CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A Reviews

CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A Reviews

Published by on 2023-08-22

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About CuriousCat

CuriousCat is an anonymous Q&A social network, boasting millions of users world wide.


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- Easy to use

- Worked fine until today

- Can log in with Apple ID

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Hi, I’ve been using CC and it’s been great and it worked fine until today- CuriousCat wouldn’t open at all, it would immediately shut down so I deleted CuriousCat after restarting my phone and now when I try to log in with my Apple ID it creates a new account. I can’t log in to my old one because I used it with Apple ID. Hopefully you can fix that because now it’s gone, thank you


great, but my inbox crashes often and customer service is poor

title says it all. i've been using curious cat to reply to and send asks since 2015, and while there have been interface improvements and better filters implemented, throughout the whole duration they haven't responded to my emails, facebook messages, and tweets that i send to them requesting help with my account. they should make it more accessible to do so and respond in a fast manner.

when i click on my inbox on pc, phone website, and ios app, it crashes and the screen turns white as well. because of the aforementioned problems with getting in touch with curious cat, i am unable to report this bug that other people could very well be experiencing too to them. i'm writing this review in the hopes that the developers will see this and fix the problems, because curious cat is really a great platform with a lot of potential.


Broken app won’t load IPhone 11 Pro

Like the title says. I can’t log into any of my accounts through the Twitter, Facebook, or IOS/apple option. I get an error that says “looks like this app is down, try again in a minute” on CuriousCat and “SSL error” on all web browser options on a phone.

Been trying to get ahold of anyone for weeks and it appears maybe this might be an abandoned app. Rip.


Love this app, but I found a bug

It will not allow me to change my profile photo/background photo. When I try to select a photo, it will simply give me a pop up error stating that it can’t load the photo right now. Could you fix this for me please? Thank you.

Edit: I solved my problem on my own. It was the fact that my iPhone storage was full.


Great People, Great Space

CuriousCat has a lot of room for text space. My stories can be long. I am having a diff. time finding profile completion and where to begin to find it on CuriousCat . Other than that it could help express maybe


Search function

It’s great! But it’s missing one feature, a search function. I send tons of asks every week to a lot of different people! And it’s great that they save in my notifications, but they pile up and I have to scroll forever to find an old answer! I wish I could keyword search both my answers inbox and peoples individual profile contents, otherwise no complaints



It’s so infuriating how it won’t even let me use it on web properly anymore. I keep getting pop ups that are so hard to X out of on safari basically forcing me to download CuriousCat . Which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that CuriousCat doesn’t even work. I downloaded CuriousCat a few days ago and it kept crashing, then redownloaded it again but this time whenever I tried to log in from twitter it said “sorry page not available”. Stop forcing us to use your app that doesn’t even work, I’m literally about to stop using this site.


Glitchy as heck...

I love curious cat and I use it a lot, so I finally figured I should download CuriousCat . It worked fine for the first couple of uses... but after that whenever I opened CuriousCat it wouldn’t load anything and kept saying that I was logged out even though my profile showed up on my profile tab and it had the option for me to log out but not log in. I tried logging out and then back in but it just created a completely new account and I can’t get into my old one from CuriousCat so now idk what to do.


Multiple accounts

I love CuriousCat but I do wish you could use multiple twitter accounts for different profiles and be able to easily navigate through them. I tried making a new account on the website but no matter what I try, it signs me into the first one I made even though I want to open a new cc.


No fake questions

I tried out all the different (ask/answer) apps, and by far this is the best, in my opinion, since it doesn’t spam your inbox with fake or broadcast questions, I hope they’ll keep it that way.



I can’t be able to get into this app app it’s not showing anything expect of an orange wall please recheck if there’s still a problem.



I kept getting blocked by random profiles without even knowing why and I’ve only had CuriousCat maybe two or three days tops. My notifications are enabled but don’t even show. Animosity seems to not work if you get blocked out of nowhere. That’s either a big bug or something. But even when blocked those accounts still show in my Discovery tab.


App not opening once I close out

I’ve been using CC for a few months now but for the last two days CuriousCat won’t open for me. I deleted it and redownloaded it. It worked once but if I closed out CuriousCat , it wouldn’t open again. I keep deleting and downloading it but obviously I can’t do that all the time. It’s a relatively new problem and I’m hoping it gets resolved soon. I don’t wanna move to another app if I can help it.


Cant log in

Its a pretty good app but before it had an availability to make an account without linking any socials ( which is what i did) now i cannot log in at all because there is no thing to do so. This is very frustrating because why would you guys change the permissions? Please fix this because i do not want to have to make a new account.


Intensely annoying interface

I downloaded CuriousCat because they deliberately put the bar telling you to download CuriousCat across the bottom, where your new message notifications are. I thought the only way I could forgive this is if CuriousCat is REALLY AMAZING, but it’s not. It’s the same clunky interface as the regular version, the same obvious information collection with 0 transparency about what they do with it.



ive used curious cat for a couple years now, and it keeps bugging and not allowing me to access my inbox. i have a buildup of almost 300 messages JUST FROM TODAY that i can’t access. please for the love of god fix this, it’s so annoying to keep checking just to see everything magically disappears when you click on the inbox.


What's wrong with the notifications?

I tried everything but I can't receive any notifications and this is very annoying as I can't know if I got any new questions or answers..
Another friend is having the same problem
Why is that?



CuriousCat isnt bad, its really fun but since like yesterday it keeps crashing for me and it wont open :( and when i uninstall and reinstall in hopes itll work it only opens once then gets back into this crashing loop everytime i open it



The questions come in a variety, and i like asking my favorite online users any decent question.



My curious cat is not working anymore I don’t know if it’s because of my country because it’s not working for my friends as well ): whenever I try to open CuriousCat it tells me it has been shut down I really enjoyed CuriousCat until this happened


What I Expected

Fully functional & exactly what I wanted from CuriousCat , but I think the notifications could be more reliable/fine tuned


Same problem

It still doesn't send you notifications



Wanted to try out CuriousCat version now but as soon as I tap on it, it just crashes and lands me back to my home screen. Please fix this.



I barely get any question ugh



i cannot open the got dam app


No notifications


Is CuriousCat Safe?

Yes. CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,749 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CuriousCat Is 43.0/100.

Is CuriousCat Legit?

Yes. CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,749 CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CuriousCat Is 57.4/100..

Is CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A not working?

CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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