Angry Birds Journey Reviews

Angry Birds Journey Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Join the Angry Birds on a magical Slingshot Adventure to recover the Egg
Wonders! Fling birds with the slingshot, and topple towers to solve puzzles
and rescue adorable Hatchlings in this casual and easygoing slingshot game.
Relax and unwind with the most fun and approachable Angry Birds game yet! Unite
fireflies with their soulmates and solve many other dynamic puzzles.

About Angry Birds Journey

What is Angry Birds Journey? Angry Birds Journey is a casual and easygoing slingshot game where players join the Angry Birds on a magical adventure to recover the Egg Wonders. The game features exciting levels, exotic locations, and a fun and approachable gameplay experience.



- Easy to pick up and play anytime

- Solve relaxing and fun puzzles

- Play hundreds of exciting levels

- Casual fun in every level

- Complete levels to collect coins and win great rewards

- Play with all of the classic Angry Birds characters and NEW ones

- Explore exotic locations on a grand adventure

- Follow the unfolding story of the Egg Wonders

- Completely free to play with optional in-app purchases available

- Regular updates to add new features or content and fix bugs or technical issues

- Terms of Use and Privacy Policy provided by Rovio.

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Key Benefits of Angry Birds Journey

- Fun and challenging without being overly hard.

- No ads.

- Perfect for five-year-old grandson.

- Good to play while at work.

- Suggestion for developers to give players extra birds.

20 Angry Birds Journey Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Garbage with way too many glitches

So I played the proto game for a year before they released the fully “completed” version. At least the beta version was playable. The full release is not. You cannot collect your festival rewards (collect button doesn’t work... you have to fully close and reopen the game to get past the frozen collect reward button to play on). Balloons get stuck in the terrain and no amount of birds will dislodge them so you lose the level and all of your progress. The fireflies are confused by terrain and refuse to find each other despite only a hill or floating ground (no blocks) separating them so, AGAIN, you lose the level and your progress. And then there was the glitch where there was only ONE firefly who just sat there because there was no one there to make a love connection with... ALL of the blocks had already been broken so it’s not like the second fly was hiding under a pile of rubble. Yet again this leads to the loss of the level and all progress. There are other obnoxious glitches but I’m not going to waste further time listing all of them. After a year playing the beta version I’m now deleting the game altogether since the full release is not playable. I’m damned tired of rich companies churning out garbage. Why the heck don’t they just release the original angry birds on AngryBirdsJourney Store? So stupid that we’re forced to choose from these “advanced” versions of the game that have been poorly vetted prior to release.


Fun becomes frustrating very quickly

I’m going to refrain from using any kind of retrospective context about original AB games and just judge this one on its own, for what it is.
This game is a lot of things. “Balanced” is not one of them. It’s addictive and satisfying to knock down towers, but some of the later game mechanics just become frustratingly difficult to manage. I get that games are supposed to become more challenging as you get through them, but this one kicks it up in so many notches in so short a curve that it becomes really not fun to play. When they introduce new block types that are extremely unpredictable and start combining all different kinds of puzzles into one screen, while simultaneously nerfing your ammo, and then take into account the fact that the bird types are randomized on each level, you get something thats designed to push you into spending your own money on extra chances to finish a level. I hate games that are designed this way, especially when it starts out so unassuming and fun. There’s no ads interrupting your gameplay, which makes me want to play it more, but after about 150 levels it just gets way too frustrating to sink my time into.
Do yourself a favor. Play for a little bit, then uninstall it and go read a book. It’s a good short term experience, but a bad hobby.


Disappointed Gamer

The game started out being enjoyable and, at times, almost too easy. But as I progressed and got more into the game, I noticed things happening in an unusual way, such as the pieces not behaving in the same way each level. As I got further along, the birds started behaving erratically, for example, when I was down to two balloons to save, the Red bird would bounce around the one I aimed it at and destroy boards etc. around the area of the first balloon after the balloon was freed instead of going for the other balloon when earlier it would go for the second piece after the first piece was freed. Or the Bomb bird was used to destroy a small building housing a gaged balloon and the pieces would fly around instead of being destroyed and the caged balloon would land in a place that would require another bird just to destroy one tiny board. Once I spent real money to buy coins the games got harder and the coins I bought went fast. Instead of needing extra birds every third or fourth game, I was needing to buy extra birds almost every game. I’m at level 220 and have decided I no longer need the stress of watching pieces and birds behave differently than when I started the game. I’m deleting it off both my iPhone and iPad.


