Upward: Christian Dating App Reviews

Upward: Christian Dating App Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-31

UPWARD Upward. The #1 dating app for Christian singles in the U.S. in 2020 and
2021 Connect with Christian singles searching for meaningful relationships.
Upward is the app for Christian singles. A fun, fresh, free, and simple-to-use
app where Believers meet. Our mission is simple:...

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Reviews (22)


Meh……Nuff said

Okay as a woman using Upward I guess there are some positives and negatives. I tried Upward for exactly 2 days and at first it was fun and exciting seeing the likes and watching them add up but I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. I’m the type where if I already know someone likes me I’m more willing to invest time into that, but I couldn’t see anyone who liked me and that became frustrating after the first couple days when you have like 100+ likes but barely any matches. Lol. It’s not even that I swipe left on someone because they are unattractive but you just don’t know who would be into you and I guess that’s something they could consider fixing. I also agree with another reviewer in that when you do get matches, many people ghost after…due to browsing and “shopping” to see more matches. In this way I feel as though it’s a bit tricky to truly find someone who isn’t consistently browsing for more matches. Or the person is just not taking it seriously. It’s like it becomes a habit that many can’t stop and no true matches follow through to go on into anything deeper beyond “How are you?” I do believe there are some real people on there looking for something but personally it’s too hard to find them and I would rather let God do his work without me trying to force it. It’s not for everyone, but when it works (IF IT WORKS) it can really lead to great things I guess.


Could be better

It’s a great app but could better Ive several issues regarding my subscriptions I’ve paid for not reflecting in Upward . Such as my elite membership that I purchased 2 maybe 3 different times this month as well as the several premium memberships none of which bare giving me access to those level features. I’ve messaged him them several times asking if they could fix that or refund my money and they never email me back. I emailed them Friday and they said they would get back with me and never did, I even wrote a review yesterday and it didn’t get posted. 2. A i had to create a new account after my phone number changed because of their system signing me out and making me type in my number which had been changed so it made me create a new account. So that may be part of the issue. So this app needs a different sign in method because folks change their numbers all the time and shouldn’t have to create a new account or not be able to access features because they worried about fraud. It’s the same IP address and name on the account and debit cards it’s not fraud I’d like the money back I’ve spent on both accounts this month especially seeing as though my old account I lost access to it 2 days after I paid the elite membership and the premium. How can this be fixed or I’ll just delete my account and tell my friends not to join here.


Not bad, but needs improvements

If you’re the kind of guy who’s struggling to get attention on other apps like Tinder or Bumble and you’re also a Christian, this one might be a little better for you. I find that the women on Upward tend to be less entitled and don’t have such high standards, basically if you’re decently attractive, it’s not hard to find someone who genuinely wants to talk to you and doesn’t have 40 other guys messaging them. However, the main flaw that Upward has is the lack of any kind of distance filter, it’s not a huge problem because it shows people’s distance whenever you view their profile, but it’s annoying because after using Upward for a little while, like 3/4 of the people it shows are over 60 miles away. Another thing I like about Upward is that it seems like you don’t have to swipe for that long for it to show you someone who’s liked your profile, however that may have changed in the most recent update which has adopted a Tinder style likes page which you need a subscription to see, and is actually more expensive than Tinder. So overall Upward is pretty good but it needs a location filter(that you don’t have to pay for because on some apps you do) and just more users overall.


Needs User Verification

I really want to love Upward as the interface is really good and I’ve had some decent conversations with some girls on it. But Upward REALLY needs some sort of user verification. The last match I got seemed really great at first. I gave her my number so we could talk easier. We seemed to have a lot in common and our conversation was really nice and everything seemed normal; at least, it did at first. All of a sudden, she sent me a completely unsolicited inappropriate photo of herself and later on, I got a phone call from her number, but it was a male voice on the other end of the call and he claimed he was her father and that his daughter is only 16 years old and that he was going to the police and would file criminal charges against me for child porn and solicitation of a minor. I now know it was a scam and the girl I thought I was talking to probably never existed and this person was just trying to scare me into sending money to avoid getting into some serious trouble. This really freaked me out, but luckily I just blocked the number and nothing more came from this horrible situation. But this was still an absolutely terrible situation and there really should be some sort of user verification to avoid this sort of thing. Please just fix this problem before someone really gets hurt and Upward would be sooo much better.


Mixed feelings tbh. Love and dislike it

I downloaded this during quarantine. Things ive noticed you can’t see who likes you unless you match. I wish there was a way to see who liked me. There may be people i skipped over or never saw there. I have matches but people barely message on there. So its a little discouraging maybe offer a video chat feature. Also i noticed that there are people on there that aren’t even Christian. It’s literally a Christian dating app. People are “ spiritual “ that don’t even consider themselves Christian... that’s weird to me. I would think on a Christian Dating app that people are actually doing on there to date not be casual. I’ve noticed some people are on there looking to get there freak on... like go on tinder or something. Sorry I’m sure the creators of Upward have great intentions. I wish there was a way to be selective on Upward i never know where people i match with are from. I’m african american and a women and barely see any men that are black. I don’t discriminate i love em all... but it would be nice to be shown some people like me. Most of the people i see are hunters, fishermen etc😭i love jesus but man im getting discouraged with who i see. To sum all that up Can there be a paid maybe 2.99 feature to see who liked you😫?please


Looks good, has potential, needs time to grow

I’ve used Upward for about half an hour, and for an app that’s 2 weeks old, I’m pretty impressed. Some things to consider though: First, because it’s a new app, there’s not a whole lot of profiles to swipe on, for me anyways. I live in a developing, midsize, college town in a semi rural area. I had 4 or 5 profiles within 10 miles away and 6 or 7 in the nearest big city an hour away. After that I started getting a bunch of profiles 100+ miles away. Second, a distance filter would be nice. I could see people in my area and not see people I’d never interact with in person. I’ll update my review once I use Upward longer and hopefully get at least one match. Update: I’ve used Upward for about a year and have had mixed results. Nice to see that they’ve added a likes screen and that the community has grown. On the other hand, I’ve only had 3 or 4 genuine conversations with my matches and have been unmatched/ghosted a lot, but that’s what happens on apps and what you get when you have a generation of very entitled women. Would be nice to have read receipts so I can tell if my match has seen my message. Overall Upward works really well and maybe you’ll have better luck than me.


I found my husband on this app!

I usually don’t write reviews but Upward is the exception! I had tried different apps hoping to find my “one” to no avail. I had just about given up hope when I came across Upward. I decided to give it another shot as this was a Christian app and I had never been on one before. Not even a week in I matched with this guy an hour away from me. We hit it off immediately and facetimed almost every day. He told me his cousin convinced him to get Upward as he bad never tried online dating before. (Thank goodness he did!) On our first date we both had that “God moment” where a voice in our heads both told us “they’re the one” loud and clear. We continued dating and, a few months later, he proposed! Fast forward to almost a year from when we first met: we said “I do” in my childhood church. We have no doubt that God used Upward to bring us together. We have been married for almost 6 months now and continue to have a blast every day. He is truly my best friend and I cannot thank the Lord or this app enough for sending me the man of my dreams! We are so grateful for you and cannot wait to continue our journey together! -The Smiths.


