Hallmark Movie Checklist Reviews

Hallmark Movie Checklist Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-13

Keep track of the movies available on and coming to Hallmark Channel, Hallmark
Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama! You won’t miss any of your favorites
with the Hallmark Movie Checklist! On the app, you can: • Add movies to your
“Want to Watch” list • Create an account so you can syn...

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Hallmark Movie Checklist Reviews

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    Love Lists

    I was very excited when this app came out in time for Countdown to Christmas. I was even more excited you expanded it to include Winterfest, Countdown to Valentines Day and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. I enjoy these lists including the preview, when it’s playing and if you missed it, when it’s playing next. Spring Fever is next and I’m hoping we will have a new list for it and all the other movies going forward. “Love Under the Rainbow” isn’t on any list so far so I’m hoping it will get added to one. To really make this app even better, I think we should be able to keep track of our own reviews of the movie. For the last several years, I have kept a running list of every single Hallmark movie I have ever watched. I have it divided out by the year it was released, the title and my rating. I intend to watch every one of them ever made. I think it is fun and challenging to check a new one off the list in the app. I hope one day this app will list all of your movies ever made and we can check it off and review it. When that happens my rating will change from 4 to 5.

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    Great app I just have one suggestion

    I love using this app to keep track of the Christmas movies I watch. I just find myself hunting for the one I just watched or wondering what is on. It would be very helpful if movies that are on the day I access the app had some distinguishing feature like they are outlined in a color or marked with a different color dot then the one that shows I put them in my calendar. For some reason today I came across two-three movies that were on but never appeared in my calendar even though I marked them as ones I wanted to watch and in my calendar. If those movies were highlighted I would of noticed one of the many times I looked at my app that those movies could of been watched today. Also, for the ones I do know are coming on, I like to look at the preview to see which one I would like to watch if there is a conflict and they are hard to find in the list of 96 or 81. If they were noticeable as ones coming on today I would of been able to locate them without a problem to check out the previews.

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    Fine app. Needs better lists and rating system

    The app is a handy way to keep track of the films you’ve watched or plan to watch. My largest complaint, however, is that when you build the list of films you plan to watch it doesn’t change the counter at the top of the screen to help show you how many of films you’ve accomplished on your list. So for example, I only plan to watch the new premieres for this holiday season. So I created my list with the 40 films and each time I mark one as completed the counter on my list would say I’ve watched 1 of 96 films or 5 of 96, instead of 5 of 40. There’s no point of that progress bar if I have no intention of watching 90 or so movies. My other complaint is pretty small. But I wish there was a way to rank or rate the movies I do watch. Let’s be honest, after awhile the plots and character’s and oh so similar titles and actors, eventually blend in my head. So it’d be nice to have something I could refer to to help remember which ones I enjoyed. Overall it’s a good app but could use some tweaking.

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    Most aggravating app ever!

    UPDATE: I cleared the ‘settings’ selection within the app before deleting the app. I also checked my calendar on both phones to insure there were no longer Hallmark events in either one. However, after deleting the app (which was only on one phone), notifications were still randomly popping up on my phones. Most often in the middle of the night. Then I discovered that events had been mysteriously added to my calendar on my computer. Again, the app was never on my computer. I deleted all events on my calendar as I do not use that calendar at all. A few days later, notifications pop up again. This time I recognize they’re also on my iPad. App was never installed there. So now I’m guessing the app got tied into my Apple ID and iTunes. I’m actually afraid this app is going to haunt me forever. Original review: The calendar events and notifications have overtaken my phone. And mysteriously also show up on a second phone I have that does NOT even have the app installed on it. I have tried changing every setting I can think of to make it stop. But it continues. I’ve gone back to paper and pencil to keep track of the movies. I’ll be deleting this app.

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    Love the app!

