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4.6 out of 5

By Даниил

3 months ago

Нельзя войти через фейсбук, с сегодняшнего дня. В аккаунт. который прикреплен к фейсбуку, хотя фейсбук по прежнему показывает что связан с этим приложением

By Hdjdbbdnd

Big no on this one

Unfortunately the devs did the ol’ bait and switch. The game was great when it came out but every single update sense then screws the player. The pull rate they dropped through the floor so there’s next to no reason to recruit anymore and after they made that so bad they started offering packages to just buy characters. There’s very little actually gameplay just click on a portrait when their ultimate is ready. Pretty lame... especially compared to the first version which was far superior to this but they wanted to remove all strategy from this one I guess. The dev’s seem to not care one bit for the players and just see them as walking piggy banks. Every aspect of the game is an ad trying to make you buy something. I know all these gotcha games want you to buy stuff but this one makes the progression so dreadful and tedious it seems they are trying to make anyone not spending constant money leave. Very unfortunate as I loved the 1.0 but they just ruined this game and are trying very hard to make this as terrible as an experience as possible. Tl;dr: Bad “game” with way too much pay to win.

By Trulop

Sad to say..

Man i really want to love this game.. it has some really good potential to be great. What kills it completely is the MASSIVE amounts of pay to win. There are so many different ways i can spend money to rush forward in the game its painful ( and insanely expensive). Why is this so bad? There are many instances where the more competitive you are against other players the faster you can grow, and if you aren't spending a minimum of 20+ dollars per week you will NEVER be able to compete =\ ( and no thats not even an exaduration ) it truly is a fun game but plagued with so much cash grab you just hit this huge physical wall that only can be surpassed if you buy stuff. Events are a joke... who puts massive pay to win for in game events? If this company is willing to stop being greedy and put even a monthly limitation on every purchase type, and take out all of pay to win events then i could recommend this game 150%. It would give people a MUCH more level playing field. Even open a low p2w server list or something.

By khoaleeeeee

More and more disappointing

The first version is dead and this one will be soon. It seems to be exciting at the beginning when you are able to go through the story quickly. However, later on they’ll make you pay to win unless you’ll be stuck on a quest forever. Extremely low rate to get an elite character (about 4.5%), but only a few of them are good to use. To upgrade the characters, you’ll have to collect their duplicates. Need about 18 dups to fully upgrade a character, which is hilarious. The free rewards after victories are extremely few. It’s not possible to do anything with the small amount of rewards. If you’re a farming gamer, this game is not for you. There’s no mode allows you to farm rewards repeatedly. If you don’t spend money, you’ll be stuck long enough for you to forget this game is still in your phone. This is exactly what happened to me. I’m a huge fan of One Punch Man, but I’m so disappointed in this game. I was patient enough.

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