Pokémon Masters EX Reviews

Pokémon Masters EX Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

Pokémon Masters has evolved! Discover a whole new adventure in Pokémon Masters
EX! BATTLE AGAINST CHAMPIONS! Enter the new Champion Stadium, and battle the
Elite Four and regional Champion! Rise to the top with your sync pairs, and earn
a spot in the Hall of Fame! HATCH EGGS & TEAM UP!...

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Pokémon Masters EX Reviews

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    I want to play the game.

    Let me explain. This game is fantastic, I like it, it has all the characters you could want from this series with at the very least the notion that they’ll add the ones you really want in the future. Anyway, I wish I could play it. Unfortunately the only apple device I own is an IPad mini 2. I’m gonna chalk this up to a hardware issue since nobody with their 8th (9th? Idk anymore) gen devices seems to talk about this. The game crashes rampantly for me either due to the low space on my machine or the high cost of memory(?) it has on the device. I honestly don’t have any idea why it could be crashing as much as it is but it’s definitely consistent at where it crashes. It might be my internet as well since my internet likes to just cut off devices on WiFi when other people are on the network. It could also be the fact that I acquired more than 90 sync pairs as it did not used to crash this much. It’s been slowly building over the months to the point where it is near unplayable for me due to the amount of times the game closes when I’m trying to switch out my team or rank up characters or even just access certain levels. I’m giving it 5 stars instead of none since I do think this is actually a good game but I feel increasingly like there’s going to be nothing I can do about these growing problems in the near future...

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    Amazing Game! One (Now Two) Little Suggestions

    This is the most fun game that I have on my phone, and I wouldn’t want it any different. Well... besides this one teeny weeny suggestion that’s been driving me nuts and that I need to share: Please add an interlude or chapter where your character gets a mega bracelet for the Kanto starter that they chose from the egg (or any Pokémon that can mega evolve that you receive from an egg). Please, this would add so much more fun to the game, especially considering the fact that my Charizard has a center spot on my team as the ace with its fire blast. If this gets taken into suggestion, thank you in advance. Update: I have an even better idea! Make it to where there’s another legendary event where the legendary Pokémon is yours, similar to Solgaleo, but with Xerneas and Yveltal. Only here’s the gag: You only get to choose one, and one only, even when the event would re-run. I mean, Lysandre with Xerneas or Yveltal doesn’t really make sense to me. I think if he gets added then he should have gyarados that can trigger mega evolution as part of its sync move, and since Calum and Serena have already been added with their “aces”, so I really think you should take this into consideration. You can completely scratch the upper idea that I had in order to do this one, because I would much more prefer this. Thank you so much in advance (if this ever gets read)!

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    Don’t rage F2P players

    Pokemon will forever be one of those things that always smacks nostalgia right into my face. Now this game itself brings the “feels” of every single Pokémon game in one, I can’t really put my fingers on it but let’s say it gives me the same “feels” of the gameboy Pokémon games and the 3DS Pokémon games which is such a nostalgic bonus! Now I know that since this game has JUST been released, it can seem like you have to grind if you’re a free to play player; making it kind of annoying as you have to finish the entire story to just collect roughly 3000 gems to spend on new trainers+ Pokémon. Now listen, cuz of this problem, I would have given it a 3-4 star but I won’t because I feel it’s something that the developers can work on and it would be a little unfair since they have just released the game, so I have faith that they can still add more ways to enjoy the game to earn more gems even as a free to play player. I do recommend this game! please stay calm if you are a free to play player like me, there’s still a lot more things they can add to the game to make it fair and fun at the same time so just have some faith in the developers and give them time to improve :) Also, just a side note: developers please add pvp! ಥʖ̯ಥ

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    Please make the level up manuals easier to get

