrating to have to unlock my phone every exercise. I could do it manually but I have other apps that don’t allow your phone to sleep so it’d be super helpful. Hope they update soon with some things other people have mentioned too! Lots of good ideas! And also! A section of “how to use this app” would be great. I have no idea how long the rest periods should be or if you’re intended to repeat the exercises twice or thrice. It’d be nice to have an informational how to section

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    Love Mari but not the app

    I’ve loved Mari’s supplement products for years! I tried the original pdf workout guides, but they just got too simple and repetitive for me. Her advanced is NOT advanced for someone who knows how to lift in the gym. Very much a beginner/basic content. The app seems money hungry to push a product that she’s not at all qualified to do. Mari is not a trainer, and very evident in her poor form and incomplete movements (ex: not ever pushing/squatting the full lifting movement as also seen on IG). Not cool to charge $10/month to be teaching others when you’re not qualified. Like others have said, you won’t find a negative review of her products ANYWHERE, as all negative reviews are deleted. That is not a transparent company. This app is the first exception since you can’t modify reviews on the App Store, and it’s quickly becoming apparent others see the same thing. She has a huge IG following, as she is a phenomenal human. But, not qualified to push a workout app without being a trainer. I hope she sticks to her product line instead, as she rocks this. Definitely would recommend someone else’s app instead of paying for this one!

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    Amazing for v1!!

    I’ve been so excited for this app and it did not disappoint. The breakdown on exercises everyday with video and written instruction is so helpful and I love that this is completely different from the original home guides I’ve been using for almost a year. I love that I have access to all plans in one place and that I can choose a plan to fit my schedule. No negatives but some wishes: I would love to easily go back to my previous exercises to look at reps and weight. As of right now there’s a few steps to get back to that screen. I would love a section that talks about warm up, cool down, how long the break between exercises should be, maybe when you should think about increasing weight, etc. I would also love to be able to add video to my progress photo screen! I love this company and will continue to support it! They have completely changed the way I think and feel about exercise!

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    I want to love it, but it’s not there yet

    I love Mari and Greg’s content and think they are doing a phenomenal job, but the current functionality offering and the price aren’t matching up yet for me. It seems more like a well designed mobile-friendly version of the guides than a subscription workout app. There’s just more things I expect from a paid workout app that aren’t built in yet. Like Rest timers and notifications, reports that show progress on lifts, included warm ups and cool downs, being able to see future workouts in order to plan in advance or do another workout without switching programs. There’s so much opportunity here though that will eventually make this a 5-star review. I can see a community feed aspect tying in to the app that will be unparalleled to other workout apps because of how strong Mari’s community is. I’m trying to keep in mind that it’s just v1, but I’m probably not the early adopter audience for this one. I’ll resubscribe and update my review once it’s gotten more features.

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    Incredible usability and simplicity

    Maris guides have been a favorite of mine to follow for the sheer reason that her workouts are simple, crazy effective, and can’t really be done no matter what gym you have access to. This app is all of the and more! I love that it’s so straight forward and much like an iPhone, it’s intuitive: you don’t need to be an expert to follow the workouts and the app makes your time working out so seamless. The notes section where you can log your reps and weight used is awesome, and I love that next week I’ll be able to look back later and reference the weight I used in all of my workouts! The progress photo section is such an awesome bonus, I’ve been using an album in my Photos app for months and this is going to be so much easier for me. Mari and Greg have really killed it in making this app not only affordable but in my opinion, one of the best on the market.

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    Like this a lot!

    I lobe Mari and have used her guides for the past 2 years (re-doing them over and over). This app is great for the price as you can enter your sets and weights, and follow simple, effective workouts similar to the guides. I’ve tried other guides from insta fit girls and have spent hours in the gym each day (which I don’t have time for and end up not being motivated to do), but these workouts are usually less than an hour and still challenge me. Some updates I’d like to see: having a rest timer built in, being able to add or remove sets (and drop sets!), altering exercises if needed, updating notes without selecting done and update notes, allowing you to preview upcoming workouts. With those I feel like it will be perfect, but I’ll definitely continue using!

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    Great Start

    I’ve followed Mari for a couple years and all of her products have been high quality and the team behind it works hard to keep that up. I’ve bought the supplements, bands, and guides. All top notch. It’s a great start for the company’s first app launch. I know it will only get better with time. That is why I bought into the year subsciption. Would a free trial made it better, yes. But again, I can see the team working hard to update the app far more often than they would with the guides. Workouts are similar to what are in a guide but if you want ease of tracking, documenting, and information the app is a good choice. I did not like how I kept have to scroll to find the day i was at in the PDFs. This app changed that. Here’s what I would like to see in the future: 1. The exercise glossary to be label as push/pull days. I’d like this because with COVID gyms open and close. I am following the home guide to be safe but would like to incorporate moves from the gym guide when I can. 2. A community section so I don’t have to go to my ancient Facebook page to get connected and inspired. 3. Exclusive app content videos/bts/etc. really make being a member special. All in all it’s just the beginning and if you’ve followed the teams journey you know that it’ll only get better with time.