Great Concept, Could Be Executed Better

It would be great if FTH took a few more hints from other dating apps. Not only should distance filters be a bit better, but if someone likes you, Upward should display them first so you can easily see who likes you and if you’re interested. Better that than occasionally seeing that someone has liked you but then swiping and swiping and never getting a match. Having a way to backtrack to the last person after an accidental swipe left would be super nice too. I love the concept because my faith is super important to me and I wouldn’t want to date someone who wasn’t a christian, but the whole app just feels a little clunky and hard to actually find matches on. Update: reducing it from 3 stars to 2 stars after Upward lost a match I had with the same girl twice in a row in a period of about fifteen minutes. Unbelievable. If Upward can’t even remember who matched with whom, what’s even the point? Update 2: dropping to 1 star after it did it a third time with the SAME girl in the course of another ten minutes. Y’all need to seriously work on your UI; it’s garbage


Got my hopes up… Another disappointment

I’ve been on Upward less than a day. I’ll come back later to write an updated review. So , far, however, it looks like all of the negative reviews are correct, unfortunately. Upward is full of bots and shady profiles. In less than 24 hours I’ve had three matches. One was obviously a bot, one I haven’t reached out to yet, and one asked me to meet almost immediately (which is fine), but he insisted that I go to his place for the first meeting and unmatched when I suggested a public meeting first. I think that was a real person but I got a very bad vibe out of it, like there may have been something worse going on there that could seriously jeopardize someone’s safety. Be very cautious when using Upward, even more so than you would any of the rest of them. I think I’ve figured out how to spot these fake profiles (their “faith” section is very vague, for one), so we’ll see. That said, as a Christian/Conservative in a Leftist city, it’s a nightmare trying to find a match on the mainstream dating apps like Bumble, Hinge, etc. I swipe right maybe 1 out of 500 times because most of the people on those apps are the Atheist/Liberal types or they are looking for hookups and polyamory. I’ll try Upward out a little while longer, but am very disappointed. They just need to add a way to verify profiles.


Badly needs distance, height, and education filters.

I wanted to like Upward because dating as a Christian woman in your late twenties is hard y’all. Unfortunately, Upward does not do it for me. I bought the premium version thinking it would have more features and save me time, but all of the important filters for me (distance, height, education) aren’t options! Upward shows you people who are 150 miles away without letting you filter down the distance. How is that practically supposed to work? Also I don’t care who thinks it’s shallow, height is incredibly important! I’m 5’11” and it is uncomfortable for me to date someone who is shorter than me, and it’s uncomfortable for them too! If God wanted me to marry a short man, he would have made me a short woman! I put my height in my bio so that men can know how tall I am, but this really should be a filter because no one needs to waste their time flipping through profiles of people they are physically incompatible with or guessing how tall they are. Finally, being able to filter for education is also incredibly important! This goes back to basic compatibility, people with similar education levels are more compatible. Yes it’s possible to guess someone’s intelligence from their profile, but please save us time and improve your app by making this a filter. Why does Upward have such high ratings? Who is this even working for???



I love you but I hate you, no distance filter = all my time and efforts for a long distance relationship. I guess the least i could do is pray for them. Oh, and I cant even go back if i swiped left on accident? So what do I do? Restart my account?! And if it’s telling me someone likes me, hook a bother up?! & put that person in my list of swipes... Or tell me who it is at least. I have faith in the dark for Jesus not your dating app. Lol add super likes maybe? Instant like and people will immediately be aware of who it is? And to go back on swipes should be a must! I feel like i lost the love of my life. She couldve been someone that liked me! This bothers me a lot. Also please add a filter of which denomination we prefer. If this werent an issue, we all wouldnt be attending different churches lol. PERSON AUTHENTICATOR! Please! For all the fake catfish accounts! The idea of your app. Is great, but seriously, no offense... it clearly wasnt thought through. Let’s be real... It reminds me of a college assignment i held off till last minute and just did ENOUGH to pass. So please, as a teacher... take this assignment back! And bring me back your best! Especially during quarantine season. I’d like to go out soon, and meet a wonderful Proverbs lady to intertwine my soul with. Seriously hurry up my whole family’s asking when I’m gonna get married. Hahaha Thanks FTH <3


Confused and upset

I never write reviews, but I am so upset by Upward. I got Upward a few days ago, like today is the 4th day. Everything was great and I was really enjoying the experience with it. Had good matches and actually had guys texting and interacting which was not the case on the first app I tried. So I was in the middle of a conversation with a guy and my phone went to sleep and when I went to check my messages again my app logged out. I went to log back in and it’s saying my account is disabled! I have not violated any community standards, my pics and profile was all appropriate. Even if something was wrong Upward doesn’t give you any warning and there is no response from customer service. There is no phone number and no reply’s come from the emails. I have sent many emails now because I paid money for Upward and I have not done anything wrong so I would like to know why I cannot access my account. This is supposed to be for Christians but that seems really shady! I’m really disappointed especially since I had a great first day and 1/2. I would have given a 5 star if this was corrected but I’ve read another review where this happened and this app would not give a reason and banned him permanently. So I am assuming that will happen to me, which is not fair especially not even giving a reason why you’re banned. 😠


They’re on to something great!

I think Upward interface is simple and to the point which I love, I’m also someone who actually pays for “Elite”. One of the worst features is lack of location filter. It’s very frustrating when you’re reading a profile and you’re thinking “oh she seems like my type I would love to talk to her” only to find out that he’s 100+ miles away and you’re coming across way too many profiles of individuals who live 50+ miles away. This also leads to another issue because I’m noticing I’m spending more time than I would want to on Upward because I come across maybe 5 profiles out of 20 who actually live in my area (I live in a metropolitan area). So outside of that I also wish there was a verification process like a photo to ensure you’re who you say you are. With that being said I think the developers are on to something great however after my current subscription end I’m not 100% sure I’m going to renew it because there’s another Christian dating app that apparently has a photo verification and location filter. I may just try it out after I’m done here however if you’re trying this app for the first time I think you’ll enjoy it just keep in mind of the lack of location filter.


Met the love of my life & married him 9 months later! ❤️

I downloaded Upward after looking at other online dating options. I honestly didn’t want to spend money on a subscription and I was hoping to find something for Christians. While I found there were a lot of guys on Upward who were saying they were Christian without true faith and trust in Christ, I did actually chat with a handful of guys who seemed serious about their faith. When I started talking to my now-husband, we connected immediately and shared phone numbers. Two weeks later, we met in person. 4 months after that, he asked me to marry him! We have now been married for over a year and have a baby girl. We are grateful and feel so blessed that God used Upward to bring us together. About Upward itself- I liked that it was simple, easy to use, and didn’t have especially lengthy bios. You only chatted with people who were also interested in you and it felt like you could pretty quickly and easily get a sense for if it could go somewhere with that person. It worked for me, so I definitely have to recommend! ☺️