    As a huge hallmark movie fan, I adore this app! Works great, allows you to see what movies are new and add them to a checklist of movies you’ve watched/want to watch. But ... I only gave it 4 stars because I’d love an improvement. Some movies are sooo good, that you want to remember them and watch again. And some have really awful acting!! Maybe it’s not a rating system but rather a ‘favorite’ button that would allow you to track your favorites. Developers, please can you add something like this? Something that allows you to set the great apart from the bad in your list? Another benefit of doing this is that Hallmark publishes/ranks top (favorite) movie lists and when I read them, I think “meh, these are NOT the best movies” and wonder where they get their data. This feature would allow the company to draw a favorite list based on how many were favorited in the app and perhaps gain more accurate ranking and what the true favorites are.

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    Update part 3 - Thank you Hallmark

    Update - Hallmark has reversed course and now fully supports LGBTQ and reinstated the Zola ad. Thank you!! LOVE is LOVE. —————— This app could potentially be a lot of fun over the holidays. However, I find it to be a burden to navigate. The entire point of this app, for me, is to check off Christmas movies I have seen and find the ones I haven’t. The problem with this is that you are forced to trudge through all of the non-Christmas offerings with no ability to filter. The My List “list” isn’t even a list, really. It is a page of icons that you can’t even check off from the list. You have to actually go into the movie details to click “I’ve watched”. A good way to remedy those issues is to give us list view options in My List - ex: list, details, icon (kind of like how Windows and OS X do it) and also giving us the ability to check off those movies from that list without having to go into the movie details. This, along with the ability to filter out other holidays, would make this app shine. The other problem with this app is that it isn’t tied into the new Frndly service. There really is no good reason for this app and Frndly to not work in tandem. Judging by the developers responses to past reviews, I just don’t see that happening anytime soon, or at all since people were asking for interoperability a year ago.

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    List all new movies for both channels

    We thoroughly enjoy all of the movies that are shown during the Christmas season. We noticed the coming attractions for the new movies starting after the first of the new year and would like to be able to have a way to track those as well. Currently I write them down by hand on a sheet of paper and try to keep track of them that way. It requires a lot of effort it would be so much easier if you app allowed us to have a list that we could check off so we would know which ones we watched and which ones we need to schedule to watch. We watched nearly all of the movies that were scheduled for this Christmas season and a lot of those that have been shown in the past. It is so refreshing to see these uplifting movies at this time a year and it other times as well. Looking forward to the changes to your app in the very near future.

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    Sync over multiple devices?

    I love this app and subtracted a star for one reason: I own multiple Apple devices. I use the app on 2 of my 3 iPads (the third is too old), but NOT yet on my iPhone or iPod Touch. (Once I realized it didn’t sync, I chose not to add it onto a third device.) But I wish when I made a selection/update on one iPad, it would sync with the other. I realize this may require signing into a server - or otherwise identifying the user in some way - but it would sure save time “manually synchronizing” the iPads each time I make changes on one - and want the two to match. Also, I especially like to keep track of which movies we’ve already watched. The more movies you’ve seen, the harder it is to remember. I surely hope when I mark a movie “watched” it saves it forever - even while the movie is removed from the app, temporarily. Otherwise, it kind of defeats the purpose.

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    Love the Lists, but

    Please add all the Hallmark movie titles on the app!!! I honestly do love this app, but just wish all the movies that have been made by Hallmark could be listed on it! This is the reason I only give this site 3 stars. With movies playing on all the different Hallmark channels, it is very disappointing to have watched a movie and I cannot check it off my list it (i.e. Love Unleashed, ‘Tis the season for Love, One Starry Christmas, Fallen Angel, Fir Crazy, November Christmas, A Season for Miracles, The Christmas Heart, The Color of Rain, and all The Gourmet Detective Mysteries not just the latest one, etc). In addition, it is somewhat annoying to have to keep a separate list of the movies I have watched in a different place. If you are not going to add all the titles on the app, then it would be very helpful if you could add a note section where titles could be manually added to keep our lists all in one place.

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    Love a checklist, but needs some work

    I love a checklist, so this app existing makes me happy. I do not like that movies in the categories are constantly being added. I’ll check off every movie in a category like Fall Harvest, but then they’ll update it with 30 more. It’s especially frustrating because often the movies they add aren’t even airing or available to watch. It would also be helpful to have the movies in order, especially if it’s one in a series like Signed, Sealed, Delivered. The Movies and Mysteries categories is the worst as they just keep loading it up. I’d rather see a separate category for each series as most of the mystery movies have several episodes i.e. a Mystery Woman category, then an Aurora Teagarden category. It would be much easier to keep track of.

