Go Knots 3D Reviews

Go Knots 3D Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-23

Can you sort all of the colored chains onto poles? But be careful not to get
tangled or you'll go knots!

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Ads ads and more ads

I really enjoyed playing this game and did so through 200 levels. It’s brilliantly developed with great attention to detail. Whoever made this did superior work. Thank you. The issue I had was the incessant ads. There’s an ad after every level, there are no shortcuts out of the ads (as there were in Wordscapes), and the ads are generally 30-60 seconds long each requiring an interaction to close them. That is far longer than almost every level I played took to complete. I would read emails on my phone, let the dog out, get a glass of water, make a phone call, use the bathroom, let the dog back in, or something in between each level played. After every ten levels there’s a “prize.” An ad plays before the “prize” can be collected, and another ad plays before the next level can be played. Maybe it would be more tolerable if the levels took more time to play. I probably averaged 5-20 seconds for each level. Level 181 was the first level that was somewhat challenging. Maybe 1/4 of the levels between 180 and 200 took me 30 seconds or longer to complete (not including ads). In every game I never used the undo feature or the “SKIP” button. I plan to delete the game after completing this review although I think it’s an intriguing and well-done game. Kudos to the one(s) who made it! Too bad there’s such a brazen effort to get us to either install more games or spend more $$ over and above the high monthly phone bill and the high cost of the phone.


Good game

This is a wonderful mind stimulating game. I love it and was honestly really happy when I found it, because it stimulates a part of the brain our species is not so good at. In genetics, we find most bacteria are actually better than humans at unzipping and re-arranging long dna strands, compounded on themselves forming many knots. Although this game does not have us decoding dna strands, it does get our brains thinking in that direction and could help bring out the future dna scientists in us, just by having a chance to think critically in this field. The only reason I’m not giving a 5 star review is because of the ads. They are generic, and take longer than each puzzle actually takes to complete. I would look for a new ad service, because the one these developers are using to make money, are probably not even paying the developers enough to completely ruin their game. I think developers should also have marketing skills, be creative, maybe create a personal website with all your games and have people advertise there when it brings lots of traffic. Then the developers are in control of the money flow, and how many ads they want in their game. Because I am sure right now there is just an ad service working with them


Good App

First of all, a huge thank you to the developers for not falsely advertising GoKnots3D! What you see is truly what you get, and nothing less. It is an amusing app good for passing the time. For those of you new to it, you really don’t need to spend extra time watching ads to triple the value of coins. The coins are mainly needed for customizing the ropes/chains or the scenery and for participating in challenges later on. I got everything I needed within the first 100 levels. A word of caution. Sometimes GoKnots3D does glitch. Nothing major. I’ve had the ropes get stuck before because of a lag. If that happens, just restart the level or close out of GoKnots3D . Quick easy fix. Likewise, a few times you’ll actually have one of the ropes untangled and solved, but there’s something about the programming that recognize the rope is isolated. Just pick up the rope end and wiggle it so that its lying position changes some then hook the end back into the peg. That should solve the issue.


Game is actually good concept

This game could actually be good. The puzzles are easy and calming. Game uses hepatics which I find extremely relaxing. If you don’t like hepatics, you can turn the vibrations off from the settings cog. The game quickly increases difficulty but it is still easy to get through without frustration. Now my problem with the game. ADS! The first ad appears after the 2 step intro demo. You must watch ad before the next level is available. You are then offered a choice of a large reward which takes you to an ad or a smaller reward which appears to let you continue to the next level. This only works for the lowest levels with only 2 chains however, you still get an ad every 2-3 rounds. You build up your rewards to get a prize box. After selecting the box, you go to an ad. You can also choose to “lose reward” in which case.......you go to an ad. As chains increase, so do ads. Now, no matter what, every round brings at least 1 ad regardless of what reward I choose. I really wanted to love this game, because I need something to take my mind off this pandemic for a few minutes each day. I will be deleting it though because the extreme number of ads causes me more frustration and anxiety.