    I just started really playing this game and it was really fun at first. But I’m really starting to have a lot of problems with it. First typing if you don’t have the specific type weakness that it shows on their pokemon your not going to do any damage. For example let’s say a grass type is weak to fire and ice. When u get in the game it only says its weak to fire, but from my pokemon knowledge it’s weak to both. But when u hit it with a ice type move it barely does anything. I just started the game and I don’t have a lot of resources to level up. Usually in games if you need things to help your character level up like in dokkan battle you do quests for it which are long but easy. Why is it that I need a whole 20k power team to get the items to level up my pokemon. I can’t do that cuz I needed the level up manuals in the first place. I think they should of made that easier. When your battling you need to have a bunch of teams so you can have the advantage and beat them in the story. I can’t level my pokemon at all so I’m struggling please make the level up manual quests easier. It’s like you can’t have anything if you are a new player. I saw people being able to increase their move gauge which is NOT in the shop for some reason. People getting thousands of level up manuals when I can’t even get 10. I’m really like this game but right now I’m stuck because I can’t level up any of my pokemon

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    Great Pokémon game CONCEPT

    The idea is nice, the battle format is actually good, and the animations and graphics are definitely nothing to laugh at. I’m having a huge bug issue right now where I have about 3,600 gems yet I cannot even buy anything from the in game Market with them and keeps telling me I have no gems to spend and directs me to purchase some. Yeah I’m not buying any gems if I clearly have enough to buy the 10 sync pack. The story feels really short and rushed, and I wish you could battle other people instead of with someone against the cpu otherwise there’s no point in me investing time or money into building a solid team. The characters are loveable and memorable. Honestly the game concept itself is great but it still needs more. I don’t understand why we can’t battle against other people but we can battle with them. There’s no issue connecting with other people already so why not just make some kind of rank system to play in. A lot of games have it and it would be pretty cool to see Pokémon have one. Pokémon is all about battling with your favorite teams so why wouldn’t it have some kind of battle system. Please don’t give us whatever abomination Pokémon Go battling is... if the market was fixed and I could actually use my gems I would not mind spending money for more characters to level up. There’s just no reason to even build a team because aside from the story, there’s no one to use the team against making it a waste.

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    Great Start, but needs a couple balances and add-ons

    This game is pretty great, but there are a couple things I think should be addressed. In my opinion, it’s a little difficult to get enough currency to roll due to how expensive each roll is and how little rewards are provided in relation to the story line that is available even with the starting login bonus. Additionally, I think a PVP option is necessary as well for this game. Progressing through the story line forces one to focus on a core set of units that work well together in a single player mentality while the coop stages revolve around a different type of playstyle that makes a lot of units invalid or significantly worse. While it is understandable that the focus of this game is to try and facilitate interaction and cooperation with others, this lack of PVP will hurt the game more as time passes. It would fundamentally eliminate the importance of or desire for rolls in this gacha format and basically wastes the grand idea of the “PML” based in the storyline. I believe it’s perfect setup for pvp, and it may very well be in the works, but it is just a little strange that it’s not implemented from the start. Other than that, I do like the battle system, the way Pokémon and trainer moves are integrated, and how these moves and level caps work with the farming material. I look forward to seeing how this game develops in the future!

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    Pretty good

    When I first got the game in 2019, I was not impressed. There were barely any character interactions and events, plus rng seemed to hate me so much I had only 2 5 stars. Almost a year later, it’s improved a LOT. I’ve played for about 3 months with 22(!!!) 5 star sync pairs and almost all my units at level 100 or more. I’ve never felt the need to spend money on banners and somehow I always seem to get limited pairs like Cynthia or Serena. Eggs are a nice addition, although not essential to gameplay. The supercourses are easy to do with Steven or Blue if you have him and the battle villa halls are challenging but not impossible. The events are really interesting and adds a lot of content. You don’t need 5 stars; 3 or 4 stars like Barry can be just as good and you can even upgrade him to a 5 star if you want. The only complaint I have is that some units are just too broken. I don’t have Red but I heard he is an absolute menace to literally everything. Serena’s passive is insane and you can even do a first day bv clear with her. If the devs are listening it would be great if there was a broken f2p pair everyone could have. Never been a fan of general Pokemon or gacha games but this is perfect. Don’t think I’ll quit anytime soon.

