League of Legends: Wild Rift Reviews

League of Legends: Wild Rift Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-23

It’s League of Legends by Riot Games, now built from the ground up for mobile
PvP battles. Dive into Wild Rift’s fast-paced multiplayer strategy games with
smooth controls and endless online battle arena action. Team up with friends
in epic PvP gameplay, lock in your champion, and go f...

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Unexpectedly good

So much better than Arena of Valor. Wasn’t expecting decent gameplay on mobile platforms but on the iPad Pro, this game is phenomenally good. Buttery smooth frame rate at 120fps, not a hitch in graphics at all on a 3rd gen iPad Pro, if you have something newer then you’ll be good for a while as well. Like that I can log in with existing account for Riot. You can buy buttons to stick on the screen if you don’t like the thumb movement control. I tend to slide around further than the designated circle for movement. Everything else is fine though. The game is easier to play on a touch screen than I would have imagined. I would like to see controller support added though. Arena of Valor was put on Nintendo switch and it works fantastic there. Better yet, put Wild Rift on Nintendo switch as well please, and don’t separate it from the mobile player base like AoV did (that’s why it’s dying on switch). Since apple has allowed controllers via Bluetooth, it should be considered for moba titles on iOS/iPad OS. The only other gripe I have is that nothing transfers over in terms of purchased characters from the PC version. You do seem to get a new hero every time you level up though which is nice. The premium pass is cheap at only ten bucks for extra funsies. Bring controller support and allow things to transfer over like purchased hero’s and skins and this game will be by far the best moba on mobile platforms.


It’s ok but much prefer the original version of League

It’s fun for an occasional game on the go, but it’s nothing compared to the original PC version. The controls are a bit clunky although I don’t really play mobile games. The auto targeting is a little buggy as some long range abilities such as Lux’s ult will sometimes lock on to a jungle camp instead of the enemy champion, and for melee champs it is difficult to target an enemy champion if they are standing too close to minions with only your finger and not the precision of an actual mouse. There’s no draft picking at this time so champ select can be rough, especially when you get queued with newer players who may not understand roles. I’ve ended up in a few matches with only supports on my team, which wasn’t a fun time. Some additions to the game such as mirror lanes are completely unnecessary and make things more complicated than they need to be, especially for newer players. I opened a ticket with Riot to see if there was an option somewhere to disable the mirror lanes, and the person who wrote me back said that there wasn’t but agreed that it caused things to be messy! Hopefully if their own team thinks this they will add an option to disable it soon. Also with as much time and effort as I’ve put into the pc version as far as unlocking champions and skins, I wish at least some of that could carry over, rather than treating this as an entirely different game.


Wonderfully made for mobile!

First let me just say, for those players who are saying just play pc league need to stop because there is a good market for mobile play and honestly some people don’t have the time investment to play an hour long game and some people don’t have PC set ups to run smooth games. Do not be discouraged by the reviews and try it out! It’s got amazing graphics, very smooth gameplay that has a greater emphasis on teamwork, a nice clean interface that isn’t too overwhelming and other little baubles you can play around with to customize your gameplay and controls to fit your needs. There is definitely room to improve but it is still in beta so it’s not even the full game yet. As someone who plays mobile games and specifically mobile MOBA’s, I can honestly say that Wild Rift is something that blows most other mobas out of the water. Obviously with league to base off of it’s bound to be good but what sets it apart from games like Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor is the fact that it feels strongly team based rather than a heavy reliance on over powered champions to make a random team comp in order to overwhelm a more balanced team. There are certainly overpowered champions that can carry in WR too but at the very least you can come back with some patience.


