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Contact SoPlayer

Published by on 2020-02-07

SOPlayer is a new and friendly video player fully customizable for your needs!
Cutting edge technology in codecs playback and security implementation!
Available across all platforms and devices to suit your needs. You would need
access fr...

How to Contact SoPlayer

SoPlayer Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with SoPlayer. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact SoPlayer. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

85.71% Contact Match

Developer: devs4you

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit SoPlayer Website

Common SoPlayer Issues

  • By Shana and Theo

    Used to be happy not anymore

    This company used to respond within one second on chat, not anymore now you have to wait a day for someone to respond and then it’s a new rep who didn’t read the previous messages so I’ve been in a cycle of not getting any answers for something I’m paying for and is not working! It’s requiring me to login every single time from every single device and it’s to the point of not functioning without becoming a huge pia! On top of this the chat will say there’s a search bar! There is no search bar!! They will tell you all kinds of things that don’t exist on their app! You’re like no I have to scroll through every single channel and they aren’t even labeled ! The shows and tv channels cannot be searched for you have to go thru a thousand scrolls to magically land on what you want you to watch! That goes for movies too! It’s definitely not being cared for and I just see more frustration as time goes on now I’m looking for something else since I can’t get any good help!

  • By Ninasplace1

    Fickle app that may or may not work

    This app when it works it works well but when it doesn’t it’s a piece of crap. I can’t always open this app and it works, some days it buffers endlessly or have no available channels. I have to delete and reinstall, reboot my phone, re-log on, try logging out that will take another hour. There should be a refresh button in the app somewhere. You pay for service you would think that the service provider would care and fix those issues but no such luck. Customer service is non existent I emailed when there is a problem and they don’t even have the curtsy to email me back, I hear absolutely nothing. So enjoy your voiceless shows that buffers endlessly or just disappear in the middle of you watch for day’s on end, I think it’s time for a new provider, one that cares about the people that’s making them rich.

  • By Jo Shine

    Good player but developer needs to allow customers to unassign devices

    The player is a great player with great layout but the biggest drawback is not allowing the customer to remove its devices from a provider and having to depend on the provider to do so. I have this player and the provider went out of business and now it is hell trying to have all of my devices removed from the previous provider being they went out of business. It’s like you’re locked in and if you want to go elsewhere you have to rely on a provider to remove your devices. This should definitely be something the customer should have the power to do. Developers - please address this issue and provide some sought of fix to this as this would make your player so much better.

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Antoine Harris
Nov 21 2022

Can I get soplayer for web os 6? please let me know how to fix this issue.

By Shmekia Davis
Nov 19 2022

I have paid for my subscription now received error message stating that I need to make a payment.. I need this matter to be fixed please

By alvalin entzminger
Nov 17 2022

I can't get my soplayer back updated and it come back on

Nov 17 2022

I just had to update my soplayer to the new version in order to watch the contents. I do not like the new version at all!!! How can I switch back to the old version?

By Eric Pernell Johnson
Nov 15 2022

I am having issues with my account as it gives me an error message EC11, subscription has expired.

By Reginald Shearin
Oct 27 2022

Paid for 2 months of service, only received 1 month of service

By Lenora D. Finch
Oct 27 2022

my subscription is expired. how do i re-new with a new bank card? does soplayer have a phone number or email address?

By Joe herman
Oct 15 2022

So player comes and goes wtf

By Patricia Stephens
Oct 05 2022

I paid my bill for 3 months and they turned my Soplayer off for nonpayment off for non payment

By Elizabeth
Oct 05 2022

Where do I go to pay my bill what website

By Pamela Brathwaite
Oct 02 2022

I have a subscription for 3 devices. One of my 3 televisions needed to have Soplayer reinstalled. BUT as many customers have complained an error occurs when one device needs to have the program reinstalled. Not having a direct customer service number makes this a very frustrating exercise. Soplayer needs to have a direct customer service number or a chat.