Pretty Good

The beginning levels don’t even have any knots, which is why I initially rated this game two stars; in general, I think the difficulty needs to progress a bit faster, or maybe users should be allowed to navigate the levels as they wish. It would be nice to go back to previous levels sometimes. Mechanics could use some tweaking. I keep expecting chains to disappear when their ends are stacked together, but if they are blocking another chain, they don’t disappear. Maybe it would be better if the chains did not disappear until the level is solved. I also think it would be good to show in the tutorial that you can drag the end of a chain around rather than just tap the end of the chain and the destination. My bad if this was in the tutorial and I missed it. The challenge at level 90 solved itself: I stretched a rope too far, and it somehow ricocheted and untied itself, allowing me to complete it in two moves.


Don’t waste your time

This game is mind-numbingly easy, with virtually no challenge to it. If you have ever untied a knot in your life you will have little difficulty playing this game. I got to level 130 in less than 30min, and even when the game introduces locks at level 50, it does not make it any more exciting. Other than that, there is an add after every ~2 games, and it costs $3 to play this game without watching ads with a a brief time of game, and even then the game will still give you ads occasionally. The cosmetic changes aren’t difficult to obtain, and there is only 9 for the rope’s visual appearance (1000 coins each), and 9 for the background (3000 coins each). There is nothing to get after this, so the coins awarded after every level are meaningless. The game, if you can call it that, also gets glitches and sometimes even when you have untied a piece it remains as if it is still tangled; it sometimes will also remove a rope even when it is still tangled. If you like ads with a splash of game, no challenge whatsoever, meaningless upgrades that are easy to obtain, and a game that tries to push ads on you even after you buy the no-ads version, then this game is for you.


Great game but...

Wonderful game. Just the kind I like. Starts off super easy, almost too easy. I know it’s to practice the game mechanics and learn the idea but it shouldn’t take that many rounds to learn it. And the ads weren’t that bad in the beginning. You could play a few rounds before the ads came around again, but then when the game started to get challenging there were ads after every round. So it made me think about paying for ad free, then I saw it was 3$... while I liked the game and it was just the sort of puzzle I enjoy I don’t see it as a 3$ value. Sorry. 1$ at best imo. I will probably end up deleting soon if these every round ads continue. It takes away from the game too much. I shouldn’t be watching ads more than I am playing the game. FYI I’m not one of those f2p players. I enjoy supporting devs when it’s a good game and I have a few that I support with monthly passes. Thank you for the effort in making a good solid game.


Great game! But ads take over

The game itself is awesome! Very mentally satisfying, and challenging!...if it weren’t for the ads. This game is taken over by 90% ads, taking away the little satisfaction from the short levels. The first levels go very quickly, with an ad in between every single level, taking much longer to watch. And they are not pleasant, they are blurry and not relevant to this type of game. You can purchase the removal of ads for a very low price, but the feeling of discouragement from waiting so long to play each level and watching so many ads already makes you not want to purchase anything. I recommend removing the ads on the first 10 levels, because these go by so fast. It is painful to play this game due to ads but the game on it’s own I imagine as highly addictive and worth paying for if the player can get a small interrupted chance to experience it. It is a very unique game, been waiting for something like this for a while!


Too many adds

There are adds all over the place and the levels progress really slowly. I wasted like 20 minutes on it and only got to a level that was mildly difficult. The game play is also confusing. There were offers to get coins and no explanation of why you want coins. There is a bar on the left that does something and seems to encourage you to act fast. I nearly deleted GoKnots3D because I was confused on how to play it (the first several levels are the exact same thing... 2 chains, not intertwined and super easy to beat). It felt like I was stuck on a loading/home page and kept watching adds to try and play the game with no success in my efforts. Only after force quitting GoKnots3D several times when adds would come up did I realize that I was playing the game and it was just progressing painfully slow and there were a crazy amount of adds... So I deleted it. I wasn’t opposed to buying the no adds version for $3, but I wasn’t convinced it would be a good game from the free version.