Developers Need To Listen

The game overall is fine. However when the LoL community has been asking for major improvements for months they never deliver. The worst thing that can happen is a “chat ban”. However these same kids are still ruining games and refuse to surrender causing suffering for 4 other players. Riot you need to step up your game and start giving out harsher punishments. Instead of an”temporary chat restriction” how about a Ranked restriction? Where the player cannot que ranked for 2-8 weeks. This game used to be fun and competitive however it’s over run with the same toxic PC community. It’s a little insane. I tell myself ok I’ll try again tomorrow and the next day the first 5 games include all toxic children or leavers. Makes the game not even playable. I hope this reaches out to a game dev or someone. You guys need to fix match making to have limits too. Being Diamond should not allow gold/plats just because the “system thinks their doing well”. It should absolutely not allow people two entire tiers below you. Literally ruins the game. It should be iron/silver gold/plat Em/Diamond, not allow a gold 4 in an emerald 1 game. Anyway. You guys need to stop dropping the ban hammer and get control of this toxic player base in NA. Speaking of which, I live in the United States. I am never paired on teams with people who speak English. Latins need their own server. I haven’t seen another player who speaks English in months. It’s really annoying.


Very Bad, don't play

The Game is FULL of Win Traders. Here's the daily pattern (and I've been playing since release) you play first 2 matches in ranked and win. Then you get morons, afk players and worst of all win Traders. It DOES not vary from that pattern. Do yourself a favor, uninstall the game and don't waste your time on this game. At the end of the day when you hang your hat, that's all this game is, a WASTE of time. It took me several seasons to arrive at this conclusion because I'm stubborn and full of hope with all I do. There is no hope in this game, unless of course you absolutely love wasting your time. Please guys, all players reading, trust me, uninstall. Let my 3 seasons of headache and finger blistering efforts be your enlightening blessing, stop playing the game. There is no reproach to it. I figured by now the Devs would have got their head out of their 'ankle' but no, all they care for is marketing and money. If players are running in place and spinning their wheels they make more $. The systems algorithm suggests this and supports it. I'm not wasting another day. Bye Wild Rift. Have fun destroying your game. ✌🏼oh and if you write anything here they just say "that's something we might be able to help you with" rather than giving any direct solution. Joke developers, joke game, joke customer relations.


Loved the game on PC but there’s too many bugs on mobile...

The game on mobile is pretty fun. I like the idea and concept and have a good understanding of how LoL works. I dislike the matchmaking and how it is not skill based (especially your teammates) and hate that I’m having to carry every game in order to get to higher ranks. That’s not a big issue though because that’s to be expected in almost every game. My main issue lies with the fact that on random days for random amounts of time, I won’t be able to play games on my main account. I’ll log in thinking I’ll be able to play a game while I’m on the go and then find that I don’t see my friends that are online, my profile picture, my rank, and the wild pass. All of these things are just missing and at first I thought it was a wifi issue but when I made a second account that issue wasn’t happening on that account. This bug is super annoying to deal with especially because I did grind events to get skins on it and would like to use them. This bug also makes it so that every 10-15 seconds you get a loading “L” (the League of Legends symbol). This bug fix would make the game much more enjoyable and fun. Overall it’s a good game the concept and idea is super cool. Would also love to see more game modes that we see on PC like URF, ARAM, etc. Sadly, until this bug is fixed I will not be playing this game and will have it uninstalled. So, FIX THAT ASAP PLEASE.


It’s ok, but missing key components

I’ve been playing league since 2011 and have a pretty good understanding of the simple to intermediate aspects of the game. One aspect of wild rift that is almost non-existent is the support role. There is no “support item” tabs, but there are some support items but you have to dig to find them. Though there is an easy way to target enemies, there is not a option or function to interact with allies quickly. This makes targeting teammates almost impossible during a team fight and renders the support useless. One key feature of this game that is incredibly frustrating is the character control speed vs. skill shot speed. I would HIGHLY recommend a tweaking of this system. In pc version of league, reacting and dodging skill shots is almost instantaneous because of clicking. However, the transition to mobile kept skill shots at the same travel speed, but users now have to drag their thumb across a screen to dodge skill shots which delays the reaction time. I have never had this much of an issue dodging skill shots on the pc and the above reason is my opinion as to why it is soooo much harder to pull off. I will be deleting LeagueofLegends until these (mainly the support issues) are addressed. I also have an issue with not having access to skins I paid for in the pc version of the game. If money was exchanged then I believe I should have access to that item in all versions of this game.



