Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Reviews

Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-28

Mood Tracker / Year in Pixels / Diary / Habits / Gratitude Journal / Routines /
Photo Album / Sleep - Everything you need to improve your mental health in only
ONE app. Moodflow is a FREE app that captures your emotions, moods, thoughts,
and general well-being. Also, Moodflow goes along...

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Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Reviews

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    The only mood tracker I’ve stuck with

    This app is excellent overall, especially considering that it’s free. I enjoy the format and all the customizable options. I appreciate having the option to pick specific emotions and make notes, but it’s important for me that in the end all I *have* to do to keep this up daily is choose a color. This is the difference for me- when I’m low energy, busy, or experiencing particularly negative feelings this is still manageable for me to do. Apps that rely primarily on journaling were very hard for me to be consistent with. Importantly I’ve also found Mood Pixel to be very stable. The last mood tracking app I tried seemed to crash constantly even across updates. My only small request is that the note writing mode be compatible with predictive text- maybe it’s just my phone or something but I have to type every word put letter by letter and I’d love to not have to do that. Overall I enthusiastically recommend this app, especially if you’ve had difficulty keeping up with other mood trackers. EDIT: Thank you for adding predictive text compatibility!! :D

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    You NEED this app

    This app is amazing. For starters, the layout is super user friendly and very easy to look at. The cool tones are relaxing and doesn’t make tracking your moods seem like a huge task. I love that you can pick your own colors for the various moods and that I can write a little blurb about each day. Also love that I can press a button to indicate whether I exercised or took my medicine that day. Probably the best thing though is the creator of this app. 2 weeks ago, I sent him an email requesting a particular feature be added to the app to help me navigate the calendar set up in an easier manner. That feature was include on the next app update. Talk about efficiency!

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    Honestly, amazing and beautiful

    With the new year starting, I’ve wanted to go into it with a certain mindfulness towards my daily moods and I tried out a few different apps over the past few months so I had one I could stick with when the new year came along. This app is by far the most beautiful, and customizable app I found. I love that I can journal and adjust my mood, showing what I was doing and where. It’s really made me aware of how what I’m doing affects me. Lastly, I love the pictures that are available for the background. They’re just plain beautiful, and really... zen? For lack of a better word. Thanks for this awesome mood tracker!

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    A suggested feature

    This is a great app, and the fact that it’s free is the best part. It’s also super customizable. However there’s one thing missing; when selecting a “How did you feel” mood for the day, you have a happy to sad spectrum (these are the colours that show up on the calendar view), however, there isn’t an option for an angry or upset mood. You can add that emotion in the extra moods, but from the calendar view you won’t be able to tell. I hope the Dev Implants a mad or angry mood, because I’ll have to use “Depressed” in order to stand out from the mostly neutral moods I normally have.

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    Love This App!

    It is such a great way to be able to track your days, and what you did during the day. It’s a great app to use to reflect on the day and how you can do things better. There are so many features on this app & all of them are pretty much customizable which is really cool. I’ve been tracking my days for about a month and a half now and I have not had a single issue. I am in love with this app and find out something new and cool about it every day! It does a great job of letting you create an experience personalized towards you. I recommend to anyone, and everyone!

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    Absolutely amazing.

    Talking and reflecting about my day is my favorite part about the end of the day. This app is so easy and fun to use. It is extremely cool to see how I felt on the days before and see my improvement. I recommended this app to my boyfriend and (mostly) every day we exchange our entries and talk about our day. An cool new feature would be to add pictures to the entry, so I could remember what I wore on that specific day or if I saw something cool. Other than that, the app is one of the best things I have ever had on my phone. If I could, I would have more than 5 stars :)

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    Amazing app but one suggestion

    I love this app so much. I tried a few mood tracking apps but deleted them the moment I found this one! I was wondering if it would be possible to work on more than just one challenge at a time, or if not even just being able to set how long you would like to work on that challenge instead of it automatically setting it for a month? Otherwise this app is absolutely fantastic and really helpful! Thank you and thank you so much for creating this beautiful app!

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    Highly recommended

    I highly recommend this app if you struggle with depression and anxiety, or just anything at all. Almost everything is customizable, from the color of the pixels, to the moods, and even the background! One thing I’d like to see is being able to change the color of the calendar. I typically keep my phone screen at the lowest option and even have reduced white point on. It’s quite tedious to have to turn my brightness up to see the calendar. Other than that, I recommend the app 100%!

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    My favorite app

    I love Mood Flow! It’s so easy to use, and a fun tool to see your progress throughout the year. One of the best parts of the app, in my opinion, is how there are no ads unless you choose to watch them! I’ve never encountered this before in any app, but because it’s so thoughtful, I find myself watching a few ads every time I add an entry, just out of gratefulness. You can tell that there’s so much heart put into it, and that’s what makes it so special. I would give it many more stars if I could.

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    This app exceeds all expectations!!!

    Ok so I rarely review apps but this one was worth it. This app gives you so many options to work with. Different calendars to track moods, a journal to see entries, so many charts to visually see moods or day ratings. This app is very customizable and that makes it perfect to use. I can use it how I please. One of the best parts is that there’s no ads, and no annoying promotions to upgrade to the pro version!! Seriously just try to app for a week and you’ll love everything about it like me!!

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    Love this! First time in my life that I’ve consistently journaled

    I love this app! The reminders are done with a nice quote. It’s super easy to use. I’ve owned journals throughout my life. I’ve never made more than a couple entries. I’ve been consistent with this for a month. I think the graphing helps me see trends and stay with it. I would like to have the option of Saturday at the end of the week and Sunday at the beginning. And I agree about having a pin to unlock the app and my personal journal. Thank you for designing the app!

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    I love whoever made this app!

    This has been really helpful for me in so many ways, so the idea for what it does is great. What makes this app really special, though, is how clean the interface is compared to similar apps, most of which cost money! I also just love how nice and personal things are. Getting the reminder each night with an inspiring or consolatory message always makes me feel like there are still good people in the world, and this app developer is one of them! Thank you!

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    Love this App

    I have had trouble sticking with a journal or tracking anything consistently, but I’ve stuck with this for nearly a month. It’s really helped me get perspective. It’s entirely free, with the option to watch an ad tucked away as a way to support the developer (which I do try to do as often as I can remember!). It’s a fantastic app and I hope it continues to evolve! Only question - what happens when the year rolls over? I don’t want to lose all my journal entries.

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    A key tool in my recovery

    I have used this app since I hit rock bottom. I deal with PTSD, anxiety, OCD, and depression. At my worst I started using this app to track moods and events in my life. I’ve been able to see my progress over 3 years to my beautiful life and self today. This app gave me encouragement and hope. My only complaint is that is is not totally free to help others like me along their way. But I know you have to pay the bills. Thank you for this tool.

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    Exactly what I wanted!

    This app is exactly what I’ve wanted... I’ve been too lazy and forgetful to track my moods on paper but this app is the key. Almost every feature is customizable and you can set reminders to go do the stuff in the app. It comes with colors (and the ability to se your own), a journal, activities and a mood section. All of them can be changed however you want. And it’s free?! Bless the developer.

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Is Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Safe?

Yes. Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 148 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Is 79.6/100.

Is Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Legit?

Yes. Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 148 Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary Is 79.6/100.

Is Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary not working?

Moodflow: Mood tracker, Diary works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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