Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Reviews

Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-14

Plunge into the fascinating world of coloring with Hey Color app — a perfect
tool to relieve stress & release your inner artist. Want to take your mind off
& relax after a busy day? Let stunning artworks help you beat anxiety, fall
asleep quickly or simply pass the time! Just follow...

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Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Reviews

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    Love it!

    Since I’m in the hospital more than home and hooked up to 3 IV’s for days for the last 8 yrs. having this art to do on my phone has given me life again to be creative. I used to be a professional singer, songwriter and jingle singer until I went in for a simple procedure on my kidneys which are completely fine. But they put a stent in it to clean it out 8 yrs ago and infected me with c-diff the worst strain. Since then I can’t eat anymore except mush oatmeal bananas and Boost and Ensure for the rest of my life. Also my teeth fell out as the acid from running from both ends when they treat you destroyed the bones in my mouth and my teeth fell out. Basically by themselves and I can’t afford implants so this painting has eased my depression and busting inside as an artist to have some sort of outlet. Thank you all whoever sent this to me and continue to send new ones. It definitely helps me when my creative juices get going. My professional name is Cheryl Paige I’m on FB. 🎼🎤🎶🎨😊

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    Like this app

    I like this app a lot but since the last update you can’t tap on the picture in the part where the video play button shows up even when the button isn’t there. It’s like that space was reserved just for the button but the devs forgot to make it clickable for when the button isn’t there. It would be nice if the icon were placed up higher next to the magnifying glass maybe, in a place where you can’t accidentally click on it when it does show up. I can’t count the times I’ve clicked on the video by accident because I was trying to tap on a numbered space and the play button appeared and I was taken to a video ad. Lastly, if that top row could be reserved just for those icons (the < button, the video button, and the magnifying glass) and have the very top of the picture start just below, it would be nice too so that none of those are covering areas that you’re trying to color. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time with this app as coloring is very relaxing, and I enjoy the new pictures every day.

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    Best color-by-numbers app I’ve used!

    I’ve been on a color-by-number obsession recently, so I’ve been testing different apps since I can’t go out to the stores and buy coloring books. I got an ad for this app and decided to try it, and I’m already in love from coloring 3 pictures! This app avoids a lot of the pitfalls that make me HATE most other coloring apps. All the images are free (meaning that I don’t have to deal with 80% of the content being locked behind a monthly paywall, which always makes me delete the app immediately), the content is plentiful and updated frequently, and the ads are skippable and not so frequent that I end up annoyed. Even then, I’m considering paying to block the ads just so I can support the devs. Keep up the good work, and thank you for creating an app I can stay with that doesn’t depend on intrusive ads and squeezing monthly payments out of its users💕

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    Love too color

    This game is good and I would’ve given 5 stars, but every time I touch three times too color I lose one of my hints. Otherwise it’s a good game. Hope you can fix this problem. This game keeps freezing up. Please fix. I got the magnifying glass now but I lost over 73,000 hints that I paid for with my money is there anyway to get my hints back to me and is there anyway that you can buy hints like you used to? Now I can’t get any hints, nothing shows up to watch a video so I can get two hints. However it was a lot better when you could buy the amount of hints you wanted. That’s to bad I still play it, but sad to say it’s not the greatest game anymore sorry to say. When are you going to put ads back so people can get hints. So far I’ve been waiting a week. Now hey color is freezing up and don’t know why.

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    Hate the new update

    I was really enjoying this game, but the game forced an update by developers the other day and it took away the magnifier buttons. The one that works as an automatic hint and the one at the bottom by the color palette. The one on the bottom was a really REALLY huge help in finding certain sections that may have been too small to find without having to use a hint from the top. I really enjoyed that feature and now it’s gone and now I’m stuck with the new hint system which I hate SO MUCH. It does absolutely nothing and you still have to watch a ridiculous amount of ads to gain them where as you could just literally use the energy to help with hints. The point system for that was such a great feature. Especially since it gave 20 points at a time which can rack up a lot of energy quickly. Now it’s gone. This isn’t much fun for me anymore and it’s just a little more stressful rather than relaxing like it was for me. And I really needed a game to help with my mental health.

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    Love this app

    I love this coloring app. Love the detailed and challenging pictures but most of all, I love the animation speed. Other apps make the animation speed so fast and it aggravates me. Please don’t change the speed of your animation. This has turned into my favorite coloring app. Update! Still love this app and the intricate pictures and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ones that animate with NO LINES. It is cool to watch it animate with no lines. Please add more of those!!!! Also, just a suggestion, but it would be awesome if the touch was a little more sensitive. The very small parts are sometimes a little difficult to get without having to hit on it like 5 times. The only other thing is it makes my iPhone heat up a lot when coloring and makes my phone screen dim due to the heat. Other than that, great job with this app and thank you!

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    Love It!

    I always thought that coloring apps were stupid bc you aren’t coloring, you are just touching the screen. I was wrong! Hey Color is addictive! I like the way it automatically goes to the next color once you have filled every spot in with the preceding color. Since trying Hey Color, I have tried a couple other coloring apps, but I don’t like them as well as Hey Color. I also like that you get 2 hints for watching 1 ad and you can store them up. I also like that they have a ton of choices in pictures from the simplest that only takes a minute to complete, to the very intricate that takes an hour or more to complete. The only drawback that I have found is that I can’t stop!!

