Work Hours & Pay Calculator Reviews

Work Hours & Pay Calculator Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

• Add days off and breaks • Add night shifts and 24 hour shifts • A tipped
worker mode: add estimated tips for every weekday • Add overtime, night shift,
and weekend pay • Unlimited number of timesheets! • Don't let your employer
underpay you! Perfect for freelancers, contractors and se...

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Reviews (35)


Has potential, lacks essential features

This is a great little app but there are essential features that are needed for WorkHoursPayCalculator to be complete. Most needed is a way to export the weekly data. In order for me to turn in my hours, as it is now, I have to copy the data into a sheet of paper which kinda defeats the purpose of recording it in to WorkHoursPayCalculator. Also I cannot screenshot my weekly time due to the fact that the information table is too long to capture it all in one screenshot which makes sending a screenshot to my boss a bit problematic. Additionally, It would be nice if it automatically started a new time sheet once the current week has ended, populating each sequential sheet with the same parameters (i.e. pay rate,week ending day, etc.) Overall WorkHoursPayCalculator has potential to be very useful and user friendly if it weren’t lacking certain features.


This app really helps (Update)

I recently started a new job that doesn’t give us an app to check and update our schedule. Lemme tell you, WorkHoursPayCalculator is a lifesaver. You can input your hours based on the week and you can create a new time stamp and insert a different set of hours for another week. Super helpful and they even estimate how much you’ll be paid. Of course they don’t take out tax but it’s super helpful. Definitely recommend. My life would be ruined if something happened to WorkHoursPayCalculator. Please keep it going! Suggestion: Can you guys maybe make it possible to have different groups? Like you can have a group for all 2020 timesheets and a group for 2021 timesheets?


Love this app, super helpful

WorkHoursPayCalculator is very convenient when it comes to calculating hours time and breaks. With my new jp I have to manually do my own timesheet and it works by 15 min intervals every 15 min is 0.25 for my time sheet. The only thing that I can think that would make WorkHoursPayCalculator better is an ability to add separate time sheets together cause my hours are in no way consistent. But I don’t mind seeing the numbers and moving to the calculator app when I see the result so not an issue or gripe.


A few suggestions.

First let me say, I really do like WorkHoursPayCalculator so far. However, I have some feature suggestions: Monthly schedule instead if only weekly shifts and/or the the ability to copy a schedule from week to week or month to month. As a shift worker, It would be nice to be able to create a schedule template so that I do not have to manually change each and everyday from week to week. These added features, i think, would help make WorkHoursPayCalculator a little more user friendly and less time intensive which can deter me from keeping up with its use. But, I really do like that it calculates my pay. I would like to be able to save my wage so that I didn’t have to start from scratch each week.



I would like an option to put multiple shifts on one day for example I’m filling in for someone on a couple of shifts so I can put in I worked 11am-3pm and then again 9pm-4am. My not be something everyone wants but I do. Or example my pay rate changes on Sunday at midnight and I don’t know if WorkHoursPayCalculator would figure out that my pay changes at midnight on Sunday (Saturday going into Sunday) so I would like to be able to clock in at my normal time whatever that would be the clock out and midnight and back in at midnight so I get the pay change like I have to do at work! Lol


Solid Hour tracker

So first off I’ll start by saying this is a very solid and easy to use app. Price is also very appealing compared to a lot of others out there. That being said I believe a few upgrades/improvements can be made to have a 5 star app. Starting with the ability to export time sheets in the form of downloading and or emailing. Another great feature I feel that WorkHoursPayCalculator needs is the ability to add notes to each day entry such as what job your currently on or the location of said job. With these simple features I believe this would be a 5 star app.


Most likely will delete

I am going to delete WorkHoursPayCalculator. There are no dates on the days and no way to set pay periods. My work week starts on Friday. I was able to specify that. But I need to set pay periods as well and there is no way to do this. If these two features were available it would be what I am looking for. There also is over time auto figured in??? I have 2 entries and it is showing 3+ hrs of OT. I may get OT but not this much. I am working from home and clock in and out via computer. The company time cards are really confusing. I need something so I can make sure my time is correct. I can’t believe a time keeper app would not have dates on the days or a way to specify a pay period? That makes no sense.