Probably the best MOBA I’ve ever played. I’ve tried other MOBA on iOS and they can’t compare to this game. This game combat is so much nicer and polished than others. You don’t have to worry about auto targeting at minions when being ganked or in 1v1. Other MOBAs had those issues even after I messed around with the settings. Everything seems really balanced and I haven’t experienced games where someone would 2 shot me mid-game. Champions and skins are actually obtainable by just playing the game unlike most other MOBAs I’ve played MOBAs where you would have to grind forever or wait till events pops up just to have half of the price of the champion you want. HUD is really good and doesn’t cover your whole screen and the lighting is nice and smooth. Although Wild Rift’s champions have been fleshed out more than their competitors, the champions designs and abilities are really nice and doesn’t seem too uninspired like other MOBAs I’ve played. This game is a little more competitive than other MOBAs I’ve played but who doesn’t like a little challenge. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone who’s into MOBAs because of the more polished gameplay and the minimal grinding for skins and champions compared to other MOBAs.


10 Stars If I Could!!!

This game, first of all, lemme start out by saying this. I’ve NEVER in my 6 years of owning an iPhone, EVER submitted a review on ANY game. But this MOBA? League Of Legends: Wild Rift? This game truly is something else. I find myself playing this game for what feels like only minutes at a time, only to realize that 4 hours of passed, and I remember I need to take a break every now and again to give my eyes time to relax themselves. This is the ONLY mobile game I have ever spent THIS much time on, and never ONCE got bored, tired, mad or agitated at. I never played the League Of Legends game on PC. But why would I?! I have the best version of it right here in my pocket!! Riot Games, y’all keep doing what you’re doing! This is a MOBA unlike ANY OTHER. It’s fun, action-packed, visually pleasing, the champions are impeccably made from designs to in-game abilities/movement/lines. ~ To anybody who wants to play this game but MIGHT be skeptical about it? I feel you. I was the EXACT same way when I heard of this game! I heard so many mixed reviews and opinions about the PC version, only to be simply FLABBERGASTED by the mobile version! Download this game. Please. I beg of you. If you’re a due-hard MOBA fan like myself? You won’t regret this decision. :)


An Adventure to the Rift and Back.

This is my first dive into the world of Runeterra. To begin to explaining my phone heating up seems cheap but ultimately not on the hands of the writer who penned a story, or the animator who crisped a design for the smallest screens. But never the less no one is without flaws. Despite this I play this game at least once a day. The variety of four moves and 83 characters is already complex. Six classes. Five lanes. Unreleased heroes. Dragons. Hextech. Stories, Relationships, Alliances, Enemies, Love, Revenge, Genius Intellects, Spirited Wit, Selfless Duty! These and many aspects of this game, the lore and the characters are unforgettable. This is an adventure I plan to share for my whole life. Like eating or driving these characters and gameplay is a welcome escape in these trying times of delusion and purposeful disinformation. I will be changing my phone because it cannot be calm while I play a game that frankly, is too big for its humble confinements. I would like an option to give the opposite team thumbs up or praise. This game is in my eyes as perfect as any of us. Good intentioned and delivering in troves with subtle hiccups and lapses in judgement or balancing like the varied characters in all of us. I will return to aid the Rift and see what happens of this Enormous, Adventurous, Wild World.


Here’s the thing...