By John Alvarez
Sep 25 2022

No working!! Not working comes and goes what's going on I'm making payments and I am not going to be paying for something that is not working properly please correct the issue thank you.

By Daniel Winters
Aug 19 2022

I renewed my subscription and the payment went through but it tells me that my user name and password are incorrect how do I fix this

By Daniel dejesus
Aug 18 2022

Soplay tells me I have too many devices but I only have two one's working and one is not

By Geneva lee
Jul 11 2022

All my xxx Stations on lock a. I put i the in the code and not still not working

By Geneva lee
Jul 10 2022

How do I get the old splay back I don't like the new one

By Geneva lee
Jul 03 2022

I get it now so I need my code back please or see me back two the

By Geneva lee
Jul 02 2022

I need all my info to put up my soplayer

By James Reyes
Jun 10 2022

I uninstalled Soplayer app & tried to reinstall the app but it is giving me an error message.

By Robert Booker
May 30 2022

Want to make my payment but need help showing how do that.

By Nijeil austin
May 28 2022

I want to renew my subscription but I don’t see how to it won’t let me

By Zina Whitehurst
Apr 21 2022

I have 4 fire sticks with so player on all 4. One of my firesticks died and I had to get a new one. I need to deactivate so player on the one that died so that I can log in on my new one. It is telling me that I have reached my limit on devices, but technically I only have it on 3 since one of the fire sticks does not work anymore. How can I do that?

By Rick Snowden
Apr 18 2022

Want to renew my account by paying my subscription. How do I?

By Anthony Braggs
Apr 15 2022

Need to update my payment information. Please contact ASAP.

By Lawrence Ford
Apr 15 2022

Trying to renew my SOplay subscription

By Rick
Apr 04 2022

I need to renew my services but I don't have a link. Can you send me a link please?


Apr 03 2022

I had to reinstall the So Player on two devices. I deleted both and reinstalled one device. It says I have max. number of devices assigned. I only have 2 active now. I have two accounts allowing 4 devices. Please help

By Timothy Mccrary
Mar 30 2022

I paid for a new subscription but when I try to log in it doesnt allow me to. my account number is VM-494-384

By Vernon Crump
Mar 29 2022

Need to renew subscription

By David Contreras
Mar 28 2022

I already paid my service before my due day . And now I got a message on my tv , telling me I need to renew my service. And I am trying to reach you guys but you’re website is down

By Hannah Hauser
Mar 24 2022

I paid my bill through Cash app 2 days ago and now I'm getting an error that there are too many devices for my subscription. We only have 2 devices set up. I can't get on to talk with customer support, their website is down. Can someone please help? Account #SE526452

By jano bajster
Mar 15 2022

Getting the following error: "Device is already assigned to another subscriber." How do i edit that or find that subscriber to correct the problem?

By Raymond Kelso
Mar 13 2022

I am having issues with my account as it gives me an error message EC11, subscription has expired. My account is paid up through 05/06/2022. Who can help me with this issue.

By Eddie
Mar 11 2022

I am trying to renew my membership but the website is has been taken down. Is there another website I can pay through?

By Victor Lopez
Mar 10 2022

I need my account info

By william Taylor
Feb 12 2022

forgot user ID and Password.
what is user ID?

By Robert Harris
Jan 25 2022

Getting this error message stating I have maximum number of devices assigned. Not true as I only have three firesticks. Please help to reset as I have been with out this TV for weeks.

Mac: 2000dd3a0672
Serial: 00F1133169D6012328A5854AAC62C342

Jan 23 2022

forgot provider Id, user name and password for my account

By Aurelo Scott
Jan 18 2022

I want to pay my bill

By William Hurd
Jan 04 2022

i cant pay my bill

By Donald E Clay
Jan 03 2022

I need to contact a live representative to help me use my service. I keep getting a EC10 code. I don't know what to do with that or who to call to help me. Please help me asap.
Thanks 👍

By Donald E Clay
Jan 03 2022

I can't even get into my account because I get a EX10 ERROR CODE. Help

By Nereus Forcha
Jan 01 2022

How do I get answer to my question

By Nereus Forcha
Jan 01 2022

How do I pay my bill, please. Like where do I go to pay my bill?