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    A pleasant surprise

    I was very disillusioned with the mobile videogame market, with all the games out there that are just blatant cash grabs with a massive paywall, especially the pay-to-win multiplayer games where the person with the thickest wallet wins through a myriad of buffs, items, and specials only obtainable through straight hard cash. Then i stumbled onto this hidden masterpiece. I picked it up and was thinking “great, lets see how many minutes it takes before i have to spend money in order to go anywhere” i spent a few minutes on the app. Then later a few more. Then i started spending hours and days and still i was able to progress just fine without busting out a single cent. Soon i realized, Pokémon actually mostly stuck to its old school roots! Gameplay is fun and engaging, all the trainers and Pokémon are obtainable without spending any money, although i probably will spend a few bucks at this point just to show my appreciation to the developers, and for when they release some special event Pokémon. Seeing as this game is still in its early stages im sure pvp and more trainers will be added in the future. In the meantime, go and complete all the great content that’s already here! Awesome game! Good job developers!

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    Best Pokémon Game I’ve Ever Played

    This game is so much fun. I’ve been playing Pokémon games on Nintendo handhelds for the past 10 years, along with watching the anime, and this is the closest I’ve seen to the battling style shown throughout the anime. And it works EXCELLENTLY!!! I rarely give out 5-star reviews, but this game is a masterpiece. As a fan of the anime, I’m very glad that a Pokémon game finally reflects the battling style shown in the anime. Everything about this game makes me keep coming back to it. The sound effects in most Pokémon games are not the best, but the sound effects in this rendition are especially great. The music is also very catchy, something every Pokémon game has. This game has everything the normal Pokémon games have, but then adds a special twist. It was (at first) challenging to learn the new mechanics, but I pressed the “auto” button in the top right corner during battles to understand how to use it better. I recommend doing the same, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced Pokémon enthusiast. It makes it so much easier. If there was anything to criticize, I would probably have to say that I wish the fonts were a little bit bigger. Other than that, this game is nothing short of a masterpiece. 5-star game without question.

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    Great game BUT

    Love the game and a pokemon fan through and through. The only issue i have with the game is the balancin of getting new sync pairs. I know the point is to bring a lottle money to the game, but for the F2P players getting sync pairs is TOUGH. Ive been playing since the game came out and at first getting rare sync pairs was hard but lately for the past month ive literally only gotten 3 star syncs and 4stars THAT I ALREADY HAVE. Yes it wouldnt make sense to make them easily obtainable but at leat give the player a reason to spend money on the game. I spent money for gems at least 3-4x and each time i got a weak sync pair or one ive already had and its been like this for a while. Also increasing the percentage for the rarer sync pairs will make the co-op a lot more fun. Its very annoying trying to take down a hard co-op when fellow players join and dont have the correct sync pairs. So yeah only complaint is to make it slightly easier to obtain more useful and powerful sync pairs. LEGENDARY EVENTS ARE PERFECT CHANGE NOTHIG ABOUT THEM. The legendary raid concept in my opinion is balanced. It allows for the player to make a grind that isnt too long with proper payouts to allow you to get the legendary sync pair without too much trouble. GREAT GAME KEEP UP THE WORK!

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    Fun but limited

    Before I go into this I just want to say that the game is fun and I love the concept, and is worth the download. There is co-op with friends which makes sense for a 3v3 style game. Now as for the negatives, there are a few big ones. My biggest one is no pvp. Pvp has always been a big part of Pokémon for me cuz me and my friends always loved battling each other, and hearing the devs say that it wasn’t going be in the game made me very sad that I couldn’t get that experience. I think it’s a little dumb that just because “It’s about cooperation” that you shouldn’t give the returning Pokémon fans the same experience. The gems are another thing. They shouldn’t have made paid gems and free gems a different thing. Your pushing micro transactions too hard for a franchise that already makes enough as is, and giving you 1 five star for paying 30 dollars is dumb because I got one on my first rng trainer. Lastly, grinding is too big of a thing if you don’t pay. Around chapter 4 and 5, I was too under leveled and on chapter 6, I was at max level (level 30 for 3 star characters) and was still too weak to do it, making me grind for 4 star or above of the right type trainers, and then grind for the levels for them. Like I said it’s still fun, but very limited to most players and I probably won’t stay on it for long unless they make changes.