This really is the best MOBA game for mobile. I can’t stop playing it. With the roles I understand the importance of everyone being active in the match and the desire to punish those who go AFK or abandon the team. Yes that can be annoying. But banning someone from playing for an hour is a bit much. And if it happens too often in a week then it doubles, and the next thing you know it’s 6 hours, maybe longer before you can play again. Sometimes life doesn’t let you play uninterrupted. Maybe you’re in the middle of a game and you have to make a choice between life, family, friends, and a GAME. The sane person would choose the former, but then you can’t have the downtime you need later because you’ve been temporarily blocked from playing. Oh and if you had to leave but then didn’t immediately get back in to manually accept to the restriction, then when you finally are able to login it sometimes starts the counter at that moment instead of when you quit which makes it even longer. It gets ridiculous. I’ve never seen a game that punishes you so much for trying to balance life and the need for distraction that made you download the game in the first place. Mobile games need more leniency.


Super fun version of league

I’m currently in high elo and are loving the simplicity of things but there are a few issues . The balance of some champs far out ways others . Due to computer issues I can’t play normal league because it constantly freezes in loading screen. This is the only way I can play it but there are several things from pc I want added . For starters how about having a patch come out once a month for the game during the second patch of a normal month of league. There needs to be more champions like some of my favorites I can’t even play because they aren’t one here . For example volibear , ekko, Warwick , and I would love to be able to play some other characters like zac , vex or Gwen. I understand putting the new characters in are quite a undertaking for some of the recent added mechanics. Taking into account it is supposed to appeal to more people I understand it . Also having lore events as well would be super cool like the ruination event from last year but in a smaller scale . Nevertheless I still enjoy the game and hope to see more stuff added in the future.


Stick to PC

I am COMPLETELY new to anything to do with LOL. My boyfriend plays it on PC and I got into the game as a way for us to have fun and bond. All of this to say that I am extremely new to champions and specific details such as runes and items in shop. Within a month I got Gold 2 and Mastery 6. I chalked it up to being a fast learner but now that I play LOL pc I realized that wild rift is just extremely broken. PVP games REALLY need a draft option. It’s beyond annoying when you’ve already called dibs on a lane but another player is butthurt and still chooses a champion that was made just for your lane *cough* jinx. Even when the 2 of us play together, the rest of the team is trash, AFK, or feeding the other team. I am the most mediocre player on WR yet it seems like I carry most games .. and still lose. Forget about ranking up.. they will purposely level you up all the way down to the promo game.. and then give you absolute trolls that will make you start all over. Some champions are extremely broken, I can’t count on one hand how many times I get one tapped on champions that in LOL I actually have a fair fight with. Oh, and you gotta love the massive updates every once in a while. Eats up my storage and I don’t even have that many apps in my phone. 2 stars because this game made a LOL fan and the boyfriend is very happy. Otherwise, zero.


Solid Game, Just Temper Expectations

I’m no MOBA junkie, nor am I a LoL PC veteran drifting on over to Wild Rift for a breath of fresh air. I am however an avid mobile gamer and a lover of quality and playability. Wild Rift offers lovely visuals, an awesome array of champions, and a litany of nice resources to take advantage of for the purposes of “learning the ropes.” I’m determined to keep a relatively casual mindset when playing this game, while at the same time trying to become a skilled and proficient player that adds value to my team. With this casual (but focused) disposition towards the game, I don’t plan on viciously clawing my way up the ranks, nor do I plan on griefing people who don’t stay in their lane (literally). It’s just a game and I don’t want to take it too seriously; in my opinion games lose their enjoyment too quickly when they’re taken too seriously. All that to say, if you’re like me and like quality & playability then you’ll probably enjoy this game and more than likely won’t experience the toxicity that the leaderboard junkies will either (a) run into themselves, or (b) promulgate. Enjoy the game, have fun, don’t take it too seriously. Temper your expectations.