This is NOT how you get me to pay for No Ads

I love this game, but there is something wrong with their ad model. If it were fixed it'd be average for a game in this category; like any of those "___ io" games. After each level you can watch an ad for 3x gold (used to buy chain skins and backgrounds, but nothing functional as it IS a simple game). If you just want to get to the next level without the bonus, you can. Now in most games like this you then have a chance of having to wait through an ad to proceed, which is totally fair- but this game makes you watch one EVERY SINGLE STAGE. I hope it's a glitch, otherwise there is no reason not to watch the ad AND get a bonus. Choosing to skip the bonus and still having to watch the ad is just wasting my time and no way to pressure me into paying $2.99 for No Ads. If you have the time for that, just watch the video each stage for the bonus cuz you'll be waiting 30-40 seconds between levels either way.


Fun little Relaxing game

I downloaded this game because I had tangle master 3-D up to level 1100, got a new iPhone and couldn’t get the progress synced because AT&T screwed up new phone; they didn’t understand that Sim cards do not come in the new devices. So much for training. AnyWho, I really enjoy this game and I really think it’s funny when people complain about the ads. You are getting a free game. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like working for nothing. And that’s what you’re asking these people to do. You pay four bucks for a latte every day yet you don’t wanna pay three dollars for a game that will keep you amused for hours at a time. $3 for hours of entertainment. My only complaint is, if I switch phones, I think you should be able to follow my Apple ID. This is a great way to kill some time and just relax. I love it.


Fun for awhile

This is a very well made game. The graphics are nice and it controls well. The problem is that it gets boring after awhile. I’m on level 285 and there hasn’t been much of any difficulty increase over the first 30 or so puzzles. I still like to play it every now and again to kill some time. There are a lot of ads which are annoying. I would have just purchased the game to get rid of the ads but there’s not enough to it to justify the cost. You can upgrade the look of the chains/ropes and the background but other than that it’s basically the same puzzle over and over again. I still chose to give it 4 stars because I did have fun with it for awhile, it’s very well made, and even though I’ve grown bored of it I still do play it on occasion.


Great game for a while, then no new challenges

I really enjoyed this game and find it both challenging and relaxing. I don’t mind the ads because I understand why they’re there. I never watch ads to gain extra points. The different styles of ropes were worth earning because some made it visually easier to play, but the backgrounds are not worth adding. However, I’ve gotten to level 546 and have noticed that I’m probably replaying the same 20-30 games over and over since level 100 or so. Same ones keep reappearing, so they’re not getting any more difficult. I’ve beaten 21 out of 22 challenges and there haven’t been any more new ones since...maybe level 200? Once I beat that last challenge (which was actually the 8th one, not the latest), I’ll probably stop playing. It’s losing my interest.



So, while the graphics and concept of this game are cool, I got to level 20 and the puzzles were still extremely simple that a child could easily complete. I feel like the main purpose of this game is to add fear to the players by exposing us to the colorful yet violent games the ads ask us to download. Why does it take me 2 seconds to complete the puzzle yet I have sit through 30 seconds of a Homescapes ad of characters ring set on fire or eaten by bears? Lol. It sounds ridiculous and that’s cause it is. Is no one else paying attention to what we’re being exposed to or is everyone else just wanting a fun game and not caring about what makes sense? I think the developers need to either monitor their ads better or get a better marketing team. The game itself as I said was just too simple and took more tome watching ads then actually having fun playing. If the levels had more of a challenge to them then I probably wouldn’t t notice how often I’m being exposed to the ridiculous ads. Just my opinion.


Good mind puzzle but stupid levels with No rewards

This is a good mind puzzle game for those who like but GoKnots3D has some stupid sections that make no sense and add nothing to the game or user experience. 1. Levels where it takes you to a completely diff screen so you can move to another level...wastes soo much time when playing the game and serves NO purpose. You don’t get anything it doesn’t achieve anything it literally just loves the circle to another level number - also the graphics are horrible on this screen and again serve no purpose 2. For the last 20 rewards - meaning I have completed the levels and reached 100% - you get a present and there use to be options inside - now the present is empty and it freezes the game. I have to close out and restart every time. I am currently on level 410 and for the last 20+ presents have not received anything.