By Miguel Armendariz
Dec 26 2021

Message tells me I have maximum number of devices installed but only have 2 and a cell phone

By Juan January
Dec 24 2021

Can't pay my bill it keeps saying an error

By Rebecca Yerian
Dec 18 2021

Looks like others are having the same problem as I am, I’ve renewed before with no problem but this time it’s redirecting me to a different site. Pleas help because I love your app!!

By Dameon vance
Dec 11 2021

I’m trying to renew an pay my so player bill I ca t find away to do it need help ASAP plzz

By Sonya Lamarcus Hopkins
Dec 08 2021

Can someone call me to help me connect my so player to my tv. Call me 2104274351

By Sonya Lamarcus Hopkins
Dec 08 2021

Can someone call me to help me connect my so player to my tv

By Cory Riguidel
Nov 29 2021

How do I renew my subscription

By Art
Nov 24 2021

I wish SP customer service would reset my only device so that I could login with other devices.

By Geneva Lee
Nov 21 2021

I'm not getting any sound from all channels you can't hear anything an my channels keep freezing then is reported the same thing

By April Bullock
Nov 21 2021

On the So player app having technical issues with the Adult channels for the past week it's been showing no program data. How can this issue be resolved??

By Ashante Brown
Nov 20 2021

I can’t log in to [email protected] for renewal is there any other way to renewal ?

By Luis Perez
Nov 18 2021

It says that I’m disabled and trying to pay my bills so I can continue watching some movies

By Archie zanolli
Nov 16 2021

It’s almost impossible to try to renew your prescription. It’s not a easy way to go in and have your profile up and just pay with your card. Every month I go through a complete hassle. Almost want to quit.

By David Ferrara
Nov 16 2021

I Want to Renew My Subscription

By Jay Roberson
Nov 07 2021

Can't get logged in to pay my bill and renew my service. takes me to some kind of phone service . very frustrating!

By Nykiesha Renee White
Oct 08 2021

keep saying i have a maximum number of devices assigned and only working on one

By Darryl Turner
Oct 05 2021

Trying to renew my subscription keep getting message that there is no server

By Andy Harvey
Oct 01 2021

It tells me I have 4 devices signed in and I only have 3 devices, I tried reloading the the App and I keep getting
Your Serial: DD6B02CCBCE6C3445BDEBOAE4879EF15

By Travisty
Sep 30 2021

I am getting the 'Device is Disabled" message. Tried re-installing but nothing is working

By Rakan Aown
Sep 30 2021

My serial number is IOS.49A128EE-4883-4328-BD60-0BC3D2193A8E

It says device type not allowed and I cannot access my TV. Can you please let me know the issue? Thanks

By Deborah Raines
Sep 26 2021

I love SoPlayer, it has good movies/shows, but I payed for 8 services last month and I’ve been try to put it on my tv’s and it’s still not working.

By antione billingsley
Sep 25 2021

how do i renew my subscription?

By Ruby
Sep 22 2021

Says I already have the max number of devices assigned, but I only have 3.

By Keith Taylor
Sep 21 2021

I have an iphone 11 and I'm trying to use the soplayer app. It keep saying "Device is disabled and the serial


By Tim
Sep 18 2021

I have the So Player App on my Fire cube, and I love the service. I do have a couple of bugs that I am hoping I can get fixed. One is using the code to open locked channels. I can see the ghost impression asking for the password, but I can't type the pin into the box to unlock the channel. Also, some programs that I know have shows actively running show up as no video input. I am unable to get access to channels like the Red zone. Is anyone else having these issues? Any suggestions on how to fix them?? I hope to hear back from So Player directly, but that may be a tall order from what I have read.