Omg So Fun

The only MOBA other than Smite that I adore playing. High-quality game, for sure. 👍🏻 You can tell a lot of time and energy has been given to this game. I heard of League of Legends for the computer and was always interested in trying it but hadn’t played it (no technical skill on a mouse and keyboard.) 😩 They made a mobile version and I’m glad they did because I really am awful with a mouse and keyboard. Game is updated regularly with cosmetics and measures are taken to keep things as appropriate as possible. Of course there will be unpleasant people in the chat but you can just turn the chat off like I did, if you’d like. Also thankfully the characters voice lines during game matches can be silenced. Cause some of them can be annoying. 😌 I’m no fan of violence so I’m kind of surprised I’m so into this game. Thankfully there is no gore, blood or anything that might make sensitive folks like me uncomfortable. I just really like this game. 😁 The graphics are pretty and there are a lot of different characters I’m drawn to. Lots of ways to personalize your favorite characters, profile, and in-game cosmetics. Ummm.. yeah give it a try I guess 😄


Just play pc league

This game is a fairly faithful adaptation of the original pc version, it’s stripped down for the mobile platform but overall plays pretty similar. My problem is not with the game itself but the player base (obviously not everyone). League is already an extremely toxic game, couple that with the mobile multiplayer base and you have a recipe for disaster. The toxicity seems lower at first because of the hassle of chat on a mobile device, however the problems occur more in game than in chat. I frequently get players in ranked mode who obviously have never played the game or at least haven’t for very long, locking into a role they don’t know how to play with a champion they’ve also never played before. Very little effort is put into the overall team in this team based game, although this seemed to get better in higher elos. If you’re not willing to grind out a ton of games to get out of bronze and silver, you’ll probably have a bad time with this game. I’d recommend to anyone who plays league regularly and just want something to play be it on a long car ride or to kill 15 minutes while waiting for something, other than that, unless you’re actually willing to learn the game, please stay out of my ranked lobbies


Very bad, better keep focus on PC version

Hello. I gave 1 star for very bad experence on this game. I'm playing from 0 season, and i can say this game is not very bad, whole looking is realy nice. I know this game is pretty fresh but guys... Listen. I left this game a lot of times and came back on every big update and its... NOTHING. You focusing and working on wrong things. Match making system is the biggest broken thing in this game and second one is AFK and TROLLS. Whats happening? Its realy that hard to put some main things from pc version to receive a better quality of gaming? Where is a dodge system from matchmaking? Where is an early surrender if some1 goes afk and points doesnt lost? Another one FAIL. You said working on mmr and fixed it. What did you fixed? I got 4 ranked matches in a row with unranked, bronze, silver teammates, while i m in emerald. Whats this? Who will give me back my lost points of your system fail? Its impossible to play solo que and a lot people will agree with this. At first Focus on the gameplay, not on your wildpasses or other things. I played few times MOBA LEGENDS and i can say guys uhhh, you need a loooot of work to reach that game level... I thought you will be more ready for mobile version, but for now its just more stressful game than fun. Because 8 loss streak and all of afks and mmr system fail its not fun. Good luck for the future


LoL is going to die

I’m a player who start at S3 and I didn’t play it much after I move to high school, and I comeback last year the S11 things are changed, It’s fine, but the waiting time is much long than S3 so I downloaded LeagueofLegends. But it has the same issue with the PC: WINNING RATE I don’t know who made this system, but it always forces me and everyone else’ win rate Near 50% You think it’s fair? It’s funny? Only you think so! More ironically thing is when I reported a “ feeding crazy “ player, the guy matched me again only after half hour! But when I report an AFK player, he got banned very quickly Why you do this ? A feeding player keeps ruining the game, but the AFK player can have other issue like out of power or go to restroom. Why you treat AFK much harder than feeding?Because for you, players are just A bunch of data that can increase you: Riot developers salary and KPI! You don’t want “player “ for this game you only want“ numbers of activity players per day” Any company have to respect their customers, but I don’t see any respect from Riot to their real customers: the players right now. Who you think will keep watching the “ Esports” game you made ? Pro player and their boss? Maybe you think so because they can give you much more money than us: players. Keep doing this Riot. I’ll watch you die in a year. I swear to God!


