LMK: Anonymous Polls Reviews

LMK: Anonymous Polls Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-08

Poll friends with stickers for honest answers. Get anonymous votes on any
question! 1. Create an attractive sticker, 2. Change color and bitmoji, 3.
Share it with friends, 4. Everyone votes right in your Story, 5. Follow and
share results you get! LMK is for positive content and feed...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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5. Report Issue

LMK: Anonymous Polls Reviews

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    A little buggy

    Ok so I use Snapchat a TON and so I’ve downloaded plenty of apps and things for it. Things like Yolo and other anonymous response apps. I downloaded this because it seemed like a pretty cool thing. I could do surveys and things like that and the responses would be anonymous. However, within a week of having the app, it started to act weird. My WiFi would glitch out when I got on the app and my data would suddenly stop working. If it happened to start working again, it would be fine until I tried to make a survey question thing, but then it would either delete the survey I made, or even post a survey I didn’t make. I tried several times to post surveys to make sure it wasn’t just user error and it just wouldn’t work. I loved the app before all the problems though and I would love it if they fixed some of the bugs. I don’t know though. Could be my phone but I’m very sure the app isn’t working properly. Again, it is a wonderful app but it really doesn’t work for me I guess so I can’t back it. Thanks! - Rocco

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    Incredible App

    I seriously love this app. If you need an opinion on literally anything, you can just come on this app and ask whatever you need and get other people’s help, it’s super cool. Not that I’ve met the creator, but dang, your doing a really good job on this. My favorite feature so far would be, basically the whole app cause there really isn’t any flaws in the way this app was made. I highly recommend this to just about anyone who would ever need a second opinion on anything and keep up the immense work you have been putting into this app. -shadowoblivion3

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    This app is awesome for letting yourself know what people think about you. This can be positive or negative but either way for me, it is fun to know what others think of me. This app is also connected with snapchat which makes it easy for people to vote or answer your questions about yourself. You make questions on the app and share them to your snapchat story, so if you don’t have snapchat there is not really any use for you to download the app so I think they should update and make it a social media with voting similar to wishbone but with your personal questions. This app is also free which is awesome and is low on ads! That’s great! Thanks and bye

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    this app is amazing with great features!

    I started it yesterday at night & let me tell you. you can see people’s opinions about you, they can rate also rate you, you can ask questions. It’s amazing . I would definitely recommend using this app. You can also use stickers in the background . it’s really fun because you can get help with things you want. You can learn more about the people on Snapchat by just asking questions. This is by far the best app attachment to Snapchat. I have no problems with this app at all. it’s great ! 👍🏼💕

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    Cute App

    It’s a cute app with a ton of options for responses and pre-written questions which I appreciate, and it came out just in time to fit in with other anonymous confession apps such as Yolo. My only wish for change for the app is that it would allow people responding to your post to create their own reply instead of having to use one of the (many) pre-written ones, especially because the pre-written ones seem a little childish (which is fair considering the app is 12+, but when you’re an older teenager, it seems weird.). Other than that, the app is smooth and easy to use!

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    It’s great if you’re insecure about something and need supports from anonymous people.

    When I started wearing glasses, I was insecure about how I looked. So, I put a poll on my Snapchat story stay “do I look better with or without glasses” to my surprise, I got with. This boosted my self confidence. Sometimes having people vote on your questions helps. I really suggest this app to anyone that wants to give answers or needs answers. You can even give a dive or receive advice! 5his app is truly awesome- I just got a notification from LMK. Apparently I’m book smart!

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    Obvious bot messages

    Seen other people complain that they get fake bot messages and I can Assure it’s true. All the messages were irrelevant to the question and all had emojis. Additionally no on I added “slid up” on it, and once everyone had viewed it the day before, I got a message every six minutes on the dot. The messages were obviously pulled from a list of questions, and automatically sent. I was wondering why I was getting such strange messages without any views, now I know.

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    Ugh the numbers

    I wish that we could hide the number of people that answered because it’s so annoying that others can see it which also is embarrassing like imagine that I have 58 friends on snap and the number of people that answered is 16 and it’s showing to others I think it’s embarrassing cuz people will think that I got no friends and maybe they are ignoring me soooooooo We should hide the number at least the others can’t see it

  • By

    Very Fun App...By:Ashley West

    This app is awesome and it’s a great way to interact with others. There are no glitches, and it’s really fun to use. This app allows you to choose what you want your Snapchat viewers a trait or something to decide between. It’s a great poll app. You get to choose your bitmoji selfie, the background, and you can even make up your own poll. I love how it shows how many did it, and I love how you can share it with all of your friends! Overall this is a great app and very fun to use!❤️👍

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    Great app!

    I just downloaded this app. I like it a lot! It’s like yolo but a bit different. I recommend this app to everyone! I’m not noticing any problems or bug, or anything like that. The only think I’m experiencing is an amazing app! It’s great for Snapchat I use it all the time! It’s got great questions, and it’s all free! So you don’t hav to pay for anything! Sorry this isn’t a very long review, I don’t know what else to say except for that this app is very good!

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    Beautiful App

    I like the different stickers they are so amazing! You can also make your own! Tbh I love this app so much and I think someday this app will boom. I’ve already told many of my friends and now they love it too!! Hope you guys enjoy it’s really amazing! I honestly hate these other apps like the other lmk app I hate it. It’s just a pretty bad version of this like the name of it is a tiny bit different still keep up the great work!! -lucas_loecher

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    You don’t know who it is so it’s like yolo but it’s better because it comes up with more options for you to share with your friends so you don’t have to waste your time thinking about them and they’re mostly positive so far has made my day and just started using it 2 minutes ago it’s probably the best social media app I have other than Snapchat of course 😜 have fun And enjoy.

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    Good App

    I like this app, it works well and the interface is responsive. The polls work as advertised and it has many different options for creating polls. My only complaint is that the anonymous messaging feature only allows for pre-written manufactured responses instead of letting you send your own. I don’t want to have to switch between this app and another app to do that. It would be awesome if the developers would add this feature in the next update.

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    A lot better

    This app is a lot better than anonymous messaging/voting apps. There is a lot more features to customize your stickers and it’s so cool how many colors and options there is. The only thing is that I wish the option when you change the color of the sticker I wish there was a color wheel instead of having to click.

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    The anonymous app Yolo is what I used all the time and it was my favorite app. I switched over to this because Yolo stopped working even after everything I've tried. So, I switched over to this. The layout is okay, but I wish we could ask questions and have people answer them with their own words. Not just having polls because then it gets boring. I'm using this as an alternative until Yolo gets itself together but this app only does polls where people can only vote. I want to be able to ask questions and have people answer using their own words. An example: I could put something on my story as "Me + You + Room = " and have people answer: "talking" "watching netflix and eating snacks" "kicking you out of the room" Just where people can say whatever they want. This app is great overall, I just wish it wasn't only polls.

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Is LMK: Anonymous Polls Safe?

Yes. LMK: Anonymous Polls is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 84,122 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LMK: Anonymous Polls Is 52.7/100.

Is LMK: Anonymous Polls Legit?

Yes. LMK: Anonymous Polls is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 84,122 LMK: Anonymous Polls User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LMK: Anonymous Polls Is 52.7/100.

Is LMK: Anonymous Polls not working?

LMK: Anonymous Polls works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Lisa
Apr 18 2021

Beware... someone tried to scam my 18 year old out of money!!

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