Bingo Clash: win real cash Reviews

Bingo Clash: win real cash Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-29

Love Bingo? You can test your skills in Bingo Clash to compete against other
players in classic, fast-paced Bingo matches and win great prizes! Key
Features: —Free Bingo games available at any time. —Get matched with other
players of your skill level, play fair and classic Bingo game...

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Bingo Clash: win real cash Reviews

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    Scammers and Unresponsive Support

    I have won $300 since downloading this app last month which was great, but lately I have noticed several things that feel like scams. BEWARE!!! It’s great initially to make a quick buck on 1-2 rounds of deposits but do not make a habit. Recently I have noticed that I’m losing games to people who are getting IMPOSSIBLE scores and are most likely getting power-ups/2x that I’m not receiving. I’ve gotten a full house and been fast through the entire game and then submit my score to find that my opponent beat me by over 20k points.... how? If we supposedly get the same cards, power-ups, etc. and I clear my bored with near-perfect timing, how were there an extra 20k points available to them. Something doesn’t add up there. Additionally, I recently won $100 and put in a withdrawal application. It has processed and says the money was sent but the card number they have listed is not mine and upon looking at my info, I didn’t make a typo. Every withdrawal so far has gone to my debit card with no issues until this one and conveniently, support has been ignoring me for 3 days. If you’re going to play this, you need to make sure you screenshot EVERYTHING that has to do with your money. I’ll be on the lookout for a class action lawsuit to join against these thieves. I’ll update this if I hear from support but I’m not holding my breath. They start stealing from you when you get too good at their games.

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    Rip off

    Made my first deposit and actually won up to a decent amount in the beginning. Then when I tried to withdrawal, it wouldn’t let me. I had all the correct information put in but it wouldn’t let me make a withdrawal. Emailed support and they were supposed to look into it. So I ended up just playing some more and from there on just lost about almost every game. Even though I would score high, I would still lose. Lol Don’t waste your money. Would give it no stars if I could. Guaranteed that you will lose. There’s no way to win and withdrawal. Also be aware. They might let you win a few games in the beginning but soon after you will start losing more than winning. Your numbers don’t ever get called either. And when I actually won back some money to be able to at least cash out what I deposited, it stated that it was mostly bonus cash and amount I was able to withdrawal was only like a dollar. Lol ridiculous. Either way, they will make you keep playing until you have no money left at all. I admit game is fun but can’t seem to ever win when it comes to playing with real money. Opponents score always seems to be higher than yours even though you do good and couldn’t possibly do any better. Update: Just looked at the video for one of my cash games and the numbers that are given to me and my opponent are not the same. They got more numbers which resulted in them winning off course. Have photos for proof.

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    I love Bingo and so I stumbled on this game while I was looking for a nice little online verison of the game. Bingo Clash is everything I wanted and more! It is Bingo, if not somewhat slightly altered, but it is also a multiplayer game. You can play for free, which is what I do, but you can also play it for cash money. If you're like me, and you want to play it for free, you need to use in game ""tickets"". The tickets let you play in ticket games, against other people, just like with cash, and the winner gets the tickets that were put up to stake. At this point I've got a ton of tickets and after a certain point, something like 8k tickets, you can start cashing them in for ""bonus cash"" which acts like real cash, in that you can put it up to stake for money games. The winnings from those money games you can withdraw. Which, I think will be my next step, I've got so many tickets, in excess of 20k, that I may as well cash some in and see if I can't win some money. May as well. Give it a shot!

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    Please fix bug!

    Okay so this app is actually legit and you can really win money. I love that it is actually easier than many other money-winning games. I downloaded the app tonight, played a few practice round, then added $5 when I felt confident enough, and have won $20 so far. So yes, the money is there!, however there is one major issue I am seeing, and it’s starting to make me very upset. It looks like theres some type of bug with the app because i have won multiple $1 games but never received the $1. The last game I just played, is the one that requires a $5 entry fee, and has 5 rounds, each round you move up obviously gets you paid more, with the potential to win $35, If you get first place.I won the first round, which should have won me $2, and let me move on to the next round, but the minute The game ended, it gave me an error message (something about gateway???), and then threw me out to the lobby. Not only did it throw me out and didn’t let me move on to the next level like It should have, but AGAIN, it didn’t credit me the $2 i won for winning that first round, nor did it refund me the $5 dollar entry other words, I just wasted $5. Please fix this because it’s really starting to look like this game steals your money.

