Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Reviews

Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-28

Cash Pusher: Lucky Coin Casino is a free vegas style coin pusher game. The FREE
arcade machine is now in you hands with chance to win prizes! No purchase
required. Collect coins to take dream prize. The more you play games, the more
rewards you can win! Boost your coin collecting by usi...

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Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Reviews

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    Could easily be a dive star but

    I have had multiple times where I’ve watched a video so I can put up walls so I can get special tokens then I’m automatically taken to that bonus game and apparently there’s still a timer running on the wall because by the time I get back the walls are gone and the tokens I was after have either already slipped over the edge or are in the process of slipping over the edge and there’s not enough time to do anything about it. Extremely frustrating, shouldn’t the timer pause when there are pop ups or bonus games we have to play whether we want too or not? And another thing about the walls normally there’s a timer to show how much time is left before the walls disappear, and I think if you collect a wall token while the walls are already up you should get the time that token would have gotten added to the time you have left, it shouldn’t just be wasted.

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    Pérdida de tiempo .. waste of time

    Al principio te emociona con todo el dinero que te empiezan a dar… luego, después de 2 semanas cuando ya estás a punto de ganar los primeros $300 dólares… el juego deja de dar dinero.. y aunque ganes , no te lo dan.. se queda atorado en esa exacta cantidad. Yo estoy atorada en $299.. y aunque gane dinero , no me lo da..Por más que ganes, el juego no te lo da.. pérdida de tiempo .. este juego es una gran estafa.. te hacen ver comerciales cada 2 minutos.. terrible .. waste of time and they are liars.. I’m stuck on $299.. and no matter how much money I win.. the game won’t give it to me.. doesn’t add it to my winnings.. total lie.. make me watch adds every 2 minutes and never give me the coins money I win. If I can give zero stars I will.. definitely.. make me all excited and doesn’t give me my winning coins.. it just ignore the amount I just win and doesn’t add it .. liars.. I should take your company to court.. hire an attorney for this big lie game. Should not be on the App Store at all. Im very stars to you liars.

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    Scam ads, rigged physics

    Ads play way too often and feature clips of real people who won money on the app being advertised. Problem is the clips are re-used for multiple apps. That’s a scam. Even if they actual won on multiple apps they would record a new clip for each ad. But instead they are people generically shouting they won but don’t say the name of the app. As for the physics, coins regularly go through each other instead of colliding and pushing. The pusher routinely goes through coins you’ve placed instead of pushing them. There are better coin dozer games out there, don’t waste your time downloading this one.

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    Fun way to pass the time

    This game is a fun way of passing the time. I like other games where you’re stuck at 20 coins and you need to wait an hour to regenerate, this game sets you up with PLENTY of coins to keep it going. My only complaint is that if you spend stacks of cash for a boost (Woden basket or coins walls), and a mandatory mini game or “ad break” pop up, the game doesn’t pause and by the time you can go back the power up is ending, so you essentially wasted the “money”. Not a dealbreaker, but super frustrating

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    Lost hours of progress, and several hindered coins.

    Would be a decent game if it wasn’t for the poor programming that allows coins and objects to clip into each other, and DELETE HOURS OF PROGRESS. Left the game for 15 minutes (didn’t even close it) and I came back to find that my 1300 coin balance was down to 300, and the various levels that I’d earned in the “battle pass” were gone. Literally set me back a couple hours, and that’s unacceptable, especially since it takes A LOT of grinding to get there. Thankfully, I paid nothing to obtain what I did, but the wasted time is a massive sting. This is why I stay away from games like this.

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    Screw this game

    Once I first downloaded this game I was so excited but now I’m upset I thought we would win real money and prizes but instead it’s just a game of the ad say we win real money but we don’t don’t download this game I’m not interested at all stupid dumb game it literally said instant win wheel of fortune but they’re all lying if I could I would ride zero stars on this game because I thought I would win real money but instead you just get to play the game the game is fun but I don’t like this at all whoever made this game or helped to make this game screw you because this game is so freaking stupid just screw this game.👎🏼

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    Good game for fun

    I do enjoy playing this game but what happened to the rewards section? That was always fun to get tickets for collecting prizes etc. the only downside are all the ads that pop up at the most inopportune times. Will still keep playing for entertainment. I don’t expect to win real money.