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    More frustrating then Quarantine

    I hope I can delete this review and give this app the 5 stars it deserves. This was my favorite app and the only thing keeping me sane during lockdown. Then I decided to upgrade my phone. Since I got the new phone I started seeing adds pop up even though I purchased remove adds. Whenever I click restore purchase the adds are still there. Then I have tried to remove adds almost 20 times!!!!!!!!! Whenever I tap that it tells me I have already purchased it and if I want to download again for free which I click but nope......ads are still there. I love this app so much and if I have to uninstall and reinstall I lose almost 8 months worth of art and achievements. Between the ad pop ups and the fact I can’t even get through one color segment before the app crashes and I have to restart the app I feel like I’m going to cry. I even emailed for support 2 weeks ago with no response. Please fix this so I can go back to relaxing and coloring!!!!!

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    It’s honestly really wonderful and relaxing

    I found this as an Instagram ad and I ended up really loving it. I use it to help me fall asleep at night and it really helps. I’m usually dozing after 15 minutes. I use it to relax me throughout the day too. I find it fun and there’s a large variety of pictures. There are ads but I don’t think it’s too bad. There’s one before and after every picture and one that pops up if you close out of the app and go back in. You can usually skip the ads after 5 seconds. I paid $5 for the “no ads” just because of the frequency I play it so it was worth it for me. I genuinely enjoy this and I highly recommend it

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    I saw an ad for this coloring app and was attracted by the glittering paint pallet and animated artwork. However, after installing it and pouring through the different paintings I discovered that the ad was deliberately misleading. There are no glitter paints, and the artwork is not animated when completed. The pictures and color pallets are very well done, but far less interesting than the glittering picture in the ad. Update: I received a response from the developer stating, "Hi! We apologize for the negative experience you had with our app. It seems you saw the ad for other app in our portfolio. We'll do our best to check the ads more carefully next time. " I checked out all the apps by this developer in the App Store, and none of them have what they advertised this one does, ie. sparkling paints. Bummer

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    I really enjoy this app, but…

    I really enjoy this app, but it seems to have quite a few glitches recently when trying to watch ads to get hints. It’ll partially play the ad and then stop and not go any further. When I exit out of the stuck ad, it tells me I must watch full video. I would watch full video if it would play. Also, my previous iPhone died several weeks back. I just recently downloaded this onto my current iPhone. In the process, I lost all previous “Hey Color” work and hints earned. I had completed all the challenges and all the daily pictures up until my original phone died. I wish there was a way that completed work would continue across all my devices.

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    My favorite app in a very long time, so absorbing and lovely

    I think this is my second review ever of a game, I’m really in love - even the free version has a TON of free puzzles at all levels of complexity, from simple to crazy detailed, with pictures of all sorts of themes, and the ads aren’t nearly as intrusive as usual for free versions of any game. The way the colors fill in their sections when selected is so satisfying to watch, as is when a puzzle is finished and the replay animation starts. I personally love the abundance of delicious food illustrations, and the detailed flowers and other plants. Thank you, devs, for making something that can slow down massive anxiety and help me find calm!

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    Hey Color the best!

    Thank you Hey Color for making my life a bit calmer during COVID-19. I can’t believe I’m THIS old and sit and “color” every night. A friend recommended this app and it’s totally addictive! At last count I was to about 81 and that was a week ago so many more by now. It fascinates me watching the colors appear, and the Magic ones are the best. The Panther was the absolute best! I’ve had no issues as others have said. I’d like more unusual pictures, African animals..too many cats and dogs. But honestly I never write a review and if you had to get your mind off the crazy terrible sick world we live in you might as well pretend you are 4+ and color!

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    I LOVE IT! Awesome choices of blank pictures & vivid Colors ❗️

    I read a review, the person was surprised that he couldn’t choose the Colors? I understood that this ‘paint-by-number’ app was precisely that. I don’t have the artistic ability to choose satisfactory colors when attempting to color in books or paint with the acrylic paint set that’s just collecting dust 🥴 I’ve searched for paint-by-number apps quite a few times in past years. NONE are as BEAUTIFUL as this ‘hey color’ app... none❗️The finished results are so pleasing, I’ve saved each & every one 🥰 I have a challenging time putting it aside in the middle of painting to do other things. IT RELAXES ME Tremendously 😘

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    Love it

    Edit: After contacting them (as they have suggested in other reviews) they applied a fix to my app! It has stopped closing and is working well again! They responded quickly to my problem, which is something that is greatly appreciated! 1. First, I want to say that I love the pictures and the way the color moves to the next one when you are done. 2. Problem that needs to be fixed is that the app will randomly close in the middle of coloring a picture. This needs to be fixed as it is VERY frustrating! 3. Just a suggestion for improvement! Make it to where the pictures completed move out of the way of the ones to be completed. This would make it easier to find what you want to color. (Example: they move to a completed section or to the end of the category they are in.). This way the ones not colored yet show first! Hopefully the problem of it closing is fixed soon!

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Is Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Safe?

Yes. Hey Color: Paint by Number Art is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 38,388 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Is 23.0/100.

Is Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Legit?

Yes. Hey Color: Paint by Number Art is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 38,388 Hey Color: Paint by Number Art User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hey Color: Paint by Number Art Is 23.0/100.

Is Hey Color: Paint by Number Art not working?

Hey Color: Paint by Number Art works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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