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    This game requires skill

    You honestly don’t *have* to deposit anything, because I ended up winning $100 off my last daily bonus of just 60 cents (which is the minimum for betting real cash). You have to know how to use your power ups, be able to daub fast, and be able to be disciplined enough to assess risk/reward when betting what you have. I was able to earn $100 in 6 hours.. What also helps is a minimum deposit ($5-$10) to get to L1 because the perks you get from that can help you level up easier and just off that and skill, you can easily level up and get more off your play. The *ONLY* thing now is waiting for the deposit. It’s been 3 business days and I was told $25 of the $60 I wanted to withdraw was sent, but I was told it may take an additional 10 days, possibly more, to actually show in my account depending on their payment platform Xsolla. It takes an additional 5 days to process and send the rest. I am still awaiting the funds, so if I’m able to get them in a reasonable amount of time I would hands down give this app 5 stars for fun and fairness.

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    A solid multiplayer bingo game

    I used to be a big fan of skillz but recently got into pocket7games. The UI, the art, and the general simplicity of design were just so refreshing compared to skillz that as far as skill based casino games go, I now consider myself a solid pocket7games fan. On their main app I mostly played bingo clash so when I saw that they had a standalone version I instantly downloaded it. It's the same game, with the same great features that make their other app so great. A lot of the same daily events and promotions are present in this app just like their other. It's engaging, fun, light hearted, and just a great time. You can play form money or tickets, and their online community is really great. If you like the main pocket7games app, this is just a good solid standalone of bingo clash, and if you are new to pocket7games and like what you get in this app, than check out their other app too, it's all the money making goodness of this app, plus so much more!

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    Okay so truth

    Editing this to say I’ve gotten over $100 on this game and it all went into my account today. This isn’t a scam you just gotta learn how to play 😊 I downloaded this app a few days ago and put $50 into it and lost every dime I put in, BUT I thought it was normal bingo, there are tips and tricks to this game and I’ve figured them out mostly and I won back the $50 on one game. There will be people better and faster than you. So bad reviews for losing is unfair. Also you can watch the 2 player games after you’ve played and you’ll see that you get the same card and they call out the same number. It’s about who’s the fastest and most skilled at this game. So if you lose you should probably practice with tickets and get the hang of it before you play with cash like I did. All in all it’s a really fun and great game. I will write another 5 star review once my $50 gets deposited into my account, they say it takes 7 business days so I’m waiting for the money to hit either my PayPal or account and then I’ll write another review. Tips to play: -hit the number fast you get more points -if you get a x2 bonus SAVE IT. -don’t press bingo until the very end of the game. If you have a x2 wait until the last 10 second and press that and then press bingo so it will double all of your points. Another tip- don’t leave a bad review just because you’re too stupid to figure it out. 😉 All around pretty fun game.

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    P7G Bingo Clash Is Great!

    I've been playing a lot of Bingo Clash lately. For those that don't know, it's a free to play, for cash, multiplayer bingo game. You play bingo against other people online, their matchmaking system is automated and matches you against people that are judged to be at the same skill level as you, and you put money up for stake and the winner takes all! It's really cool, a ton of fun. I also found this app at a really great time. With all the time I spend inside because of Covid19 I find that I have a ton of time on my hands, and this app helps me to deal with the boredom while making some sweet sweet side cash at the same time. BTW, I have tried some other apps that give you money for paying, and they are just not up to the same quality as the p7g apps, try them if you want, but I think you will keep coming back to this once you've tried it. I so highly recommend it.

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    The best bingo

    Like I said this is the best bingo I found along with pocket 7 but there is one big down side of this game if you don’t know yet just heads up, I made a $100 deposit the other day and ended up winning little over $300 I went ahead made a withdrawal and per their policy rule your withdrawal money will go back to the original way you made your deposit that being said I used one of my credit car to make the $100 deposit and today I get a message of my withdrawal details so they split the $300 in one thousand pieces possible, $10 in one card another $10 in another card $160 on another card and so on etc. Now detail of this story is I have deleted all my cards of this game except for one the same one I made the deposit with and yet they sent some of this ridiculous split of my withdrawal to a card that don’t even exist anymore and this is not the first time this happens, they can’t even follow their own policy rules 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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    make money playing bingo!