Disappointed 👎🏽

So I gave Upward a try for a year after seeing it advertised on Snapchat. As a Christian and someone who has been in the online dating business for awhile, I was excited trying this app as it was advertised as “A Christian Dating Website.” Well not only I met my toxic ex on here and wasted 8 months of my life thinking he was the one turns out he had a dark past and an addiction, I also wasted more time coming back on here for another few months getting my time wasted by “Christian Men” who only wanted to have sex with me, don’t reply back, and just take advantage of me because they know I’m a good woman. this app, what I have experienced as a user this whole year is not Christian like and you guys should consider doing background checks, verify the user is who they say they are, and should NOT have a casual selection as that is very hypocritical and is against Christian beliefs. I don’t even want to start on how my matches are too far out from me and I have gave you guys money after money and remained loyal the whole year thinking I was going to find someone. I even had been a loyal customer to the point I trusted you guy to the point when I deleted my account a few times I came back, never again Upward is garbage and has been thrown together last minute I bet like las minute studying for a finals, yuck 🤢


It’s Alright

I’ve met some people solid Christians on Upward, even if most of that are fairly distant from me geographically speaking. However, there’s a couple of key annoyances. First, the number of people who have already liked me never drops, and I can (and have) swiped in excess of 400 people on one sitting. Still 99+. Second (and this combines with the first one), it will repeatedly (and randomly) revert to my general geographic area, showing me the same faces I have seen countless times. If I swiped away on someone, I generally did that with intent. I don’t want to have to swipe past everyone again, and again, and again so that I can finally encounter those people who purportedly already liked me. Finally, excessive notifications (“WWJD? Prolly start swiping for singles” - yeah ... probably not. Ditch that notification). I appreciate it for what it is. Technically speaking, I’m not very impressed. Subscriptions are overly expensive, and (unlike Hinge) undos are behind a paywall. Could be worse, but could certainly be better. Edit: I bit the bullet and got a subscription, just to confirm my suspicions. The majority of the people who had already “liked” me were people that I recognized as having swiped away. App is poorly developed. Edit: advertisements for alcohol now.


The good and the bad

It’s a great platform, great idea, the features that they have in the profile are excellent, concise to the point. Love that they have a bio and a spot to share about faith. That’s all good. Here’s the bad: Seems like people don’t get it. They give half-a answers, or just repeat themselves in both spaces. Maybe dating apps should come with tutorials on how to present oneself? Or like, here’s where you should be in maturity, emotional Development to function well on here. The people who occupy the space on Upward, it’s rough. Like, just because it’s Christians doesn’t mean standards fly out the door… I nearly want to start a business in helping people create bios and choose photos. Those who have good profiles, don’t actually participate, it feels like there’s just good profiles you match with to keep you going. Just disheartening. Not Upward creators fault. They’ve done wonderful advertising attractive men on Upward to grab attractive women… but maybe they can market this app in all areas? It almost feels like, “I’m Christian that should be good enough to grab your interest.”


My account was disabled within 15 minutes

So I made an account and I was using it for first time for 15 minutes, with in trying to get my account set up it all of A sudden it logs me out right when I was adjusting the distance. Was it because I was a Christian creator on tiktok or did someone report me as a spam account because I wasn’t. Idk why it said it was disabled because I didnt violate and guidelines. And i know im not the only one who got there account disabled for no reason. And when it says it was disabled it doesn’t say why. And again I would never do anything that would violate the terms and conditions. Please fix this bug. Never using Upward again, oh wait I cant always because I’m banned for no reason. Update: after reading so many of the reviews, Of people saying that there is so many people that are spam accounts and fake accounts there was probably someone that reported my account thinking it was fake. Also please consider taking the distance off profiles because when someone sees that it makes it easy for some to stalk people. And what do I take out of this, maby GOD did not want me on Upward, so thank you for deleting it because honestly I would of probably deleted it the next day. Be carful and to say this was my first time using a dating and and never will again.


Pretty good, but..

The problem with Upward is the lack of a distance filter. You see how far away they are when you click on the profile, but it’s cumbersome to click on the profile every single time you see someone attractive. Their location should be one of the first things you see, and should be on the main card. Additionally, there’s a problem with age as well, at least for me, being an 18 year old. The smallest age gap I can have is 18-24. That’s simply no good, because a vast majority of people 18 year olds do not want someone that much older than them. A smaller age gap would be much better for people who are younger. Upward also gives less information about the person than other apps like Hinge. In some other apps, it shows their height, political beliefs, and a few things they’re into. Upward has no such thing. Other than that, Upward is great. Even as a non attractive male, I was able to get 7 likes in a short period of time, and even matched with 3 of them. The people on Upward are much better people than the ones on Tinder. You get the feeling that they’re on Upward for an actual relationship, and not just a hookup.



I’m torn on Upward because on one hand it’s nice because it’s algorithm isn’t absolute garbage like tinder or bumble. Upward is supposed to have Christian singles, which I see for the most part. My problems arise when I can’t find a girl within 200 miles of myself. Every other dating app gives you the ability to limit the distance at which you see other singles along with other filters. However this app only allows you to use the age filter. They just don’t have it, you don’t even have to upgrade to use it. Also, I have some likes, I’ve only come across 2 of them over the course of weeks. Overall, my biggest issue with this service is the fact there is no distance filter. I know this app is a smaller app, but I don’t even want to see a girl if she is more than 30 miles away. I know this is harsh, but I and many other people just don’t really care for a long distance relationship. I’m definitely not hating on Upward , i like Upward , I just want more options. This review is really just for the developers. Hope you guys are working, or will work, on these issues. Thanks for your time if you read this.


This is an incomplete app

I’m bugged by the fact that you can do everything but change your location preferences. Everyone I come across is over a hundred miles away & there’s nothing I can do to change that.


This is great!

I’m tired of waiting for commitment from the other dating apps. Upward has my faith.

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Is Upward Safe?

Yes. Upward: Christian Dating App is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 61,977 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Upward: Christian Dating App Is 29.2/100.

Is Upward Legit?

Yes. Upward: Christian Dating App is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 61,977 Upward: Christian Dating App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Upward: Christian Dating App Is 29.2/100.

Is Upward: Christian Dating App not working?

Upward: Christian Dating App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Kathy
Oct 04 2022

Had 99 likes the first day. Then, the scamming starts. Had 3 guys ask me to chat off of the app. One asked me for money, the others had profiles under different names, religious denominations and even ages. Then I downgraded my “membership” and could no longer see new people who liked me?? What a scam and waste of money.

By Cindy
Aug 19 2022

Horrible app. I’ve only had scammers reply.
They tell me how beautiful I am, asking about my day, where I live, what 3 words best describe me etc.
They avoid answering any question I might ask.

This a conversation I just had with a gentleman. They’ve all pretty much gone the same way.

This guy was wearing a UW Huskies hat in a photo. I asked-
Is that a Huskies hat?

Hello there
How are you doing?

I’m doing well thank you but you didn’t answer my question.

You don’t start a communication with question that’s why I didn’t answer.

He doesn’t say “with a question”, he says “with question”
So many of these guys have grammar slip ups that give them away.
I report every profile that does this.

I’m on Bumble and haven’t had this problem.
The scammers have found a way in to scam on upward and nothing is being done to stop it.