One flaw

Need to be able to set and save a default “lunch break” time frame. Could use the ability to have a calender option in the title edit, select days/week worked, so work week date is the title. I know you can just type it in, but it would be nice to have that option. If those two things were possible, this would be perfect. I did purchase, so please look into that. Glitch, can’t set PM for 12:00-12:30 break. Can put it in and calculates correctly, but shows AM in the hours listing.


Great features and ease of use…

Great features and ease of use push this worker’s payroll app to the front of the line. Just plug in the times that you clock in and out of work and it will automatically calculate the hours and dollars that you’ve l earned for the day. Each shift allows you to factor in break times and estimated tips earned. WorkHoursPayCalculator does all of the calculations and shows you both the day and week’s earnings with projected average month’s hours and pay total.


Solid app couple of easy fixes to make 5 star

Great app. Does what it says on the tin. I use this to track payments to our housekeeper based on hours worked. Couple of small additions would be really awesome: - add expenses option (similar to tips) for folks that incur expense and need it added to payment - I noticed WorkHoursPayCalculator is rounding payment down/up. Please calculate the exact total! Should be a simple process of showing/adding decimal value. I don’t want to be shortchanging my housekeeper a $1 or so every week! Thanks very much to the developers!


I love this app

I’ve been using WorkHoursPayCalculator for a long time to track my hours for work. I work in a chemical plant in Texas. Sometimes our accountant messes up and WorkHoursPayCalculator comes in handy when some hours are missing. Could a notes feature be added? For example on Monday I’ll work in one unit and the next day I’ll be working somewhere else. It’ll be nice if I could make a little note for the day so I remember where I worked if the accountant asks. Thanks.



I’ve used WorkHoursPayCalculator since it’s came out. I use this now for my normal work hours. But my last job, I used it for my tips and hours. It’s a perfect FREE app to have, to keep up with your hours (and tips)! It tells you your weeks total hours (day by day). It shows you your “average” what you should be making weekly. And then your “yearly” at the end of each week. I couldn’t live without it as of today! :)


Needs just a couple of tweaks

Very easy app to use and so far, very accurate. I wish that the timesheet had the days of the week listed by the dates. When adding a second break to a days time, the first hour will not allow me to change to pm. So if the second break should read “1:30 pm - 2:30 pm” it will actually read “1:30 am -2:30 pm.” It doesn’t, however, affect the number of hours worked calculation. The numbers of hours worked is accurate.


Best free app

I’ve tried quite a few different apps but this one is the best free option. Sometimes I wish it had a calendar mode to pick dates, but instead I just title each week with the date and who I am working for. I also wish I could set my rate and times instead of having to reset it each week. I wish they also had an Andriod app as I wanted to share it with my sister


Simple but great

Love WorkHoursPayCalculator just a few things I would love to see added!! A feature to save your pay rate for all future checks, or the days you work if it is always the same, I always work Monday to Friday and although that is standard, it would be amazing if you could Set it to have the days blank or something like that, idk just more saveable settings would be amazing thanks for making my life easier in every other way though!!


Very very helpful !

WorkHoursPayCalculator is extremely helpful keeping up with the hours my employees worked. It would be even better if it had a button to clear hours worked when we start a new work week. It would be awesome if it also kept up a weekly or monthly log of a payroll, other than that WorkHoursPayCalculator works flawlessly & exactly as is states.


Needs more options

There needs to be more/different options for the pay and when you work. For example, I only work every other weekend at one job, but there is no option for that so I am still doing mental math to find out what I make in a month. I also make an extra $1 or so doing weekends and another $1 or so for doing PM shifts, but there is no option for that either. The only options are “regular” “time and half” and “double”. Other than this, it is a good app.


Great app!