Angry Birds - Micro Transaction Edition

The game itself is enjoyable. The birds are fun and the levels (at the beginning are good). After around level 100 it begins to become more and more obvious that the micro transactions are indeed very necessary to continue at any manageable pace. There are certain levels (you will have no problem spotting them) where it is necessary to have power ups to complete it. They will either use chains and bubble fields to sap your birds or simply not give you enough to make it through in the first place. When you run into these levels you can either buy your way past them or pray for one of those miracle birds to do major damage. I do like the game, but just as most games today it’s all about nickle and dimeing you to death. I would rather buy a game than deal with this micro transaction non-sense. But I’m afraid that will never change. Developers make way more money selling pay to win stuff than selling copies of the game. So, I’ll put this one on the shelf with the rest of the micro transaction abominations and look for something new.


Devs, this is urgent!

So I’ve encountered a bit of an issue. As of now level 235 is virtually impossible, not what I expected a “Hard” level to be honestly. At the final room, if the balloon birds float to the right side of the stage, they cannot be counted as collected because there isn’t enough space to register this. Sure, I could try my hardest to make them go left, (Which I have) but that’s not my problem. So it’d be greatly appreciated if you guys could fix this. There also a slight visual issue where when switching rooms, the Bird that’s after the one in play will switch when entering your slingshot, throwing off strategy. I’d also appreciate either a better indication of the Cloud Mask’s location or the clouds just to be a visual disturbance rather than a condition, and to give the fireflies some more brain power so they can move left, right, up or down more so I don’t have to keep wasting moves because they won’t go upwards with nothing in their way. Thanks for reading!


Not worth money vs rewards

I am a big Angry Bird fan, but this game is literally IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN without spending real money. The packages for coins aren’t worth the amount of coins received. There are virtually no rewards within the game to help you pass levels. If you are a paycheck to paycheck person like me do not download this game! Because it is extremely frustrating and only fun if you have plenty of money to spend. Almost every single level is impossible to pass after level like 200. I’m surprised bc my other angry birds games have a bunch of in app rewards and hard level offers for .99 or $2.99. Why does cost 950 coins to get 3 more birds to pass a level? Wouldn’t 500 be reasonable with how many coins are in purchases less than $20? And if you NEVER win or earn rewards just for playing the game what’s the point? I play AB 2 and Blast every single day, these two games are fun bc of the rewards vs. unfair gaming expectations. I allow myself to spend real money every now and then in games for fun but refuse to pay anymore to AngryBirds Journey!


Bring back the ORIGINAL games! please?

Why are you doing this? All of the older games I played were so fun and then you just threw them all in the trash just for almost everyone to never see it again! Why rovio? It does not make sense to just make a great franchise just to get rid of almost every single game! I got this game just to write a review and I have one question for you. Can you please, just please bring back every game you got rid of? I’m really sad 😭. And why does bad piggies get to stay 🤔😂. Don’t like the game that much either why can’t you tap to use their abilities and why are the pigs square? I don’t like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But really, please bring the games back. At least the original one and angry birds epic... I know you guys said that you were focusing on the newer games but still at least bring back the original and epic. Also, do you see these reviews? Also I have been trying to get this game back for weeks or months. And I can not get it on the google play store because I can not get it in my region.


A fun game to play during breaks in your day.

Fun and challenging without being overly hard.
Not one of those games that ramp up the difficulty to force you to buy coins to continue levels. And NO ADS. omg thank you. Its so refreshing to play a game with no ads after every level. I look forward to seeing what challenges you have in store for the updates. Being able to replay levels would be a great addition. And maybe bonus levels where you have 1 bird and the layout has 1 or more ways for that one bird to take the whole layout down. I love playing the game the way it is now though. Great work. Thank you to all who put in the time, work and passion to make a great game.


I like it !!!

I don’t know why so much hate for this ....I think it’s cute and simple but pretty engaging and I been playing angry birds for years !!! Yes it’s not hardcore like the original.. that’s why it’s called casual for players who love angry birds but not the frustration or technicality of the others’s for kids or adults looking for a relaxed version of a great franchise....don’t get me wrong I don’t want this to be the new direction for the game but a alternative is just fine just add more characters and variety to the levels and I’m good...and as some suggestions please add more variety to the bad piggies appearance and a mean expression on the birds faces when you power them up for more detail .the only thing I don’t like is the map setup , I would of liked a world to see as I travel to farther levels like angry birds 2 ...thanks


Love Angry Birds!

