INKR Comics Reviews

INKR Comics Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-16

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INKR Comics Reviews

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    It’s good, but not the same.

    Being an og of Manga Rock, I was upset that Manga Rock would shut down and start a new app. I appreciate the cause of why they shut down the app. Next, they set up a beta program for us to try it out. The one thing I dislike about it was that there were hardly any manga. I don’t know if they balance it out yet. But during the beta program, I love some titles that they offer. I found out this week that the app would be officially on the App Store; pre-order and wait. I remembered that some of the titles I read on the beta wasn’t updated, so downloading the official app would probably make me read up to date. Well, I was wrong. Couple of titles I subscribe on the beta are “special” that I had to pay for 4.99 monthly. Plus, so chapters are unlock and have to pay with coins. This is just like any other app that I had to pay for. I don’t have money for it. What about the 12-year-old? Do they have to ask their parents to do a monthly subscription just to read? And what about the coin system? Do I have to pay money to get coins to unlock chapters? At least the other apps that you have to pay explain it more than this app. Does each chapter get unlock each day? These are questions that I want to know.

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    good but eh

    So i was in the beta and saw barely anything in at the time and i expected it to be released when it had more stuff but came out now and i got the app of course. However i’m a bit disappointed mainly with the fact i must pay to read. I understand the reasoning towards it but wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way for us to earn these coins rather than having to spend? I know an app called webcomics and you can simply earn coins by doing daily check ins but here i can’t seem to do that and must pay. And don’t get me wrong the titles aren’t horrible but i was only mainly interested in one and found out that i have to pay for it now which can disappoint people who may not have much money or did not want to spend money on an app. I know they could just go to a pirate website but they may want to stay safe so go with this. I love the visuals but the manga and manhwa aren’t the best and the coin thing is also not the best. If so it would be a great idea (in my opinion) if you were to add a feature where people can earn a certain amount of coins each day if they log in every day it would be nice and allow people who can’t spend money a chance to read everything just an idea tho :)

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    A very mixed bag that's hard to rate.

    So let me preface by saying I loved manga rock and used their service for all my manga/webtoon needs for the longest time. This however is significantly better designed and aesthetically magnificent but there's just not enough stuff. When I think about downloading a manga app I'm more in it for what it contains rather than what it looks like, so something like this app is definitely promising if they can get more content that people want to read. Currently it's extremely bare bones with only a few large name titles and the rest is just fluff. I definitely understand that it's not easy to get licenses to manga and whatnot but there's not really any point to getting this app since there's nothing really here. It is by far the best designed app and is functionally brilliant but with nothing to do with all that there's not really much point personally. If you're looking to just pick up random Chinese/Korean/Japanese(rarely) then definitely check this app out, but if you're seriously looking for a reading app for all your manga and webtoons and stuff this just isn't it... Yet. Hopefully they expand their catalogue and make me want to return, but until then I won't be using it

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    Not perfect, but it’s getting better.

    I really like that the developers are trying to make a platform that supports the people who actually create the Manga/comics and also the translation teams. The content is a bit limited at the moment but there’s new arrivals all the time. App is fairly easy to navigate although, I’d like to see more ways to search for certain genres and maybe a way to request if the INKR devs could get new titles to be added to the app. Biggest problems that I can see that need to be overcome are getting more titles into the app and quicker updates on new chapters. One of the manga I was reading hasn’t seen a new chapter in about a month, which wouldn’t be a problem if this was free but I’m paying a subscription and an in-app currency.

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    It’s not manga rock. However it also isn’t bad

    Honestly I would rate this higher if I wasn’t comparing it to manga rock. Manga rock was my all time favorite app to read manga on and it really hurt to see it go. I know why they needed to and I understand that however this app is not similar to manga rock at all. If you are coming from manga rock and are expecting a similar experience I would say stop. Treat it like a different application all together. I feel like the problem they are going to face is that practically everything needs INKR extra and there are already so many other applications that do the same thing but have more . Things like tapas have very similar options and there are so many other apps like WEBTOON sand manga reader where you can get most things for free. This application isn’t bad but I do feel like it just doesn’t match up to the manga rock I know and loved.

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    It’s pretty good so far and I hope to see it grow

    I also speak as an OG from Manga Rock as well and I’m also glad to see you come back after so long. I actually see some titles that I’ve read on other apps and would actually prefer the monthly subscription instead of having to keep paying for each chapter to come and then rinse and repeat. I understand that it’s just the beginning so of course there might some issues. Particularly the crashing. I saw that you stated you fixed it for some users, but unfortunately it’s still crashing for me and it also takes a bit for scrolling to respond but other than that the overall interface is nice. I really look forward to much more in the future.

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    Developers please look here

    Hi, I'm Michael I am a long time user of manga rock (when it existed) and I want to first say that I couldn't be happier that this app is here! But... I wanted to know when all of the manga from manga rock would be added (I almost finished beelzebub) So, if you could provide some more info on the dates of the previous comics, it would be awesome! Also I love, and am very thankful for all the hard work you all put in to entertain us, when you don't really get much in return. Thanks! -Michael A forever Otaku, and supporter for this hardworking company.