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    This is the first time that I’ve opened the App Store specifically to write a review for a game just because I’ve enjoyed it so much. This game has some excellent mechanics that I didn’t even know I wanted in a mobile game until I saw them. So many mobile games over the last decade have used energy mechanics to slow players down and try to make them spend money to continue playing, Pokémon Masters (PM from here on out) lets you play as much as you want, you know, like a video game... Breaking away from the industry meta, PM doesn’t weaponize endorphins to keep you coming back, they instead chose to deliver a fun experience and let you come back willingly. They’re very generous with their premium currency and make game advancing items very accessible. Mobile games tend toward putting barriers between the player and advancement to give a shallow game the illusion of depth, PM let’s you dive in as soon as you’re ready. PM has a rich story which expands on familiar characters from every installment of Pokémon since the insertion of the franchise but doesn’t force you to sit and read it all. Excellent voice acting, excellent animations, clean art style, very well optimized. What more can you ask for? I love it.

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    I love this game, but you should update the main story. It took me at least 4 weeks to complete the whole thing. Also, you should bring up the chance of getting a new sync pair. I love the fact that during Christmas the game gets a new look and people get a chance to get legendary Pokémon. I also think that you should add more to the customization of our character. I also believe that we should not get the same Pokémon almost every time out of an egg. I have a bunch of Pokémon that are the same as the ones I already made pairs with. Finally, I want you guys to give the egg hatched Pokémon an EX form. Or, you could add an item that you can get in the training area to let Pokémon hatched from eggs hold to get EX forms. P.S. please make a way to get paid gems is the game without having to pay real money for them. Also, lower the cost of unpaid gems for one/11 sync pairs. This is really hard to get gems now that I finished most of the game. (If you’re able to, please add side quests. This game is getting boring without the main story. The suspense on what will happen next is killing me.)Please add what I said here. I am a big fan. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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    Overall pretty Unique gameplay

    Ives seen similar games using energy bars and stuff but with the moves in the this you could literally combo a huge attack and not let the enemy take a shot at you. I don’t know if this is true or not but if you can trigger a move before your opponent then it counts as the first moves then the next moves. But the thing is ppl could just spam the “buff” and all three at once while the ai triggers maybe one or two moves. I feel that this should be removed since if I had a fully connected thought out team I would be able to not even let the ai or enemy take a turn in using attack. Finally my biggest issue with this game as a Pokémon fan The leveling system I mean if you can at first lvl the living crap out of the first level 5 stat sync trainer you get then you can grind the level training room. I understand it says training room meaning it’s meant to help you grow but there should be a limit to it I mean I got my Pokémon’s that I mainly use up to lvl 85max and 80max and that was only in a day. I found my self with flowing right through the campaign and the pml league. Very sad I didn’t have a challenge. Biggest thing you should do right now though is nerf all training rooms to 10/10 try’s and put a 1 hour cool down for each try.

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    Could almost be great

    First of all, it’s extremely difficult to increase your player rank, which is annoying as I just continued playing after putting it on hiatus for about 11 or 10 months. Also, the partner Pokémon system is extremely lame. The Pokémon that show up there are all just plain boring beside maybe Lapras or Kangaskhan. Also, what is up with the energy system. Some stages can go up to a full 20 stamina for one go. When the max stamina for a player rank 25 is 138 stamina. So you can only play certain stages 6 times in one day (excluding stamina from missions) . The only reason I’m going strong is because of the welcome back bonuses. Next, the way to increase the amount of stars is too annoying. There’re basically no places where you can get the tickets to increase the number of stars for a character, I can understand the 5-star tickets being rare, but I have only 3 in total for the 3-star tickets and none for 4-stars. And I’ve been grinding hard these past few weeks. Lastly (for now), the game gets boring after you finish the story and whatnot. The main reason I’m still going strong at the game is because I’m focused on powering up my favorite characters, but if it weren’t for that, I doubt that I’d still be playing. It could be so much better but so far the bad parts neutralize the good parts

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