Solitaire Cube: Card Game Reviews

Solitaire Cube: Card Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-30

A modern version of the classic: Klondike Solitaire. Includes large
tournaments and head-to-head competitions with cash prizes (where
available). Key Features • Klondike Solitaire: Stack cards into piles to sort
them by their suit. Sound easy? It is! • It only takes a minute or two to...

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Solitaire Cube: Card Game Reviews

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    Best app I’ve tried in a long time!

    This app is awesome. An easy way to win some decent money pretty easily with just a small deposit. I played for free and realized that it would take me forever to be able to enter any G’s es to win real cash without making a cash deposit. Usually there’s a minimum deposit of $10 which I think is high for a game ur not sure of it don’t know the odds of winning any cash for. But they were running a thanksgiving g special where if you deposit $5 then they give you $10 so I was able to put $15 on my account by spending only $5 and I thought that was great. I’ve only been playing for real cash for not even an hour and I’ve already won $20 so this is awesome. I definitely recommend this app if your looking for a good way to spend your free time. And even if your not all that great, that’s ok cuz they match you against people of your own skill level so you still have really good odds of winning. Easier to make money winning it playing solitaire than waiting hours taking servers just to get a few bucks that’s for sure plus it’s really fun when you win & can get pretty exciting and pretty intense sometimes. I’m really hard to win over when it comes to playing games worth my time on my phone and this one definitely surprised me and exceeded my expectations, so if ur on the fence about it I say hands down give it a try.

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    Loving the game. Undo button helps my ‘faster than lightning’ hands catch up to how my brains speeds thru my options. Great old school game that was rebooted with a nice layout.. a 5 minutes timer.. and love the option to stop at anytime thinking I’m out of moves... but is my competition ?... Oh and the points difference, on the time to still play, often makes or breaks you. So it keeps you going fast and on your toes. Another good one Skillz! This and Spider and Diamond Strike are my top 3!! Plus I’ve spent quite a bit of money on this game.. only lost it being too cocky and taking big risks.. so it’s cool y’all let us challenge someone for real cash prizes Every 4 hours... in a 1 on 1 so our chances of winning are great. Have you thought about adding a Skillz version of Othello? Or maybe Acey Ducey? (Acey Ducey is the faster better version of Bat-gammon) Or maybe Speed? That’s a card game that we could play for hours growing up!! I look forward to more Skillz games and hopefully keeping some of my winnings this time. Also.. could you consider putting some promo codes out there for the $10/$30 or some variation. Getting the extra is what got me to put in my last $100.. getting an extra $50.. but no way will I ever put the $250 or $500 you want for my next bonus deposit.

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    This is NOT a rigged game

    I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and have gone through reading all of the one star reviews claiming that the app is rigged. First of all, this app is not rigged, they pair you randomly with another player, it has nothing to do with your skill level so if you just happen to be not that good and a really good player is playing at the same time they’re gonna pair you together. It’s all based on who’s using which game at that moment. To everyone who is also claiming it’s rigged because they never win any money you gotta remember, this is gambling, you aren’t gonna win every time. When you deposit money and they offer you the bonus amount (for example they will do deposit $30 get an extra $30) that extra amount is not really money hence you can not withdraw that $30. Just as if you trade your tickets for cash, you cannot withdraw the fake money. If you have real cash and bonus cash in your account at the same time and play a cash game it will use half and half so eventually your bonus cash runs out and you will end up with money you can fully withdraw. For everyone saying it’s rigged, quite crying just because you aren’t good at the game, do practice tournaments. Play for Z’s first until you get good, and maybe go back and read the rules and instructions one more time because it’s clearly stated how the game works.