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    Movies Added to Existing Genre

    I would love to be notified somehow of when movies are added to an existing category without having to repeatedly go back to the full list and see if there are new ones to be added to my want to watch list. I am only notified when a new category/season is created and am then asked if I want to add to my watch list. It looks like 3 movies were added to the bonus originals category today and they didn’t show up in the “recently added” tab in the search feature. I’ve missed out on movies I haven’t seen because I didn’t realize they had been added to the list since I wasn’t notified. I use my want to watch list essentially as a TV guide and then go and record the movies in advance. Otherwise, love the app and features and constant improvements!

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    Improvements Needed to Increase Rating

    In my opinion this app should be considered as a limited value app in its current form. So many improvements could be made to make this app useful. A few of my suggestions follow: *List all Hallmark movies from both channels on one page making it easier for people to find the movies they wish to view. *List all dates/times new holiday movies will air, especially when running premieres on both Hallmark channels in similar time slots. *I would ask that consideration be given to adding a complete listing of all holiday movies to air so that people, such as myself who enjoy watching some of the previous movies, can be aware of their dates/times. *An ability to sort movies by channel (Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Mysteries), date, movie title, or actor making it easier to find movie air times. As a side note to the Hallmark Channel itself, I see very little value to running a movie premiere on one channel at 8PM EST and a premiere on the second channel at 9PM EST on the other on the same day. Obviously many people would like to see both movies but must make a choice. Just as you stagger the start times, why not stagger the days when premieres are shown on the two channels thus getting more viewers on more nights thus increasing the marketing revenue. Thank you in advance for considering these updates.

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    Unavailable Movies on the Checklist

    I love most features of this app, but as of the current version 2.4.3 I do have a couple of issues. 1. There are a couple of movies in the Bonus Original section that have never aired. Would be nice if these would either be taken off, or if you could actually air the episodes on either Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. 2. When a bunch of old movies are added to the checklist, it would be helpful if these movies are actually going to air and on the correct channel. For example, two movies “Christmas with Tucker” and “Angel of Christmas” are listed in the Miracles of Christmas list that’s supposed to air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, actually have/will air on the Hallmark Drama channel instead, which is a channel I don’t have access to in my cable package.

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    Programming of movies needs a ton of improvement

    I have been watching Hallmark movies for almost 2 years now and every Chinese update this app it’s made some improvements but the programming on the TV needs to improve because currently on Hallmark drama there are 19 movies available to watch so far I’ve only seen 7 o’clock and it will be six more available to watch totaling 13 there are still six more movies left to complete the list which have not been aired yet this is terrible programming on Hallmark partAnd they need to improve this problem because all these movies that are on the list don’t have any air times or dates for them to be programmed or aired get there been days in between movies that have zero programming available they have programming available to where they can be entered so I’m not too happy with this app or the programming that’s available

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    Love Calendar Wallpaper

    This App, has so many great things hidden inside! I love the calendar wallpaper,I keep it on my lock screen it is so helpful. Several people have asked me about it, could I suggest 3 for current month and 1 for upcoming month. That way I could do my lock screen and my background, in my work I am always working with dates 2 weeks ahead, options are the spice of life! I also love the recipes you have been posting, at Christmas and Thanksgiving, we had some big hits:) The movie list app is, so much faster and easier to see what is on, and upcoming than trying to figure it out on my TV using the guide. Thank You for all the hard work on this App it shows!

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Is Hallmark Movie Checklist Safe?

Yes. Hallmark Movie Checklist is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,189 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Hallmark Movie Checklist Is 42.0/100.

Is Hallmark Movie Checklist Legit?

Yes. Hallmark Movie Checklist is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,189 Hallmark Movie Checklist User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hallmark Movie Checklist Is 42.0/100.

Is Hallmark Movie Checklist not working?

Hallmark Movie Checklist works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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