By Very Disappointed
Aug 14 2022

Please listen to the countless other people and avoid this site. They are not interested in matching Christians it’s a complete scam. Almost all of the profiles are fake. There are lots of profiles of Good looking American men who chat in completely broken English . When I ask them to video chat Every sing one of them Ghost me. Upward could clearly takle this issue by having users verify their identity like Bumble does. They want it to stay this way and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are creating some of the bots to make it seem like they have a lot of users. Please don’t waste your money or time on this site

By Very Disappointed
Aug 14 2022

Please listen to the countless other people and avoid this site. They are not interested in matching Christians it’s a complete scam. Almost all of the profiles are fake. There are lots of profiles of Good looking American men who chat in completely broken English . When I ask them to video chat Every sing one of them Ghost me. Upward could clearly takle this issue by having users verify their identity like Bumble does. They want it to stay this way and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are creating some of the bots to make it seem like they have a lot of users. Please don’t waste your money or time on this site

By Very Disappointed
Aug 14 2022

Please listen to the countless other people and avoid this site. They are not interested in matching Christians it’s a complete scam. Almost all of the profiles are fake. There are lots of profiles of Good looking American men who chat in completely broken English . When I ask them to video chat Every sing one of them Ghost me. Upward could clearly takle this issue by having users verify their identity like Bumble does. They want it to stay this way and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are creating some of the bots to make it seem like they have a lot of users. Please don’t waste your money or time on this site

By Ac
Aug 12 2022

I thought I was enjoying the app at first. Unfortunately, they only allow you to signin via phone number. My phone number changed and their support contact is the worst...they never get back to you. I created a new profile with my new number since my old one wouldn't even be able to receive a verification code. My account was disabled in three days. I'm not sure if it was the change to a new profile, having gone on a trip and my location changed, or a salty man that just couldn't handle me not selecting him (in a very polite way)...but I found some matches I really liked. Now I can't access them and nobody will get back to me to resolve the issue. I'd absolutely not pay for a subscription as there is no number to call and they don't respond to their emails at all. Heartbreaking and horrible service. I'm thoroughly disappointed. I'd change my review in a heartbeat if they would just respond and resolve the issue for me.

By Nadezda
Aug 06 2022

I been scammed by someone who called himself Jeffrey (Bed). Who posing himself as a captain of the yacht. The app needs customer verification

By Christi
Aug 05 2022

Everyone I see is well over 300 miles away. I live in a popular suburb about 30 miles outside a big city.
I will not subscribe again.

By Amy Conder
Aug 05 2022

Don't use this app! There are so many fake men on this it is unbelievable. It was nice at first seeing how many "likes" I received. The first thing I noticed was that the majority of the men are Catholic which seemed a little odd but not a problem. I set up my profile to be picks close to me but 85% listed their distance from me 1000 miles away. Once I decided to be brace after messaging in the app, I exchanged phone numbers with 3 and my email with 2. ONLY ONE (so far) may be legitimate. Evidently there is no one behind the scenes to check on who is joining. An absolute waste of money and I will tell everyone I know! Beyond being disappointed in this CHRISTIAN Dating App, I am even more disappointed in the human race. Don't use this app either free or with the fee! 8/5/2022

By Judy Larrach
Jul 30 2022

DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION! The variouse men that seem genuin on the site, after a little conversation of a couple days, they all end up asking for money . They have different BS stories. This app. needs to get a user authenticater . I have tried to get my money back and they will not respond. This application is full of scammers.

By Marlo
Jul 23 2022

Upward dating app review: I am a ‘mature‘ Woman using this app and I am finding people misrepresent their location and themselves – most likely to secure connection with someone whom they can exploit or scam. You’re able to tell distance through GPS locations. Most of my contacts or connections resulted in misrepresentation of location and they want to immediately receive a phone number and exchange pictures. This may be typical of many apps but scammers are using these apps too exploit adults looking for a relationship.

By Bryan
Jul 19 2022

It's a scam! They don't show you anything different than any other website, and as soon as I paid, they disabled my account for no reason! No recourse, and no contact. They do not respond. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

By Melissa
Jul 17 2022

App ok, but are there any real guys on here, they all want you to switch to another site to talk. Funny how you all say you love God while trying to screw someone over. I would say be careful, God don’t like ugly and He will take up the battle.

Jul 13 2022

This app is full of scammers. 90% of the men I chatted with were about to deploy and will then ask for money, have some high security job that’s remote and can’t FaceTime, ask you to invest in cryptocurrency. Thankfully I read reviews and articles about these scams and did not fall for them. These men will tell you both their parents died, they will fall in love with you within a couple of weeks without even meeting you, then ask for money because they don’t have access to their accounts. Do your research, ask questions and verify their answers. Don’t be a victim!!

Jul 10 2022

Absolute SCAM site. Wayyyyy too easy for people to use this site to hide behind religion for bad intentions...money, sexting etc. Only used for 2 days and had 3 horrible experiences. Stay away if you are serious about making a connection or be very very cautious ⚠️

By Ron M
Jul 02 2022


This app is a scam. Been here for a whole month, and I'm shutting down my account. I'm a decent guy with a lot to offer, but every right swipe I made is ghosted. In the meantime, I have gotten a lot of likes but each and every one of them is either a scam, trying to sell you something, attempting to steal your identify, or some immoral, spineless, and worthless scum masquerading as somebody they are not. Profiles and pictures were stolen from other identities and using it to pretend as the people they stole. This Upward app needs to be shut down and reported to the authorities for scamming the public. I wouldn't be surprised if they are conspirators to the design of how crooks operate on their platform.

By Leilani
Jul 01 2022

I would recommend starting on the least expensive subscription rate as they don't do refund regardless of how disappointed or dissatisfied you are. Few things I've noticed: the app only tells you the location of the person in miles so you'll end up asking where they are from, there are many questionable accounts, face doesn't fit age, same names with different pictures and account reappears even when you unmatched with them already. I'm not sure they verify accounts. Oh, it also doesn't filter according to your preferences. Sadly, It needs a lot of improvement.

Jun 30 2022

Scam,scam ,scam no filter for distance. Guys in here don’t want to stay on the app for a longer conversation, they want to have your phone number right away. Most of them are in the military . Both parents dead, no siblings. Widowed, single parents with kids , got cheated and they traumatized by their wife , They are by themselves. They want to know first question your job title if you have a big house or apt. I guess scammers want to figure it out if you wealthy or how much do you make . Also there is a guy who is really handsome with 3 different profiles. By mistake he reply twice and by mistake I warned him up . One of his profiles names is Michael Donald he said he is a flight attendant but from his story he said he’s a ….. well I’m pasted what he wrote me. I Work as a secret agent for the DEA (drug enforcement administration) working as a flight attendant isn't my main job It was just to use that to cover up only my two boss knows about this . Working as a secret agent has stopped me from a lot of things it's a very deep job and I'm been tracked by my bosses they know about anything I do they have a tracker I have with me .I'm not to show my identity to anyone that have not registered to them by me and to do that cost a lot
Don't worry I will handle the relationship.
Lol so he can’t show his identity. I believe they don’t want to see this type of stories being on the app because they might feel it can be supervised or tracked. Ladies Be Be careful with this app don’t fall for it fake profiles .

By Lovely
Jun 29 2022

Upward is definitely a scam based out of Nigeria. Everybody is in the US army. Had one guy telling me he’s fighting war in Ukraine. Another one I spoke to was a Caucasian from New Jersey, but once I spoke to him over phone, he sounded like an African. Everybody claim that their wife died a year ago, and they’re ready for a new relationship. SMH!! Finally, as the stories remained the same I had to ask…”You’re in the US army too? … and your wife died as well?” This app is nonsense. Waste of time. That’s why you don’t get a response. It’s a scam. I’ll see if this even gets posted.