By Wade
Sep 18 2021

Keeps saying that I have too many devices assigned. There are only 3 devices logged in so I should be able to add one more

By Marco Weaver
Sep 09 2021

im trying to hook my tv up i can get 4 devices i only hae 2 and trying to hook up 3rd device its saying too many devices

By Latosha allen
Sep 05 2021

It says I’ve used all my fire sticks. But I only use three

By Theresa Arnold
Aug 30 2021

Please let me know how to pay the bill. I’m not sure how you are doing that now.

By Angel B
Aug 18 2021

I’m having problems with my efire soplayer it just says error and ever time I try to talk to someone They sent me to someone that can help me but want to charge me for help no number so I can call for assistance to solve the problems and when I joined it they said 4 devices and with this problem I only have 3 devices and it says 2 many devices on my account

By Troy Gray
Aug 08 2021

Pay bill

By tammy reynolds
Aug 02 2021

We paid for 4 devices and only have 3-it’s telling us we have too many devices logged in. Where’s a contact number when you need one!!!

By Connie Noble
Aug 01 2021

Hello I need help I have too many devices logged in and I uninstalled the app on one device without logging out

By Melvin Adams
Jul 17 2021

I need help on adding 3rd tv

By @oades
Jul 13 2021

My soplayer keeps logging off on it's own. It's getting to the point where it happens 3-4 within an hour every day. There are periods where it stays logged for a long time, but it will eventually log off. I've tried everything from downloading differed versions of the app, having my provider reset my devices, resetting my firetv then logging out and logging back in manually, etc.

By @oades
Jul 12 2021

My soplayer keeps logging off on it's own. It's getting to the point where it happens 3-4 within an hour every day. There are periods where it stays logged for a long time, but it will eventually log off. I've tried everything from downloading differed versions of the app having my provider reset my devices resetting my first then logging out and logging back in manually etc.

By Tamara L Guy
Jul 03 2021

what other providers use SoPlayer besides 455?

By Jason williams
Jul 02 2021

Why are none the sports channels not working? Come on its been like this for the last 2 days! Fix this crap now it's ridiculous!

By Veronica Delgado
Jun 30 2021

Since yesterday almost all channels are not working when is this going to get resolved?

By Alex riojas
Jun 09 2021

Can’t get it to work three net her number user name password

By Gregory L Woody
Jun 07 2021

Not working 👎

By Jerry
Jun 07 2021

It’s not working what’s the problem

By detwon smith
May 12 2021

Myiptv provider website not working

By Bruce Ratliff
May 04 2021

I continue to get error message " the configuration with processor is invalid. Call Merchant service provider.

Some help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you

By Lloyd Givens
Apr 29 2021

i have been trying for 3 days, to pay my bill. this is garbage no phone to get in contact to find answers. this is a. very poor ways of doing business iam done with this company

By Jeffrey M. Spears
Apr 29 2021

I just got another credit card. How do I update my payment method on soplayer?

By Craig Bonnett
Apr 27 2021

My provider no longer provides soplayer, how can I re new my subscription. Do I have to re download the app or can I use my existing app and get new codes for it? And how do I pay for the service?

By Michael
Apr 27 2021

I can no longer use id 455 I need help loggin into the new download I love so player but I can’t get back in can you please set up new Id password etc

By Tiffany
Apr 24 2021

I just renewed monthly payments it keep saying EC03

By Michael Hulin
Apr 14 2021

Soplayer stopped working on both of my TV's. I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling and it's saying I have the maximum amount of devices hooked up. Help Please

By Mary Andrews
Apr 11 2021

My service has been shut off. How do I pay my bill

By Belinda Davis
Apr 04 2021

I am trying to make a payment,

By Rudy Quezada
Apr 04 2021

I need to renew my subscription

By Tyren Malveaux
Apr 04 2021

I cant repay for subscription

By Stacey Reuben
Apr 01 2021

I can't renew my service. I keep getting error message the configuration processor invalid call merchant service.

By Quintin Brown
Apr 01 2021

I’m trying to get to the settings screen so that I can disconnect my tv from the service so it’s not recognized as a device. As soon as I go in the app it says expired and I can’t do anything else. Is there a way to do this?

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