I love it!! It keeps me very organized and I can track exactly how many hours I’m doing. The ads aren’t all up in your face and very thankful for that. It’s simple and easy to use and love how it it has calculations on how much you will get paid at the end of the month, but I would personally like if there was an option on how you get paid since I get paid bi-weekly it will be easier to track it.


Useful 💃🏾

I have been able to track my hours and ask for more hours depending on how much l will earn. I have a better vision of my goals. The only thing l would like to change is the break times. Set them at 30 instead of one hour. Most ppl on hourly don’t get that long of a break.


Actually really like this

I’m definitely buying the ad removal. I re examined WorkHoursPayCalculator and really like it. Hopefully now that I said out loud that I like something it doesn’t go away which has seemed to be a trend lately. The only thing I wish WorkHoursPayCalculator could do is export data to a pdf or .xls format as transferring the data manually may be a bit of a chore. Not a big chore but still. Maybe include a time format setting to accept military time would be extra convenient.



This is the perfect hour tracking app! So simple yet I am able to set a day of the week to start the pay period. Everything I need and want in an hour keeper app with none of the complicated unnecessary extras. Yet I still have tips, easy way to show I had the day off, dark mode, and you can name the weeks anything you want.


Life saver, easy and convenient

I’m a school bus driver and with a split shift life style WorkHoursPayCalculator helped me tremendously to keep track of my hours. Now I can see exactly how many hours I have racked up and how much I am making. No more writing it down and forgetting and re writing. Quick easy access.


Awesome app

I love WorkHoursPayCalculator . It’s so easy to use as opposed to other apps I have tried that don’t compute my hours and pay correctly, definitely would recommend.


Very nice

It’s definitely good for very basic time tracking. The only things extra I would need is over time and paid time off tracking but I can kinda add those myself. All in all a very solid app!


Mr dumpy truck

I love WorkHoursPayCalculator easy simple and addictive as far as getting them numbers together. Try others but need to look no more.


Great App

It’s a great app, but I wish there were a few more options. I wish I could add a widget of it on IOS I wish I had the option to put my schedules biweekly rather than two timesheets And I wish we had the option to set our state and have the taxes estimated out for us.


So far so good

The only issue I have is that it doesn’t give you the option to do time and a half for holidays worked or give the pay after estimated taxes.


Needs more features

As an hourly worker I work weird hours (i.e. 4:15 to 9:45) and my lunch is usually 45 minutes. But I'm unable to put these times into WorkHoursPayCalculator because the time tracking interval only increases by 10 minutes. Please fix this.



I love WorkHoursPayCalculator! It’s super beneficial, but for the job I have, tips are a big part of the paycheck and they aren’t always cash, so I was hoping there was a way to add that feature ASAP! I know it would really help me out.


Pay rate

At one of my jobs, I get paid differently for working certain positions, you should make it so you can edit your pay rate for every day. That’d be very helpful!


I recommend this app Amazing!

I wish I can give 1000 starts I was tired of looking for a good App and finally I found it


Awesome app!!!

I really like WorkHoursPayCalculator only thing I dnt like is there’s no way to record overtime hours other then that I really love it!!!


Works for Estimating

WorkHoursPayCalculator does great for estimating time and money. However you cannot get specific about the clock in/out time. Only round up or down to the nearest 5min mark. Which is kind of a let down. It would be nice if you could put in the exact minute.


Not bad but...

Only missing the ability to account for overtime pay. If that was added this would be almost perfect.


One of the best

WorkHoursPayCalculator is one of the best. You could keep records of the employees time cards. Highly recommended

Is Work Hours Pay Calculator Safe?

Yes. Work Hours & Pay Calculator is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,199 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Work Hours & Pay Calculator Is 50.4/100.

Is Work Hours Pay Calculator Legit?

Yes. Work Hours & Pay Calculator is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,199 Work Hours & Pay Calculator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Work Hours & Pay Calculator Is 50.4/100.

Is Work Hours & Pay Calculator not working?

Work Hours & Pay Calculator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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