By Lovely
Jun 24 2022

This app is fake. I believe it’s a Nigerian made site. Everybody is in the US army. They’re off in some country are returning to the US soon.

By Rick
Jun 23 2022

This app really needs a better versification system and a distance filter.
Over 80% of the people that “like” me have fake photos and profiles.
Be careful not to give your real number.

By Jean
Jun 23 2022

Nice app but need to somehow weed out scammer. I got matched up with two of the same type of scammers. I feel sorry if they run into a real vulnerable woman looking for true love

By Nathan
Jun 20 2022

The one thing I noticed about this app is there are minors on here… gentleman be careful who you match with because there are 17 year old girls that are trying to get older men in trouble… that’s how parents get involved and the police. Be careful yeah they say this app is Christian like but when you find out a girl is lying about there age on here it can get pretty dangerous..

By Carol
Jun 19 2022

I’ve been off and on lots of dating sites. I have not seen one man holding a fish or on a motorcycle here. There is something up with this app.I have matched several men with different accounts and names.profiles are pretty similar to keep their story straight. The distance indicator is not even worth answering I got one at 4200 miles away. The men are 90% above average in looks this is not real. No other site do you get over 100 likes in one day.
So beware of your personal information on here, identity theft or scamming is a predatory advance. Don’t become a victim!!

By Ericka
Jun 07 2022

Its needs a verification process
I had talk to 2 different people that pretended to be someone else. I definitely would not use upward ever again!

By Fatima
Jun 07 2022

I keep getting fake profile, since I started using the app, this people just want to text and when you want to move on for a phone call they be gone, random phone numbers that it’s for a business, I am leaving this fake web

By Mal
Jun 05 2022

I am a fit muscular man that has a heart of gold ( I have been considered handsome by a few). However, I can't believe some of the games that some play on this app. I was told women ,(this goes for us guys also). I guess, I will just keep trying!

By Anita Miller
Jun 01 2022

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By Katherine Davis
Jun 01 2022

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9 9 1 ‑ 6 6 4 9

By Louvenia Duncan
May 29 2022

I am starting to wonder who really owns this app. Is the owner a Nigerian scammer? 90% of the profiles are fakes! They are nothing but Nigerian scammers trying to lure women in. I wish everyone will turn these people in online. They are truly wasting people's time. A big scam!

By Venia
May 29 2022

I tried this app and within a week I'd met at least 7 "Civil Engineers." with foreign accents. There are so many bogus profiles on here! They steal pictures of Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans and post fake profiles. They are all engineers who supervise a group of men or are Long Shoremen or something like that. And, most of them are Catholic. This is fine, but it lets me know that these are mostly foreigners faking profiles. I know many Nigerians think many Americans are Catholics so that's what they claim. They might be doing this mostly to older women because they think we are desperate and vulnerable. One of the first questions I ask anyone I start conversing with is, "Do you have a foreign accent?" If they look like a duck, quack like a duck, and smell like a duck, IT'S A DUCK!

By Lynn
May 28 2022

Never have I wasted so much time talking to fake people!!! 2 different guys for 2 months, both video chatted and called on the phone and after 2 months they both wanted money. They both used excuse they were in Germany for telecommunications work. Both said they were chested on and had full custody of daughters, many similarities, both said they wanted to marry me. I knew once I was asked for money it was over Johnny!!! And sure enough first one Bernard asked me to pad his bitoin. And 2nd one Luke said his daughter was dying and asked for 3,000. I've wasted the whole time I've been on here talking to these evil bozos! 😈 I should could a total refund! Bernard used whatsapp and Luke used Hangout. Beware never send money!!!

By Rw
May 27 2022

Dangerous scamming site…!!

By Willie Spencer
May 20 2022

I've been talking to a lady on upward name Laura Chem. Is Laura clem her real name. She claim she can't talk to me on the phone because she doesn't have a phone & she wants me to buy her a phone. Am I really talking to Laura Catherine Clem? If she is who she say she is, I will buy that phone.

By Rachelle wayp
May 16 2022

I have dealt with over 10 scammers on this dating site! They are all over. Dangerous site for women! You are not protecting any one on this site!!!!!

By J
May 16 2022

The scammiest app ever. Worse than secular. I think Christian’s are being targeted because scammers think they’re more likely to get money from us. It’s seems most of the guys are fake. Especially the really good looking ones. I never gave any money, but I got whacked with a military love scam by a “marine”. Talking twice a day for a week. Then he was avoidant about phone calls or video. Huge red flag! The person actually called me from Africa confessing that this is what they do to support their families. I really started to like said marine. I reported it to the department of defense. I emailed this app twice With no response. Now I’m suspicious of everyone. Where are the jersey boys? Does everyone live in Brooklyn or do the Nigerians think that’s a hip place to live? apparently they don’t keep up on the news and subway bombings and shootings lately. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

By Toni
May 15 2022

Why does the distance filter not working. There are hundreds that have liked me, but they are hundreds and even thousands of miles away. What is the point??

By Vona
May 08 2022

Everytime I think I meet someone we will talk for awhile then the next day the guy will act like he doesn't remember our conversation and ask the same exact question. I also was talking to a guy I thought I liked untill he sent me another like same pictures but different name, age and location so I thought I'd go with it and I'm 100 percent sure it's two completely different people the. I found a third account. Same guy different name, age and location. As I started talking to other guys I noticed they all ask the same questions in the same order I don't feel like I believe anyone if real at this point... This sucks

By Cary
May 06 2022

Can’t see locations of woman and anyone I like or that send me like are 300+ miles away. I’m in search of a realistic relationship that doesn’t require me to travel by plan just to see my date. Terrible app and definitely has scammers as well trying to contact me off app

By Betsy
Apr 30 2022

This app is a total scam. I cannot believe I paid money for it. Every profile is totally fake! Do not use this app!!!!!

By T Gette
Apr 29 2022

Upward is a total scam. It may have done well for some but I have hammed me to weed through so many scammers just to have an actual conversation…that it made me so skeptical to even try with anyone else… look out for these
John 49
And so many others… fall in love within minutes… want info of possessions, how much money you make… etc… beware the enemy is on the loose. Yes all these have accents and sound exactly the same - have different variants of the same story … widower, kids, cheated on by best friend… Ladies be wise like serpents and gentle as doves… this site is too unsafe to get involved in… thank God I’m too cheap to pay for something…. I feel bad for those who have paid for this site… God will provide the man He wants us to have… and it looks like upward isn’t a path He wants us on.

By Ananias Del valle
Apr 26 2022

I have use this app and is really bad every person I spoke to try to get me to send them none or transfer money fron their " account to another to pay for all this " material they use for a big contract work they have but they have no way of doing it, they say they " love " you with children to me is stupid with out even seen me one told me he wanted me so buy a gift card for 300 for his grand son birthday because since he work as an ingenieer he did not have time they told me if I need anything to ask and they ask me to down load application and is so that once you do it you can make transaction that they can't do because work and lack of internet , one ask me to barrow money so that they can send it to you later but is to see how much can you borrow then he ask me to borrow 2,000 to send to him for a" job " and when they get pay they will send that and what you borrow for you. Please be careful is a scam. Don't use this app don't use it and delete and block them block all .

By K
Apr 23 2022

Upward is the biggest scam ever. I have caught at least 5 catfish. DO NOT USE THIS APP.