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    Great Game

    I really enjoy this game! It’s easy to navigate the app and it’s set up so that there are different levels for beginners or pro players. You can play for tickets (called Z) which you then use to play a game, or you can play for actual money. This game of solitaire is different from regular solitaire in that not every deck is able to be solved. Each game is timed. You get 5 minutes to solve the deck so to win you have to learn to use the time wisely. It took me a while to figure out that the idea is to go as far as you can to solve the deck and work as quickly as you can because once you reach the point where there are no moves left (or actually solve the deck), your time will be added to your score. So, the more time you have left, the higher your score will be. The app gives you tips on how to play, which I found very helpful. Overall I have really enjoyed playing this game. Also, I love that this game doesn’t bombard you with ads every time you finish a game!! (Although I discovered this app because I saw it in an ad so I guess those ads are actually helpful sometimes!)

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    I played many games for money on this app. In just one day, I managed to lose every game i played, resulting in losing every cent i had on my account. I rewatched every match, as they give you that option, and I had at least 350 more points, if not more, than the other player, but somehow my resulting score was 300 points lower on the recap screen. Example- I had 950 points one game, I ended the game, when it showed me the recap, it said I had 600 points. I rewatched the video and it was clear I ended with more points, even with the ending early bonus. The recap flat out said I only earned a third (or less) of the points than I really did. There should never be that discrepancy, and it happened on every single game today. I lost all $33 dollars on my account. I should blame myself for even playing. Rewatched every game I could, and I had won every one, but somehow my score was adjusted to way lower, so I could lose. Absolute scam, and absolutely ridiculous. Should’ve withdrawn my $27 today when I signed on to my account- because this was a total scam today, every game and score was adjusted so I lost, and I rewatched every game, and saw what the opponent ended with- it was not what was on the screen (you can see the bonus points and everything- it flat out didn’t match up) Conveniently, you can’t see the scores you were given with the bonus points on some of the videos, because it’s all BS, and you can’t replay some matches. All rigged

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    Not the best!

    Look, I love cards, and I can honestly say that I’m quite good at cards... Especially Klondike, Free cell, Spider etc. I thought that I would absolutely love this game and could put a few bucks in my wallet... Not even close.. I think it’s pretty low that I would get cards several times in a row that we’re impossible to win with! Yes yes I know they claim that it’s random but I can’t believe something so blatant! I like to feel a game out first before buying anything in a game. I am a P2W type of player. I have no patience, so if I have to pay to get bonuses, or extra cards, or more spins, extra hints, I’m going to do that! But I don’t waste my time or money on apps, games or developers who make it almost impossible to win! I won’t put a deposit down in this game! I won’t give you my credit card, or even make an in app purchase because I never won a hand! 1 hand, in the amount of time I played this game. No wonder people that are F2P complain all the time... They have Zero chance of winning unless they pay for something... These pictures of these people holding up checks they “won” is a joke! All these people won was their money back that they’ve lost through out their time in this game! Let’s get excited about winning back my losses! No thank you! I’ll spending my money on a better game, that has a better chance of winning at.

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    The game cheats when you play for real money

    I loaded $15 dollar to this game and lost every dime. It just so happens the game ha a replay feature where you can watch you game and your opponent in a side by side view and my last game played I could only get 20 points because there were no other moves I could do so when I was done the other player was still going and I was wondering how but when the game finally ended it showed the other persons points was over 1000 so naturally I went to the replay to see how the heck they got that many points from such a bad spread and their cards was totally different from mine and so before I contacted the game I watched. Few more of my games ones that I won and lost and both sets of cards were always the same except some games the feature to watch the replay is not available so that leads me to wonder if they cheated me entirely out of my $15. This game is not worth it it seems like the developers are the only ones that are winning. To play to win $1 you have to pay them $0.60 so really you are just playing for $0.40. Then when you are playing sometimes you don’t have an opponent so they match someone to you later in which they probably change the cards in some cases because you may win 2 games then you lose 4 it’s like a pattern of winning and losing so when it is all said and done you walk away with no money to cash out.

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    Has potential to be fun...