No excuse for Ads to override silence button!

ATTENTION DEVELOPERS: There is absolutely NO reason that the sound from the ads should be able to override my silence button. What if I’m playing this game while holding a sleeping baby or in a business meeting or in church? If I want the game to play completely sound free then HONOR that! Don’t push your way into my space and impose your settings over mine! Give ME the choice whether or not I want to listen to the millions of excessive ads that you’re already shoving down our throats. It’s bad enough that I have to watch an ad after winning a level, then I also have to “choose” whether I want to earn 1200 coins or lose 400 coins for the pleasure of watching another ad. Giving us the freedom and ability to turn off sound should be OUR choice, NOT yours! Fix this now! I’ve obviously earned it, having already reached level 185.


Great game, too many ads!

This game is delightful, but i seriously doubt i will be playing it for long, because it is so ridiculously over come with one stupid ad after another. Every game is relatively short in duration, and with a 30 second ad between ever game, hell, there is much more advertising going on than gaming! I thought the customer was the one you want to please, but i doubt anyone is pleased with dozens and dozens of repetitive ads... it’s beyond logical to think your business model will survive (in spite of your obviously well funded promotional budget)with these boring, repetitive, and ill-produced ads clogging the game flow. You got too greedy on this one, better tone it down or this won’t be your only goodbye! I gave the game five stars, but whoever is in charge of these excessive ads is drowning your future.


Fun at first, but the levels repeat

At first this game is very entertaining. The concept is very clever and fun, and the look of this game is very nice. However, there are two main flaws: 1) ads, there are so many ads in this game. I understand this is a consequence of playing a free game, but even still these ads seem excessive compared to what I've experienced in other games. However, this doesn't ruin the game, as there are ways around this issue. 2) the bigger problem with this game, is that after a certain point, the levels start repeating. This is very frustrating, because the level numbers continue to increase. You think that you will experience new, more complex levels, but you are just playing the same levels over and over again. Some are harder than others but it's very boring. Once you catch on, it's very disappointing.


Fun game

Fun and simple game that can get a little tricky here and there. Yes the amount of ads are a little annoying but that’s par for the course with free games, and not why I didn’t give it a full 5 star review. The reason it’s not 5 star is because of a few problem I’ve had while playing: 1) on challenges picking up and putting down a rope on the same peg counts as a move, even though it didn’t go anywhere, and 2) if the ropes are still touching, even if you did untangle them, it still doesn’t register and you have to move them around a bit more. This isn’t a problem on normal lvls but on the challenges it has messed me up a couple times.


Awesome, fun, and perhaps problem solving

I normally don’t enjoy reviews, but I enjoyed what “Fairer Review” explained. I play plenty of games with ads, so NO BIG DEAL! I “x” through them and play the game. I also NEVER PAY for any tokens or items that supposedly increase the play. I figure, I’m playing for enjoyment and relaxation. I already have a REAL life so if I do not “win” a particular level, so what! I play again until I win. This “tangled” chain game is great fun and , I’m my opinion, increases problem solving skills. One needs to “look” before they “do”; not just “leap in” and hope it works out. The first levels are VERY SIMPLE. Do not dismiss this. The levels do become more challenging. I’m an “oldie” at 63 so perhaps my perspective is more relaxed about achieving perfect scores and such.

Is Go Knots 3D Safe?

Yes. Go Knots 3D is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 152,889 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Go Knots 3D Is 65.6/100.

Is Go Knots 3D Legit?

Yes. Go Knots 3D is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 152,889 Go Knots 3D User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Go Knots 3D Is 65.6/100.

Is Go Knots 3D not working?

Go Knots 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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