By Lissette
Apr 23 2022

I found out that many profiles are fake. How? Well…. I saw pictures of men looking like models that I remembered seeing it others dating sites so I asked them how much do you get paid for acting in this chat and suddenly their profile vanished and never saw it again. And so on … most of them were “widower”.
When I was suspicious about a guy who was very handsome and asked him many questions and removed his mask and he deleted the profile. Using the name of God to trick people ? The law of cause and effect is real and this app will see the results of theirs actions. God is not a game.

By Verneeky
Apr 22 2022

I've been successful on here with several matches whom made initial contact. Also, there were 100's of likes. However, although I went forward in a reply message to a few men, they're true intentions turned out to be opposite of their profile. Most aren't really Christian males at all but rather social catfish. These guys pretended to have interest in pursuing a relationship or dating scenario. Instead, I had one to send a penis picture after his request to chat via WhatsApp. Others insisted on an invite to the same instant messenger or an additional type. Their excuse was inability to communicate on Upward. More asked to exchange phone ☎️📱 numbers and email 📨 addresses in a week. A couple of them asked to borrow money 💰 💵. While the rest ghosted after greetings, a single conversation or being told not comfortable in exchanging contact information so soon. I believe there are actual potential mates to meet but you need to sift through many fakes and much dishonesty before this happens.

By Terry
Apr 06 2022

Just as I was trying to fill out my profile, I was suddenly locked oylut if my account. It was disabled for some reason. Then I read the other reviews on here. This app needs to be shut down. Stop using the term "Christian" for your ineptitude and scams.

By Victoria
Mar 26 2022

Like everyone has said this site is full of scammers!!! Beware! Only 20-30% are legitimate. It looks like there's a handfull of Nigerians who post hundreds of fake profiles and scamming is their full time job. It's disgusting and I don't know why this isn't being stopped! I catch them very quickly and tell them to get a real job.

By Jennifer
Mar 14 2022

I had to keep paying money to see potential matches.When I did pay it didn't work and the site wanted money again. I got off this site fast and never looked back. Talking with my bank to get charges reversed as I was not able to see pictures of anyone after paying twicw.This site is fraudulent and I'm disgusted.

By Margo Walters
Mar 04 2022

This is a disgrace. Your app is fake and you should be ashamed for posting such crap. Making sure I send a review to every possible social media platform to inform anyone thinking this is legit.

By Candyce Benbrooks
Feb 24 2022

Please RUN FAR AWAY, DELETE this app ASAP..... I got scammed by a person named ROBINSON SMITH claiming to be a sergeant in the US Army!!! TOTAL AND COMPLETE SCAM!!! He gained access to my personal information and tried to scam me out of money... Almost got scammed 2 more times. THIS APP IS FULL OF SCAMMERS!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY PAYING FOR A SUBSCRIPTION ON THIS APP!!!!

By Mark
Feb 23 2022

My only real issue with the app is that it wants to match me with singles who are 300 miles away. I set my distance preference to 40 miles because I want locals. Maybe there aren’t any locals on the site, but I’m doubtful of that. Why would we want to match with people several states away? Really haven’t been impressed with the service so far. Unless they fix the distance thing then I wouldn’t recommend it. Just save your money for a different and better dating app.

By Disappointed
Feb 22 2022

Total waste of my time!!! All were scammers who are not real. Do not pay for this!!! They should be sued by better business!!! The company must know and do nothing about all of the scammers!!

By Stacy
Feb 22 2022

I wish I had found this site of reviews before I paid for a subscription. Like everyone here has said. Site filled with fake profiles. I emailed Upward after a week or so on the site. Never heard anything back. I report all the fake profiles but it probably does nothing. Don't waste your time or energy with Upward.

By Den liuoe
Feb 22 2022

Only talked to 3 people and met two “female” scammers with fake age, fake profile, and fake faith statements. Both from different places but same story line (boyfriend cheated on her, babysiter, and looking after cousins). They both will send you pictures without clothes on the next day. 1 asked me for money, and then the other has a “dad” call me saying her daughter is 15 and she has been talking with you …..babaaaa. We are going to put a charge on you … bababa. Yup, this app needs to be burn to the ground.

By Darla
Feb 18 2022

This is a complete SCAM! Beware! It’s far from Christian. maybe 10-30% are real people. Most are Nigerian scammers. I’m afraid they may be using our pics on the other side because they have a host of them. I told one that I am a real Christian and God doesn’t like this. I blew up after he asked me for a “game” card and told him he needs to repent. I told him I wouldn’t send one cent but will pray and he said, “I don’t need your prayers” After pretending to be SEVERAL other people who I blocked after they would not do a video call, he actually got my REAL Number and called me in the WEE hours, showed me who he really was and apologized! He said he asked God for forgiveness but I believe there is a host of Nigerians doing this. If they ask you to go on What’s App, refuse to video call, give you a sad story about being a widow, their spouse being in a crash, pics with kids, pics with attractive people, copy things you said in your profile to make it seem like a match, ask you for anything - access to Netflix or anything at all, IT IS A SCAM! I’ve told these people my trust is not great with online bc I watch Catfish and already think they are fake. I even reported this to a police officer. Please know most of Upward are full of Nigerians using other people’s profiles who probably have no idea. Some people on here are real but most are not. Be careful. This app is probably internationally owned and even populates bots- they all ask the same exact questions. Beware if they say stuff like hello beautiful or fall in love too fast. I’m praying the Lord disrupts this site, shuts it down. It is fall of the devil’s imps who will face judgment one day for all the lies, deceit, and toying with people’s emotions. It is very sad for those who really are on here, paid, and seeking a Godly mate. Ask God for wisdom and discernment. He will give it to you! So sorry that this world has come to this.

By Diane
Feb 16 2022

Total scam! Matches are hundreds of miles away, age range is off too. Spoke to someone with thick scent, no way did he match with the photos. Poor English writing skills, want to go to Hangout right away, this is a waste of time and money, realized it was a scam within 24 hours, money gone now, but no more!

By Jessica Garcia
Feb 04 2022

Please beware of scammers! There was 2 guys for me that used the same lines and story which got them caught, I fortunately caught them a couple of days in… one was a Puerto Rican guy named David Caraballo, the other was Chris Terry… I did my research and they are ALL OVER the Internet as notorious scammers.

By Rod
Feb 02 2022

The matches are hundreds of miles away, despite my preferences clearly set to max of 50 miles. No way to go back and review LOCAL profiles. I want my money back.

By Barbara Ferber
Jan 31 2022

Please credit me my FULL payment and reporting to BBB

By Alan Douglas
Jan 31 2022

Upward is a complete scam! It is the least Christian dating app I have ever used. It's full of scammers and fake profiles. Stay away! The Devil is having fun with this one!

By Lauren
Jan 29 2022

SCAM!!! Stay away!! MOSTLY FAKE Profiles!! Not a true Christian website because they are drifting by taking your money and tricking and manipulating you with a bombardment of FAKE profiles. Don’t be gullible and drawn in to this dating site!!!

By Dalia
Jan 20 2022

I’m having the same issues as everyone else apparently. I can’t adjust the distance. The men that did message me back usually are about 1000 miles from me and in the military lol. This app is a joke and is filled with scammers. The men are always giving a sob story of how they lost family members from death.

