Contact Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

Contact Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

Published by on 2020-10-21

Hey! We're working hard to add people to Clubhouse as fast as we can, but right
now you need an invite to sign up. Anyone can get one by joining the waitlist,
or by asking an existing user for one. We really appreciate your patience and

How to Contact Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Common Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat Issues

  • By Jzekyll

    It doesn’t crash but it’s useless if you’re not invited to anything

    Interesting concept but mainly hyped up by being exclusive and elitist.

  • By brandbaylis

    More than Social Media Here

    Clubhouse is an aimful platform with little to no distractions disguised as features. Its a purposeful application comprised of thought leading conversationalists, found in ‘rooms’ of think tanking; real-time, round the clock masterclasses on industry, professions, entrepreneurship, and politics. It’s a much more than social media. An environment of meaningful exchanges.

  • By B0ld_chic

    Find your tribe

    This app has been a great way to connect, network and converse with others during a time when we are confined to our homes.

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Reported Issues: 35 Comments

By Mark Del
Mar 02 2021

I can't log in to the app using my phone number. Everything used to be fine, but since yesterday I can't log in. An inscription appears on the top of the red background: "We can't register you. Please try again later."I have not violated any of the terms of the clubhouse, please restore my account if an erroneous blocking occurred. (my @mail was also linked to this account. Thanks

By Maha sokar
Feb 27 2021

I can access the app but I can’t hear anything. I used to listen and talk at any room. Now I can access the room but can’t hear the speakers

By Tai
Feb 19 2021

Any time I open the app I get an error that says “An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.” It works when I disconnect from wifi but I don’t want to use the app solely in cellular data. Ive power cycled my phone, I’ve forgotten wifi and added it back. The app is useless at this point.

By Michele Kimbrough
Feb 18 2021

I am receiving a SSL error code that says it can't connect to the server. Can you please help? Thank you!

By Felicia Verrett
Feb 18 2021

I am receiving a SSL error code that says it can't connect to the server. Can you please help? Thank you!

By Nadya
Feb 18 2021

I’ve been email [email protected] and [email protected] to delete my account, but no one reply. I made a mistake misspelled the name and username, It’s not the legal name. I need your assistance to delete the account permanently

By mohammed alsultan
Feb 10 2021

Ive misspelled my name and I can’t change my name. Can you please allow me to change my legal name ?

By Emmanuel Sarfo Baah
Feb 08 2021

Please I send a email to Clubhouse saying to delete my account but they still didn’t reply back please help

By Emmanuel Sarfo Baah
Feb 08 2021

please I send a email to Clubhouse saying to delete my account but they still didn’t reply back please help

By Lara
Feb 06 2021

For some complicated reasons I need to change my name .
I may made stupid mistake so that got a not propreate legal name.
But you just give me once.It  really not enough.
too barely.

By Lara
Feb 06 2021

For some complicated reasons I need to change my name .
I may made stupid mistake so that got a not propreate legal name.
But you just give me once.It  really not enough.
too barely.

By Rosanna
Feb 04 2021

Downloaded the clubhouse drop in chat on my iPhone ..
I was invited by a clubhouse member.
The number I provided for the invite does NOT accept short code text..

I need to change the invited phone number to a number that will receive short code text msg to accept the invite.

Please advice and contact me for assistance as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance

By Michelle Ragusa-McBain
Feb 04 2021

Hi, I want to reclaim an invite to someone who no longer can participate due to Android. Please help me reclaim my precious invite :)

I tried to google, and follow the directions: settings> workspace> delete... but I could not find workspace... anywhere. Thanks in advance!

By Adjani Robinson
Feb 01 2021

Hello, I now have a new phone and phone number and I’m unable to log in can someone please help.

By Edward Walker
Jan 30 2021

I have a new iPhone. I was using clubhouse on my last phone. I’m trying to login with my new phone. Every time I send the request for a text code I never receive one. Please help me.

By Edward duke
Jan 27 2021

I can’t login for some hours now.. please fix this.. it says error logging into your account.

thank you.

By Quinn Richardson
Jan 24 2021

I was not sending invite to Sayvia and Pete however the app assumed I was. Been trying to correct this! Please fix. Thx

By Shelique
Jan 23 2021

Every time i press get username it says it sent a code but i never received one.

By Firuzan speronj
Jan 20 2021

I need to resend an invite. I sent it to an old number. Can you please help? Thank you.

By Shayla Davis
Jan 18 2021

Hello I’ve been trying to get into your app as I was sent an invite and every time I try to put my phone number in it will not send me a 4 digit code. I’ve talked to my phone provider and it’s not blocked on their end. If someone could please let me know how I can resolve this issue. Thank you!

By Lukas Rehse
Jan 17 2021

Please delete my account.

By Omari Morris
Jan 12 2021

I’ve already been invited, it won’t let me access or create my profile. Please activate my profile so I can access it thank you.

By Jonathan
Jan 08 2021

I signed up to be on Clubhouse over a month ago.. how long does it take to be let in to use the dang app??

By Sara Zampollo
Jan 07 2021

I received an invitation to join Clubhouse and I would like to create a club. Unfortunately, I cannot access the app as I don't have Apple, could you indicate me the procedure to open the club via email?

Thank you!

By Maryam Alkubati
Jan 07 2021

I have edited my first name on my profile to include the initials “Dr” which reads “Dr Maryam”, however, when I appear in rooms or clubs, only the initials “Dr” appear. I have seen other people with two names as their first names, so I don’t know why my name is not properly appearing. I would highly appreciate it if this can be corrected.

By Charles Ugochukwu
Jan 03 2021

My invite is not working, been signing in and it’s not responding. Please do something about it

By Avery
Jan 02 2021

I’ve created an account and I still have not got an invite. It’s sayyid you’ll text me when I can get reserved

By Jen Myers
Dec 30 2020

I misunderstood what the alias name was. I thought that would be secondary but it changed my screen name to my business name and and now it won’t let me change it back. I would really appreciate help to change it back to my real name - which somehow is now in parentheses. Thank you!

By Nkulu Ngoy
Dec 28 2020

Can you please delete my account. Thanks!

By Abdullahi
Dec 28 2020

I recently changed my number and couldn’t change my old number which was set on my clubhouse account. So I logged out thinking I could automatically log back in like I’ve been doing but this time it didn’t let me whatsoever. Because I changed my number. However I did save my email and set it up so could you help me log back in please. My user name is ‘’ and my name on the account is ‘Abdullahi S Ali’.

By Hanan
Dec 21 2020

Hi, I’d like to permanently delete my clubhouse account

By Yanis
Dec 18 2020

My invite code that two friends have sent me are not working. My user is Nyantenji

By Jerry Dennard II
Dec 16 2020

I downloaded the app and it’s been weeks and still no invite

By Reall_talk
Dec 16 2020

My invite is not working

By Eric Oppong
Dec 15 2020

I want to delete my account for clubhouse drop in chat can someone permanently delete for me. I don’t want it anymore

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