    Don’t get me wrong, the game is addictive and competitive. I play both cash and free games. One thing I’ve noticed is where in free games I’m able to score higher. Cash games started up fair in the beginning where you would get playable hands and could score at least 1k points easily. Now I’m seeing more less playable hands where I’m scoring 20,40,60 points before I have no plays left. It’s to the point of winning one or two hands and losing 5 or 6. I’m starting to wonder if something is wrong with the schematics of dealing cards. How can you go thru a whole deck and only be able to make one or two moves? It’s almost as if it’s enough to keep you interested in playing but enough for you to slowly lose your bank roll so you’d have to reload cash. Developer, Please take a look into how the system deals hands! It could definitely use some improving on your end because there’s no way a player should end games with 20-60 points. Also it says that the more time you end game with gives you extra points. I’ve ended games with 3:50 remaining of the 5 minutes due to lack of moves and get 0-60 points for 3:50 remaining. I’ve played and ended games with 00:40 seconds remaining and got a couple hundred points extra from time. This is another issue that needs to be reviewed. Thanks.

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    Don’t put money in

    Don’t put money in. I only did because they had a deal where you put in 30, gave you 30. However even after winning beyond all that (I lost most of it, then from games ended up winning over $60), when you withdraw it’ll take $30 away from you. It crashes a lot and when I did great it “loses” the score, and you can appeal to get your money back. They’re sneaky, though: I’ve done this and got an email saying the money was refunded and it never was. Watch carefully. However, when you lose or have a bad game it somehow saves the score when it crashes... then they changed the minimum game price (increased the cost to enter a game) after I had put money in. Then it’s supposed to match you up randomly or to equal skills, but then it matched me up to someone I lost to several games in a row in a tournament so of course I instantly lost because the person is better than I am. Playing non-tournament games same issue: lost 6 times in a row, won 2, lost 3 more. It doesn’t set you up to even skill-level like it leads you to believe. They also have misleading titles: “$26 in prizes guaranteed” for a tournament: then when you win the whole tournament, you only get $15. You’ll lose money. So to play for free, it’s fine but crashes and has downtime where the app won’t work for hours at a time.

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    Somewhat Deceiving

    I’ve been playing for a couple months to determine if it’s worth spending money and it’s not. Haven’t spent a dime and I never plan to. It’s a decent game of solitaire but there are a few things wrong. They advertise that the cards in every new draw are supposed to shuffle each time, they absolutely do not shuffle. Maybe if you are lucky you have a 5-10 percent chance the cards will shuffle but the majority of the time it’s the same draw over and over making it very hard to win. I’m pretty sure that the opponents are very rarely, if ever, actual people. Maybe in the pay to play you play actual people but I wouldn’t know. If you have the money to waste it might be fun to spend a little just to try it out, but if you are on a tight budget this is not a get rich quick scheme like they advertise. Even if you are a fantastic solitaire player,, it is set up so that you cannot win. I’ve Never played an electronic game of solitaire in my life where the cards were so often the same every single time they were dealt. don’t waste your money. I originally wrote this review a few months ago with three stars, I am now returning to give one star and delete the game. I didn’t think the shuffling could get any worse but somehow it did. I haven’t won a game in over a week. Not worth it even to have fun as a free game. There are too many better options.

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    Rip Off

    This game is such a rip off. I enjoy playing this game when I’m not matched with people that are clearly better than I am. The whole point of this game is to play for money, but who wants to deposit money and lose it all in a matter of minutes? Depending on the time of day, I’ll have a hot streak of 4 - 5 wins in a row. Then all of a sudden, I’m matched with one person consecutively for the next 4-5 matches and lose all of my money. It never fails. When I deposit money, naturally they let me win the first match to get me to play another. When I do, I lose 90% of the time. I have never actually been able to cash any money out. They say they use some sort of algorithmic formula, and it’s based on skillset of two people. If I’m beat by someone 3 times in a row, what would tell anyone that we match in skillset? Also, I reviewed a replay of a match that I lost for some odd reason. My opponent in this match clearly finished with about a minute and forty-six seconds left on the clock, and I finished with 2+ minutes on the clock. Both my opponent and myself finished with the same remaining cards on the board and the same cards in their home position. With that being said, I contacted the support through the app and waited more than 24 hours for a response and when I received my response it was nothing short of a vague almost rhetorical answer.