By Cynthia Scruggs
Jan 19 2022

Please has anyone heared of Freddy Norman?

By Deanna
Jan 19 2022

I've gotten matches that are so far the ones that have texted my phone ARE FAKE!!!!

How can a Christian site be filled with so many SCAMMERS!

Please get rid of all these FAKE profiles set up to Rob people of MONEY, DIGNITY AND TIME!

By Shar
Jan 14 2022

This needs to be a class action lawsuit. They are making millions. Complete scam.

By Kathy Wagner
Jan 12 2022

Put a distance filter on your app please. Tired of getting matches or likes from people hundreds or thousands of miles away! Stop wasting my time and my money/subscription.

By Reese
Jan 10 2022

Be aware of a FRANKLIN CRAVEY he is a scammer he would never FACETIME LIVE . he claimed he is from PITTSBURGH. He claimed he lived in a BUNGALOW. He said his wife died 4 years ago and fell down some stairs. He claimed he worked OVERSEAS AS A WELL DIGGER. He claimed he has a 6 year old and 5 year old. He said he wanted to TEXT only because his English wasn’t that great. SHUT THIS DATING SITE DOWN ASAP

By Nhi
Jan 09 2022

everybody on here is “military” and “on deployment” abroad. Syria. Iraq. Afghan. Middle East. West Africa. Everybody is at least 300 miles away. I called someone out because he said he was born in Indiana but when he texted, it was in broken English. Really disappointed in this supposed Christian app

By You will meet with scammers with thick accents
Jan 08 2022

Romance scammers. Do your research. Google their names. You won't find any trace of them. They say they are private people from foreign places, give vague answers, have poor internet issues, lame excuses, can't verify anything they say that can't be googled for an answer. They say we need to be patient and all the pics sent don't have any identifying places to say where they are for sure. Mom met an engineer, an architect, an orthopedic surgeon, and a few others who are not Christians at all. She was asked to send money via bitcoin. They have asked her to go to Google Hangouts luring her off the platform. Some refuse to video chat. But sent flowers. Very sus. They have the thickest accents and very similar stories. Report everything suspicious to FBI, BBB. DONT BE FOOLED.

By Solange Kam
Jan 05 2022

💯 percent scammers. People are targeting young Christians because they figure we have a soft heart and naive. I've called out one tooooo many on the crap. The funny thing is it's the same excuse "military based" and they have audacity to switch up the distance. I even saw two different contacts with exact same pics! I have so many experiences to share. I've let them know. I will not be the one. Wrong tree to climb. REPORT them
As I do. We r in a day and age where it's very easy to video chat. One showed his height is 4 feet...now that's already to short for me..I asked him to confirm his height he only confirmed his age.. his pic look nothing like his reported height yet he is standing handsome and tall lol in a military outfit. Google ladies u have to at least be 5 foot to be in military. *Rolls eyes o have so many stories.

By Coleen
Dec 30 2021

Thanking God I only wasted the money of a one month subscription. Horrible, only scammers and liars. No one near by and if they are it’s fake. Don’t waste your hard earned money. Good luck to all who is actually searching. I pray you find your perfect mate. Unfortunately it won’t be on upward.

By Sally sue
Dec 13 2021

Upward dating site, dating app.
1. This app is not good to any singles.
2. The owner of this dating site will make sure yours matches, which are not your matches at all are 3000 miles and the nearest will be 300miles away from you. All the people above are from different states and are having the same problem, so how comes no one gets a near match that is not in another state ,for sure 300 miles means get into a flight and go see whoever.
4. Pay to boost, after boosting you are matched with some one 3000 to 6000 miles and you are asked to pay more to see your likes ,because you can't talk to any one unless they send a match to you, how do they know it's your match? While the person says opposite of what you documented. Then asked to pay see this and that, to speak with a scammer who is from New York ?? but is in Syria in military mission and need your money???
5. It's all a game worth not paying a single cent.
At the end of the day swipe swipe swipe 😂 till your fingers are numb for nothing that is not there.fake photos.

Upward does not need to improve anything, the good answer is what I paid was not worth paying, and I hope no one goes to pay anything at upwards to see 6000 miles as your matches.

By Tyler
Dec 09 2021

This app has been a horrible experience. First, i never have any matches. And the ONE time i do, and actually get a conversation going, i feel as if i met a scammer. We have been talking for 3 weeks now. And she is relentless at getting me to buy her a 100 stream card. Shes 29 years old, told me she is born in raised in Germany, both her parents died when she was 12, and she is now living in nyc with her Aunt. She then goes on to ask me to open a Citi Bank account so that her cousin in the military could send her and her aunt money. Out of stupidity, i sent her 100 via cashapp . And it wasnt good enough. All of our conversations end up on the SAME topic... which is her trying to convince me to open up some kind of money sending app... or a online banking app. This is CRAZY. i am so disappointed.

By Nick Savinatink
Dec 08 2021

This is worst dating sight in America. If you can call it a dating sight?

By Jean miller
Dec 05 2021

Greetings outward Christians need to cancel my membership immediately was not able to start your program was too difficult did not understand and you got our money and we only signed on like one hour ago and we need you to refund and cancel our membership thank you.

By Esther
Nov 29 2021

This app is full of scammers. I was scammed three times. I met this guy on the app that said he is french. He said is dad is american but it mom is from france. He said they both died when he was 12 and his grandma is the only one he has in his life. We decided to talk on the phone he sounded like a nigerian man. He said he left france to america when he was 12 and i said you should have lost your african accent by then if you moved to america at 12. I said lets do a face time, he said he has a bad camera. I never heard from him again. That is how i knew he was a scammer. I have emailed the company that they need to be aware that the app is full of scammers. Pls ladies dont waste your time on these app. Pray to jesus to provide a man because he will never fail you.

By Shanelle
Nov 23 2021

A Nigerian scam artist pretended to be a Soldier. Another scam artist tried to get me to meet with him! Please be careful everyone.

By Rusheau
Nov 16 2021

This is not a Christian site. It is filled with scammers. Don’t waste your time or money

By Gina
Nov 14 2021

Yes true I had an incident that someone is stealing a person's identity he even admitted it. Can't trust ppl on this website. Sad because I really had faith in it.
Disappointed with the fraud!

By Aubrey L
Nov 13 2021

Really disappointed app. I feel like the distance is outrageous as also the matches they give you are a joke. I matched one guy who was 300 miles away! These isn’t any good features and most of the time the men aren’t even Christian. This site is, well sucks hope since it’s new it gets better or gets lost. Sincerely pissed off ripped off customer.

By Evelina
Oct 11 2021

Yes, I'm having the same issue. All men are far away. There was a guy whom I chatted with and then I gave him my number to call me. He never called. Just kept on texting back through the chat. Plus, he only texted in the mornings and not in the evenings. He also lived 900 miles away but his profile said that he can live "whenever his dream girl is". At first, I thought it was intriguing, but then it became weird by him not wanting to call me. He never asked for money or anything, but I was just kinda mad and reported him for a scam and the conversation disappeared. I kind of wanted to find him again and it seems like the app is showing me guys who live more than 2000 miles away from me. I don't know if I'm ever going to rematch with him.
Another issue, there was another guy who immediately asked me to go to google hangouts and then he started saying that he is on a secret training program for CIA and he is looking for a wife, and he also said that he has a twin brother who is a spy in Somali for 5 years. It sounded stupid for me and I called him up on it. He then send me his Florida ID with his picture, his name and everything. But to me it is still a bunch of nonsense so I told him off.
I just don't understand why the app does not allow you to search by the profiles name to see if you are able to find the profile and rematch. I am talking about the first guy. Unless he is a scam too by not wanting to call me.