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    Good game but has flaws

    My only complaints are that the videos don’t work, but you need them to unlock things like extra power ups or the maple fest. Also there should be something to stop the screen from switching when a powerup is enabled. For example, you activate the walls for a short period of time but a pop up with level up or the card game comes up and by the time you finish your powerup has run out.

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    Fake App. Do not download

    Your ads say win real money. Need to fix those. You are false advertising and Apple should be ashamed of themselves. Taking advantage of people like this. You shouldn’t allow these types of games. Your games and ads are very misleading. Don’t take advantage of people in tough spots thinking they can win real money on these games. Boycott all these games. Make them lose there money like that expect us to lose ours. I’m updating my review. Now they send a mass generated response. Lol. Game is still whack. Super false advertising. Super lame. Never download this game. ✌🏽

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    False game

    Game is fun, I give it that. The ads was a given if you were earning money. But honestly, why have the money even be a part of the game if you can’t cash out. I agree with the other review that you are false advertising people to play your game making them think they can win money. Developer, you already admitted in the one review that this game isn’t for people to win money or prizes of any sort. Don’t even bother replying back. Because that’s just what you’ll say to this. This was a total waste of my time! Screw you!

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    Best Coin Dozer!

    This is the best coin pusher on the App Store! Much more colorful, many more mini games and variety, super realistic physics engine too. Only thing I would change is to remove the flashing “Tap Here” graphic. It becomes annoying to have it there all the time.

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    I like the game but is it for real money or not

    Then I’ll show you how to get your money off this game I’m at $115 and I haven’t gone to my PayPal why are you doing false advertisementThe game is just like the Apple PhoneNeed a lots of apple store to fix the phonesWhy is Apple is the only phone that has stores that have to keep repairing their phoneSamsung and LG doesn’t have that because their phones are already fixed don’t need a store for that wow now Apple is sponsoring games that rip you off just like their phone Hallways in the auto shop

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    DEVELOPER’S RESPONSE Dear valuable player, we are sorry about your experience and our game is intended for an adult audienceAnd does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real cash and prizes. Enjoy your game! I saw this response on multiple reviews criticizing the game. This tells you everything you need to know… The ad you probably saw before downloading this game is lying with promises of winning real world cash and prizes and the disclaimer is hidden somewhere far down in their TOS. My recommendation is to not bother wasting your time.

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    False advertising

    False advertising at its finest how do you have an ad on Facebook saying some woman and her bank account was making 52 THOUSAND DOLLARS from this app??? Then get on the app and it’s literally nothing like it at all I had to delete so quickly because of how false this app is don’t show the advertising of her winning big money just to tell people who downloaded it THAT NO MONEY IS ACTUALLY GIVEN just ridiculous you guys need to have better advertising because it’s false and you should be sued for posting such false things

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    Your adds say you win money...but you don’t. I am deleting this app ASAP. I suggest you do the same. Unless this game finally gives me real cash, it is lame. Also really boring. I would love to win real money because I wish to go to college! I am mad about that and want you to say on your commercials that you’re sorry and you won’t give money. I am wasting my time right now.....I hope you see what you have done. This is hurtful to people who really need it. Good bye have a good rest of your day!

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Is Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Safe?

No. Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,756 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Is 13.6/100.

Is Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Legit?

No. Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,756 Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino Is 13.6/100.

Is Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino not working?

Cash Pusher:Lucky Coin Casino works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Karen Sutton
Oct 17 2021

I won both $300 and $500 PayPal cards but nothing was paid out. How can you expect people to give you good reviews if you don't back up your claims?

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