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    BEWARE- Rigged cash games - bots.

    So I finally decided to download the game to see what all the hype was about. I played a few practice games and I seemed to always win weather it was playing against a computer or a human. After playing for several practice games I decided to deposit money into the account. I found it strange that once I started playing cash games, I was only facing robots with odd player names and I went from always winning to always losing when I was playing the $50,$20 and $10. The only time I won was once with the $1 game. I came close to winning in the other games by a way of a tie and then the tie breaker I conveniently was only able to score around 200 points and the robot or human with an odd user name scored over 2,000 making me lose the match. I have even entered tournaments and lost every one except for when I had $3-$5 left. As soon as I made my deposits. I would lose on every match. I am not new to online cash games, and I know when a site is rigged. This one is absolutely rigged without a doubt. BEWARE!!! This is not to say they do not have a fun game concept, but it is only good for the play points not really cash. I just don’t believe that this app isn’t rigged and that they don’t have bots playing disguised as humans with the odd player names. They got me for over $100. It was a lesson learned. Again, BEWARE

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    Love the game

    Im addicted to the game, play it everytime im free. A lot comments said they lose money, that's true, because you are not good enough. Just need to practice more with z money before you play real money. Im still learning tho', but here some tips. You can't be tired, blurry eyes, shaking fingers before you play, you should be really focus on the game, clear your head. cuz' You have to play very fast. Don't look at the card long, i almost not move my eyes. You think you are fast, but maybe your partner even faster. Until now, i still have same money in my account. It goes up and down all the time, but sometime i play $3 to get the $5, and the frays, or tournament, so im good. Some people says maybe bots are playing with them, 'cuz they can't keep winning after the third time. Well i don't think so, there's time i keep winning like 10 times in a row. Dude, just keep practicing. Sometimes i can't keep playing, 'cuz some of players are really fast. Im like get off the game few minutes then come back.

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    Cheaters--- poor customer service

    I thought this was a good game at first, being able to compete against other people for cash. However, after depositing a ton into this and spending a lot of my time and actually winning, I got an email stating that I violated their 'terms' which results in forfeiting of my winnings. I tried to call them, was promised I would get a return call by a supervisor -- never did. I emailed them, took over 24hrs for a reply with the same crap over and over again. My sister and I both play this game, we have similar names and they thought we were the same person so accused us of having multiple accounts. I emailed them to try and resolve but it seems like there's no one that actually cares. After trying so many times, I gave up and decided to create a new account. I tried to play but it shows pending for players, I contacted support and they said it could be due to a system error and was told to wait 7 days for a refund. I waited couple days and tried logging on, they blocked my account again because I apparently 'violated' the terms which is ridiculous. It seems like these guys are OK if you lose and deposit but once you start to win, they'll find an excuse to block your account to forfeit your winnings.

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    Fun but fishy

    Overall the game is pretty addicting. However, not sure if it is a true random algorithm or not, good luck actually being able to completely clear all of the cards. I won my first game and completely cleared the cards but unfortunately after that, every single game after has been garbage. Putting all red cards down and all low numbers, drawing three red cards on each draw consecutively, etc. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure if it’s rigged or not but something is off. And if it is rigged, (which I’m beginning to think it is) they haven’t done a very good job at making it subtle. So I decided to download three other solitaire games and guess what?!!! I won at least 5/9 games on each separate game/app right out of the game. They all felt like it was true random drawing and card placement. I understand putting apps out means money for developers, I get that. However, in this game specifically, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t make it truly random. Because there will be a winner wether it’s rigged or not. So why not make it more enjoyable and entertaining for the consumer? I would really appreciate good, honest feedback. Thanks

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Yes. Solitaire Cube: Card Game is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 78,967 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Solitaire Cube: Card Game Is 40.5/100.

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Yes. Solitaire Cube: Card Game is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 78,967 Solitaire Cube: Card Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Solitaire Cube: Card Game Is 40.5/100.

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