By Lorraine Wagner
Sep 13 2021

Something is wrong with the algorithm. Most of the men are at least 100 miles away. I set my preferences for 30 miles. I understand showing possibilities 50 or maybe 60 miles away—but 100? 250? 3000??? Please advise. Thank you kindly.

By Me
Sep 11 2021

2 out of 2 attempts and both are total scammers asking for gift cards and any excuse to get you to send it ASAP. One even asked me to pay for her monthly so she can keep her Netflix account. Garbage!

By carlyn s
Sep 10 2021


By Mike
Sep 03 2021

Upward is owned by Match Group. They support things against Christian beliefs like Homosexuality and Abortion. Their biggest push right now is Pro-Choice. I have done extensive research into their practices and found that they are just setting most people up to fail so that you'll keep using their platform. Best practice is to stay away from all their platforms like Match, OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish, Tinder, Hinge, and Upward. Oh and don't even try Bumble either, it was founded by a former Match employee and has the same ideals. These companies are far from Christian.

By Steven Milton
Aug 21 2021

I'm extremely frustrated with the site well I set the distance to less than 50 miles I keep getting people 3 400 miles away I'm unable to message people that I want to what should I spend this money for how do I get my money back

By Christopher
Aug 17 2021

This app is a complete scam targeting lonely heart Christian's. You can tell when someone half your age and gorgeous acts like they are in love with you after a little conversation. They ask for your phone # to chat. When their English is more broken than any heart in history, it's one of many dead give aways. They claim 2b free but that's just to suck you in. If they were truly Christians, they would not pull a bait and switch. This has to be the worst dating app out there. Dont waste your time or money.

By Mary
Aug 16 2021

Dee (Daryl) maybe it’s the same guy (Eugene Dee too I saw above in text)?. Dee is only looking for sex. Constant redirecting conversation to sex. This is not a conversation you have until you’ve been dating for months. Not in the first few conversations.

Most guys don’t even write at all. Creepy looking guys hit me up as if they had a shot with a much younger and respectable woman like myself. Interests are Always thousands of miles away. Many have such thick accents I can’t communicate well enough with them for anything serious.

That being said. It seems like there’s a lot of guys too on here that would be legit. If I were interested in them, but it’s a hit or miss on attractiveness, distance and quality of life to match with them.

Never send money. Always ask intentional important questions specific to your needs in life and how to best match with you as a life long partner. That’s the only goal. If they are saying “see where things go” or something vague. They aren’t ready to be in a relationship! They are little boys trying to play a game. You are better than that and are here to find someone who is ready. Obviously we are seeing where it goes, that’s what dating is, but if they are saying it out loud and putting up that wall, they’re already pushing away. Trying to keep their options open. If they are interested in you, they will text you often and answer your questions with honesty and love in their heart. They will be respectful of your hesitations. If you do meet, do not be physical with them until you’ve established their family and friends and lifestyle life. Truly know who people are before giving away money, body, heart, or too much of your time even.

Moving too fast is partially your fault. So stop giving them power. They should be friends and date loyal and respectful for a year before anything gets serious. And know everyone in their lives, not just isolating with only them.

By Victoria
Aug 13 2021

This site is full of Nigerian scammers. I can't help but think it's the same guy putting up multiple fake profiles. Ask for a Zoom call right away and the scammers will fall off. Don't engage in conversation with these scumbags!! This site is such a disappointment. There are good men, however, very far away and about 30% are decent. Some of the photos look like they just got out of prison. Beware!!!

By Angela Kelly
Aug 13 2021

Yes indeed. I was scammed, but I new this guy was a fraud when he asked for money in a totally robotic tone. I didn’t go for it. I deleted the thread, blocked, and reported him. Watch out for John Howard L or John Howard S. Very very sad that these scammers have nothing better to do with their time than to be frauds. I pray they would find forgiveness through Jesus. Jesus Christ is definitely not a scam. Always faithful, truthful, real, and actually cares about our well-being.

By Queen Bee
Aug 10 2021

Ladies look out for Eugene Dee and Smith (just Smith) and I don't remember his full name but his first name is Kelvin and he's 42 years old from Missouri, they want your personal info and Eugene Dee is looking for a trophy wife asap to make miserable NO you won't get any money or any type of goodies :) PLEASE be very careful Ladies.

By Judy Leach
Aug 03 2021

I’m an older woman (74) and so I was naturally cautious. I decided right off not to give out any personal information. I’ve always said if you want to know someone’s true character get them mad. I started telling guys upfront that I wasn’t giving out any info and they would all of a sudden just disappear. I am an English major and every one of them made errors. Mostly sentence structure. If I read carefully I can actually hear their accent. Interestingly many of them would use the same phrases and make the same type of errors. These guys have been around the block and are pretty good at what they are doing. I would never recommend this site to anyone.

By Lori Horton
Jul 12 2021

I was messaging a "gentleman" for four months. He asked me for a $100.00 steam card because he worked in Cambodia for the UN. He told me that we were going to get married as soon as he came back to the states he then said that he could qualify for some money from his "company" but I had to give him my full name, mailing address, DOB, SSN, etc. He went by the name of Kylecardi. Please be very careful. Like what someone else posted this is my last time on a online dating app. In fact he sounded like Mark Dave Baptist 61.

By Kendra Stewart
May 23 2021

I thought I would inform you that these men aren’t for real I was scammed out of some money this is the worse site, ladies these men will say they are Dr’s or whatever don’t believe them!

By Brandon
Apr 30 2021

Yo I'm single and legit hmu if you live near washington state I'm 23 turning 24 in November add my discord saintreap#4248 I don't want money I'm tired of these scammers too

By Kathy
Apr 26 2021

I signed up and this site gives me people 200, 300, 400+ miles away from me !! This needs to be fixed ! This is absurd ! When I stay in my other home won't let me put in my new location-- pointless- oh yes let's meet for dinner see you in 3 days drive time !!!! Please fix your dating site- Thank You !!

By Joshua
Apr 16 2021

This is crap I pay 10$ then I have to pay another 10$ to see matches and worst of all I cannot change the distance of my matches I feel cheated and I want my money back. This feels like a scam

By Jericho
Apr 05 2021

Please add the distance filter option!

By Lynette
Mar 30 2021

THIS SITE SUCKS!!! First, you have to pay to get on, then pay to see anyone's profile. I ended up paying 6 times for a total of $105 to use the site, then most of the men are >1000 miles away. I've been on here for a week and so far of the 3 men I've contacted 2 wanted money & a third finally confessed he is really married. IS THIS A CHRISTIAN DATING SITE? SAVE YOUR MONEY ~ DO NOT SIGN UP.

By April
Mar 26 2021

This dating app is horrible! So many men sayingvthey are someone else, lying about where they live, NOT Christian. The distances are ridiculous. So much catfishing going on. Very disappointing. This is my 3rd time trying a "Christian" dating app.They are the worst!!!

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