    Video games are awesome! And now they are an awesome way to make some money on the side. A side hustle if you will. Bingo Clash is one of the best games to make some side cash with. It's just like the classic bingo but with a casino twist! You play against other people online in a cash stakes game and the winner gets the money. It's fun and fast paced, a game only takes a few minutes, which makes it perfect for playing during coffee breakts, or for just doing something while you sit on a zoom class or something like that. The company that makes it is also really cool. They always have events going on, like doing charities for animals or other good causes, so often times you can also help to make the world a better place, while also making some money for yourself, and having a good time to boot. There's no downside! Bingo Clash is just a perfect app!

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    It’s a fun bingo game, but DON’T expect to win anything!

    I see all these people saying that they have been playing for this game for a couple months and have won money. I downloaded this app over a year ago and I have NEVER won more then $5. It’s not like I don’t know how to play either because I bust out the high scores, but magically their is always someone getting unreasonably high scores! The ONLY time I experience this is conveniently when I play any money game for more than $1. I have no option as well to see the recorded video of the game play. I will be removing my card and only using this for bingo. I fully expect I’ll never win on this app. Even the little side activities give me the lowest opinion on the board, so either I’m the most unluck person on the planet or this is just a way to get money. I’d go with the second thing. That being said the gameplay (when it’s not all messed up.) is fun that is it. I wouldn’t expect to win any money on anything in this game though. I would ONLY download for a fun bingo game not the money portion.

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    Another great casino app by Pocket7Games

    Bingo clash is what the name implies: BINGO! It is a mobile version where your score is compared to another real player and the winner is whoever has the higher score. You play for money or for tickets, an in game free currency if you aren't feeling to bold about putting money up for stake. There are daily bonuses, daily rewards for completing certain tasks or challenges. There is a lot of interactivity with the community and company on their social media pages and you can win all sorts of bonuses by being active. A 5 star player support staff, I emailed them with some questions when I first started playing, and they were so professional and quick with their reponses. I love the app. 5 stars as far as I am concerned. Its a free game, its real money, you basically get payed to play, there is no downside!

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    Its okay to pass time but dont expect to win anything

    So this is fun bingo game that heavily advertises winning lots of money but thats not really what it is. You have to deposit your own money to be able to play the money games and once youre out you have to deposit more money to keep playing those rounds. There are ticket games to prevent having to spend your own money so thats the beat option if you dont wanna put real money into an app. Also wether you win these games or not is completely luck based, sometimes you will get lots of your numbers called and sometimes you wont get almost any. The developers constantly say, “There is a score sheet so you can improve your playing style” but you cant “get better” at playing bingo. Its basically up to how fast you press the matching number to get the most points. Overall its an okay bingo game but seriously do not put lots of money into this game you will not get much back in return.

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    Great money making app

    I spend a lot of time trying to find a way to make some cash on the side in my spare time. A while back I got into the idea of casino type games on the phone and tried out a couple of different options. But so far I found that pocket7games is the best of the bunch. They have a ton of games but my favorite is bingo clash. This app contains the same game thats on their other app which is also called pocket7games but since I usually just play bingo clash i got this version by itself. Its fun. What more can i say. You play bingo and if you win you make some money. There are different stakes that means you can make various amounts of money depending on how much you want to risk. If you are like me and are looking for some quick and easy cash online then try out bingo clash.

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    Deception of Bonus Cash and Withdrawing Cash

    Everything sounds nice and legit when you sign up with promos and free bonus cash. They lure you in to deposit real money by giving u all this bonuc cash but the catch is when you start racking up “cash”, your account total looks a lot nicer than what you can actually withdrawal. I’ve been sitting on about $35 real cash and $30 bonus cash for weeks now playing different cash priced games and whether i win or lose the game always takes a majority of my real cash to play the game and barely touches my bonus cash. The reason this is such an issue is because if you want to withdraw any cash at any time you must forfeit all bonus cash you own and this is usually half of your account. By the time you play enough games to use all of your bonus cash you’ll be long gone of real cash and have to deposit more. Moral of the story is once you’ve made enough to withdraw more than you deposit WITHDRAW IMMEDIATELY AND FOREIT ALL BONUS CASH. BONUS CASH IS AN ILLUSION AND IS BARELY USED WHEN YOU HAVE REAL CASH IN YOUR ACCOUNT

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Is Bingo Clash: win real cash Safe?

Yes. Bingo Clash: win real cash is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,103 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bingo Clash: win real cash Is 39.8/100.

Is Bingo Clash: win real cash Legit?

Yes. Bingo Clash: win real cash is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,103 Bingo Clash: win real cash User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bingo Clash: win real cash Is 39.8/100.

Is Bingo Clash: win real cash not working?

Bingo Clash: win real cash works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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