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    I’m not going to compare INKR to Manga Rock. Manga Rock was one of the best, immoral ways of reading manga. But it doesn’t hold a candle to other manga apps you need to pay for. Misleading payment. Like others have said, you pay a small subscription fee to unlock some stories but you still need to pay for others. Fair enough. But you don’t really unlock much. The first 3 chapters are unlocked and you need to buy the rest which wasn’t my impression of what that meant. I think I understand the thinking behind it. I can typically tell if I’m interested in a story, by the end of 1 chapter (assuming it’s not a webtoon). It’s nice to know if you’re interested in a story before you buy in to it. I wish they were more honest with their system rather than being so secretive. Their selection. I’m sure they’ll have more selection once they get more popular but they’re favoring webtoons. I know a lot of people love webtoons so maybe it’s not a problem for most people. Everything I read was in the format of a webtoon or was a webtoon. If you prefer black and white, read right to left manga, like I do, go to a different app. I guess all I have left to say to the former Manga Rock team is: 안녕히 계세요 さようなら 保重 Our time together was fun!

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    I downloaded this app asap when I discovered it from Manga Rock. I’ve seen some reviews saying it’s not worth the money due to the app crashing and small library but regardless, I’d like to give it a 5 star because I believe it will get better. One aspect I was so pleasantly surprised was their attention to detail regarding the customer’s comfort while reading. As we all know some mangas have content that are spread through two pages (like a spread). INKR comics adjusted so that reading those kind of pages is enjoyable digitally. It got a very smooth user interface. With such passionate creators that stand for the right cause, I’m giving it a 5 for support. :)

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    Some suggestions

    Hey, so I think most of us come from Manga Rock and this app is only starting and obviously it won’t have that many manga yet. I do have some suggestions that may make the app better, because it basically lost some of the things I liked the most about Manga Rock and I believe to be indispensable. 1) A category filter! It is sooo necessary, and I hated when other apps only had one there put in each manga. Mangas have many genres and that makes them great. Being able to filter more specific tastes and ongoing or complete is really great for us that want something very specific. 2) Well, i would prefer to only pay a subscription to read mostly unlimited manga. If you guys really need the coin system you could get some adds in there and each time you decide to watch an add you get a coin! That way you guys are earning money and we are getting manga “for free”. Other than that I would love to see your project flourish! It just really needs a bit more to get to where Manga Rock was.

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    It’s back!!!!

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for it’s reincarnation. I like the new look of the app and it’s convenience of the tabs. Some suggestions are alphabetical order options and being able to type in romaji/kanji. Also will you be adding more popular titles if allowed?

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    Not worth the money

    This app has a limited library mostly consisting of titles that only have a few chapters and it has an utter lack of basic features such as tag filtering (you can search for 1 tag, but not two, meaning I’m screwed if I’m looking for, say, romance and action, and the ability to filter out tags is also standard on most competing sites). There is absolutely no reason this app should ask for a 5 dollar a month subscription. I don’t mind paying for subscriptions if it’s higher quality than the free alternatives, and that’s a pretty low bar. Unfortunately, this app fails to clear it.

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    I hate the new interface.

    I do not mind paying for a subscription to read manga Shonen Jump ($1.99), Webcomics ($5.99) and other companies offer similar prices. The main problem is the interface. Its hard to focus on things. I wish the size of the boxes were smaller or adjustable. I enjoyed the old manga rock interface. No other comic apps have such large boxes to show the comic’s name with a cover. Enlarging a comic of the day or daily updates is fine. I wish the filter was more customizable allowing a more precise search. Recommendations are ok but limit finding a new variety of content.

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    It’s pretty good

    I’ve been here when manga rock came out and I was also in the beta for INKR and I was able to see the progress and hard work the crew has put into this app and I know that finding new books to put into the app must’ve been hard with the pandemic but I myself am satisfied with the selection that’s given. Edit: I’ve been using it more the the viewer that you guys developed is godly

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    Not a fan

    I was frustrated when I found out they were shutting down mangarock and then found out the new app wouldn’t be available for the software version of my iPad (I have an older iPad and it won’t update to the software needed for the app). So now if I want to read I have to read it on my iPhone. So I have to strain my eyes to read manga. Next is the lack of titles. Mangarock had a ton more titles. This new app is extremely limited. After that I found out I had to have a monthly subscription in order to finish reading chapters of manga. Now what causes me to write this review is finding out that, even though I’m spending money to have a monthly subscription that now I need to spend EVEN MORE money in order to ‘unlock’ other chapters. Mangarock was my go to manga app. Now I don’t have one. They’ve horribly disappointed me with their new app. Can we get mangarock back?

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Is INKR Comics Safe?

Yes. INKR Comics is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 670 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for INKR Comics Is 57.8/100.

Is INKR Comics Legit?

Yes. INKR Comics is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 670 INKR Comics User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for INKR Comics Is 57.8/100.

Is INKR Comics not working?

INKR Comics works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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