Amazing game that needs a little bit of work

I’ll start out saying that I started playing LoL years ago on pc and have a pretty decent understanding of the game and that a lot of people playing this are probably fairly new to the game. That being said the only problem I have with this game is that it doesn’t clarify a whole lot on lanes and what champions are what so when you start a game with what looks like a good team build you’ll have a support going mid when someone else already chose a mid champ or the duo lane players going to solo lane or jungle not jungling and making the solo lane a duo lane. It gets a little frustrating losing games because people simply haven’t been given enough info to know these basic things. Done with the negative on to the positive. This game is amazingly built. No it is not the same as pc but in some ways it’s even more enjoyable. It’s great that right from the start you’re able to build your champion pool so much early on rather than having to grind or pay money. The controls are great and it’s just as strategic as the LoL. Overall I highly recommend this game, just hope developers plan on making certain aspects easier to understand for new players like they have in LoL.


Ok, but not great.

The gameplay is fine and the controls are probably as good as they can be without having controller support (which needs to happen when the console version is released). Certain rules that are in place are a step backwards for gameplay and some restrictions seem to be very lazily coded. For instance, if you try to ambush the enemy in a bush, you will get punished for being AFK, even if you are moving around in the bush the whole time. This is ridiculous and makes no sense. Many players in the pc version have used the strategy of baiting in bushes for years with champs such as Blitz. This rule makes no sense whatsoever. If anything, the programming is lazy and should only penalize someone if they are not moving AT ALL for a period of time. I won’t share my thoughts on how LoL has been out for many years and Riot still hasn’t figured out how to do certain things, like match players properly, even at high ranks. One last thing is that Riot still uses players’ same account to log in, yet they don’t get access to any previously purchased skins. Um, yeah no, you won’t be seeing a dime from me if I have to purchase a skin TWICE on the same account. Talk about a money grab.


Best mobile moba

When it comes to moba genre, balance is the most important thing because, it is unfun when heros/champs start one shotting people at early levels It’s either strong hero early and weak late or the other way around making it perfect for different play style The art looks stunning and the skins are pretty cheap and there is no re skin unlike other games There is no pay to win mechanics and money doesn’t give you even the slightest advantage in this game making it perfect for f2p players When your team mate afk for some reason it replaces it with a really decent ai that can actually do something’s which is pretty useful You have a lot of champ variety and you can get more than half of the champs for free and you can farm blue motes for the others For a mobile game this has no ads what so ever which is amazing Overall it’s a pretty amazing game and can’t wait for it to come out on console Cons ( And nerf Darius for the love of god) Items are not enough for us to utilize, zhonya is so cheap and easy to get and it has really low cool down. Champions aren’t getting nerfed right on time cuz it takes for ever Matchmaking is garbage and sometimes I can’t even get a match for 1hr There is no dodge system for trolls


Decent game, but a money grab.

I’ve been playing League of Legends for years. This game is entirely a mobile version of the computer game w/ a lot of ease of use plugged into it. Overall, it’s a good representation of the game and a lot of fun to play. NOW, the reason I say “money grab” is nothing transfers... which is really sad to be honest. When riot came out with their other game it was linked to your original account which told me it wasn’t created just to get your money. This one however does not do this which means you have to start completely over and you have to buy everything all over again. That’s just wrong. Now I feel like Riot is just in it for the money and not for the players anymore. What a waste of a game that many would play on the go. With this tho I have a hard time wanting to play it because why would I want to spend money on something twice? (For example, you can buy alternate costumes for each character and you have to use real money for those. Why pay for it in the computer version and then again on the mobile version)

Is League of Legends Safe?

No. League of Legends: Wild Rift does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 32,526 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for League of Legends: Wild Rift Is 13.2/100.

Is League of Legends Legit?

No. League of Legends: Wild Rift does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 32,526 League of Legends: Wild Rift User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for League of Legends: Wild Rift Is 13.2/100.

Is League of Legends: Wild Rift not working?

League of Legends: Wild Rift works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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