I love Angry Birds! Please take this positively. I was advertised an awesome level to play roller coaster style for this game - but never materialized after playing most if not all the game (Hint this game). It’s the second advertisement I’ve seen of an awesome level but played most if not all of the game never came to be (hint Angry Birds 2 for the other advertisement - still playing it when I can). The game is fun! But why set expectations of awesome super levels? In this game, why are all the birds like Bomb? It made the game easy - at least they all had some form of Bomb power. Where is Red or other birds after playing 50 levels or more? If advertising can’t deliver I hope Angry Birds 3 can! Lots of success in these games. Don’t burn us out by misleading advertising. Can’t trust advertising right now! Great work on all the games! Keep it real! I’ll update this review down the road if I see the levels I was advertised.


Could be a fun game

This game is great and a lot of fun until you get up into the higher levels. The game then becomes almost impossible to get through levels without having to use coins to continue or any or your own money to beat the levels. And I refuse to spend money. It’s not necessary and if it is the game is crap. It’s a very manipulative game. I have other games that allow you to watch videos to earn those coins or weapons to beat levels. They also have other ways to earn coins and perks. For example when you earn so many stars you’re rewarded with perks and coins. No reason to ever spend money. And here, lately, when I am offered a video to watch to get a set of lives I’m never rewarded the lives. This has happened about 6 or 7 times. This one is about how much money it can get you to spend. I’m done with it and deleting it. Their Dream Blast game is the same. I was hoping this one was different.


Bad game don’t download

As a veteran angry birds player, these new games and attempts to keep their company afloat are horrible. So many ads and micro transactions. The birds got a major nerf and the levels are plain and boring. The “bomb” bird used to be one of the best birds in the game if placed correctly, it is not a measly hollow shell of what it used to be and has become a very sub par bird to use. You used to be able to control when the bird used their abilities (blowing up bomb or using chucks dash) but now they only activate on impact taking the enjoyment out of the game and reducing the control the player has. Plus, the game now has a heart system where for every level failed you lose a heart and have to wait to regenerate them. Long gone are the days where I would spend hours on a level trying to beat it but instead, I must to regenerate these hearts to continue playing. It hurts me to say but what a joke this beloved franchise has become.



Angry birds used to be one of the best game apps out there . It’s still fun …but unless your about as smart as a doorknob ,the inconsistencies and weird physics become very obvious in upper levels , all designed to get you to spend $$$ . I would much rather spend $10 or even $20 for it and have it fair ,instead it plays games with YOU by letting you build up coins and powerups,then hit you with levels so inconsistent and difficult,that you wind up blowing all the resources you have to preserve your status ,and end up losing it anyway to their weird physics …it’s fun in the beginning and there’s plenty of gameplay to make paying 10 or 20 reasonable ,but I’m tired of dishonest developers and I had thought these guys would’ve maintained the integrity of the original game,but no….haven’t deleted it yet because of my progress, but I consider it every time I play


Fun game for kids and adults too!!

I initially started looking for fun games for my five-year-old grandson. So many of the games look fun but there’s so much violence and bloodshed that I couldn’t find any kind of shooting games that didn’t involve “death“. When I found Angry Birds it was the perfect solution! It gives my five-year-old grandson the satisfaction of shooting at something and doing it in a fun way. I no longer have to worry about what he’s seeing on the screen. I’m 74 years old and I know I probably should have seen this game before but I never really paid attention until now. Thank you so much for providing this much fun for the little ones and for the older ones as well❤️😘


Awesome game

I mainly play this game while at work because I work 12hr shift & at times it do get really boring. But this game is absolutely good to play while at work. I’m fully focused on passing tough levels I also get completely zoned out at times.

Here’s a suggestion for the developers.
It would be a good idea to take the remaining birds after each stage & get a boost for more suns to collect the sun chest or if the players have 2 birds left, those 2 birds should be added to the next stage so instead of starting off with 10 birds we’ll have 12 birds. The more birds the players are left with after completing a stage the more extra birds we get on the next stage


Ruined it all for me ;-;

This game isn’t that bad with the design, but why the heck did you have to make it so bad! You could’ve stuck with the original angry birds!!! And what happened to angry birds epic AND angry birds fight!! I loved epic because it had my favorite birds and pigs in a rpg environment! And I loved angry birds fight because it was actually a fun puzzle/battle game!
And this might sound dumb, but where’s angry birds Stella! You could’ve made more levels and kept it running, along with the other forgotten games, but nooo, you had to make a watered down, bootleggy, kick in the face to all of the fans, not good, insult to the franchise, phone game! I’m not even mad, I’m surprised of how much good content y’all threw into the bin! And trust me, it’s almost enough to fill the bin!
So congratulations rovio, you thought y’all played a smart move, but instead you just made a bad decision to the angry birds franchise by removing the one game that started the whole thing!! WOW!