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    Mari’s App

    For the people complaining.. I understand a few free trial workouts would be good to see if people like it before they are committed to purchasing but at least If you do month to month you can cancel at anytime so you are only out $10 for a month of her workouts if you decide it’s not for you. Also they are new to the app world so I think for beginners or people that want someone to tell them every workout what they are doing, like I wanted, it’s a great option! Also Bloom, Mari’s guides, and bands have never let me down so I don’t think this app will either! The fact you can’t jump ahead and see other workouts makes it more exciting to me and a challenge that you need to complete one workout to get to the next and you won’t skip workouts! I am looking forward to start the Jan 4th challenge! ❤️ Thank you Mari and Team!

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    Not as challenging as I hoped

    Listen, I am one of the biggest Mari supporters and been with her for years. I’ve had total loyalty to her with everything she’s done. I’ve waited for this app for months and was so happy to support her and Greg. I have worked through all her guides and am comfortable with the gym so I chose the advanced gym guide 5 days a week and it is just too basic. I can do all the upper body exercises in 20 minutes and found myself adding other exercises and supersets just to challenge myself. The third day isn’t a full gym day and just a touch up day when I’ve been lifting a full 5 days for months now and it just feels like a wasted gym day for someone who actively lifts and expected a full workout for 5 days. This app is great for people just beginning their fitness journey but it just feels like the advanced part got left out. I will try again if they make it more challenging but for now, I need to continue my fitness journey elsewhere as much as I hate to say it

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    Nothing Different

    It’s basically a place where all the guides are now. There’s no new content that’s different from her pdf guides that I’ve done (literally every single one). The “advanced” workouts are not challenging at all, which should be for those that aren’t new to the gym. There’s about 4 workouts, 3 sets each and 1 ab circuit and 10 minutes of cardio, almost every day. You cannot view workouts days or weeks ahead, unless you check mark each workout indicating you’ve completed it so you can move on to the next day. Not very user friendly or suitable to individual needs. There’s also no free trial period, not even 24 hours like most fitness apps have, which is odd for an entirely new app to do. A free trial period should have been offered especially when they need to work out any issues like the app crashing and being unable to use what you paid for. While I do love their supplement products, this venture feels like a rip off and not worth the monthly fee.

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    Best thing to happen to the fitness app industry!

    I love everything about this app. They hands down read our brains and made the vision come to life. The way everything is set up is absolutely perfect & so easy to navigate. I’ve read some other reviews of people complaining that it’s not free, Mari has posted before launch that Slay is completely separate from the guides. To leave negative feedback based on cost is shady. I also just want to add, when you pour your blood sweat and tears into something (and the perfection shows). Time needs to be compensated. You’re budgeting for your health, it’s more than worth it. To Mari, Greg & the whole team. Thank you a million times over, you guys are the superheroes that continue so shape and mold us into the best version of ourselves we can ever be!

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    Great app!

    I have the at home guides already, but decided to try the app out. I love how I can go back and forth between gym/home workouts (once I can go back to the gym), the videos of each move are super helpful, and the coach descriptions are just what you need if the video isn’t enough. I also appreciate that I can track my reps/weight, take progress pics, keep notes on the workout all in one App. Super convenient! I would recommend only paying for the first month to try it out, then paying for the year. One thing, It would be nice if there was a calendar screen showing the days you worked out. But the’ll probably add something like that soon. The makers of the app are great people and actually respond to feedback. Overall love it!

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    Better features & more affordable than other apps

    This app is easy to use and is simple and cute. I’ve come from using a couple other fitness apps and programs before. I’m comparing this app specifically to Kayla Itsines SWEAT app, Smalletics, and Mari’s old PDF guides. Here’s what I love about the SLAY app and what makes it unique: **more cost friendly than other fitness apps **exercise glossary and dictionaries, and videos of exercises that are easily accessible within the app **the ability to save notes within each specific exercise and see my previous history for the exercise. Saves me time and makes it so much easier. **I can use GYM AND HOME workouts equally without having to switch plans or trainers. Many people are complaining about the subscription. But this is totally normal for fitness businesses when they switch from PDF guides to an app. It’s expected and common. Even so, this app is more cost friendly than a lot of other apps I’ve seen. I personally like the exercise style in the app (no circuits like in the guides) and the ease of use of the app. I’m all for it. This app is brand new and they’re doing a fantastic job so far. GREAT WORK Mari, Greg, and team!!

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    Nice App - some small tweaks would make it great!

    I have been using the old printed guides for a year, so I’m very excited to change it up with the app! The layout is fantastic. I LOVE the check off feature, motivating for the type A people. I would have liked to have seen a tour of the app prior to having to commit to it. There should be a trial or minimally a glimpse so you know what to expect. The videos are really helpful. But there are some basic moves I would like to have seen added to the “learn” section. RDL being one of them - it always feels like I’m doing it wrong so it would be nice if that was there. Some of the exercises are clear what a set is, others are not. Ex. Russian twist was clear. The first home guide level two lunge exercise was not. All in all, really enjoying the app.

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Is SLAY by Mari Safe?

Yes. SLAY by Mari is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 661 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SLAY by Mari Is 53.0/100.

Is SLAY by Mari Legit?

Yes. SLAY by Mari is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 661 SLAY by Mari User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SLAY by Mari Is 53.0/100.

Is SLAY by Mari not working?

SLAY by Mari works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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