Hello rovio

First I just want to say I love all of what you guys do and I truly support for what you do but it would mean a lot to me if you bring back some of the classic angry bird game like angry bird Star Wars or angry bird fight when I first play both of those game it should me how much work and dedication everyone does to developing those game and I love all of them so if you ever see this message please please bring back the classic game that is all I ask and if you bring them back it would mean so so much to me do again keep doing your amazing work and I hope you can bring them back to me and all of the fans of the original angry bird games


I Like It, But There’s Room for Improvement

Something that I really like about this game is that you don’t have to tap the screen to prompt the birds’ powers. But there are several things I would like for there to be done:
1. Make it easier to purchase power-ups.
2. Make the balloons more sensitive to pop. They shouldn’t be limited to popping once they reach the top.
3. Make the fireflies smarter. The fireflies only travel towards each other in a straight path. If there’s an alternate route that provides them a means to reach each other, they should take it.
4. The pigs should be more sensitive. One time, I propelled a pig to the top of the screen and when he landed on the ground, he didn’t get knocked out.


No solution glitch—deleted

I got the Journey game after reaching 500+ level on the previous game that was reset. This one is more fun, which was a surprise. However, today I was on a streak which ended without a solution. There’s a kissing bird at the bottom of the launch. All pigs killed, no other kissing bird present. The one by the launch was facing the launch and despite waiting a long time never made progress vertically. There were 2 blocks on the ground and yellow triangle hanging. I used 950 coins to break the blocks. Then I used more coins 2x to get the triangle but was only given birds that can’t break a triangle. Then I had too few coins.
I’m a skillful player and have all AB games. There was no solution. That cost me, and I’m a) frustrated and b) done with this game.


It started as fun….

Level 77 took several days to get through, level 78, I’m not getting through unless I spend money, it was fun for a while, now I’m going back to the older games, this is where my journey ends. I take this back, I’m at level 120 now and only spent 99 cents. Some levels just take time, they have also added a new feature that makes the game more playable. You can also watch a video one time and get an extra bird once a day. A couple of tips for beginners, learn how the birds work and you can bounce birds off the side of the screen.


Casual Angry Birds

Love the game but I think you should be able to save the extra birds you don’t use when you clear a level. If not all the birds can be saved, at least some should be-a max amount. Love the bouncy pink blocks and they can help sometimes. The little red and yellow balls can be dumb and annoying at times when they can’t get out from under blocks or get covered up again. Also, when they won’t meet up with their partner. I think I like it better than regular angry birds!


... the end of angry birds....?

Is this the sign that Rovio has switched over to a casual audience?

Well what they have done proves this there older apps that they haven’t removed yet had every bad mobile game idea on the market an example would be angry birds GO! a fun kart racer that in 2018 received a 2.0 update that removed all past progress difficulty spikes were added and micro-transactions increased with most of the karts requiring tremendous grinding but to avoid anger from fans growing they just fully removed it from the store. you can’t even get it from the “purchased” section on an apple device. Same thing happened to some other games wile it seems like the new games are working and are helping the company I just feel as if there playing it more safe than they used too....


Why’d You Break A Perfect Game?

Angry birds is a perfect game. And the sequels, and spin-offs. But when the makers of the game mess with the basics of gameplay it’s ruined. The latest version here they sort of tried to get back to basics, but it’s way too easy. Then you get stuck over and over again with the stupid fireflies. When they’re free they’re supposed to find each other and go away but multiple times I’m stuck at the end of a board with nothing left to break and the fireflies just wont join up. You guy just need to go back to the drawing board. Kill the first person game play and the cheesy match three and bubble pop knock offs. Get a new sponsorship or something but go back to basics: your games aren’t fun to play any more.

Update: deleted the game.


It’s gotten better, but not by a long slingshot.

Last time I saw AngryBirdsJourney, it was called Angry Birds Casual, and it was apparently in soft launch, so I expected it to get better. But it’s the same thing, which is obvious, but many things stick out like a sore thumb. First off, you can’t replay levels (which doesn’t matter because the stages are way too generic), there’s a leveling system that was copy and pasted from Dream Blast, and the game can’t be played offline. The only “improvement” I can say is that the art style blends in more, but the mix between the classic and movie designs looks like something someone would make in Devientart in 2012. Overall, if you are an Angry Birds fan, don’t play this. Just play the older, and better games.

Is Angry Birds Journey Safe?

Yes. Angry Birds Journey is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 153,483 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Angry Birds Journey Is 55.8/100.

Is Angry Birds Journey Legit?

Yes. Angry Birds Journey is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 153,483 Angry Birds Journey User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Angry Birds Journey Is 67.5/100..

Is Angry Birds Journey not working?

Angry Birds Journey works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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